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Does A Taurus Man Like To Be Chased? (20 Hints To Win Him Over)

May 30, 2024

Are you wondering what is the best way to win over a Taurus man?

Perhaps you’d like to know whether they like to be chased or to do the chasing?

If so, you’re in the right place. 

This article reveals the most consistent method to winning the heart of a Taurus. 

Before we get to that though, I have a hunch you’ll appreciate hearing about this story.

Throughout my younger years, I was terrible at enticing men to become my boyfriend. 

I tried chasing. I tried playing it cool. Nothing seemed to work. And I had no idea why. 

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It’s called ‘The Hero’s Instinct’. 

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It’s based around a man’s desire to feel like a warrior, a king, a champion. When activated properly, this line of thinking releases overwhelming feelings of joy. Naturally, he is drawn closer to a woman who can make him feel this way. 

Once I learned how to turn on a man’s ‘Hero’s Instinct’, men would try to tie me down into a relationship within a short time of knowing me (read my personal story to learn more). 

The sad truth about the courtship process is that mind games are inevitable. At least by learning about the ‘Hero’s Instinct’, you’re in a strong position to win them every time. 

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The guide below reveals all you need to know about catching the eye of a Taurus.

Does Taurus Man Like To Be Chased?

Well, yes and no. Let’s just say it’s complicated.

1. I want to first examine Taurus man in love 

  • Earth sign
  • Ruled by Venus
  • Symbol - The Bull

2. Taurus men will wait for the right woman

Taurus is the sign of the Bull. When we think of bulls they are always doing the chasing, not the other way round. However, Taurus is also an Earth sign. This means they are very much grounded. So we can see the paradoxical nature of Taurus here.

Now, there’s another thing you need to know about your Taurus guy. He doesn’t usually like to expend a lot of energy. These guys would rather spend all day lounging on the sofa than biking through the woods. So what’s this got to do with a Taurus man when in love?

Well, they don’t want to waste time chasing a woman that will turn out to be wrong for them. This is because once they find the right someone they’ll stay with them for life. They just can’t be bothered to chase every girl that comes in their way.

3. You should chase Taurus male, at the start

So this is good news for you. We know that the Taurus man does like a little bit of chasing. But hold on a minute. This doesn’t mean you can go all out and bombard him with endless text messages. This isn’t the go-ahead for night-time booty calls.

Remember that the sign of Taurus man is the Bull. What you have to be is his red flag. You have to be just the right balance between getting him to notice you and you chasing him.  

4. Taurus man does not make the first move

Taurus man does not make the first move

Taurus men prefer women to make the first move. That way they already know who is interested in them and who isn’t. This saves them valuable time and energy.

In fact, your average Taurus man will never make the first move. They assume that if a woman likes them then she’ll ask them out. So they go through life thinking that any woman who doesn’t talk to them simply isn’t interested in them.

So you do have to do a little bit of chasing when it comes to Taurus men. You have to let him know that you like him first. The difficulty here is how much chasing and when do you stop?

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5. Taurus man wants a long-term relationship

Remember, Taurus men are not looking for a one night stand. They are loyal, romantic, and genuine guys who want an equal partner in life. Taurus men are all about the senses. Touch, taste, sight, and smell. They love to indulge their senses. But they are also incredibly down-to-earth.

They are not looking for a high-maintenance girlfriend. They need someone they can chill out with. Someone they can laugh and be themselves with.

6. Make the first move then stop chasing 

So my advice is to make the first move and chase your Taurus man at the start. Then once he’s started to like you only then do you need to back off a little and let him start chasing you. Don’t forget, this is a very macho sign. He is very much a man’s man. So you have to play it very carefully at the beginning.

You have to position yourself as the perfect woman for a Taurus guy. Show him that you are his ideal type. Imagine there’s a catwalk and you are one of twenty models and your Taurus man has to pick one. How are you going to stand out from all the rest? How are you going to get your Taurus man to choose you over all the others? 

I’ll help you.

14 Ways You Can Make The First Move On Your Taurus Guy 

1. Wear red

It sounds so obvious but red is, well, a red flag to Taurus. Red symbolizes desire, sexuality, danger, and something that Taurus doesn’t have – energy.

Wearing red makes you stand out from all the others in the crowd. It screams ‘Look at me!’ and grabs the attention of everyone in the room. Just think of Jessica Rabbit in that sexy red dress.

2. Use the right words

I’ve said before that Taurus men are extremely in touch with their senses. But you can use this to your advantage by tapping into their subconscious. Listen to how they speak. What sort of words do they use normally to describe things?

Do they say ‘see, look’ or ‘feel, touch’ or ‘smell, scent’ or ‘hear, sound’ or ‘taste, flavor’? Use the same sensory words that he does and by mirroring the way he speaks you’ll form a closer bond.

3. Show your independence

Although Taurean males are looking to settle down with a partner for life, it doesn’t mean they want someone who depends on them. Taurean guys are a bit of a paradox. They value women who can stand on their own two feet. They like women that are independent.

