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How To Tell If He Thinks You're The One (17 Key Signs)

Being in a long-term relationship that you aren't completely sure where it will lead can be frustrating. Yes, everything seems fine for now, and it's not like your man is giving you any reasons to feel he's cheating. However, every girl wants to get married, right? No one wants to make a habit of jumping from one relationship to the next. 

Knowing that the guy you are currently romantically involved with isn't only in for a short ride can be comforting. Being sure that he thinks of you as the one he wants to walk down the aisle with while you feel the same way is undoubtedly an awesome feeling. With that said, here are a few tips on how to tell if he thinks you're the one for him.

17 Ways To Tell If He Thinks You’re The One 

1. He's himself when you are around

He's himself when you are around

When you are in a relationship with a guy that sees you as the one, you'll undoubtedly see the real him. You'll notice a guy that laughs a lot with you, smiles, and of course, many awkward moments. That's because the feelings he has for you are real, and there's virtually little or no room in his heart to run a scripted behavior with you. 

He'll find it easy throwing his guard down and open to being vulnerable when you are with him. Even when he's sick, tired, or not looking too good, he won't hide from you till all is perfect. 

2. He doesn't make you uncomfortable

A guy that thinks you're the one will naturally create an atmosphere that'll make you feel comfortable around him. Because he's not operating an overly play-it-safe mode, you'll equally feel safe to be with him. 

What's more, you won't feel any desperate need to go out of your way to please him or not screw up. Things between you both will feel natural, spontaneous, and unforced. 

Even more, you'll notice he doesn't avoid you because you are experiencing low moments. He can be this way because he already has a mental picture of you and him doing things together till you are both old and grey, 

3. What you call your flaw doesn't bother him

A man that wants to be with you for the long term would not be bothered about many of the things you call personal flaws or imperfections. That's a sign he adores you. Even the ones that seem to be a source of concern to you, he won't see them as a deal-breaker. 

For example, while you may be feeling insecure and thinking about going under the knife to make some changes, he's reassuring you there's absolutely nothing wrong. Seeing you as the one may make those flaws infinitesimal or even part of what he likes about you. When friends and colleagues may even make fun of you, he makes you comfortable in your skin. 

4. You'll hear everything from him

Unless he's an FBI agent or a lawyer that keeps clients' information confidential, a man that wants to spend forever with you will naturally chat with you about most things going on in his life. By default, you'll know virtually every detail. 

You may even find that you know details about his colleagues, friends, and family that you haven't had the opportunity to meet. Why? He already sees you as his confidant or go-to person to pour his heart and soul. If you're dating a guy like this, trust me, you have got yourself a keeper. 

5. His commitment to you is 10/10

Now, I need to warn you that players can also pretend like they are the real deal. They can display commitment levels that get ladies falling head over heels for them. For the period they chose to win you over, have sex, and break your heart, their level of commitment can be impressive. But the signs are usually undeniable. 

The significant difference between a player and a guy who loves you for real is the scripted behavior. A man that's with you for a long time won't be all too perfect. Because his emotions are genuine, you'll notice a lot of awkwardness alongside his 100% commitment. 

6. He'll let you in on his deep, vulnerable secrets

Research shows that men are raised in a society that expects them to be strong and not show weakness. When your man opens up to you about things that expose his vulnerability or past secrets he's not too proud of, girl, he's in love with you and wants to make you his life partner. 

A guy that doesn't care about sticking around for a long term relationship has no business sharing personal knowledge about himself. In fact, the lesser you know about him, the better since he'll soon take a hike. Note that once you don't have significant information about a guy after many months of dating, that's a sign he's living for the moment only. 

7. He lets you know you can have access to his digital world

Privacy between couples is not a bad idea, and it's perfectly normal for couples to have boundaries even among married ones. Similarly, when you are still in the dating phase with a guy, it's normal to keep his digital world and devices private. 

However, if you've got yourself a guy that lets you into his cyberspace, allows you to have passwords to his phone and online platforms, then girl, he's telling you are the one for him and all that he needs. 

8. He's interested in and supports your dreams

When a guy shows that he's a supporter of your dreams and goals, that's a sign he'll likely stick around for a long time. It shows he's not only interested in superficial things like sex and your beauty. 

He'll make you feel comfortable discussing your personal goals with him because you always have his support. What's more, because he sees you as the one, your progress is technically his progress since "putting a ring on it" will make you both share all the progress and rewards. 

9. He spends his free time with you

He spends his free time with you

From taking out time to having dinner dates to seeing a movie, a man that wants to be with you for a long term thing can't get enough of being with you. You'll notice you won't struggle or demand to get his attention. Because you are important to him and his future, he'll always fit you into his schedule, no matter how busy. 

If his off day is the weekend, you will notice he's always ready to make plans with you on Friday night on how to spend the weekend. Because you're the one and there's no one else, there's nowhere he'd rather be than with you once he's free.

