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Phone Number Pick Up Lines (61 Funny & Effective Pick Up Lines)

How hard could it be to get a number from guys you like at first sight? Is it taboo to ask for a guy’s digits in this age and time? 

Absolutely not! Girls now dare to request a guy’s phone number without outright fear that anyone would condemn the action. Why then is it still a bit difficult to get a number from someone without using clever or even cheesy phone number pick up lines? 

One of the reasons for difficulty in scoring a man’s phone number is the issue of interest. Is the man interested in you? Is he attracted to you? What pick up line did you with him while trying to get a number?

Some people think it is very easy to get a number from a guy because men love easy lays. However, you may encounter the same set of problems men face while trying to get a number from a woman. 

Unlike the wrong popular opinion, men also have standards and you might need to come up with even more smart ways to get a number from a man – including phone number pick up lines. Also, don’t assume you already have the entire best pick up lines in your arsenal, read on for the best pick up lines to get a number.

61 Funny & Effective Phone Number Pick Up Lines

Table of Contents

1. Would you do me the honor of inputting your digits in my phone book? I’d like to continue this conversation later

These phone numbers pick up lines have the underlying tones of respect, straightforwardness, and interest. If the man is also interested in your person, he will not hesitate to give you his phone number.

2. Error 404: Your phone number I think seems to be missing from my phone

This “phone number” pick up line will make more sense to someone with humor and a little bit of technical knowledge. If your potential friend doesn’t understand what the error code 404 means, the humor might fall flat and, you might need to use different pickup lines with him to get a number.

3. Hey handsome, could you add your phone number to my phone book? My contact list will surely look better

Hey handsome, could you add your phone number to my phone book? My contact list will surely look better

If you use this phone number pick up line with the right facial expression and voice tone, no guy will be able to resist your comparison of his looks with your contact list looking better because he will feel like the number one person on your radar.

4. The number one thing holding back my smile is your phone number. Do make a girl happy

The man would probably find these number pick up lines very funny and burst into laughter or grin widely at your silly joke. You would have succeeded in making him smile and if he likes you too, he will add his phone number to your phone.

5. Excuse me, sire, there seems to be a case of heartbreak and only your phone number can fix it

Duh, a rejection from a stranger won’t break your heart and the man knows it too but, what better pick up lines to get his phone number than these cheesy ones? If he is sweet on you, your pick up lines will get a number in no time.

6. Hey boo, could you give me your phone number, I bet it would look better on my phone than in your head

Using phone number pick up lines doesn’t start and end with the words alone. Before applying the ultimate pickup punch line, you need to have buttered the man up with your looks, expression, and tone. If you succeed in selling these parts of you, it will be easier to use these lines on him and secure his phone number.

7. Hey gorgeous! Kindly add your phone number to my basket to make my order full

These pick up lines are especially good when you’re chatting online. The words, ‘basket’ and ‘order’ are popular in the online shopping world in this century. If your new friend gets the shopping joke, he will easily relate and give you his phone number, if only to see what other funny lines you have to share. However, if he doesn’t get the joke, he might think there’s something wrong with you and you won’t get a number.

8. Help! I need your phone number in my Long Term Memory. 

Obviously, you don’t suffer from short term memory and his phone number won’t do anything for you if you did. However, these cheesy pickup lines simply indicate your potential long term interest in the man. If you succeed in making him feel like the number one person in your life at that point, you will get a phone number from him.

9. I think I have some solutions you might be interested in but I’ll need your phone number first

If your conversation took a turn towards discussing societal or personal problems and, you have a solution to offer the man in question, you can use these pick up lines to get his phone number ASAP. He needs the answers you can provide so; he’ll give them to you.

10. Can you give me your number so I can PHONE you?

Pun intended! You should use these run on lines only if your interaction with the man indicates he understands humor without you needing to explain what you meant. He will probably think you a ‘chill’ person he wants to hang out with and give you his number. 

11. Hey, I know we just met and all but here’s my number, could you call me maybe?

A simple twist to Carly Rae Jepsen's popular hit might be the lines that will get a number from that man who caught your attention. Also, these pickup lines reveal that you understand the awkwardness of giving out a number at first contact. 

12. Hey, I’m putting together a phone list, I’d love to add your phone number to it?

Hey, it’s not a wedding or promotional list or even a party-list but if you say these pick-up lines properly, you will get a number without any fuss. Being a good conversationalist will also help here.

