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False Hope In Relationships (7 Signs He’s Leading You On)

False and the dating world seem to go together like bread and butter. There are those that have perfected the art of breadcrumbing, a new dating term that means he’s leading you on intentionally. He drops a crumb every so often to keep you hooked without ever committing. 

There are also those that are already in a dead relationship. However, they keep hoping that it’s going to get better. Regardless of what happens, it seems like they always think that things are going to change for the better

7 Signs Of False Hope In A Relationship

We see false hope a lot in an abusive relationship. People exhibit abusive behavior. Then, they apologize, which gives false hope. Often, they take things a step further to instill more false hope. For example, they might buy flowers or swear that they are going to change. This is known as the honeymoon phase in this type of relationship. 

Abusive relationships aren’t the only ones that are full of false hope. Regular relationships that have met a dead end are packed with this. If your ex wants to get you back or keep you on the back burner for a booty call, you can almost expect false hope to an extent. 

People also do this when they are dating, yet have no intention of being in a relationship with you. There are some tell-tale signs that can indicate a person is doing this to you, regardless of whether you’re dating, already committed, or just talking to an ex again. 

1. It doesn’t contribute to your happiness

When you’re stuck in a rut of false hope, it quickly kills your positive vibe. You want things to be different, and you hope desperately that they will change how you want them to. However, you’re really just stuck on a hamster wheel of hope. It can kill any type of happy feeling that you previously had. 

Take a good look at yourself. Are you doing things that you previously enjoyed? Do you think about other things, or are you suddenly stuck on that person again? When a man fills you with hope, it can be hard not to get lost in it

2. Your gut screams that it’s a waste of time

you gut screams that its a waste of time

You should always listen to your gut. If it’s telling you to head for the hills, there might be a reason why. Wearing those rose-colored glasses might make you ignore things, but your subconscious still notices that your feelings don’t seem to matter. Love is gone. Chances are, you notice that you aren’t working things like you thought you two would be, even if you don’t want to admit it yet. 

3. You keep giving him chance after chance

If one chance isn’t enough, ten more won’t be either. If the man you’re head over heels in love with keeps doing the same ole thing and then promising to change, that’s a problem. He’s giving you false hope that he will change, and that the relationship will be a happily ever after situation. Really, he’s just leading you on. 

4. He openly expresses that there is no future together

Few guys will be so harsh as to say that they simply don’t want you in their future, especially if they are still enjoying the benefits of the relationship. However, he might feel comfortable dropping subtle hints to let you know. 

Men that state that there’s no future with a woman isn’t afraid of losing her. Men might not say bluntly there is no future. Instead, they could mention getting back together with their ex. They are also not in love with the person they’re talking to. 

5. He doesn’t reciprocate compliments

he doesnt reciprocate compliments
couple problems in which the woman can't speak to the man because he's texting with his mobile phone and ignores the girl

When you tell a man that you like him, it’s normal for them to say they like you too. The same applies when you say you love them. Men that are not interested anymore, such as those that are leading you on during dating or that you’re in a dead-end relationship with, are less likely to return those compliments. 

Every once in a while, we all say thank you and leave it at that. However, men that are filling you with false hope will seldom say great things about you, no matter how high you lift them up. In the end, it leaves you wondering if he likes you at all. 

6. Family gatherings are a no-go

Men that aren’t serious about a future with a woman will have no desire to spend time with their family. Dating women will notice that men aren’t interested in meeting their parents. Those already in a relationship will notice that their partner simply doesn’t want to participate in family gatherings as much. 

7. There’s a dip in your confidence

You might not immediately realize that the reason for your sudden low self-esteem or feeling of hopelessness is stemming from your partner or potential partner, but they might be. When men drop hints that they don’t like us, we wonder why. 

Constantly mentioning his ex makes us wonder if he’s in love with her, or if he doesn’t want us the way we want him. Self-doubt can wreak havoc on your self-esteem, which instantly makes us feel less confident than we used to be. 


Is it wrong to give someone false hope?

Yes, it is wrong to give someone false hope. The end result is that the other person will be in pain. It’s never in anyone’s best interest to avoid honestly and fill them with fake feelings. Instead, you need to make the decision to be upfront. Hurting them now is better than stringing them along. 

How do I avoid false hope?

Don’t live in the future. Instead, make sure that you recognize the situation for what it is now, not what you hope for it to be in the future. If you notice that a man is leading you on, keep your own best interests at heart and move on. You’re amazing and deserve someone so much better. 

What does it mean to give someone false hope?

Giving someone false hope is when you lead them to believe that you are something you are not. For example, if you are dating a person and they think you are headed into a relationship. However, you don’t see a future with them. Not telling them that and allowing them to hold onto their hope can give them false hope. 

Is it good to hope?

It’s a wonderful thing to hope! Hope is the only thing more powerful than fear itself. Hope gives you strength in less-than-ideal situations. It gives you the power to move forward in life, no matter how tough it is. More than anything, hope reminds you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

What is a sign of hope?

There are a lot of signs of hope. The shamrock is recognized as a sign of hope by many people, particularly in Ireland. The dove, however, is known for being the universal sign of hope. Doves also represent innocence and peace, hence why they are released at ceremonies. Rainbows are another sign of hope. 

In Summary

False hope in a relationship can slowly destroy you as you continue to run towards a goal that you never seem to reach. The best thing you can do is make the decision to end it so you stop wasting your time and emotions. Recognizing the signs of false hope can help you see things for what they really are. What are some signs you would advise other people to watch out for?

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