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How To Stop Giving Too Much In A Relationship (11 Surefire Ways)

Do you feel like maybe you are taken advantage of? Do you think your partner gets away with everything? 

Maybe you think you are a pushover or someone that people treat like a doormat. This is never a good feeling, and it won’t go away on its own. Learn how to stop giving too much in a relationship today so that you won’t have to worry about this issue anymore!

Sure, you want to be in a healthy relationship, but what is the cost? Do you feel like you are not in an equal relationship, that such a thing does not exist because of the bad behavior of your partner or all the giving on your part? 

Excessive giving is never a good thing, as it can lead to an unhealthy relationship where you need emotional support for your own problems!

I know that in the very beginning, you are over-giving with your partner, but this can be emotionally draining if you cannot keep it up. You need to know the warning signs of a bad relationship, so you can see a sign and set emotional boundaries when necessary! Make sure you are not stuck in a rut with the wrong person! Relationships shouldn’t be this much work!

11 Top Ways To Stop Giving Too Much In A Relationship

1. Increase your self-worth

It’s important to grow your self-worth even when you are in a relationship. You should not put yourself aside for anyone else. You are a priority! Don’t forget that you matter. You don’t need to give too much of yourself to anyone! Instead, think about what it would feel like if you were single and did not have the responsibilities that you do now.

If you picture what your life would be like without your partner, you may see a different future. In fact, you should see a different one! You may even realize that you’ve put too much of yourself into your current relationship. You may realize that you need to take a short break from your partner to sort things out. 

Take a couple of months to sort yourself out. Consider what would be best for you and work on those things alone. Set goals for yourself, things that you will do while the two of you are on a break. Work on those things as you decide if this relationship is really the best for you. Is your partner the person you see yourself having a future with?

2. Be stronger and more confident

Make sure you remain confident in your relationship. You want to stand your ground and know how to communicate well with your partner. Tell him or her your concerns about giving too much of yourself. Explain the things that are worrying you. 

3. Talk to your partner

If you feel you have been giving too much of yourself, the best thing you can do is to talk it over with your partner. Explain the concerns you have and ask if he or she has any suggestions on how you can turn your relationship around so that the two of you can move forward healthily. 

4. Be more independent

be more independent

There’s nothing wrong with getting some time to yourself, even if you are in a serious relationship. Consider the time you need to do the things you enjoy doing. What makes you happiest? Branch out and do your own thing from time to time. No bad thing will come from you needing your own time to do your own thing. Just explain it to your mate.

Explain that you need to do some things for yourself from now on and that things may be a little different. Tell them that they haven’t done anything to upset you; you have just noticed that you need to make some changes in your life. This way, they will not think you are wanting to end things over something silly.

You can explain that you feel like you are giving too much in your relationship and want to work on being more independent so that you can be in a strong, healthy, and solid relationship. If the two of you discuss these things in advance, your partner is much more likely to respond positively to the changes you are about to make.

5. Look out for yourself

It is okay to be selfish from time to time, even if you feel like you do not deserve the right to be. Instead, you can look out for number one and look at your own interests instead of always giving yourself to other people. You don’t have to push other people aside to gain more in life, either. You can advance your goals and life by just being you. 

Think about what you want out of life, and focus on that. What is one thing you always thought you would have accomplished by now? Maybe look at it as a New Year’s resolution or some lofty goal you have been wanting to achieve forever. You can do anything you set your mind to; you just have to have the right mindset.

6. Ask for advice from those you trust

Discuss this problem with your closest family and friends. Find out what they think about the amount of giving in your relationship. Do they think you are a pushover? Do they believe that you are being taken advantage of? Get their advice on what to do next, too! Their opinions should matter to you as you navigate this situation.

7. Accept who you really are

Realize that you are who you are. You cannot change your character overnight. You may just be a giving person, and that’s okay. The world needs plenty of people who are more selfless than selfish. You should value these traits inside of you!

8. Grow with your partner

grow with your partner

As you decide to make changes in your relationship, work with your partner to determine if the two of you can work on the relationship as a team rather than as individual units. You might be able to grow together, rather than growing apart.

9. Decide if you are taken advantage of

Before you up and change your character, decide if you are truly taken advantage of. Does your partner really walk all over you? Do you think he or she does this on purpose? Is this something that they could perhaps change? Before making life-changing adjustments, make sure you are actually being played for a fool. 

If you suspect your partner has malicious intent, you should certainly look out for what is best for you, but if your partner is unintentionally doing these things, you might want to reconsider making any big changes! He or she is not purposefully hurting you, and they definitely want the best for your relationship!

10. Talk it over with a therapist

A therapist or couples counselor can be a very valuable source of information. Consider speaking to one about your relationship. Do they think that you need to change and work on yourself? Is the problem truly with your partner and not you? Do you need to break up with your partner over this matter? A therapist can help you sort through these issues.

11. Develop new interests

Find a new passion - something new to occupy your time and energy! You don’t have to look for a higher calling, though. You can simply just develop an interest you already have. Make it your new passion! Maybe you enjoy cooking for your partner from time to time. You can easily take a few cooking classes and learn to really enjoy the hobby!


How can I stop giving too much?

Make sure you feel happy and don’t give all your time to your partner. He or she should not get you all the time. There must be a healthy balance for the relationship to happen the way it should. Create relationships where you thrive and have free time to yourself!

What happens if you give too much in a relationship?

You may never feel appreciated, and you’ll have a tendency to do all the work in the relationship if you give too much. Giving too much can lead to one person shouldering all the responsibility and expecting everything to go the way they want!

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How do I stop giving him too much attention?

Don’t expect everything to go the way you want when you are dealing with a person who wants all of the attention in the world. You can show affection and attention; just don’t go overboard. Deal with one kind of affection at a time - a hug, a sweet kiss, etc. 

How do I let go?

A good partner will want to make the relationship really work. The other partner should also seek a better relationship. The important thing to remember is that there is a healthy balance in the relationship. Have a conversation about what you want in your relationship. 

How do I fall back in love with my boyfriend?

If you were hurt by your boyfriend, it might be hard to prove he has changed and make you no longer afraid that you won’t be burned again. The truth is that love hurts. If you were a giver in the relationship, spend some time talking things over with your partner.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you now have some ideas on ways to make relationships work without giving too much of yourself. Create healthy parameters where you have alone time and a balance in your relationship. I’d love to hear your take. Please keep putting comments here, and share! 

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