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How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out: 18 Steps

There are a lot of ways to get a guy to ask you out, I think your best shot is to pick a method that suits your personality. It is important that you feel comfortable with the choice that you pick. It is no good wearing a low cut top to attract a guy if you do not feel comfortable wearing it. If you do notstay true to your personality, you will attract a guy that is probably not suited to you.

It does not matter how many methods you try as long as one of them works for you, and you get the result you are after. Once you have attracted a guy, you then need to get him to ask you out. He will want to see you again but might not know himself what to say to you, or how to approach you.Read on to find out some tips on how to get a guy to ask you out.

​Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Dressing Well

How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out

​I think we all know that scruffiness is not the answer when it comes to getting a guy to ask you out. If you dress well you are at least showing him that you have respect for yourself. It lets him know that not only do you respect yourself you also respect him. You have made an effort for him. You have not just shown up in any old thing. Dressing well means different things to different people.

​My friend loves her smart dresses and she would not be seen dead in a pair of track suit bottoms.Whereas my other friend loves wearing jeans and tee-shirts. They have both had guys ask them out and that is because their style of dress sense suits certain men. This is what I mean when I say dress to suit your personality. By dressing well you have given yourself an edge over other women around you. When a guy is dithering about whether or not to ask you out, dressing well might just be the final nudge he needs. Result!

​Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Using Eye Contact

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Using Eye Contact

I love the saying the eyes are the windows to the soul. When you give a guy a certain look, it will portray many things. If you find him attractive, your eyes will convey this. Making eye contact across a crowded room with a guy you like the look of has been a brilliant way for a woman to get her guy from the beginning of time. If he returns a look that says he also finds you attractive, it will be like receiving an electrical shock. The electric shock will jump straight through you like a lightning strike.The guy will almost certainly want to get to know more about you. He also would have felt a very powerful surge of energy coursing through him.

Using eye contact alone will convey many signals to the guy you are with. You like him and you want him to ask you out so you look at him in a way that lets him know you fancy him. Hopefully he will recognize the look you are giving him and respond by making small talk with you to get to know you.If all goes well, the guy will go on to ask you out. Result!

​Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Acting Flirtatiously

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Acting Flirtatiously

My friend Mandy is brilliant at acting flirtatiously. When she is on form, I think every guy in the room would ask her out if they could. Let me share with you what she does to get a guy to ask her out.

First of all she scans the room, looking for the guy she is going to hit on. Mandy has a taste for the unusual. A guy that just simply stands out because he is different from the men around him. She will slink sexily over to where he is standing, make eye contact with him and give him a knowing glance that says I fancy you.Then she will smile seductively towards him as she takes a seat with her friends (us)! She will laugh loudly at the conversation we are having even though we are not being funny! Then she will throw her head back in glee as though she is having the time of her life. The guy she has set her sights on will by this time be intrigued by her.

There is no way at this point she is going to let him off the hook. Her next move is to pass by him as close as she can without touching.She wants him to feel her presence. She wants him to smell her perfume. As she passes by she will glance again at him and say a small hi. If he is half decent he will say hi back. She has succeeded and has got him interested and noticing her. All she has to do now is pass by again to enable him to have the chance to speak to her. She will talk to him with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of smiling and laughing. This will put him at ease and make him think he is entertaining her.

I can guarantee you; before the night is over he will ask to see her in the near future for a date. Take a leaf out of Mandy's book and do what she does. You too can have an effect on guys like she does.Result!

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By having Your Hair Done​

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By having Your Hair Done​

I don't know about you but when I have my hair done, I feel ten times better than I did when I first walked into the salon. It is really weird but it is not about the hair style I have chosen which makes me feel so different, but about the way having my hair done makes me feel. You are probably the same as me, because psychologically you feel like a new person, you feel like everybody is looking at you as you stroll down the road with your new hairdo blowing in the breeze. We have a new confidence about us that wasn't there an hour ago.

Because you feel the way you do with your new head of hair you will portray yourself differently to the world. Use this feeling to your advantage when you meet a guy that you like. Strike up an interesting conversation with him, your confidence will rub off on him and he will want to be a part of the relaxed, happy world you live in. Go with the flow and chat to him to your hearts content.Relax and enjoy yourself. The guy you like will ask you on a date because he has found somebody who is fun and interesting. And not let us forget that he thinks you look good too, with your brand new hairdo! Result!

​Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Smiling

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Smiling

No guy on this earth is going to ask you out if you look like you have just trapped your pinkie in the bathroom door. (My apologies to you if you have actually done this!). My friend Lucy is quite a serious person, she says that if you want to get a guy to ask you out you must forget your serious side for a while and smile, smile, smile! You can return back to your serious self when you have got afew dates under your belt.

