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I Don't Want To Get Married (41 Possible Reasons)

Are you among the category of people saying, "I don't want to get married"? Or perhaps, you know someone who doesn't want to get married, and you're searching for possible reasons why anyone would make that decision. If your answer is yes, then you're in the right place.

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to marriage and relationships. Thankfully, we have the right guide to reveal what many people are thinking. This article communicates forty-one possible reasons for anyone to choose not to enter into matrimony with a partner.  

The answers to your questions on this subject are right below, from craving independence to having lesser financial burdens. Continue reading to find out

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41 Reasons Why People Don't Want To Get Married

1. They don't believe in it

When people don't want to get married, it happens because they don't think that marriage keeps two people together. Their impression of matrimony is quite different from others, and it could be for many possible reasons. 

They might have grown up in a society where people disregarded such traditional values, or they chose not to believe in the idea of weddings. In such a scenario, it would be impossible to convince them that a civil partnership is essential because they merely don't see it that way.

2. They've witnessed the downside of marriage

People that grew up in homes that had marital problems might end up despising the concept of it. This scenario will make them develop a preconceived notion that they might end up in the same state as their parents or other people who faced difficulties if they get married. 

Therefore, these reasons wouldn’t make them fancy doing it. If one person focuses on a civil partnership's disadvantages, they won't ever make up their mind to engage in such an activity. Their fears would always limit them from making such a move.

3. They want to save money

Many people are aware of the costs it takes to have a wedding and live the rest of your life with someone. If they're trying to save money, it would not be easy to decide to marry. The costs of running a house alone are significantly lower than when a person is married. 

More so, if there are no children in the picture, you can effectively channel your resources into something else. Therefore, trying to save some cash for another project is why people prefer to stay alone.

4. They don't believe in traditions

A significant number of people think marriage is a traditional concept. Since they don't necessarily believe in rituals, they don't feel the need to get married. On the other hand, they might view having relationships as a mordent concept of sticking with a partner, which they would embrace readily than matrimony. 

If they fail to define civil partnerships outside the premise of tradition, it would be difficult to convince them to practice it. They would always find reasons to disregard the notion because they don’t believe in the ceremony as a whole.

5. They don't feel the need to prove their love

People don't want to get married because they presume people think it's a way to demonstrate love to a significant other. Their concept of matrimony is limited to that thought, and it discourages them from engaging in it. 

If they feel they can prove their love in many other ways, they will disregard the need to formalize their association. They would choose to spend a life together outside a matrimony's binding contracts because it helps them feel freer. More so, they can easily escape legal matters.

6. They're waiting for their partner to change

One person may never want marriage while in a relationship because they're hoping the significant other changes. If their belter half has a bad trait that could ruin any matrimony, they would prefer to avoid marrying them. 

Instead of breaking up with them due to their negative traits, they would remove the pressure of a civil partnership from the relationship and continue spending their time together as a couple. Not having the perfect person to marry is often a hindering factor that prevents people from walking down the aisle.

7. They have trust issues

They have trust issues

If a person finds it hard to trust others, especially in a vulnerable situation like relationships, it would be almost impossible for them to get married. Their trust issues might have spurred from heartbreaks in the past, or perhaps several disappointments from people. 

Marriage would feel like a big risk, especially since their significant other could break their heart. If things go wrong, they won't just lose the person they love, but the time and effort invested in the association. For these reasons, they would choose a significantly safer option, which is to remain unmarried. 

8. They want to spend their time on other things

People may not want to get married because it's a time-draining activity. They would have to spend their time with their significant other and work towards a common goal. On the contrary, if they choose to spend that time alone, they can do something they consider more resourceful. 

They could decide to focus on their career, their business, or even their education. They could also choose to take care of their family or use that time to have fun with friends. Anything they deem to be more important than matrimony would be given a higher priority in their lives. 

9. They never initially wanted to get married

There's a category of people that have never considered marrying for one cause or the other. They might have commitment issues or merely don't like being stuck with the same person forever. Such people don't have valid reasons for not ever considering matrimony, making it harder to convince them otherwise. 

Perhaps they didn't grow up in a setting that appreciates civil partnerships. This scenario would allow them to preconceive what weddings are all about and why they shouldn't have one. Therefore, they would instead stick to a normal relationship.

10. Their relationships are chaotic

Relationships, where partners have a hard time finding a harmonious balance may never consider matrimony. If they're barely getting along with each other, they wouldn't want the severity of a civil partnership to create more chaos. 

Therefore, they would keep the association unofficial for as long as possible. In such a situation, they know matrimony wouldn't resolve the discordances in the association. If they ever consider a wedding, they might require space away from one another to handle the association's turbulence.