However, once they’ve found this independent woman they want to nurture her and keep her safe. So show that you can look after yourself if you want to bag a Taurus man, then be prepared for him to look after you once you’ve tied the knot.

4. Be confident

Taurus men love confident women. This is because they value an equal partner. Taurean males are typically macho but this doesn’t mean they are misogynists. They want a partner that challenges them. Someone who can match their intellect.

They are proud of their partners. Taurean males are happy to be house husbands and let their partners be the breadwinners in the family. So a confident nature gets their attention every time.

5. Be feminine

Sure a sexy red dress will achieve that double-take but just as effective is a girl in a simple pretty dress and wellies. The Taurus man is a sucker for a pretty feminine look. It melts their hearts and makes them want to hold you close to their strong chest and keep you safe.

There’s something of the white knight about Taurus. He may take a long time to choose you but once you’re his woman he’ll love you forever. He’ll never cheat on you and he’ll never hurt you.

6. Appeal to his senses

Let’s look at the signs of the Zodiac as phases of human life So Aries is the first sign and the baby. Pisces is the final sign and the old man. That means Taurus is the toddler. During the toddler stage, everything is concerned with our senses. Touch, taste, smell, sight, etc.

You can make a Taurus man notice you by wearing a musky scent, or offering to cook him a delicious meal. Lower your voice to sound husky and sexy. Play him a new track by a band you know he likes.

7. Show off your passions

Taurus men have many positive qualities. Amongst them are a sense of purpose and conviction. As a result, there is nothing more attractive to a Taurus man than watching someone enthusing about their passions.

To the Taurus man, this reinforces his opinion that this is a strong woman who is confident in her own right. She is not afraid to share her deepest inner thoughts with him.

8. Let him see your intelligence

Some men are scared away by a woman’s intelligence. And some women hide their intellect from men. Taurus men are different. Intelligence to a Taurus man is a huge aphrodisiac. In fact, there’s not much more that turns him on than an intellectual discussion.

Well, apart from that red dress and a musky fragrance perhaps. But this comes a close second. Taurus men love debating and chewing the fat with their partners. They like mental stimulation as much as physical.

9. Appeal to his material side

Taurus loves luxuries and material things. It goes back to their sensual nature. Anything that feels lavish to the touch or beautiful to look at will please them no end. They love the finer things in life and they also appreciate surprises. It makes them feel valued.

And if you cater to the love of your Taurus guy’s life he’ll know that you are the one that really understands him. So, if he’s a wine buff, treat him to a tour of French vineyard. Or, if he loves clothes why not take him to Savile Row for a tailored fitting?

10. Learn to flirt

Most of us know how to flirt, but do you know how to flirt successfully with a Taurus guy? Remember that Taureans are all about the senses. So a delicate touch on his knee or arm here and there goes a long way.

You can draw attention to yourself by playing with your hair or twiddling with a necklace or swizzle stick in your drink. Make sure you make eye contact with him while you are doing it. Not for too long though. You don’t want to come across as a serial killer.

11. Create a routine

Taurus men love structure and habits. Create your own routine with him and he’ll feel settled and that you’re already part of his life. For example, always send him a goodnight text before you go to sleep.

Or a good morning one when you wake up. Taurus guys are habit-forming so they’ll miss this routine if it doesn’t happen. They will worry if you don’t keep to the routine.

12. Be affectionate around him

Be affectionate around him

I’d said that the Taurus male is a sensual beast but let’s not forget that this guy is also incredibly affectionate too. Any kind of touch, stroke, or whisper in the ear will set him off into spasms of delight. 

And if he sees you being affectionate with your friends he’ll long for a relationship with you. He’ll know that he'll receive the same kind of treatment when he’s with you. If you want to make a Taurus man weak at the knees then just give him lots of cuddles and sweet kisses.

13. Get him moving

Your average Taurus man loves to settle into his favorite chair and watch sports all day. Having said that he is immensely attracted to energetic women. Sure, he’ll grumble like a grumpy bear as you drag him out of his comfort zone, but once he’s in the fresh air he’ll thank you for it. 

There are tricks to get this beast moving. You can appeal to his macho side and play the helpless female by asking him for help with a task you cannot do yourself. Or promise him a treat as a reward for finishing a chore. Just make sure you get him up and moving. Otherwise, someone else will.

14. Don’t lose patience

The Taurus man doesn’t do anything quickly. Think about trying to move that stubborn bull when its heels are dug in. You won’t have a chance to shift it. 

So, if you are seriously thinking ‘I love a Taurus man’ but you are not getting any signs back that he even likes you, try and be patient. Don’t forget, you can let him know you are interested in using any of the above ways. Just make sure you give him enough time to react. 


So there you have it. It’s certainly a delicate balance of whether it’s best to chase a Taurus man or not. I do hope you enjoyed reading my take on the subject. Please let me know what you thought in the comments section and feel free to share this article if you liked it.

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