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Ignoring A Leo Man (Will He Come Back If You Ignore Him?)

June 28, 2024

Are you wondering whether ignoring a Leo man is a good idea?

Perhaps you’re considering playing hard to get in order to reignite his interest in you - but you’re not sure whether that’s a great strategy.

If so, read on. This guide explains what is most likely to happen when you ignore a Leo man. 

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Of course, my Leo-focused guide below will help too.

Reasons why ignoring a Leo Man is a good ideaReasons why ignoring a Leo Man is a good idea

There are a number of reasons that not jumping as soon as your Leo man asks could be a way of getting what you want from your relationship again. Here are some of the main points to keep in mind if you think playing hard to get is the best method to make him want you again or even take things further in your relationship.

A Leo man is competitive

By ignoring a competitive person, you are almost baiting them to pay you more attention. By not seeing or speaking to them every time they contact you, a Leo man will naturally want to win back your affection as it is in his nature to want to win. He will see you as a prize to achieve if you are not as attainable or easy to get hold of if you are ignoring him.

Give this method a go therefore if your Leo hates to lose, and you are one of those things that he could well lose if he does not step up his game. A Leo man will hate to let a girl slip through his fingers if he thinks it was her doing that she walked away. He will want to feel in control of things and may even give you more attention than he ever did at the beginning of your relationship.

A Leo man is easily jealous

Making a play like avoiding or neglecting Leo men to get their attention back can be really effective thanks to the fact that they are one of the most jealous signs of the Zodiac. They may not even display their jealousy, and definitely never will right from the start of a relationship with someone, but Leos love to be the centre of a woman's attention and get really jealous if they are not.

Bearing this in mind, you could start to make your Leo feel neglected by seeming to like another male. This may not be for everyone - nor for every Leo, but it will definitely make him think twice about you in the very least. Take things slowly on this tact if you do follow it. With some of a Leo's other personality traits, it has been known to backfire a little.

A Leo man is arrogant

Because a Leo man is so incredibly arrogant, he will always like to be liked in your relationship and like to know that you are available to him at all times. This is down to his pride too and though it can sometimes be a trying personality trait, it can work wonders if you want to make him give you attention again.

The reason being is that he will not take kindly to being made to feel second rate. His arrogance, coupled with his competitiveness, needs to prove you wrong. Right from the start of dating you, he will like to be the star of the show and need constant reassurance from you that you adore him.

Neglecting him is obviously the exact opposite of this and he will start to need your attentions again to know that he is still important to you.

Reasons why ignoring a Leo Man is a bad ideaReasons why ignoring a Leo Man is a bad idea

Below we list a few reasons why avoiding a Leo man is a bad idea to do with his personality. However, do also bear in mind your personality and question whether you have what it takes to ignore a guy. It can actually be really hard to do and you may not like employing it - particularly if you are usually a sensitive and caring person, or honest to a fault.

A Leo man is kind

The problem with ignoring Leo men is that they are one of the kindest signs of the Zodiac. The repercussion of ignoring a person so kind therefore is that by trying to play hard to get you actually hurt their feelings far more than you would have ever thought possible. The result could be that you damage any strong bond that you and your Leo man have beyond repair.

If your Leo is very sensitive along with being one of the kindest men you have met, it may be best to find another way of garnering his attention again or relighting any fire in your relationship that you think it may need. He may feel like you are being unnecessarily mean by ignoring him. You therefore need to question whether this is the best route for you and what you really want.

A Leo man is loyal

One of the main issues with trying to win back the affections from a Leo by neglecting him is that they are one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac. By avoiding him, you can make him seriously question who you are if this is the type of behavior that he would have thought he would have never seen in you. This type of questioning can be very destabilising for a relationship and actually end up doing more harm than good.

If your Leo is incredibly loyal, then you may want to think about other ways to make him interested in you again besides by playing hard to get. You may, again, hurt his feelings far more than you will have ever wanted and in a way that shifts the balance of your relationship and turns into into something quite toxic instead. Loyalty is something that should be cherished in a relationship so if you feel like ignoring him could damage that loyalty, it is best to choose a different tact.

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A Leo man is honest

Along the same lines as being an incredibly loyal person, a Leo man is more often than not a very honest partner in any situation. While that does not make him incapable of hurting you, it does at least mean he will always be upfront with you with anything that he would like to change in a relationship.

If you are looking at ignoring him in an effort to make this honest Leo reignite his interest in you, it could backfire down to this very genuine personality. This is particularly true if you are avoiding him when really all you want to do is spend more time with him. Realistically, his honesty will not appreciate this kind of game playing and make him have second thoughts on how well he does actually know you and whether he wants to take things further with you.

If your Leo man is honest to a fault, then it may be best to find an alternative way to win back his affections.

How to know when a Leo man is playing youHow to know when a Leo man is playing you

Knowing when a Leo man is playing you is key to understanding them and ensuring that the balance in your relationship is always what it should be. If you know that he is playing you, it is up to you to decide whether you like him enough to play him at his own game to make sure the relationship lasts, or walk away as you need something better with less mind tricks being used.

Again, knowing when a Leo man is playing you is down to learning what the Lion sign's personality traits are. Given that we have listed his honesty and loyalty above, it can come as a surprise that even a Leo can play games with your heart. However, he is also easily jealous and competitive and this can sometimes be the stronger streak in this natural leader.

Signs that he does like you but is playing you, will be that he will give you some attention and then disappear for a few days. This is his way of testing you a bit to see what you do and whether you like him enough to try calling him out on his disappearance.

He may even start to act a bit cool and want to start spending more time with his friends. If this is the case, give him what he wants, but for your own sanity, make sure you tell him that you are around if he wants. Don't waste too much of your valuable time getting sucked into mind games with him as it will most likely be him that is the winner.

That being said, you may like that he is testing you and your relationship as in a round about way, it can show that he does want your relationship to last.

It is also key to know when a Leo is definitely not playing you and is actually displaying behavior where he is checking out of partnership. Luckily, with a Leo, he tends to be loud and clear on this fact. It is down to their aforementioned honesty. If he does not think you are well suited for the future, he will likely tell you face to face and move on.

Another key sign is that they quite simply won't be happy to see you when they do see you. They are easily depressed creatures that regress into themselves and go very quiet if not around stimulus they enjoy. If your Leo no longer lights up the moment he sees you, he could be checking out of your relationship and not playing you at all. He simply wants to walk away.

This can be tough, but it's good to know that if he hasn't told you so, then he may very well just be playing you and testing you if he is the one that is avoiding your calls or not making time to see you.

Ignoring A Leo Man: Will He Come Back If You Ignore Him? - The bottom line

Hopefully this article on whether trying to ignore your Leo boyfriend will help your relationship get back to where you want it to be or not. It can be hard to say sometimes with a Leo given that some of his personality traits work well with this ploy, whereas some will make just make matters worse.

Any girlfriend of a Leo therefore needs to weigh up what their own Leo's strongest traits are and whether going down the route of neglecting their loved one will work or not. If they are far more loyal and honest than they are competitive and jealous, then it may be a better idea to try to just talk to him directly.

However, if you know he hates talking about emotions and feels awkward in such situations, whilst also being a very arrogant guy, neglecting him for as long as you can cope with could work very well.

We have other articles too similar to this if you are having problems with other star signs. Check out our pieces on what to do when a Cancer man ignores you and what to do when a Sagittarius man ignores you.

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