11. They dislike the definition of marriage

Relationships are relatively easy to define and depend on the couples involved. However, marital unions have a specific intention, which involves two parties being faithful to one another for the rest of their lives. Anything outside this description would be considered as deviant behavior and perhaps, unacceptable to the public. 

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People may not want to get married because they don't feel the concept of matrimony suits them. Therefore, they would stick to an association they can define as they please, instead. If they have separate desires that can’t be satisfied in matrimony, they would prefer to stay away from it. 

12. They prefer to be alone

Although it's natural for humans to crave company, many individuals prefer to stay alone than be in the company of others. Many factors could cause a person to prefer solitude to other social or romantic associations. They might be profoundly introverted or perhaps, have experienced several disappointments from others in the past. 

There might also be cultural or religious restrictions that make people prefer casual associations to a severe relationship. They will avoid the idea of matrimony if it ensures they keep to their cultural or religious promises.

13. They don't want to change their last name

Relationships seem convenient to people because they can keep their previous names irrespective of how long the association lasts. However, one party would have to change their name, including how it's written on their legal documents, when in a marriage. 

If a divorce happens, it can be difficult to reverse one's original name, leaving them in a dilemma of sticking to their ex-partner's name. Therefore, someone may conclude they don't want to get married to avoid this problem.  

14. Their partner's view on marriage differs from theirs

It will be challenging to get married to a person with a different mindset about marriage from you. One party might believe it's a tough decision that needs to be handled with care, while the other party might not see the solemn concept of matrimony.

If there are disagreements about the importance of a civil partnership, then not wanting a civil partnership is what people can expect. Since cultural and religious views can affect a person's mindset about matrimony, this hindrance is quite common. 

People also have different opinions about the restrictions regarding wedlock. Such notions can prevent a person from going along with the decision to marry.

15. They want freedom

A relationship requires less work to make it work and isn't as severe as a legal partnership. Two people can decide the terms of their association, which is independent of their private life. However, most of the decisions, including those regarding the parties' issues, are made together in matrimony. 

There's limited liberty in civil partnerships, which is why some people dislike the concept of marrying. They would rather have their freedom than get attached to any person. More so, the dislike compromising to suit the needs of a significant other. Having their liberty ensures they get their desires to full effect.

16. They're not in love

Spending the rest of your life with someone involves being in love with that person. When there's no intense affection, it would be hard to decide to marry. People feel marriage isn't for them because they're simply not in love yet. Hence, they would instead prefer to settle for enduring relationships. 

Matrimony comes with numerous compromises, which would be challenging for anyone not in love. Therefore, it's only prudent to wait for that particular person before considering it.

17. They prefer things as they are

When people get comfortable with their lives, it's sometimes tough to consider having a civil partnership. If they're excelling in their career, making enough money, and genuinely enjoying the unmarried life, they wouldn't want to change that for anything. 

People who desire matrimony crave companionship, while those who want to stay single are comfortable with the events surrounding them and prefer to keep everything unchanged. They genuinely feel complete even without having a legally-binding relationship.   

18. They're happy being single

They're happy being single

Part of the reason why people don't embrace the concept of marriage is that they're delighted as a single person. Being single could mean different things to different people. For example, it could mean more time chasing one's dreams and passions or having fewer issues to deal with, unlike in a severe association.

It could also be a good cause for a person to exhibit wanton behavior without feeling restrained. If a person is indeed satisfied with singleness, they may never desire to get married.

19. They're not sure about the other person

Doubting a partner's abilities to handle a civil partnership can be a person's motive for not getting married. Several people don't just desire the companionship of marriage but want to make their union work. 

If they feel like their significant other won't satisfy their needs, they would prefer not to legalize the association. Neglecting a companion's deficiencies can indeed turn out to be a substantial concern in a long-term relationship.

20. They don't like the responsibilities of a spouse

Matrimony is a union with several obligations because both parties have roles in making the association work. When parties neglect duties, it could lead to turbulence in the home. 

If someone dislikes the responsibilities entailed in a civil partnership, they might refrain from getting involved. For example, if a woman doesn't like the concept of running a home and raising children, she would prefer to stay single and avoid such responsibilities.

21. They don't like weddings

Some people feel uneasy about attending other people's weddings and dislike the idea of involving a crowd to celebrate a union. This displeasure might cause them to avoid having a marriage for themselves. 

Perhaps, the concept of weddings never resonated with them, and they can barely see its importance. This notion can prevent them from getting married at all. They could manage traditional associations but would refrain from civil partnerships.

22. They don't want to burden another person

Marriages aren't just the union of a bride and groom but the joining of two families. There are a lot of costs involved in making a wedding successful. The expenses are most times divided amongst the families, to ensure they meet all needs. 

This process can sometimes be hectic for the two parties involved. Trying not to be a burden to the family with the expenses of a wedding or running a home can be why one person decides not to get married.