13. I got your waterboarding shorts but you’d have to give me your number to have it back

Out on a beach and this good-looking dude caught your eye? Maybe he lost his shorts while waterboarding or swimming, you can use this pickup line to get a number from him. Whether you have his shorts or you’re only taking advantage of the situation, go for a fun tone so as not to sound desperate or annoy him.

14. I bet your number looks better than any candy I’ve ever had

I bet your number looks better than any candy I’ve ever had

15. I avoid putting all my eggs in a basket but give me your number and, you’ll be the first I break this rule for

People love it when you go out of your way to do something special for them and so, when you say you will break your principles for him in this pickup line, he’ll feel like he is your number, one person, even if he doesn’t believe you. As long as you get a number from him, who cares?

16. This sounds crazy but I need your number like I need my next breath

Hahaha. This pickup line might not steal his breath but it is as impressive as it is cheesy. You will most likely get a number from him, especially if you’re running late and about to lose your bus, train, or plane.

17. There must be something wrong with my phone, I need your number – again

Both of you know that you didn’t get a number from him in the first place but if your wit and boldness catch his interest, he will submit his number to you easily. Just make sure you add to these lines a bit of a sassy attitude with your head tilted to the side.

18. You have the answer to my math equation, what’re your digits

Everyone knows some people are frenemies with mathematics. If you’re one of those people, this picks up line is perfect to get a number from him, especially if you had built up a conversation surrounding this topic. If he is a math geek, he might be glad to help you out and these lines will get you his number.

19. Oops, I lost my number, may I have yours instead?

These humorous lines will get you the number if only you can inject it into the conversation at the right time. If you miscalculate and use it at the wrong time, you would look absurd and still not get a number.

20. It seems it’s easier to get a K.E.M. Strike than it is to get your number

A bit of space joke wouldn’t hurt especially when it is proving hard to get a number from him. If he has little to adequate knowledge of your reference, he might thaw and give you his number. 

21. As an umpire, I need your number to make the call

Sports are almost every man’s forte. There are exceptions but hopefully, this man understands the “sports joke” in these lines. If he does, these lines should work on him. If you think it wouldn’t, you should try using other lines on him to get his number.

22. My hunt ends today when I finally have your number

Be careful not to sound like a serial killer or a woman on a desperate search for a husband. Nothing chases a man way than the idea of commitment to a woman he isn’t sure about. While using these lines, play it cool even while you make him feel like ‘the number one’ else, you won’t get a number.

23. If I don’t get your number I think I’m going to go bananas

These phone numbers pick up lines require that you act laidback despite the urgency the words portray. You’ll be fine whether you get his number or not but these words will automatically trigger in him the need to protect you from going crazy.

24. I’m winning this race to get your number. Are you game?

Men can tolerate games more than women and so, he probably won’t take offense to you referring to him as a variable in a game and he will still give you his number. Again, you’ve put a timeline to the situation and these lines will make him feel the implied urgency to call out his number.

25. Give me your number or I fall to pizzas

This is a play on words suggesting that you will be devastated if you don’t get his number. He may or may not be impressed by the implication you’re trying to pass across but he might appreciate the pun more and call his number for you.

26. If you were to be as rich as your number, how much are you worth? 

This is one of the best pick up lines to use to sideline someone into giving you his number without stress. He will be confused by your question and wonder if there’s something wrong somewhere but, his brain will push him to call out his number first before questioning why you asked that question. 

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27. Are you the groom? No? Please give me your digits

These are the right lines to use at a wedding ceremony. You most likely know the groom and you’re using these lines just to make this man laugh then, give you his number. Wedding party guests are usually in a happy and ready-to-mingle mood, it should be easy to get his number. 

28. How can I plan our wedding without your number? 

These lines might scare a man not used to being approached by a lady but if you play your cards right, he will see the humor in your words and give you his number. Neither of you knows if your friendship will lead anywhere but, acquiring his number is a good place to start. 

29. I’d rather we started dating earlier rather than later, so give me your number already

I’d rather we started dating earlier rather than later, so give me your number already

Sometimes, going for the jugular is the best way to get digits from guys. As such, if you see something amazing in this man and you want him by your side, you can use these bold lines to get his number and sustain his interest through further communication. 

