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He Laughs At Everything I Say (17 Reasons Why He Laughs When You Speak)

Body language matters a lot when you’re communicating with someone you like. This is especially true when the guy you like hasn’t approached you to express an interest in you. You’ll have to rely on indirect communication signs and his body language to tell you if there’s any chance that he is attracted to you.

One body language that can give him away is laughter. Without you telling jokes you’ll discover that he is usually laughing around you. Even before he asks you out, he will be more warm and carefree around you than he is around other people. While you can’t base his interest in you on him laughing around you most of the time, his laughter can still hint at an attraction for you. 

So while you wait for him to come out plainly to ask you out, watching the way a guy laughs even when you’re not being funny lets you know he wants to be in a relationship with you. Of course, his laughter could mean something else entirely. However, his body language, preceding words, and subsequent actions after laughing will give you an idea of why he laughed.

17 Reasons Why He Laughs When You Speak

If you’re already dating the guy, there is more than one reason why he laughs at your words. If you’ve studied him over the months you’ve been with him, you’ll easily tell why he laughs. You will be able to differentiate between his playful laughter, his joyful voice, his goofy mood, and his angry hysteria. 

You will know when to reply with a smartass reply, when to keep quiet and when to give an angry retort. Even if the guy is just a friend, you should know what it means when he laughs at different times. However, do you still find it hard to know when a guy’s laugh means he’s happy, having fun, sad or angry? 

Has his ability to quickly switch from one mood to the other left you mostly confused about how he feels toward you? This article got you covered as it explains 17 reasons why a guy would laugh at almost everything you say. 

1. Your mere presence delights him

While most men portray this hard guy persona that they think makes them look tough and manly, they tend to become softer around a girl they are attracted to. One sign that he is interested in you is that you don’t even need to be a funny girl before he laughs with or at you.

You don’t need to talk to make him have fun around you, and it also doesn’t hurt if you’re beautiful. A guy who is already seeing a future with you will find everything about you interesting. However, you should consider all the signs of an interested guy rather than base your conclusion only on the way he laughs around you.

2. You have peculiar funny body language

Another reason why a guy laughs around you a lot is if you have a particular body language that he finds funny. It could be the way you roll your eyes reflexively or the way you shrug when you are avoiding a question. 

His fascination could be the silly look you have in your eyes just before you steal a piece of food from his plate or the silly faces you make at him when someone is overreacting.

If you make him laugh effortlessly without talking, this could make him attuned to that particular body language. He will find himself laughing without planning to. Is this now a sign that he is attracted to you? Is this one of the signs that your friendship will transform into a romantic relationship? Maybe, maybe not.

The important thing to do when you notice that a guy is extremely comfortable around you is to watch out for other things. For example, what does he do when you’re not being humorous? Does he still want to be around you on your bad days? These are the questions that should guide how much or how fast you will allow yourself to fall for him.

3. You have a contagious smile

If you have a natural smiling face or lilting laughter, it could easily explain why he laughs so much around you. Before him, people would have been complimenting you on your contagious laughter and smiling face, so it’s not a big deal that a guy would find that appealing. 

However, if you’re attracted to him, you might see the pleasure he takes in your laughter as one of the signs that he is interested in you. While it might be true that your laughter attracted him to you in the first place, it doesn’t mean it is what will sustain his interest. 

Yes, such a little thing as your smiling face can cause a big change in him, but talking to him on a deeper level is better to know where his interests truly lie.

4. He naturally laughs a lot

If the guy laughs all the time, his constant laughter in your presence makes a special difference to him. Being a merry person most of the time doesn’t make him a crazy man, but it might seem weird to most people. 

If he has a permanent smiley face too, it might mislead you to think he is jesting even when he is serious. So, don’t go looking for signs that he might be attracted to you when that’s his default look. If he is interested in you, his body language will tell you. As such, focus on his body language and what he isn’t saying with his mouth.

5. You make him happy

If you just met the guy, and he seems to always be in one stage of laughter or the other with you, you make him happy. Observe the look in his eyes, does the laughter reach his eyes, or do they look cold compared to the merry sound coming from his mouth? If his smile reflects in his eyes, it is a pretty good sign that you make him happy. 

Does he always want to hang around you all day too? This could be one of the signs that you’re his happy place. However, he may or may not be sexually attracted to you. To determine if he is interested in you sexually, watch out for his body language when he’s sitting close to you.

6. He is vulnerable with you

Guys are usually guarded around women they aren’t in love with. If a guy finds your jokes funny yet seems present with you even after the joke is over, it’s a good sign he likes you. A guy who is aware of his emotions, and embraces them is careful about who he is vulnerable with.

If he doesn’t only laugh openly with you, but also shares his time talking about serious things with you, he is attracted to you. Just to be sure though, focus more on his body language than only his words. Some guys naturally respond to people they feel connected to, rather than only people they want to date.

7. He lets himself be free because he desires you

When a guy wants to be in a relationship with you, he will leave several clues to let you know. If he’s smart, he will use the most suitable communication tactics you respond to. He might say it bluntly if you respond to confrontation. If you respond more to subtle signs, he will let himself go around to get under your skin.

He knows making others happy makes you feel useful and wanted, so he’ll let go of his normally rigid emotions. If you’re interested in him too, you’ll eventually understand that he isn’t always talking to you just because of your communication skills, but because he desires you.