The bigger issue is getting him to ask you out. If you like him and you are having fun, let him know that he makes you happy by smiling. Lucy has an important tip for you... she says let your smile reach your eyes. It will not do you any good to sit opposite him with a stiff smile spread falsely across your face, the guy will see right through you immediately. Let the smile reach your eyes. Your eyes should twinkle with the smile that is playing across your lips. The guy will appreciate your happy interest in him and will ask you out because he likes being with you. Result!Click to replace anchor text

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Chatting Him Up​

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Chatting Him Up

Years ago it would have been very much frowned upon for a woman to chat a guy up. In fact I will go as far as to say it would not have happened at all! Things are different now. We live in world of equality. We have the opportunity to get what we want when we want it. If you have seen a guy that you like the look of and you would like him to ask you out, take action!

There is no way he is ever going to realize that you are interested in him if you do not let him know.Be bold and pick your moment well. The situation you are in will dictate how you go about making your move. If you are In a pub, you could go to the bar, stand right next to him and order a drink.While you are waiting for your drink to be served you should turn towards him and ask an open ended question like it's good in here isn't it. This will give him the opportunity to talk back to you.

Do not delay with the chat up line that you are going to give him because the bar tender will be bringing your drink pretty soon and you haven't got much time. Say something complimentary to him so that he knows you fancy him,you have got the most amazing eyes I have ever seen, is usually a good chat up line. He won't ask you out at this moment but he will be looking forward to you returning to the bar for a drink. With any luck he will buy the drink for you and ask you out at the same time. Result!

​Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Dancing

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Dancing

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A great way to get a guy to ask you out is to go dancing. Meet up with the girls for a fun night out, have a few drinks to lighten your spirits and head into town to the bright lights. Pick a good night club where the music is pumping and the D.J. Is rocking the house. Get on the dance floor and dance the night away. Hopefully you will attract lots of attention from the guys around you. They can't fail to be impressed by your hip swinging, leg kicking moves!

When you get a dance from the one guy you have had your eye on all night you need to let him know you are interested in him. This is where you turn on your charm offensive and give him every look in the book that lets him know you are interested in him. There is of course one drawback to this method of getting a guy to ask you out and that is the loud music.

You cannot possibly hold a conversation on the dance floor, so this is where the ball falls into his court. If he wants to see you again the most logical next move for him to make is to ask you out, that is the only way he is ever going to get to talk to you! This is where you swap telephone numbers and hope that he will get in touch. Your dance moves have worked, he rings you the very next day to arrange a date for the following week.

He wants to take you to the new wine bar in town for a drink. Later on when you return to the nightclub where you met. You can fall into each other's arms on the dance floor and smooch the night away. Result!

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Trying New Hobbies​

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Trying New Hobbies​

You are never going to meet a guy if you are sitting in the house watching television 24/7. Make changes in your life to get out of the rut you have slipped into. You should be out and about having fun, not sitting on your own bored at home. Get your mate to join a local club with you and start a new hobby together.

Try photography, there are lots of guys who enjoy the hobby of photography. Hopefully you will have something in common with one of the guys in particular. By sharing classes with him and learning about photography together, closeness will build up between you. Sooner or later he will ask you out because he has got to know you through the photography club. Result!

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Being Kind To Him​

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Being Kind To Him​

Kindness is a very lovely sentiment to have in your heart. If you can be kind to other people it means you are a caring and thoughtful person. Lots of guys find this to be a brilliant attribute when they are thinking about asking a woman out.​

My friend Helen has a good heart. She is a volunteer in one of the charity shops on the high street.She helps in the charity shop twice a week on Tuesday's and Thursday's. She sorts out the clothes that have been donated and she serves customers in the shop. One day whilst she was arranging clothing items on the hanging rails she looked up to see a handsome man walking in with a nice layered haircut. She felt a jolt of longing pass through her. If only she could have a guy like him in her life. But Helen was not the type to be demonstrative.

She got on with her tasks with the minimum of fuss.He looked across at her and a look crossed between them. A look of mutual respect. He seemed to hesitate so she asked if she could help him. He told her that his mother had recently passed away and he wanted to donate her clothes to the charity. Helen took the bag of clothes from him and thanked him very much. She told him that she was sorry to hear that his mother had passed away and she asked him if there was anything else she could do to help him.

He was very appreciative of her concern for him; he told her his name was Mike. They talked for awhile and it became obvious to Mike that Helen was a lovely person with a heart of gold. He came into the charity shop several times in the weeks that followed. He and Helen chatted for a few minutes each time he visited and then he would be gone again. She knew she was falling for him but was too scared to do anything about it in case she had interpreted his actions as fondness instead of friendship.​

I am pleased to tell you that Mike took the lead and invited Helen to go for a meal with him. He fell for Helens caring nature and the kindness she showed him paid off in spades. Result!

