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How To Date A Celebrity (7 Hard And Fast Rules To Live By)

If you want to know how to date a celebrity, have no further worries because we are going to spend time talking about how ordinary people can date famous people! For starters, if you are in love with a famous person, try to watch what you do on social networks. Dating famous people is not like a television show where everything works out perfectly for the famous person!

Remember that there are people out there who are obsessed with celebs and will throw parties just to have them attend. Some guys marry the celebs they are interested in, but many times, relationships with celebs are not successful. As you probably know, most people who marry don't stay married for long. The odds are just not in your favor, but there’s always a chance!

You may be able to have a long-term relationship with your celebrity crush. Crazier things have happened! In this article, you will get a clear picture of how to date a celebrity! Let’s have some fun on the topic and get yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend! Many actresses or actors would probably be interested in having you as their one and only!

Tips For Dating A Celebrity

1. Be independent

Celebrities are busy creatures with unplanned schedules. They always have to be on-call and can’t just plan out their week in advance as a normal person can. Instead, a celebrity has to be ready for anything. You need to be able to have your own life, do your own thing, and be easy-going. You never know when they will be called away!

Make sure you have your own passions and hobbies to invest your time in. If you aren’t currently working, maybe you should find a cash-making opportunity online. You could be a freelancer - photography, graphic design, or even writing! Look for ways to stay busy and to have your own life so that you have something to look forward to!

If you are out of school, you should consider taking some classes! Maybe take some correspondence courses by mail or take some college classes online! That way, you are still somewhat available but have your own thing to keep you busy! Plus, you can excel in something new and have new topics to talk about.

If you go to a lot of gatherings with your celeb, you will be able to talk about a wide range of topics if you study new things in school or even for free online. Just make sure you are learning from reputable sources and not from smut magazines! They don’t tell the truth. Keep your mind like a sponge, but for only positive things!

2. Look your best

If you plan to date a celebrity, you will probably get your picture taken quite a bit. It’s a smart idea to make sure you always look your best. You can wear sexy outfits or just wear whatever’s in style. It’s entirely up to you how you want to be portrayed by the media and world. You may have to see yourself in magazines and newspapers!

Plus, your friends and family back home will see those magazines and newspapers, so you’ll want to look good! Go ahead and fix your hair up all nice and wear makeup when you go out. There is no reason to slum it because you feel like you can get away with murder. Maybe the celeb doesn’t care, but his publicist might!

You don’t want other people talking to your man or woman, telling them they should dump you because you are unkept or not pretty or handsome enough. Instead, make the extra effort, take a little time in the morning, and be prepared for anything that might happen because you never know who will snap a pic of you and when it might be!

3. Be trustworthy

be trustworthy

No one likes their dirty laundry to get smeared all over the public. Celebrities especially hate it when their private lives become public knowledge. Keep your man or woman’s secrets - even when or if the two of you break up. You should be a trustworthy person when it comes to a famous situation like this. You don’t want to get a bad rep!

4. Don’t get jealous

It’s probably really easy to get jealous when you are in a relationship with a celebrity. They are always in magazines looking like they are having affairs when really that isn’t the whole story. Because of this, many misunderstandings can happen when you date a celebrity. If you want to continue to date one successfully, don’t get jealous easily.

5. Be faithful

Celebrities are normal; they are just normal people in unusual circumstances. Okay, so maybe they aren’t normal, but they are - on the inside. They get jealous just like anyone else, so be faithful to your celeb man/woman if you are in a relationship. Don’t cheat or cause them to question your loyalty. Be honorable. Show them you’re different.

6. Keep an understanding attitude

keep an understanding attitude

As mentioned, there will always be someone around trying to get the scoop on your man or woman. You may think that life is unmanageable, but really, you just need to be understanding. Realize that people are curious, just like you once were. People wonder if they can get a pic with your beau or gal. Be easy-going and let it happen!

7. Go with the flow

Being easy-going goes without saying, but it must be said anyway. Usually, I would recommend playing hard to get with a guy, but you probably will want to play it by ear with a celeb. They may want time to themselves, and you are just going to have to decide if you are okay with that or not. If you like togetherness, decide if you’re okay.

You may need to be with someone who likes shared values and time more often than this person. Just because they are famous doesn’t mean you have to put up with things that you are not comfortable with. If you wish to have a more clingy girlfriend, go for it. Dump the celeb and look for someone that is more up to your speed.

You don’t want to allow someone to walk all over you because they are famous! Make sure you stick to what is important to you when dating a celebrity. There’s no reason to put up with getting treated like garbage if you feel like that is how you are being treated. Instead, find a way to have your cake and eat it too. You can have anything!


Can a normal person date a celebrity?

Of course! Normal people date celebrities all the time. It just takes the right chemistry; if you take pictures of a celebrity for a living, you probably have a good chance of meeting one because you’ll know where they’ll be but make sure it’s the real deal - true love!

How do you get a celebrity to notice you?

Keep up with the latest fashion trends if you want to get noticed for your appearance. If you are interested in dating a celebrity, you might want fame - something you might be able to gain on your own. Just excel in your world, and he’ll notice you in no time!

What dating apps do celebrities use?

According to Newsweek, many celebrities date using regular dating apps. They don’t need anything specialized to meet new people. Some use Tinder and Bumble. Some famous people do use Raya, a different dating app that is mostly used by celebrities to find the right people to date.

Would a celebrity date a fan?

Many celebrities meet and date crazy fans - believe it or not! There are plenty of Cinderella stories where someone commonly meets someone who is a celebrity and becomes like a celebrity herself! It doesn’t happen often, but it does actually occur from time to time!

How do you date a celebrity guy?

If you want to be the girlfriend of a celebrity, you will have to get used to the paparazzi and photos being taken of you everywhere you go. You might want to always look your best so that you look good in the newspapers and magazines. After all, your family will see those!

To Conclude

What did you think of the list of how to date a celebrity? Are you excited and ready for the paparazzi? Have you ever had a date with a celebrity? What rules would you give for dating someone famous? We’d love to hear from you! Please share in the comments!

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