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3 Perfect Prayers For A Cheating Husband

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Are you looking for the perfect prayers to save your marriage?

Are you worried that your husband might be cheating on you and you want to pray that it is not true?

Perhaps your husband has left you for another woman and you want a prayer to ensure that he will return home.

Either way, this guide has the best prayers to turn the situation around. 

However, before we get into these, I have a practical solution for those of you who aren’t sure what your husband has been getting up to. 

Recently, I discovered this powerful communications tracker tool online - and it’s perfect for spouses who are suspicious about their partner’s activities.

It only needs a few of their personal details to get started.

Once you’ve done this, the tool will generate a large database of information regarding their recent communications. 

You’ll find out who they’ve been messaging and calling, what apps they’ve downloaded, what online services they’ve signed up to, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Put simply, this tool will help you know for sure whether you have reason to be suspicious of his behavior.   

Best of all, there’s no way of him finding out he’s being tracked.

You won’t have to worry about what-ifs. Instead, you’ll have the facts to hand. This puts you in the best position to fix the situation. 

As you probably know, prayers can help you to heal and mend your broken heart.

So, read on for a selection of prayers to ease your pain in this situation. Prayers can help you to heal and mend your broken heart and the pain that you are feeling right now.

Prayers For Your Cheating Husband

Perhaps you are looking for prayers to say for your husband who has cheated on you or who you are worried that is being unfaithful to you. If you are praying that he is not being unfaithful to you then it may help to say some prayers that this is not true. You may also be looking for prayers to help you move on and heal your heart in your separation from your husband.

Praying can help you to heal yourself and also help your husband to heal his personal issues that caused him to cheat on you. If you are hoping that your husband realises the mistakes that he has made and that he will come back to you then you may be looking for prayers to help. Prayers are a perfect way to help heal your relationship. 

If you are looking for prayers for an unfaithful husband and you want to pray to heal your broken relationship then keep reading. If you need help to heal your broken heart after you have been cheated on, or you have gone through a resulting divorce or separation then these prayers may help you to move on.

1. Prayer Of Declaration

Lord God, I pray to You that my unfaithful spouse takes responsibility for his sins and that this persuades him to a confession and recantation of these sins. I have faith that You can cause even an unbeliever to take responsibility for his sins and his actions. I pray that you can move my spouse to admit his sin and end his affair. 

I can do nothing but pray that You can persuade my spouse to put an end to this unfaithful relationship and admit to his sins and repent. I pray that you are able to cause my spouse to admit his sin so that we can heal our relationship and he will return home. I pray for the restoration and healing of our marriage. 

2. Prayer To Confess

Dear God in heaven, I know that my partner has been unfaithful to me and my marriage and I pray that you can help me to endure and heal from this heartbreak. I pray for your support and your guidance to help me through this struggle in my life. Please help me to heal the struggle that my heart is feeling at this moment. 

I pray that you can convince my husband to admit to his sins and that he will confess to his sins. I can only pray to You that he will repent his sins. I pray that you will lead me in dealing with my broken heart and our broken marriage. I pray that you can bring him to a confession of his sins so that our relationship can heal and restore itself. 

I pray that you can lead me and guide me through this heartbreak and help me to heal our marriage. I pray that you God can guide me through this struggle and in the restoration of the marriage. I pray that you can move him to accept his sins and end his adulterous actions and return to restore our lives together. 

3. Prayer To Repent

Dear God, I can only pray to you to move my spouse to confess to his sin of adultery and guide him to repent. I am aware that You alone can help him to repent and end his sin and his adulterous actions. I am praying that my unfaithful spouse can be relieved of his sin. I pray that you can grant him forgiveness so that our lives can heal and restore.

I pray that you can grant him repentance and that you can forgive him. I pray that you can guide him to end his unfaithful affair and heal our lives together. I ask you to guide us through this struggle in our lives. I pray that You, God can help me in this time of heartbreak to heal my soul and restore my life with my partner. 

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I pray that you can guide my spouse to find happiness and repent his sins. I pray that we can reconcile our lives together as one once more. I pray that he can be guided to recognise and make right his sins. Lord God, Amen.


How Do You Pray For Adultery?

If you are praying for your unfaithful husband then you may want to pray for his repentance. You may be looking for guidance to get through this struggle in your life. Pray that God will help you to heal and restore your life with your husband. Pray that he will grant your spouse forgiveness and guide him to end his affair and return to you.

How Do I Pray For My Husband To Come Back Home?

If you have found out that your husband has been unfaithful to you and you want him to come back home to you then you may be looking for prayers to ensure that this happens. Pray that your husband is guided to realise his sin and that he will end his adulterous actions and return home to you so that you can heal together. 

How Do You Pray The Other Woman Away?

If your spouse has cheated on you or been unfaithful to you then you may be looking for prayers to help you to get through this time in your life. Pray to God that your spouse will leave this other woman that he is having an affair with and return home to you so that you can heal from the heartbreak and restore your lives together as they were before. 

How Do I Pray For A Good Husband?

If you are looking for prayers for a good spouse then pray that your spouse is always honest and faithful to you. If you know that your partner has been unfaithful on you or you are worried that he may be having an affair to another woman then it may provide you with comfort to pray to God that this is not true and that he remains a good and faithful spouse to you.

How Can I Win My Husband Back From Another Woman?

You may not be able to certainly win your spouse back from another woman if he has fallen out of love with you. However, you may be able to pray to God that your spouse admits and confesses to his sins, ends his adulterous actions and returns home to you. Pray to God for his guidance through this difficult part in your life. 

To Sum Up…

If your spouse has cheated on you or you are worried that this one may be acting unfaithfully to you then you may be looking to God for guidance to help you through this healing process and heartbreak. Pray for God’s help and support through this time or pray that your spouse repents his sins. Let us know what you thought and don’t forget to share this article!

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

One comment on “3 Perfect Prayers For A Cheating Husband”

  1. We must always think about the "seeds that we "sow" and the words that we say. We will all be accountable of our actions and words. After reading many of these messages, I can tell that we have come a very long way. WE still have so far to go on this topic. If the mistress and wife connect and actually talk without all of the name calling, that would be progress.
    I know of someone who actually knew that a man on her job was married and still pursued him. He didn't get the hint at first. Then they started talking on and off the job, meeting at random places. His wife's mother had surgery and he did not go with her to visit her mom. He stayed behind and spent some time with the other woman. The other woman made arrangements to meet with him and they took time off from work to do so at hotels. She even told him that she loved him and he responded that he loved her also. All of this was done while telling his wife the same thing and that they were okay. She asked him if they were okay, but she didn't feel right about things. She changed when she found out about the affair. When the cat is away, the mice will play. So when she showed her face, the mice had to flee. The same goes for resisting the works of the enemy, it will flee.
    It doesn't matter if she forgives HER husband or not, he is still HER husband. I'm sure said husband received an ear, and possibly an eye full of his wife's wrath.

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