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Acting With Confidence​

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Acting With Confidence

When a woman enters a room walking tall with her head held high, it gives the impression that she is confident. A lot of guys find this attractive. They like the thought that they could be the guy holding her hand walking into the room with her. Her confidence would make them look confident too.

If you are quite a confident woman, it will go a long way in getting a guy to ask you out. The guy would know that he hasn't got to constantly worry about how you are. He will know that you are always going to do and say the right thing. Your confidence gives you a head start when it comes to sorting out all aspects in your life. He will like feeling safe in the knowledge that you can look after yourself. When a guy asks you out, be confident in his presence and enjoy the date. Result!

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Being Coy​

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Being Coy​

Do not worry if you are not the outgoing, talkative person that your friends all seem to be. You will still get a guy to ask you out. You are the quiet one in the group, the one who blushes at the mere mention of sex. It is nice that you have a shy nature. Guys find shy women very attractive. It brings out their caring nature. They want you to see them as the protector. This is the role they revel in.

By being coy you are letting him know that you are not an easy pick up. You have moral standards that you will not let slip. The guy will want to ask you out because he will want to get beyond your shyness and find out what you are really like. Do not try to change, your shyness is in your nature, it would not suit your personality to be loud. A lot of guys like quiet women; they will feel at peace in your presence. When the guy you like asks you out, say yes and enjoy the fact that he has asked you out because you are different to your friends and that is what he likes about you. Result!

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Laughing

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Laughing

Having a laugh is a great way of showing your fun side. My friend Katie laughs every day of her life.She has got one of those mega sunny personalities. When she wanted to get a guy to ask her out,she would talk to him with her full beam smile in place, she would laugh at his jokes.

The guys would be blown away by her. Because she was so happy, they felt happy.It would only be a matter of time before the guy would ask her out. The guy would realize that he could have a brilliant time with Katie. There would never be a dull moment.

Her advice for you is to let yourself relax around guys, put a smile on your face and laugh along with them. If you come across as too serious the guy will be put off. He will be able to see your true personality when he gets to know you better, but initially it will be your smile and laughter that will attract him enough for him to ask you out. Result!

​Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Flashing Some Flesh

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Flashing Some Flesh

There is a fine line between flashing some flesh, and totally going overboard with a look that is highly unsuitable for you. Any guy will look at a woman who is scantily clad, but not many guys would want that woman to be there girlfriend.

It only takes a subtle flash of thigh when you are wearing a mid-length skirt to attract a guy. A low cut top (not too low!) showing a bit of cleavage is a time honored way to attract a guy. Skinny jeans with the knees ripped, showing a bit of leg can also attract a guy. Let your imagination and intuition help you to decide on an outfit that shows just the right amount of flesh for the look you want to achieve. Choose a look that will may you look provocative, a look that will leave the guy you are after lusting for more. Most importantly make sure it is a look you can carry off with confidence,otherwise you will feel uncomfortable.

There is nothing worse for a guy than seeing a half dressed woman fiddling around with the straps of her bra, the hemline of her skirt, the tightness of her top. When you get the look right it will only be a matter of time till he asks you out. Because he has had a hint of what you have got to offer, he will want more. Result!

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Pretending You Like His Mate​

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Pretending You Like His Mate

I know this sounds totally weird, but it definitely works. My friend Debbie got her guy through this method. Let me tell you how this works.

Guys in general are competitive by nature. They have an inbuilt gene that tells them to be the best,to win.Survival of the fittest is their ultimate goal in life. This equates to the animal kingdom in general. Think of a pride of lions, there will always be a hierarchy within the pride. The biggest,strongest male will be the leader. The hierarchy of the pride will be fought over when a younger male will want what the head lion has got.

Guys are the same, so when you talk to his mate he will see this as a dent to his personality. He will wonder what his friend has got that he has not. He wants to be the best, so he wants the attention you are giving to his mate. He will virtually push his friend out of the way so that he can get to you instead. What he does not realize is that it was him you wanted all the time.By letting him think he has beaten his friend to get you will give him the impression that he is in fact the alpha male in his group of friends. He will be happy because he has got the woman, you will be happy because you got him. Result!

​Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Being Where You Know He Hangs Out

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Being Where You Know He Hangs Out

I met a friend through work, we were both packers on a production line,her name was Sheila. We used to giggle a lot, and we were always talking. As we became really good friends Sheila confided in me that there was a guy she fancied, he also worked on the production line but a bit further down the line than us. Between us we came up with loads of ways to get him to notice her.

She did not want to be too obvious that she liked him so she would wander past him smiling, she would wander past him laughing, she even pretended to accidentally slip on the floor, so that he would jump up and help her. Nothing worked. So she took it a step further, she asked others what it was he liked to do. She found out he liked swimming and that he swam at the local sports center.

