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Bumble vs. Tinder – Which Is Your Best Bet in 2023?

At A Glance

Bumble is a revolutionary app founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd—the principal co-founder of Tinder. The app uses the same swiping principle as Tinder but focuses on keeping the women in the driver’s seat. This app gives women the chance to make the first move, hence seen as a women-friendly app. Since its launch in 2014, the app has gained more than 12.5 million members.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps. The app has managed to pull a massive user pool and bagging millions of users. Since 2012, when it was founded, Tinder has been the reason for many relationships across the world. The site allows users to find lovers, friendship, marriage partners, and eternal love. It is currently available in over 190 countries and incorporates over 34 languages. The site welcomes all singes from all ages looking for hookups and casual dating.

How to Choose a Dating Site

Choosing a dating site can either be straightforward or a total challenge and frustration. Why?

Because you are either looking to use a free or paid dating site. Well, that means your search will narrow down to either side. But what if you find three or four good dating sites that meet your needs?

This is where it gets tricky, and the same reason you need to read this article. Whether you are looking for a marriage partner, a one-night stand, or a partner for a long-term relationship, there are millions of dating sites that offer you precisely that. But how do you tell which one is safe, user-friendly, and match oriented?

Firstly, you have to identify what you really want from the dating site. The next step is establishing whether the site has all that you are looking for. Once you have all that figured out, it is time to compare and contrast the sites.

I had the chance to compare some of the world's largest dating sites, plus a fascinating fact that they were founded by one person. Isn't that interesting? Very!

Bumble focuses on women. Therefore, if you are a heterosexual male looking to join this site, you have to come to terms with the fact that you cannot initiate the first contact but wait until a lady makes a move. So if you have great icebreakers and excellent pick-up lines in your arsenal, you may not get the chance to use them. Another crucial point to take home is that women only have 24 hours to initiate contact once a man shows interest, so if a woman you liked doesn't send you a message within 24 hours, then the match is lost.

The search criteria for this site is rather basic, with very limited information about your matches. If you are searching for a site with individual principles like "a 33-year old female brunette, with two kids”, try that somewhere else. Well, the only way out with Bumble, particularly for males, is to ensure that you are incredibly handsome—your picture will do the matching for you—and then have some little patience. It feels rather significant to be pursued than being the pursuer every time, and Bumble makes this possible.

Tinder, on the other hand, is for singles interested in casual dating. In fact, you can find any type of relationship you want here. The app is usually crowded with millions of people logging in every day. In most cases, Tinder is the majority's favorite. It is also easy to use, and any 45year old can operate. You can choose to either stay on a free package or pay the Tinder gold.

The majority of users live in urban areas. So, if you do not live around a large city, finding your match may take longer. There is also a restriction for free members. You are only allowed to swipe right on 100 profiles a day. The payments on Tinder are also age-based. Thus, if you are past 35 years, you may need to dig deeper into your pockets. For instance, millennials below 30 years will pay $9 while seniors aged above 30 pay $19 or more for better perks.


One of the most critical things to check before signing up on a dating site is its availability. Of course, the site must be available in your country and area, but if you are a travel enthusiast, it may get tricky. You may also wish to use the sites in the countries you travel to and find dates there instead. This is because the location dramatically affects your chances of getting a date. Like I already mentioned, the vast majority of Tinder members reside near or in big cities. You don’t want to set up a meeting with someone who is 1000 miles away while you can find one in the next neighborhood.

Bumble serves almost all western countries and currently boasts over 55 million users since its launch in 2014. Its main areas of service include the United Kingdom, Australia, United States, and Canada. Tinder is a popular site, is available in over 190 countries and in 34 languages. That means that there are plenty of matches just waiting to be found.  If you enjoy traveling, Tinder might just be the dating site for you.

And needless to say, Tinder takes the trophy.

Website Availability Link
Bumble Over 20 countries Read review
Tinder Over 190 countries Read review

Winner: Tinder


When it comes to popularity, it all boils down to the number of countries the site covers. Popular sites like Tinder tend to cover many countries. Tinder is extremely popular. It receives more than 50 million visits per month. Well, the figure is just an estimate, because many researchers claim that it could be more than that. Bumble is also quite popular.  The site has about 11,000 users weekly and receives over 900,000 visits per month worldwide. Not so bad for a 5-year-old site.

