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Dating A Politician: 18 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Entering The Political World

I always found that there are two types of people in this world: those that are interested in politics and everyone else. But whether you know the name of your congressman or not, the issue is, should you date a politician?

What is it like being in a relationship with a politician? Do you have to drop everything to adapt to their busy schedules? You might have already formed an opinion of politicians. Your opinion may be colored by your personal views of your town’s candidate. 

Perhaps you think all politicians are out for themselves and cannot be trusted.

As with all relationships, there are advantages and disadvantages to dating a politician. 

Dating A Politician: 18 Reasons For And Against

1. Politicians are passionate

politicians are passionate

People become politicians because they feel strongly about certain issues. They feel passionate about the lives of people in their community and country. They have fire in their bellies and they want to have a positive impact. 

You can bet that this passion doesn’t end when they step out of the meeting room and into the bedroom. Passionate people like to learn everything about their subject. So if they are in a relationship with you, then they will try and find exciting and novel ways to please you. 

2. Power and confidence is sexy

Years ago I ran into a politician that I didn’t like in my local supermarket. He was canvassing for votes, however, I always voted for his opponent. 

But when he looked at me there was this aura of confidence and power that just blew me away. It was as if he was a movie star. In reality, he was an ordinary-looking guy, with a bald head and a paunch. But my goodness, there was something about him. 

3. They have a good education

I don’t know about you, but as a woman, I always prefer to be in a relationship where the man challenges me intellectually. I like to be around intelligent people who are stimulating and make me think about the bigger picture.

Politicians have to be educated by the very nature of their job. There is complicated legislation to learn and current affairs to keep abreast of. So if you like the intellectual type, date a politician.

4. Good manners come as standard

Do you ever wish you were dating a guy with impeccable table manners? One that felt comfortable choosing from the wine list? A guy that didn’t balk at a French menu? One that didn’t click his fingers to summon the waiter for the bill? 

How about a man that impressed your parents? A guy that your father approved of on day one? Ladies (and gentlemen) relax in the company and the knowledge that politicians know their Chablis from shabby behavior.

5. You’ll have the opportunity to travel

So your politician has an important meeting in Paris next weekend and they have asked if you if your schedule is free. Damn right! They might not be able to put you on the trip’s expenses but you’ll definitely get the chance to travel more.

You’ll enjoy a better class of travel as well. I’m not suggesting you will be flying in Air Force One or accompanying the President in the 'Beast’, but first-class travel isn’t out of the question. I would advise you to keep an overnight bag packed and ready just in case. 

6. Diplomacy is second-nature

diplomacy is second nature

During their work, politicians meet with people who come from all walks of life. From the humble worker to CEOs of multinational companies. They have to know how to negotiate and mediate a situation. As such, politicians tend to be tactful, polite and can use discretion when needed. 

They rely on their instincts to read a room and people’s moods. Politicians have to be diplomatic. It is a job requirement, part of being civil towards other candidates, ambassadors, even the supporters who did not vote for them. 

7. It is easy to find out about them

Politicians gain reputations in certain areas of their behavior. They might be known for their calm demeanor under pressure. Or their strength may lie in their oratory skills. Nowadays, everything is captured on social media. 

You can find out almost anything you want to know about a person by searching for them. You’ll soon find out if they are single, where they live, what they like, where they hang out. Not that I am suggesting you stalk them. But there are advantages to being a public figure. Accessing information is much easier. 

8. They are charismatic

One of the first things a politician learns to do is charm his or her audience. This means they pay attention to how they dress, how they conduct themselves, and how they greet you. 

Politicians know they have around 5 seconds to make you like them or they’ve lost your vote. If they don’t have natural charisma they learn how to turn on the charm. Sometimes it is just nice being around a person that everyone likes. 

9. You’ll never run out of things to talk about

Politicians have to be able to schmooze the small stuff, listen effectively, answer difficult questions and articulate the big topics. It doesn’t matter whether it is a question of whether there should be a Sex in the City 3 or defunding the police. They will have an opinion on everything. 

In effect, they are great communicators. More to the point, they know when to be serious and when to switch off. They can engage in conversation on a range of topics and are always up to date on current affairs. 

10. They make life-changing decisions

I know politicians are not doctors or nurses or surgeons, but they do have important roles in society. It doesn’t matter whether they serve as Mayor in a local town or State Government.

The decisions they make affect people’s lives. Politicians control the justice system, the military, the environment, the Federal Reserve. These are very important people.