23. They don't want attention

Apart from the expenses involved in organizing a wedding, couples would be the focal point of everyone's interests in one day. People may not want to get married because of the attention they'll receive from outsiders. 

They would prefer to keep their association private and not involve other people. It's easy for friends and family to meddle in a marriage because it actively involved them in their lives in the wedding process. A person may decide to avoid this scenario by not marrying at all.

24. They don't want to compromise

Matrimony involves severe compromise to make the association work. If one party isn't willing to forfeit their desires for their partner, there would be discordances in the relationship. If compromise seems like a big deal to anyone, they would most likely detest the idea of a civil partnership. 

When a person knows that they might not live their life in the manner that they want, they will opt for the more comfortable option of singleness.

25. They can't handle the stress

Getting married isn't a fairytale, as most people expect. It's a rigorous process that involves a profound amount of responsibility and understanding. People have a preconceived notion that marriage will provide them with everything they desire, but most times, this scenario isn't the case. 

Constant effort to make the association work is what guarantees its success. If someone feels they can't handle the stress that matrimony entails, they might choose to stay single.  

26. They're trying to avoid building more debt

Many individuals feel like they're not in the perfect financial state for marriage. They may not be able to run a home or make a family, and this reality can prevent them from entering into a civil partnership. 

They may have also witnessed other people who got married and incurred more debt; therefore, they try their best to avoid such a scenario. They can handle part of a partner's needs in any association but can't cope with a severe partnership's financial responsibilities.  

27. They dislike the idea of planning weddings

Planning a wedding can be a hectic process, but it will make the wedding turn out beautifully if done correctly. Anyone that doesn't want to go through the stress of planning a wedding, or isn't financially capable of hiring someone, might opt not to marry at all. 

Although there are less strenuous ways to get married, someone that dislikes planning occasions of any sort may get discouraged. They would prefer to stick to a relationship that doesn't require an event to commemorate it.

28. They feel they're not good enough for marriage

They feel they're not good enough for marriage

There are many grounds regarding people's decisions to enter into matrimony. Some feel they need the love and companionship of a civil partnership, while others may want the security that it brings. 

People may also feel it's the best environment to raise children and prefer to join a legal arrangement first. On the other hand, some people feel less deserving of this process. Suppose they've made mistakes in their lives; they'll prefer not to burden anyone else with it.  

29. They don't have a valid reason to get married

While some people might feel less deserving, others might not have any valid reason to join another person in matrimony. Therefore, getting married would be a challenging decision. Someone who doesn't crave companionship and gets what they desire even when unmarried will undoubtedly prefer to stay single. 

Since most of their interests are satisfied outside matrimony, they wouldn't consider a life inside wedlock. Without a solid reason, a wedding would seem like a waste of time to some couples.

30. They dislike monogamy

Anyone who doesn't believe in monogamy would find it tough to enter into a marriage. If circumstances don't favor their desires, they will opt to remain single until their interests are achievable. Cultural and religious backgrounds can influence a person's decision to have multiple life partners. 

However, people perceive this as aberrant, so many would refrain from engaging in such practices in these modern times. A person would only be able to accomplish this act if they find a spouse that agrees with their conditions.

31. Their career is their life

People don't think about getting married because they're already married to their profession. Their work brings them joy and satisfaction, and they don't feel that marriage would make any difference. If they were to enter relationships, it would serve a specific purpose in their lives. Otherwise, they would solely focus on their occupation. 

Such people may never require a partner to feel fulfilled because their job brings them the contentment they need. If they can keep achieving their goals, they wouldn't feel under pressure to enter matrimony.

32. They don't like their partner's family

Disliking a partner's family can interfere with your decision to marry them. Matrimony is not just the union of two parties but also the joining of two separate families. If a person can't get along with their significant other's children or in-laws, they might not want to get married. 

They'll prefer to keep the association as it is to prevent discordances in the future. Relationships seem less tedious because of the reduced interference from family members. However, families are active participants in matrimony, and this scenery could lead to a predicament if conflicts were already present.

33. They don't feel someone else should complete them

When someone isn't interested in the concept of marriage, it could be because they already feel complete as a person and don't need anyone to compensate them. Every part of their lives is convenient, and they don't need a spouse to feel accomplished as a person. 

They might be married to their career, making comfortable income, or perhaps, already had kids of their own. Hence, any other addition would make no difference to them. Even though they might feel lonely, they'll prefer to get satisfaction from external sources and not from a spouse.

34. They don't feel the need to follow the crowd

Couples may enter into a marriage because people think it's the right time for them. However, a person may stick to a relationship if they don't have a reason to marry, and they don't want to follow the crowd. 