30. I can begin a revolution just to get your number

Cue in Jessie J's lyrics to “Casualty of Love" to show how much you’re willing to fight to get his digits. He would probably let you know there’s no need for war before he will text or call his number willingly.

31. There’s Norway you’re going without giving me your number!

Another pun that is both fun and brilliant. As long as you can manage to enunciate the words in a way that the play of words will shine through, he will call or text his number to you. If you can’t, these might not be the best lines for a face to face conversation. However, these lines will work perfectly during an online chat.

32. Hi handsome, stop Stalin and give me your number

If you’re a history or politics freak and the man you’re talking with can relate, he will understand that your reference in the lines is a Soviet Union leader and he will give you his number.

33. Roses are red, violets are blue, give me your number, so I can bloom

Nothing like good ole' classic poetry lines to score the number for you. You can put a twist of your own lines to suit the situation and still get you a number. As long as you get the number and the guy, the poetic license covers your errors.

34. I’m sure I don’t need to stalk you before you give me your number

You mean no harm with these lines and he knows it. Guys use these lines a lot too so; he should realize how much you want to continue associating with him through these lines and give you his number.

35. I just realized there’s something wrong with my phone, it doesn’t have your number! 

What s cliché but a very good one! At the beginning of these lines, the man will probably look worried when you said “something is wrong with my phone but, when he hears the second half, he’d appear confused then, amused. If you can elicit all these emotions in him with these few lines, you’re sure to get his number.

36. My fingers aren’t leaving my keypads until you give me your number

If you can play the patience game, these lines will be the most suitable ones for you to get his number. If he needs much convincing and you appear ready to wait for his number for as long as it takes, he will eventually call out his number for you.

37. My friend, the skeleton across the road, promised to get your number but she doesn’t have the guts, so I’m here to get it

This is an example of funny pick up lines to use if you noticed the man while hanging out with your bestie. It shows that despite being a naturally shy person, you’ve tried different methods of getting his number. He'd probably think you’re sweet and funny that he will end up sharing his digits with you.

38. The only issue with my iOS 10 is that I don’t have your number I think?

This is a corny joke that anyone in this century would easily get. If he uses an iPhone too, he would grab the idea even faster. Getting his number would rely heavily on how you say the lines and your facial expression.

39. Give me your number I think my iPhone would be perfectly fine then

Most iPhone users believe their device is perfect because of all the amazing things it can do. As such, it’s rare to find anyone saying something less than perfect about the expensive phone. Using this line on someone you like will show him how important you think having his number is. 

40. They don’t do these mobile phones well anymore, your number is missing from mine

This is another way of saying, “there’s something wrong with my phone because I don’t have your number programmed in it yet". The man should find these words utterly charming and put his number on your phone by himself.

41. Would you like to register your number in my PokeNav?

If you have no idea of what a PokeNav or Pokeman PC game is all about, skip this pick-up line idea. However, if you and the person whose number you’re trying to get speak this game language, you are sure to get his number easily. So, if you met him at a game house, this is the perfect line for you to use to collect his number.

42. Don’t sail on without giving me your number fellow pirate

If you are a lover of all things classic or literature and you think the man will key into the joke, you can use these lines on him to get his number. It’s a smooth line stating that “I know our paths might not cross again so, give me your number I think I want to keep in touch with you.

43. Did I get your number?  Erm, sorry your name. Uhm, I actually meant your number?

A pretend slip-up is a fun way of asking for someone’s number. If you have established a great connection with him, he’ll just laugh over the slip-up and give you both his name and phone number. 

44. The sunrise won’t look so good without your number on my phone

At these words, the man would probably be thinking, “okay… we are already waxing poetic things already even though we just met each other?” but, if he likes what he sees and hears he would supply his number without much hesitation. 

45. You are everything I’ve been looking for, can I add your number to my phone book? 

These phone numbers pick up lines are achingly sweet and beautiful but, use them only if your interest is duly matched by the guy’s interest and reaction. A man who isn’t ready for something serious will give you his number, then take you on a lustful ride only to remind you later that he didn’t promise to be committed to you.

46. It’s so ridiculous how much I like you, please give me your number

Once in a lifetime, we can find ourselves connecting so strongly to a stranger and feel like we will lose everything if we don’t get a number from them. This phone number pickup line is for such a rate situation; use it sparingly to secure a guy’s number. 

47. You may go nowhere until you give me your number

A mix of authoritative and permissive number pick up lines will not only amuse a man but also challenge him. If you think the man can handle a good banter, use this line to get him to give you his number.

