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What You Should And Should Not Sacrifice In Relationships (23 Real Things)

When you enter a relationship, you often end up sacrificing more than you imagined you would, but it’s usually worth it, right?

I feel bad for saying this, but when I met my man, I didn’t know all the sacrifices I would be making in the long run. Today, I have a desire to be single from time to time because it would allow me to do things I couldn’t do in a relationship.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t want to be with another guy. I just miss my alone time and having time to work uninterrupted. Of course, a decade ago, I didn’t know I would be a writer, so the sacrifices I’ve made don’t seem like much, looking back at how far I’ve come. Giving is a big part of our relationship. I know that my man’s happiness depends on me treating him right.

That means that give and take are part of that. I have to sacrifice my time and effort to make that happen. I can’t just sit around writing books all day or watching television. I also have to make the sacrifice of my energy and time to give him the life he wants - a clean house, happy children, and so on. Priorities change as you grow with your partner.

So what should you sacrifice in relationships, and what things are off-limits? Let’s talk more about this subject in this article to better understand the topic of sacrifices.

What You May Have To Sacrifice In A Relationship

1. Money

Many relationships cost money. It is just a sacrifice you have to make, unfortunately. You go out to eat for dinner, you go to the movie theatre, and you hit the mall to go on a shopping spree. Even if your partner understands that you are not rich, fast food and renting a movie cost money. This sacrifice is usually not so far-fetched, though.

If you think about it, what would you be doing if you were alone or single? You might order a pizza and rent a movie, anyway. Those things cost money, so the act of dating doesn’t mean you have to give up a lot. Paying for roses on your girlfriend’s birthday is a nice touch, but she probably would be okay without them, if need be.

2. Some preferences

Preferences can be a sacrifice in a relationship. Maybe your girlfriend gets nightmares or gets nauseous when she hears country music. You may have to sacrifice the horror flicks and country music when she’s around, in that case. 

It’s normal and healthy to make sacrifices like this for your partner. You want them to know you care about their happiness. By giving up a few things that bother him or her, you are showing respect and care. You just have to decide what’s most important - your horror flicks or her happiness.

3. Grudges

If you hold a lot of grudges with your family members, I’m not saying that you need to forgive and forget, but you may need to cut back on the trash talk. No one enjoys hearing someone who won’t quit complaining about something. You won’t be a desirable partner if your idea of quality time is bashing your family or friends.

4. Bad habits

If you love being in relationships, you know that this is an easy sacrifice to make for the right person. For example, if you like to eat popcorn while watching movies, you may have to be willing to sacrifice that habit if popcorn makes your boyfriend nauseated. 

Just don’t feel resentful for giving up a bad habit. Set a clear line between what’s okay and what’s not. People engage in bad habits all day long, so if you are making sacrifices for your partner, they are probably for your well-being!

Spend time doing something positive and healthy rather than spending your time doing whatever bad habit you were used to doing. Making sacrifices is a normal part of relationships, so it’s okay to change a few things about yourself if they are for the better.

5. Privacy

In a healthy relationship, you don’t get a lot of alone time. Your partner is going to want to learn more about you and spend more time with you than you are probably used to. He or she may ask you about your spending habits or desire to have children one day. In reality, these questions come later in a relationship, but you get the point.

6. Quiet time

I never really enjoyed the time to myself when I was single. I would get lonely and didn’t know why married people always said they would kill for a weekend away or something like that. Then, I got married, and now, I realize why they said that. My big sacrifice is my husband and family. They require attention and talking, so I get no quiet time.

Don’t get me wrong; I wouldn’t trade it, but I do now realize how people without a family miss having their time to themselves. The quiet is nice at times.

7. Perfectionism


If you are a picky person, you may struggle in a relationship. Relationships require you to give up bad habits like perfectionism because things don’t always go according to plan. I respect that you are that way because I am the same way, but relationships mean that you need to sacrifice perfection because it just won’t happen with another person!

8. Social media time

My man is addicted to scrolling through Facebook and seeing what everyone is up to. When our children need attention, he has to put his phone down and tend to their needs. I respect him for making that sacrifice, but it’s also a silly one, in my opinion. Social media does take up a lot of time, so it’s a sacrifice that’s easy to give up.

9. Selfishness

In a relationship, you must look out for someone besides just yourself. Having a giving attitude like this can be a real sacrifice if you are not used to making sacrifices like this. I was once in a relationship where the guy was only concerned with himself. Sacrificing for another person did not come naturally to him. It didn’t last if you didn’t guess that!

10. Time for yourself

As mentioned, time for yourself is just not easy to have in a real relationship. The other person expects to get attention, affection, and time. You’ll have to decide what you want to sacrifice - the relationship or those things from time to time.

11. Energy

Sometimes, we don’t want to talk or converse with another person. Sometimes, we just want to sit in the quiet and read a book. Other times, we want to take a quiet bubble bath with no one interrupting us. These are all things you can still have in a relationship, just perhaps not so frequently. You’ll be sacrificing a few things for some even better ones!

12. Negativity

As mentioned, no one wants to be in a relationship with someone who is completely negative all the time and has a bad attitude. This just isn’t the type of person you want to have in your life. If you are used to being the pessimist who gossips and talks badly about his or her family and friends, you may have to sacrifice your negative attitude!

What You Should Never Sacrifice For A Relationship

13. Family 

They were there before your girlfriend or boyfriend ever was. They were probably there before you were! Your familial relations should not be disturbed because of a new relationship. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is pressuring you to stay away from them, you need to think about leaving this person or finding out why.