She roped me in to help her. We sat outside the baths day after day waiting for him to turn up.Finally our patience paid off. There he was with his sports bag heading into the baths. We ran out of the car and headed in after him. We quickly got changed into our swimming costumes and continued with our plan. We saw him doing lengths and so we swam right next to him doing lengths as well. She swam next to him and I swam next to her. All of a sudden she started choking and coughing and waving her arms in the air, I was horrified to realize she was sinking!

I called for help and you can guess who came to her rescue. Yes, the guy she fancied.He grabs hold of her and pulls her to the side. He is asking her how she is, she is spluttering and coughing and thanking him for being such a hero. This is when she looks at me and winks, she was pretending to sink!She did not want me in on this part of the plan because she wanted my reaction to be genuine!

The three of us ended up getting changed and going into the café for a cup of hot chocolate. That was ten years ago and they are still together to this day. Result!

​Get A guy To Ask You Out By Being Friendly

Get A guy To Ask You Out By Being Friendly

Getting a guy to ask you out does not have to be a full on assault of his senses. Sometimes it is better to be yourself, be friendly rather than vampish. He might be a guy who has little experience of the opposite sex and would be mortified by a sexy vixen giving him the eye.

This guy wants friendship first, the relationship that would follow when he asks you out would be based on a true understanding of each other, this would suit him down to the ground. You liked him when you first saw him and you want to go out with him. Be friendly and make him laugh; tell him about the things you like to do. Be chatty and let him ope up about the things he likes to do too.

Do not put him under pressure to ask you out at this point because you need him to recognize what a perfect partner you would be for him. So the friendlier you become and the more you open up to each other will gradually let him see you for who you really are and what you can offer him.Eventually he will feel so comfortable with you that he will want to get physically closer to you. This will be the time asks you out. Result!

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Being Strong​

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Being Strong​

​"When the going gets tough, the tough get going." What a brilliant saying this is. I love it because it means you are not going to sit back while things are not going your way. You are not going to sit back and let somebody be hurt when you could be doing something about it. I know a lot of women see guys as the strong ones, and mostly this is the case. But there are occasions when you as a woman need to step up to the plate and be the strong one.

One day my friend Zoey found herself stepping up to the plate in the most unexpected way she could have imagined. Let me put you in the picture, Zoey is 5 ft. tall and very petite. Not the first one in a group of people you would expect to protect you. But that is actually what she did, she protected somebody when all around her, people (including men) ignored what was happening.

Let me tell you what happened. She was on a bus coming home from work. There were a variety of people on the bus, men, women children, old, and young. it was late in the afternoon and school children were getting on and off the bus. In the middle of the bus sat a boy of about eleven years old, he was minding his own business and causing no trouble. At the next stop a group of older boys got on the bus.

They sat behind him and started picking on him, calling him names and poking him. Then they took it one step further and dragged him out of his seat and started to hit him. Zoey cold not believe what she was seeing, she also could not believe that nobody was helping him, not even the men! Zoey could stand it no longer, she jumped out of her seat and started pulling the older boys off him, she was screaming at them to stop.​

This is when they turned their attention to her, she knew she might get hurt but still she kept on at them. The next minute just as things were about to get worse a well-built man stood up and got involved. He told the boys to leave her and the smaller boy alone. He told them to get off the bus and he told them he would call the police. It worked; they got off at the next stop.

The man approached Zoey to see if she was o.k. She said she was, but she was a little shaken. He said he was sorry he had not got involved any sooner but he was the type of man who did not like trouble. He told her he admired her bravery, he asked her if she would like to get off at the next stop and have a coffee with him. There was something in his eyes that she trusted and so she said yes. One coffee led to another and eventually they became a loving and close couple. The strength that Zoey showed that day got her the guy of her dreams. Result!

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Being Yourself​

Get A Guy To Ask You Out By Being Yourself​

If you try to go down the line of being somebody completely different to who you really are just to get a guy, you will live to regret it. Can you imagine how difficult it would be if you eventually got married and had to live a life pretending to be somebody you are not. It would be a living nightmare. You would be denying your own existence. What a tragedy to let this happen just to get a guy, a guy I might add that you knew nothing about and probably are not suited to.

My advice for you is to be true to yourself. Let a guy fall for you and not for your alter ego. When a guy falls for you and he likes your personality, you are on a much stronger path to true happiness than if you were living a lie. Let your instincts lead the way as to the type of guy you want. It might be love at first sight when you first set eyes on him. It might be a gradual process of friendship that leads you into each other's arms. By being yourself you will find the right guy best suited to you.When he asks you out you will know that it is you that he truly wants. Result!​

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