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13 Fabulous and True Signs of Mature Love (What Kind of Love Do You Have?)

Mature love is seen in a healthy relationship, where one partner works to make the other partner happy because she cares. If you are in a mature relationship, you probably experience a great deal of intimacy. That’s not just sex; it’s a bond, a closeness that is nearly indescribable

Mature relationships invoke trust, commitment, and compassion. One partner feels free to express his or her emotions in front of the other person because they have a tight bond. There is a need for empathy and understanding in mature relationships, too. 

One person may have the need to express her emotions, while another person may want to listen and show empathy to the other. Likewise, another person may want to keep things private but can still maintain a mature relationship with his partner. It really just depends on the couple. 

What do you think relationships with mature love need the most? Are you ready to learn the signs of mature love in relationships? Let’s get started!

13 Signs of Mature Love

1. You respect one another

Respect can especially be seen in relationships when disagreements occur. If there is ugliness or ultimatums, one person is not respecting the other. Instead, they know how to calmly take in what their partner has said. 

2. You listen to each other

you listen to each other

Listening is about more than just hearing in a relationship. It involves careful feedback and plenty of follow-up questions. This is because one person doesn’t just hear the words; instead, he or she is actually absorbing what the other person is saying. Most of the time, a mature person carries a great deal of emotional intelligence with her.

Mind Tools explains that emotional intelligence is when an individual is caring and compassionate to the other person’s need to share and express his or her emotions. They are able to control their own feelings while respecting and understanding those found in others. What a powerful quality to have! 

Perhaps, you are having difficulty in this area. If you are, try to recognize what you are feeling during the day. Then, try to understand what your partner is feeling. Being empathetic and listening to your partner is a clear sign of mature love in a relationship. Relationships with this are able to withstand the tests that time brings.

3. You apologize freely

When you are in a mature relationship, you aren’t afraid to admit when you are wrong. If you made a mistake, you have no problem admitting it. Have you ever felt like something wasn’t your fault? If so, were you able to be empathetic to the other person’s urge to be upset about something? This is a great sign of mature love.

When you fight with your partner, are you able to do so in an effective manner? What are the results of your arguments? Do you always cave, or does your partner also give in from time to time? With mature love, there are productive disagreements. This means that both parties want the argument to end with a solution, not another problem.

4. You give your partner space

you give your partner space

Partners who have mature love in their relationship are able to give their partners the space they need. They can be apart from one another without it being a big deal. Instead, they can respect boundaries and love one another freely. 

5. You solve problems together

In a mature love relationship, partners are able to work together as a team. When issues come up, the couple can cheer each other on as they try to solve them. 

For example, if your dryer stopped working, one person could show mature love by supporting the other person. Maybe she could hold the flashlight while he digs in to fix the machine.

The point is they are a great team! They enjoy working together and seeing the results of their labor. It doesn’t stop there, though. The couple may be able to also work together when solving problems in relation to their relationship. One individual may suggest a certain solution to part of the problem, and the other may solve another component.

6. You completely trust one another

Have you ever heard of the trust exercise? With mature love, you are able to fall back into the arms of your lover because you know they will catch you wherever you may land. You know you can share things with your lover because he or she won’t judge you for what you say or do. You can completely be yourself.

7. You are best friends

You may have another best friend, but your partner is a top priority with mature love. This is because you know you can rely on him or her to be there for you when you need it. They will comfort you and show compassion when you are going through tough times. They’ll also cheer you on and congratulate you when you accomplish something!

8. You tell each other everything

As best friends do, people in mature love relationships show their love by telling their partner everything. They aren’t afraid to spill their guts! 

9. Your relationship is a top priority

your relationship is a top priority

You may have other priorities, but you make sure your love is a top priority when you have mature love. You know your partner’s needs, and you work hard to meet them. You love them, so of course, you want them to be happy. Their needs may even come before your own. Make sure if this is true for you that your partner treats you the same way.

10. You believe in each other

Do you encourage one another? Do you show your love by bringing out the best in your partner? If you have faith in your partner’s abilities, you may just be in a mature love relationship. This is because you believe in him or her. Maybe you trust them completely and want to be his or her cheerleader in life and love. 

11. You show patience

For many people, showing patience isn’t easy. They know it’s part of love, but they get frustrated easily. I think it’s easy to feel this way because you deal with so much stress from other people that you just can’t help but take it out on your partner from time to time. This isn’t the pathway to mature love, though. You need to be patient.

If you snap at your partner when he does something that annoys you, you are not showing patience, and patience is part of love. Don’t throw things at your partner or have a shouting match because you crave drama. If you need excitement in your life that badly, you should develop a new hobby or become an actor to better express yourself.

12. You are kind to your partner

With mature love, kindness flows easily. There aren’t things like name-calling or insulting. Instead, people respect one another in everything that they do. This goes hand in hand with patience. The couple is able to recognize when his or her temper is hot and can back out of the conversation if it gets too heated, so they can cool off. 

You can also show kindness by being loving to your partner. For example, if your partner needs someone to listen to him talk about his day, be that person! Listen intently for the kinds of feelings he has so that you can respond appropriately. You want to demonstrate a great deal of compassion in your relationship if you want to show true love.

13. You know each other well

you know each other well

You can practically read each other’s minds, and you finish each other’s sentences. It’s just easy because you know each other so well. Perhaps, you have been friends for years and are now in a romantic relationship. All of that knowledge of your partner’s needs and wants is stored up in your brain, and you can read him like a book. 

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What is a mature, loving relationship?

A mature relationship is one where you have a great deal of intimacy and understanding. Your relationship is a top priority, too. A woman might be very close to her parents but won’t put her family above her partner because they have a mature love. Family is still important, though.

What does a mature relationship mean?

In a mature relationship, you share intimacy; your desires and passion are shared with your partner. You need commitment and shared interests to be intimate with your partner. Trust and sharing flaws are also key components. It takes work to get to this level, but it’s worth it.

What is immature love?

Partners who share immature love don’t care as much about their partner’s well-being or feelings. They may have unhealthy relationships because of a difference in opinion that they cannot resolve or believe in unhealthy notions, like the idea that their partner should be perfect.

What are signs of maturity?

Relationships with maturity have two people who are willing to work hard to make the most of their relationship. They have the same perspective about their love life; both partners need to express and respect the other’s feelings and emotions. This will lead to a greater understanding of one another.

What are the signs of fake love?

There are many ways fake love is shown. You may be with your partner for his looks or money. Trust and understanding may not be a part of your relationship. Partners don’t try to make the emotional side of the relationship work. Instead, it’s a selfish love.

To Sum It All Up

What do you believe are the aspects couples much have to have a mature love? What are the key components of a healthy relationship? How should partners work to make the most of their relationship? We’d love to hear from you! Please comment, and share!

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