10. He doesn't shy away from your family engagements

One of the signs that a guy isn't thinking of you as the one for him is avoiding meeting your family. The reluctance to meet your folks and your friends that matter to you is usually unmissable. In the same way, a  man that has no future plans in his mind will always like to keep things extra simple so that he can take his exit easily. 

Meeting your partner's family is a big step. Only a guy that thinks you're the one will cheerfully do it and even initiate subsequent visits.

11. He wants to know about you

If you want to know if a guy you are romantically involved with thinks of you as the one, pay attention. Beyond all that talk about hanging out and doing fun things together, you'll notice the frequent initiates conversation about you. 

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Like, he's trying to know you beyond the surface. That's a sign of genuine interest. If a guy isn't interested in you for a long term relationship, he can't fake it for long. You'll notice he'll be more superficial. 

12. He discusses future plans with you

One of the most obvious signs a guy thinks you're the one is the frequent and different conversation about the future. You may think it's not a big deal, or it's just nice when a guy asks questions like when do you want to get married? How many kids will you like to have? Here's the thing, guys are not different from women. 

Unless a man wants you to be his partner in crime, you won't hear him chat away about such plans with you. It's because you fit into his forever picture. That's why you can be in the conversation in the first place.

13. He wants to share memories with you and keep them

The one that wants you for a long can, of course, go on dates and take cozy pictures, but as long as he doesn't see you as the one, he probably won't be keeping them or tagging. But that lover boy who thinks you're the one for him will not only create memories; he'll take many pictures of you and him. 

That picture you think the angle isn't all that great will still be fantastic to him. What's more, you'll see him keep those pictures and probably tag them "special moments" on his social media platforms because he's crazy about you and wants the world to know.

14. He remembers details of discussions

Research shows that men have always been guilty of not remembering tiny details, like birthdays and anniversaries. If a guy is hung on you and knows you are the one for him, it will be evident in the way he pays attention to you. A guy that only wants to get in your pants and live for the moment would mostly not care to remember. 

The lover boy that thinks you're the one will not only remember your birthday, but he'll also remember you told him about your brother's birthday too, or your mum's knee surgery appointment. What's more, he'll remember to ask how it went because if it mattered to you, it matters to him too.

15. You are among his priorities

If you are not the one in your man's "till death do us part picture," then you probably won't be in the top 3 of his priorities. Yes, he can plan outings and make an effort to put you into some of his free time. That may be because he wants to hang out and have sex. 

But when you see those signs that a man holds you in high esteem and doesn't joke with the relationship, then yeah, you are likely "the one" to him. He won't play mind games or ghost you and then show up a couple of weeks later. No way, you are too important to him. 

16. He doesn't mind investing resources

Being the one to a guy in a relationship means sharing a lot of time making memories. That will naturally include buying gifts and not chickening out of long haul tasks or journeys. You may even find that he doesn't mind financing a project, buying a car, or a bike with you. 

That's because he's in love and ready for the future. Who else wants to genuinely invest resources in the relationships they share with you? Most likely, that guy that's in love with you and thinks you're the one he wants to spend forever with. 

17. He makes big moves to let you know he's ready for "better or worse"

When a guy thinks you're the one, he'll undoubtedly make moves like give you his key, ask you to move in with him, introduce you to his folks, and take you to family gatherings during holidays or other special events. 

Inviting conversations about how your wedding will be colorful and magical won't feel awkward with him because you'll naturally know that's where your relationship is heading. If you feel this way in your relationship, that guy is a keeper. 


How long does it take for a guy to know you're the one?

Relationships aren't the same. The truth is, it could be weeks, months, or years. A guy can meet you, and in a matter of weeks, everything feels right like in fairy tale relationships. It could also take longer after many outings, fight, break up and makeup. 

How do you tell if he's genuine or a player?

Players will always play a script on you. They are often too perfect right from the start, with everything liking too good to be true. On the other hand, if a guy is genuine, while he's all over you like a player, there's always some awkwardness. A genuine guy has also interests in knowing about you, your family, aspirations, etc.

How do you tell if he is not the one?

A guy that wants you in his company only for some time will not make you his priority. You'll notice a couple of "disappearing" when he's bored and "reappearing" when he needs to hang out again. 

How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

It's all in the reaction. Go ahead and tell him you love him and see his immediate and follow up responses. His eyes will tell you a lot. If he's in love with you, you'll see the passion in his eyes and a genuine smile or happiness while he tells you he's in love with you too

How do you know if a guy wants to marry you?

A guy that wants to marry you takes big steps. While he may not have put a ring on it yet, you'll notice he doesn't shy away from your family. He'll be open to you moving in and, of course, frequently have conversations and plan about the future with you.

In Conclusion

Now you know the signs to look out for. Just because you don't notice these signs now doesn't mean they can't show up later. Give it time. Relationships sometimes need time to blossom. I hope you enjoyed the article? Please feel free to drop a comment and share it with your friends. 

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