Maybe they do have solid reasoning behind you staying away from these people. Maybe they know something you don’t. It’s worth it to hear them out, but don’t just jump aboard without a solid reason for giving up these relationships. Your family is a sacrifice that no one should expect you to make.

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14. Friends


Friends are very similar to a family. You shouldn’t be asked to sacrifice them for the love of a girlfriend or boyfriend. If your relationship means that you can’t spend as much time with your friends, that’s normal. You are sacrificing the time you used to spend with your buds for a blossoming relationship that could one day lead to marriage.

However, if your boyfriend or girlfriend asks you to quit hanging out with your pals because they don’t like them, that’s not a good sign. Many girls don’t like their boyfriend’s friends because of how different they are from their boyfriends. Or the girl just doesn’t like anyone who takes her man away from her (her attention, her time, etc.).

On the other hand, you may need to consider sacrificing your pals if your girlfriend points out that they gossip about you behind your back, do illegal drugs you didn’t know about, or do something that would be detrimental to your health. If you have proof she is right, you might want to listen to what she has to say about the guys you used to hang with.

15. Your career

Your career is your livelihood. It’s how you survive, usually. You shouldn’t be asked to sacrifice what you do for a living for a relationship. Your partner is just getting to know you; they may not understand how hard you’ve worked to get into the position you are in. 

If they later feel you aren’t living up to your potential and encourage you to pursue your dreams, that’s okay and normal. According to Psychology Today, your willingness to make sacrifices not only communicates a love for your partner, but it can also be for your well-being, depending on the sacrifice, which, in this case, is your career path.

16. Personal goals

Maybe you’ve spent a year following an exercise plan and diet to see wonderful results. If a girl or guy comes along and wants you to change the way you eat and how often you exercise, that’s not right. Your personal objectives or goals are ones that you deem to be important for your life. Don’t allow someone else to control your life for any reason!

17. Values

As humans, we are all different. We grew up in different homes, neighborhoods, cities, schools, and environments. Even the climates we are accustomed to are different from one person to the next. You were raised or grew to have certain values, and no one should expect you to change who you are - the core that makes you who you are!

18. Hobbies and passions

It’s actually normal to give up a few things for another person when you enter a new relationship. You have less time for chess or soccer practice. However, the things that bring you joy, your passions, should not change. Don’t allow another person to expect you to sacrifice the things that bring you joy - for any reason!

19. Self-worth

No partner should ever expect you to sacrifice your self-worth or self-esteem for them or your relationship with them. Don’t give them permission to treat you poorly to the point where you give up on these things, either. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, so make sure your partner does right by you.

20. Core preferences

We talked about giving up a few things for a partner, but what should you not sacrifice? It’s one thing to turn the station when a country song comes on the radio or switch the channel when a horror flick comes on the tube, but changing the things you love is something entirely different.

Maybe you are a motorcycle guy or a sports addict. No one is saying it isn’t reasonable for you to cut back on those things for a girl, but giving them up altogether? That’s not cool. That’s part of your identity and shouldn’t be changed.

True, you don’t want to watch every single NFL game that comes on the television, unless your girlfriend is a die-hard fan, too, but don’t give up sports because she doesn’t understand the game. Make compromises; teach her the rules and explain fantasy football to her. It could be fun!

21. Personality


Your personality should not change for another person. This is one sacrifice that should not be expected. If your partner fell in love with you as a nerd who loves model airplanes, she should still love you the way you are - model planes and all.

If you snort when you laugh, it’s endearing and part of who you are. No one should make you change. When you change who you are for another person, you are making unreasonable sacrifices.

22. Health

Any sacrifice that impairs your mental, emotional, or physical health is not a good one. This one is kind of a given, but you may not realize what you have been asked to do if you are in a relationship already. Consider what is truly best for you; speak to a therapist even to determine how your relationship is affecting your overall health and well-being.

23. Beliefs

What you believe is part of who you are. That’s another given fact that you may not realize you are sacrificing until it’s too late. Remember that you are your own person and don’t need to be someone you are not for another person. Discuss your beliefs so that it’s clear where you stand on certain items and where you are negotiable.


What does it mean to sacrifice in a relationship?

A relationship sacrifice means giving something up for your partner. However, this is a two-way street; your partner should be sacrificing things for you, as well, or you may be sacrificing too much to make your partner happy. See what they are willing to sacrifice for you to maintain balance.

Is it normal to make sacrifices in a relationship?

Yes! In most relationships, sacrifices are made. A personal sacrifice in a romantic relationship might be spending time with your partner instead of with your favorite video game console. Often, to make a relationship work, you put the needs of your partner above your own needs and your own desires.

What sacrifices do you have to make in a relationship?

A particular sacrifice will depend on the relationship. One partner may have to share her own world with her boyfriend to make the relationship work. To make a relationship flow in the right direction, there should be healthy compromises, where both partners are making sacrifices for one another.

What should you never sacrifice in a relationship?

You should be willing to sacrifice a lot for the right relationship, but you should never sacrifice anything that makes you feel guilty, a fun thing you enjoy doing with your best friend, or healthy relationships you have established with your family members. A good partner knows this and won’t expect you to give up too much.

What is the difference between compromise and sacrifice?

A compromise is an agreement between two people. A sacrifice is one person giving something up for the other. You might compromise on which movie to see one night, but you have to sacrifice your alone time because you are going to the movies with your partner, rather than by yourself.

To Summarize

For your health and well-being, I hope you are sacrificing too much for your partner. Keep your own thoughts, your own goals, and your own feelings in place. Even married couples spend time being individuals; they are not always united as one. For the sake of your happiness, don’t lose yourself in someone else!

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