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11. You’ll meet lots of exciting new people

you'll meet lots of exciting new people

If you are dating a politician and traveling the country with him or her, then chances are you’ll be meeting and greeting officials and supporters. This allows you the opportunity to do some networking of your own. 

By the nature of the job, politicians have to spend time with all kinds of different people. From legislators to company owners. Why not spend this time cultivating contacts as you travel? It could give your career a boost by connecting you with the right people.

12. Dating a politician raises your profile

When you are dating a politician you automatically latch onto their social media profile. The paparazzi snapping away at galas and parties will want to know your name and your relationship status.

You’ll find yourself in the media spotlight. So, if you like the limelight and being treated like a celebrity, dating a politician has its perks. 

13. You won’t be their first priority

Career is everything to a politician. Actually, scrap that. What I mean is – their career is everything, not your career, or you for that matter. 

Let’s imagine you have got a big promotion at work that means you are now the first, young, black female CEO running the company. The company is so impressed with you that they want you to head up a new office on the west coast. 

Do you think your politician boyfriend is going to drop his ambitions and move with you? His ambition is bigger than your romance. 

14. Politicians have a reputation for cheating

We hear so many sordid stories of the politician cheating on his girlfriend or his wife it has become the norm. Even the highest office in the United States is not immune to this sort of behavior.

Perhaps there are too many tempting opportunities for politicians. Too many young and eager interns in every town that are wowed by the charm and power. Whatever it is, you have to admit, politicians do have a bad rep for playing around. 

15. There might be restrictions on your life

Now that the spotlight has fallen on your relationship, everything you do will be under scrutiny from the court of public opinion. From what you wear, to the things you buy to where you frequent. 

You can say goodbye to the part-time gig as a dominatrix working in that bondage club. You are going to have to live a much more vanilla lifestyle now people are watching you. 

16. Politicians are always busy

politicians are always busy

You might get frustrated with your politician because he is never home. You can never seem to get your schedules to work out. When he is home he is always busy drafting some new bill or whatnot for the town council meeting. He doesn’t seem to have time for you or the relationship. This isn’t what you signed up for. 

Sure, in the beginning, it was fun and exciting to be involved with someone so important. But after a while, the text that says yet another meeting is running late and he can’t make it to dinner is just frustrating.

17. Your political opinions may not match

You may really like the person but hate their point of view. So what do you do? If that person has held their political views for many years it is unlikely that you will change their minds.

If there are areas that both of you agree on then focus on those. However, if you are diametrically opposed to fundamental issues, such as social, environmental, or race, then I would seriously consider whether dating this politician is a good idea. 

18. They are attention-seeking and needy

Not all politicians go into government or local office for the right reasons. Some politicians are narcissists with huge egos. They have a selfish character. Their aims are purely self-serving. It could be acquiring wealth, power, or status. Or they could love reveling in the spotlight. What it will not be is serving the public interest. 

Of course, you may think this rich, influential lifestyle is just what you’ve always aspired to. But men like this want the best of everything. That includes women. So when you are past your sell-by date you will also be replaced. 


How do you ask a date about politics?

Don’t jump straight in on the first date and interrogate your date. Build up a rapport over a few dates, then bring up a newsy subject that opens up political dialogue. If your date has very different opinions to you, don’t jump to conclusions. 

People are not black and white in their ideologies. Be curious, not argumentative. 

What makes a person a politician?

A politician is someone elected (or seeking election) into public office to serve the country and the good of the people. Politicians identify with a particular political party. Politicians can start their career at local levels, by running for the mayor’s office, all the way up to the Whitehouse. 

How do you date a person?

You can use dating apps if you don’t feel confident approaching people in real life. Or ask friends and family to introduce you to potential dates. Once on the date, be courteous and polite, think of topics to talk about, and be sure to listen to your date’s answers. 

How do you decide to date someone or not?

You will usually have a gut feeling if you want to continue seeing someone or not. But if you are not sure, think about when you are not with the person. Do you miss them or think about them at all? 

Do you get excited when you receive a text from them? Are you looking forward to your next date with them? Your answers to these questions should make your decision clearer. 

How long should you talk before you date?

That is entirely up to you and your date. But a word of warning, don’t leave it too late before you meet in real life. There is a danger that you can project an unrealistic image of what you want this person to be like if you talk for too long. So by all means chat and get to know one another for a couple of weeks, but don’t put off the meeting. 

To Conclude

There are advantages and disadvantages to dating a politician. Usually, in the dating world, it all depends on the person. You will have to weigh up the type of person they are and how they fit into your life. Only then can you decide whether you should date a politician or not. 

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