If matrimony doesn't make their lives better at that moment, they'll prefer to stick to traditional associations. Irrespective of the pressure they're facing to find the right person to settle down with, most people stay single because they don't want to succumb to other people's desires.

35. They don't think marriage contributes to their life

If a person stays immersed in specific activities in their lives, they might not see the importance or value that matrimony presents. Anything that doesn't directly contribute to the activities that interest them would be a waste of time. 

More so, if getting married won't help their work get better or provide more money every day, they might count it as a loss and not as profit. If they can exist without the need for companionship, or the quest to build a family, then they'll want to survive without a civil partnership.

36. They don't need a companion

Some people don't consider matrimony for the reason that they dislike the concept of having a companion. This notion may be due to their feeling of self-sufficiency and not requiring support from anyone. They would manage their physical, emotional, and monetary problems on their own rather than depending on anyone for them. 

Wanting to get married would be almost impossible because they already feel they can handle every need independently. They would instead get help from a loved one than seek companionship from a stranger.  

37. They'd rather spend money on other hobbies

People may not want to get married because they have different passions they wish to invest their funds in for the meantime. For example, a person who's always dreamt of traveling the world may consider his dream more worthwhile than getting a marriage certificate. 

Instead of planning a wedding, he'll prefer to use the funds to chase his dreams. This scenario is similar to other people who have hobbies and goals that require tons of cash to accomplish.

38. They're angry with their partner

If a person is holding a grudge against their partner, they would never consider the thought of marriage. They would want to settle all differences before moving forward in the association. If they ever got married to each other, it would be from one conflict to another due to unsettled disputes. 

Therefore, they would crave to resolve their disagreements before considering a more prominent subject like matrimony. If they can't come to a middle ground before then, they'll remain at the same level in their association.

39. There are constant fights in the relationship

Similarly, when there are ongoing battles in an association, it might seem impossible to think about matrimony. When someone wants to spend the rest of their life with another person, they know that things would work out correctly. 

If it seems like the arguments aren't going to stop, then they'll likely keep the association unofficial until they can fix their discrepancies. However, some people tend to feel matrimony can solve the constant conflict in a relationship, but this notion doesn't always become a reality.  

40. They fear divorce

People can quickly call off relationships without the hassles of going to court and spending resources on lawyers. On the other hand, marriage is quite different. The fear of encountering a divorce makes people shy away from civil partnerships. 

They feel like a separation would ruin their finances much more than a casual association. Therefore, they wouldn't consider matrimony until they're sure about spending their life with somebody. However, most people never truly get past the fear of an association failing, so they prefer to keep everything casual for the longest time possible.

41. They love their independence

One of the subtle reasons people wouldn't want to enter into a marriage is because they love their freedom. They don't desire to rely on anyone; neither do they want anyone relying on them. They're comfortable and satisfied with their life and associations and wouldn't want to make anything severe. 

Being independent also means being free to make choices without a partner. If anyone is uncomfortable with compromise, they'll cherish their freedom and prefer to remain unmarried. One of the benefits of making this decision is that they'll have maximum control over their resources.


What are the advantages of not getting married?

The most prominent advantage of not getting married is freedom from financial burdens. There'll be less needs to settle from building a family, and they can channel those resources into other goals and ambitions. A person can focus more on their dreams and occupations without thinking about marriage, which can help them be more successful.

How do you tell your fiance you don't want to get married?

If the relationship with your fiance isn't working anymore, you can tell him that you don't think marriage will solve the problem. Tell him it was hard to make that decision, but you feel it would be the best option for both of you. You should limit communication with each other afterward to give your ex-fiance enough time to get over the breakup.

Is it better to get married or just live together?

Living together comes with its perks, but it can also be detrimental when a separation happens or there's no marriage in sight. Frankly, there's more security in matrimony than when lovers decide to stay together. Nonetheless, it would be best if you based your decision to either marry or live with a person on the association's severity and your goals as a couple.

What are the disadvantages of being married?

The disadvantages of matrimony include constant compromise to manage the relationship with your spouse, limited personal freedom, handling or tolerating family members, financial stress from the wedding ceremony and building a family, and hectic expenses in the case of a divorce. Without a doubt, every aspect of a person's life changes when they decide to enter into matrimony.

How do you know you will never get married?

If you don't believe in the concept of matrimony, and you're uncomfortable with the thought of compromise, then marrying somebody may not be the best fit for you. More so, if you would instead use your resources to chase your life goals and dreams, without having to think about the costs of raising a family or planning a wedding, then you should change your mind about entering a civil partnership for now.

To Conclude

Did you enjoy this article on the reasons people may not want to get married? Remember that marriage is not a mandatory process, especially for those that feel they're not ready for it yet. If you have other priorities, it would be best to focus on them before considering matrimony. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article and share it with others that need to see it.

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