48. I want to tell you something inappropriate but I’ll need your number to say it

If you are experiencing sexual sparks with the man and you know your relationship with him will be purely based on sex, this indirect flirting will get you his number faster. 

49. I bet you’d like to see my nudes but, I need your number so I don’t get arrested for stripping in public

If you don’t want him expecting you to send him nudes or sext with him, don’t bother using these number pick up lines on him. Using these phone number pick up lines means you plan to have sex with him sometime in the future and, a man who is down for the same thing won’t be able to call out his number fast enough. 

50. Hey, could you hold on to my phone for me, do put your number while at it

A classic case of the coy woman stylishly requesting a man’s number. Pretend to drop something and give him your phone to hold for you. While you’re still bending, add the last part of the sentence to see if he’ll comply. If he likes your method, he will add his number to your phone.

51. I have the perfect emoji for you but, it will look better with your number beside it

If you have been chatting or talking with the person for a while and he is a lover of emojis, you can slide in these words to get his number. Your choice of lines will appeal to the common interest both of you share and it will be easier to get his number. 

52. Do you like magic tricks? Give me your phone to see my number appear on it!

The man will probably reward you with an eye roll because these phone numbers pick up lines are so cheesy, nobody should be using them again. On the other hand, he might find it hilarious that you’re using those same number pick up lines and that can prompt him to give you his number.

53. You look like you’d love a midnight flirting session but I’d need your number for that

Another flirting phone number pickup line you should use only if you’re looking to start a relationship based on sexual fun with him. The friendship might evolve into something more serious but, but don’t expect to be just friends with him at the beginning. 

54. When last did you get an amazing morning text? Give me your number and I’ll remedy that

Do you really send great morning texts? Use these numbers pick up lines and live up to your self-acclaimed reputation. If he finds your phone number pick up lines and the conversation convincing, he will write out his number for you.

55. Would you like to be the lucky guy who gets my real number? Give me your phone

This smack of serious confidence and you can’t use this number pickup line with a weak or hesitant tone. Your demeanor and tone should interpret that you’re sure of what you’re saying. Most men love confident women and these numbers pick up lines could be a turn-on for the man in question. 

56. I don’t usually do this but I need to have your number

Whether you use the tone of a reserved person or that of a bold one, your intention will be obvious; that you don’t ask for men's number anyhow and he is an exception. He may feel impressed enough to give you his number.

57. I need a sext teacher, would you be my tutor? 

Ensure that the man is on the same page with you before you use this number pickup line with him. If he is the uptight type looking for a serious relationship, he might get offended at the question and runoff without giving you his number.

58. I have the best memes and gifs but you’d need my number to get them

This one is for gif and meme lovers. If you met him on social media or your discussions drifted to the topic of memes, this number pick up line is a good opening for nabbing his number. 

59. A kiss for my number, are you in?

If you are in a flirting mood and don’t mind playing the kissing booth game, you can go all-in for this phone number pick up line. If you’re not willing to pay up, don’t bother to use these number pickup words because not all men appreciate teasing.

60. Do I need to change my phone before you type in your number? 

This number pick up line is especially great in a situation whereby you’ve asked for the person's number before. When you run into him and ask him for his number a second or third time, he might laugh at these words but he’ll probably give you the number, finally.

61. Give me your number and I’ll give you something even better

This phone number pick-up line has sexual undertones but it isn’t glaringly sexual and so, it’s a good way to tease him about what he is missing by not giving you his number. If he falls for what you’re dangling in front of him, he will release his number to you.


How do you ask for a phone number?

You can ask directly or use a smart pick up line to get a number.

How do you ask for a number on tinder?

Ask engaging questions and have meaningful conversations with him before asking for his number.

When should I give my phone number online dating?

You can give out your number during online dating when you’re comfortable with the person you’re chatting with.

How can I get someone's number without asking?

Offer a solution to the person’s problem and he will give you his number.

Is it weird to ask for someone's number?

No, it isn’t, especially if you have been having a conversation before you do so.

The Bottom Line

Using pickup lines doesn’t guarantee that you will get the number but, it gives you an advantage over someone who is at a loss for what to say in such a case. 

How helpful were these pick up lines ideas? Don’t hesitate to use some of them the next time you meet someone you like. Please share your thoughts on this article and share with friends too.

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