Despite the fact that this app puts women in control, the number of men and women remains surprisingly equal. That is to mean that this "women being in control" doesn't affect the number of visits or the membership.  It is believed that the site’s main agenda is most probably to hook up women and men looking for casual hookups and dates. Tinder, on the other hand, allows any type of relationship, and there is really not much about who contacts who.  And due to its broad coverage and freedom, the site sweeps most users, and that's how it grows popular.

So, there isn’t much choice as far as Bumble and Tinder’s popularity is concerned. Tinder is way too popular than its sister Bumble.

Tinder takes the trophy once again!

Website Visits/month Link
Bumble 900,000 Read review
Tinder 50 million Read review

Winner: Tinder

Sign-up Process

 The sign-up process matters most as it determines how secure your data is on these sites. A rigorous and strenuous sign-up process indicates privacy and a high level of security. However, that doesn’t mean that sites with a smooth and comfortable sign up process aren't safe. In fact, most of the substantial popular sites have a very straightforward process to allow both young and older generations to access and use the apps comfortably.

For instance, Tinder has very smooth signup the process due to its broad coverage. You don't have to waste your precious time verifying every step you make. It is very safe to note that you cannot use more than 20 minutes signing up on Tinder irrespective of the service you use. Twenty minutes is for the slowest person ever. 

Both apps allow or require you to sign up using Facebook. Initially, Bumble only allowed members to sign up using Facebook, but after receiving too many complaints from frustrated 'would be' members, the company decided to make the Facebook sign up a choice. When you sign up with Facebook, you literally do not need to provide any further information as the site automatically picks all the details from Facebook.

Both sites do not request too much information, and you can trust that your data is safe when you sign up with them.

While both sites seem to be fast when signing in, I am tempted to announce it as a tie, but in truth, Tinder is faster, smooth, and easy to navigate through.

So, Tinder takes the lead the third round in a row. This isn’t good news for the little sister Bumble.

Website Sign-Up Process Link
Bumble 15 minutes Read review
Tinder 10-15 minutes Read review

Winner: Tinder


 Another crucial detail to focus on when choosing a dating site is the features that each app offers. One important tip to remember and always keep in mind is that older sites are most likely to have poor features than newer apps regardless of the updates.

New apps come in customizable styles and are always equipped with the latest tech. There isn’t much difference when it comes to what Tinder and Bumble showcase since they were both founded by the same person. But there are several distinct features that separate the two.

Bumble seems to look more vibrant, while Tinder offers quality only to the deserved—premium users get premium services, including great features to help them find a perfect match. Well, it can be annoying to use an app that restricts almost everything and keeps requesting you to upgrade to premium. Nevertheless, the features are there.

With Bumble, sending messages to other people is free for all. However, users are only given suggested matches based on their preferences. There is no search option, but there exists a chatroom.

No matter how much I want to announce Bumble as the winner, the statistics are still not on its side. Tinder has better features, whether free or paid. They just do exist and are better compared to Bumble.

Tinder still keeps it 4:0

Website Features Link
Bumble  A limited number of features  Read review
Tinder Wide variety of features Read review

Winner: Tinder

Quality of Matches

Well, well well… finally, some light at the end of the tunnel for Bumble! It's not a 4:0 anymore!

When we come to the quality of matches, there isn't too much argument about it. Quality matches are only on Bumble. That does not mean that members on Tinder are jokers or scammers. There are plenty of legit profiles looking for serious matches. It is the vast crowd that spoils all the fun. The younger batch on Tinder isn't serious on commitments. Very few are looking for serious relationships. When caught up with such matches, you are likely to get frustrated and wasted, particularly if you are searching for someone to settle down with. Not that there is anything wrong with one-night stands or good time relationships, but in truth, these aren’t the quality of matches we are talking about.

Due to its popularity and massive user pool, Tinder has many jokers who joined for the fun of it. It may take you some patience, time, energy, and sometimes resources to get a perfect match here. If you do not entertain strangers crowding your inbox with “hi” and “hello, “keep off this site altogether. 