8. You make him nervous

you make him nervous

Laughter can be a cover-up for nervousness. When a guy is nervous around you, he will burst into short shouts of laughter to hide his nervousness. A nervous guy will use more hand gestures and body language than words. 

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One of the reasons for his nervousness could be that he likes you and wants to leave a good impression on you, especially if you’re just meeting for the first time. If he is a shy person too, his nervous laughter would make sense. Shy people are more comfortable communicating over the phone than in person.

9. He laughs to cover his embarrassment

Guys can feel embarrassed too regardless of their perceived confidence, especially in the presence of a beautiful woman. It takes practice for anyone to look unruffled when meeting someone you hardly know. Even the most outspoken people battle nerves, they’ve only become more adept at hiding them.

For example, when you’re sharing your personal space with this guy, he might get aroused and laugh to hide the sudden flush of arousal on his cheeks. He will try to distract you from his embarrassment and laugh out loud at something that wasn’t all that funny.

10. You are humorous

If you’re naturally hilarious, it will explain why the guy laughs in your presence always. If you tell the kind of dry jokes that can send him into a fit of hysterical laughter, he will laugh. It doesn’t mean that he will start desiring something more than mere friendship from you.

If you like him and he is single, you can do things to let him know you want to start a romance with him. However, you should be ready for disappointment because he might only like you for your humor.

11. It’s an obvious sign of attraction 

It is more common to find girls who can’t tell a joke or be humorous to save their lives than it is to find girls who make men laugh effortlessly. As such, it is a sure sign that a guy likes you when you can crack him up easily.

Your humor sometimes can get you the reaction your hair-whipping seduction cannot accomplish with a guy. When done right, your humor makes you the only one the guy wants to see after a long hard day.

12. He laughs when you catch him staring at you

When a guy likes you, he will spend time just looking at you whether you’re asleep or awake. When you catch him staring at your face or your picture, he can laugh at being caught. If this happens a lot, it is one of the signs that he adores you. 

Apart from prolonged eye contact or stares, his general body language will inform you of his level of attraction to you. It might be best if you also ask me if he likes you enough to date you so you’re not the only one catching feelings.

13. He laughs to cover up his anger at you

Most guys, especially the good ones, laugh sometimes not because you said something humorous, but because they are angry. They know if they reply to you at that moment with the truth or say how they feel, the situation will escalate. 

A guy might not want to talk to you in the heat of anger, so he will rather laugh and walk away from you. If you recently said something to him, you’ll know he is displeased by it and doesn’t want to respond. You’ll discover that you do the same thing sometimes.

14. He thinks you’re a cute rambler

If you talk too fast or ramble a lot when you’re nervous or excited, your guy can find that sweet and funny. You’ll observe that whenever you’re rambling, he will first laugh at you, maybe pull you close with your hair, then kiss you to shut you up. If he isn’t your boyfriend yet though, he might just laugh or start mimicking you just to get you to stop. 

He might hold your hand to calm you down. All these signs might be pointing to a deep attraction he's been hiding for a while.

15. He’s scared you’ll laugh at his proposal

No matter how put-together they usually seem, guys worry too, especially when they like a girl. When he isn’t sure you’re attracted to him, he will be nervous to talk to you about entering a relationship with him. As such, he will stop in the middle of a sentence, then cough or laugh before continuing. 

However, he won’t pursue his first line of conversation because he had lost the courage to do so. He is scared you’ll laugh at his proposal, so he made a joke of himself first.

16. He laughs to change the conversation

he laughs to change the conversation

Sometimes, when a guy laughs at you, he doesn’t want the conversation to turn ugly. If you’ve been talking about something both of you can’t agree on, he will simply laugh and change the subject. He knows either or both of you will get angry and things will go south, so he will chuckle humorlessly and change the subject. 

It is better to go with that flow when you know there can be no good ending to pursuing that particular argument.

17. He doesn’t take you seriously

A guy can laugh at you in irritation if he thinks you’re absurd. Sometimes, this might be true and it’s natural for people to have such episodes. However, a guy can think you’re absurd and still respect you. 

If he always keeps his legs crossed in an ‘I’m unbothered’ way whenever you’re saying something important, he doesn’t respect you.

It is also a wrong thing when your guy thinks you’re always talking gibberish even though you’re serious. This might seem like a small thing but that’s exactly how emotional abuse starts. You might want to dissociate yourself from him to avoid both a broken heart and low self-esteem


What does it mean when you laugh at everything?

It means you don’t take anything seriously. This approach can be good in some situations, but not in all cases because people won’t take you seriously when necessary. 

Is laughing emotional?

Yes, your laughter can indicate how you’re feeling at a particular moment. It could mean you’re sad, happy, angry, disappointed, disgusted, or even surprised. 

What do you call a person who likes to have fun?

You can say a fun-loving person is the life of the party or full of life. 

What does it mean when someone laughs for no reason?

The person could have suddenly remembered something hilarious because they were lost in thought. It could also be that they get an inside joke that is lost on you.

What does laughing symbolize?

Laughter isn’t just a sign of joy, it could be an expression of various emotions. People laugh for different reasons; because they are happy, excited, surprised, or even angry. 

 In Conclusion

A person’s body language can tell you a lot about who they are, and how they feel about you. To know why a guy laughs at most of the things you say, observe what he does and say before and after the laughter. Being observant will keep you clued into things people try to hide from you.

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