Bumble, on the other end, is for mature individuals looking for hookups and relationships. Women initiate contact which means that she can only contact the people she is interested in and men can do nothing about it. These are the people who are willing to go the extra mile, meet, and get a thing going. If you are looking for long term commitment or marriage, Bumble is the site to go for

So, Bumble finally leads this time! Impressive.

Website Quality of Matches Link
Bumble Excellent Read review
Tinder Good Read review

Winner: Bumble

Aesthetics and Interface

Both Bumble and Tinder are apps. They both have easy to use interfaces and clean aesthetics, but Bumble seems a bit smoother to navigate, probably because it has fewer features. The responsiveness is excellent in both, and notifications are prompt. Tinder will send you a notification every time it finds a mutual match. Bumble will also send you suggestion matches every time there is someone who matches your references.

With Bumble, you can see other people’s profile pictures without having to pay, and all profile information is public by default except that profiles are poorly detailed, but they can be edited later. The site only requires gender, education, and occupation. This isn’t really enough information to help you make a solid decision but to know whether you are interested in a person or not. Unless the only thing you are interested most with is the looks.

Bumble seems to have too many “nays.” So, just like that, it loses the ball, and Tinder shines again.

Claps! Claps! for Tinder.

Website Aesthetics and Interface Link
Bumble Simple yet functional aesthetics Read review
Tinder Intuitive interface Read review

Winner: Tinder


Like many other dating sites, Bumble and Tinder aren’t entirely free—at least not when you want to get those premium services that will help you get your match much faster. These paid features are usually too captivating and irresistible. While both sites seem to be like-minded when it comes to business and pricing in particular.

Tinder plus requires you to pay $9.99 per month for young people below 30 years. The seniors pay a much higher fee of $19.99 per month. There is also a Gold plan membership package with additional perks that goes for $29 per month.

Bumble seems more expensive because they charge about $8.99/week and $24.99/month. If you pay more than three months subscription, the price is discounted.

With that said, Tinder is on the lead yet again

Bumble Subscription length Price/month Tinder Subscription length Price/month
Read review One month $9.95 Read review Two months $24.95
  Three months $27.95   Four months $49.99
  Six months $.54.95   Eight months $79.98

Winner: Tinder

Who Is It For? 

 Dating sites are meant to help singles find partners online.  Most dating sites allow all forms of relationships, while others stick to specific terms. Bumble is especially for women and men looking for commitments and long-term relationships with women taking the wheel. Bumble believes that for a woman to take the initiative to contact you, it is very easy to get things moving and out of the app. According to founders, about 60% of the total matches result in conversations.

Tinder, on the other end, is for those committed to nights full of fun, not necessarily with the same partner. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t serious matches on Tinder. The problem comes in when there are too many to choose from. Everyone can find love on Tinder. It all depends on an individual’s preference.

Since both apps offer the people what they’re looking for, there isn’t more to compare.  Well, it’s hard to decide who wins due to the mere fact that both apps satisfy their users.

Therefore, I would gladly give this one a tie.

Website Who Is It For Link
Bumble Straight men and women Read review
Tinder Straight men and women + LGBT/queer/asexual individuals  Read review

Winner:  tie

And The Winner Is…

Trophy or no trophy, we have a winner! …and the winner is (hurray) Tinder.

 This isn’t news for anyone who has been reading on and counting the marks. Tinder is popular. It is available in most countries, hence the multi diversity.

The app is easy to use and has many fantastic features. With Tinder, you can find virtually everything you want—and it doesn’t need to take long because there are huge crowds waiting to be the match.

Bumble is a great site too. It empowers women because the logic behind allowing women to make the first move ensures that they’re protected from receiving unwanted attention. However, women are not equipped with enough information to help them make reliable, educated decisions.

With the app’s limited user information, it is impossible to tell genuine members from the fake ones or trust what is on the profiles.

For males looking for long term relationship, the app may be of great help. However, you will need to be patient and wait for your matches to contact you.

But…if you are looking for an online dating site that allows both women and men to converse freely without limiting conditions and deadlines; Tinder is the answer.


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