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Why Do Guys Shake When They Get Turned On (5 Possible Reasons Why Your Man Shakes When Turned On)

There are different ways of communicating your feelings to your partner, and it is not limited to just speaking and listening. Most times, you need to pay more attention to what your man is saying with his body than his mouth, especially when it comes to your sex life.

Guys are easily aroused when they are with a girl they are intensely attracted to, and that arousal can range from an okay level to an amazing one. When you’ve been with a guy for a long time, you can easily tell when he is merely reacting to your nearness and when he wants your bodies to come together so badly.

When the sexual compatibility is high, the sexual experience will only get better every day, especially if both of you have a good communication system out of bed. If he understands every of your physical and emotional needs, satisfying you sexually will be the least of the problems you will have in the relationship.

In the same vein, if you get him outside the bedroom and can read almost all his moods, you will easily detect the slightest clue that he is aroused. Since most men enjoy sexual activities at any opportunity and even love a girl who can initiate them even more, knowing what makes your man tick sexually is a skill you should learn.

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Man Shakes When Turned On 

Whether your relationship is still new or not, when there is strong sexual chemistry between you and your partner, it can heighten the reactions of both of you in and out of the bedroom. 

A short smoldering look from you can set him on fire, but when your presence or touch makes your man shake, you know you’ve unlocked a whole new level of intimacy with him.

So, is it a bad thing for his body to start shaking when he is turned on? Is shaking in the middle of foreplay a good sign or a bad one? Read this article to the end to know the possible reasons for your man's shakes during arousal or lovemaking.

1. You arouse him beyond words

Being in a relationship with a man who is crazy about you can be very liberating, fun-filled, and fulfilling. Having him openly express his love and affection towards you gives you the kind of confidence that allows you to be fully expressive in return. 

This expressiveness will then be evident in every part of your lives; the way you speak to each other, the big and small unsolicited favors both of you do for each other, and even how attuned both of you are to each other’s arousal.

When your man finds you attractive, something as simple as perceiving your perfume can be a cue for him to want to get clothes off and get you into bed even faster. The moment you touch him, his body can start to shake, and his heartbeat can increase with the level of his arousal.

If that reaction is new in your sex life, there’s no cause for alarm. It doesn’t mean that he is about to go into cardiac arrest, it probably just means that he needs to achieve orgasm as quickly as possible.

Of course, a good man who cares about his girl will make sure she is pleased first, before reaching climax. Sometimes, he will be too far gone that he will reach the peak without you, but he will always take care of your needs. 

2. He is trying hard not to come

he is trying hard not to come

Another reason why your man might be shaking is that he is a man who loves to be in charge. As such, he will try to control his body for as long as possible during lovemaking. 

However, if you have so much power over him, you can make his body shake with oral sex. Not every man orgasms during blowjobs. So, if you make his legs quiver, you’re either a bombshell in bed or you’re the only one who rocks his world with the kind of intensity that makes his muscles flex, and his orgasm earth-shattering. 

Rather than take his shaking as a bad thing, you should be flattered that you can elicit that kind of response from him and make him lose control once in a while. You can be sure that he will always come back for more of that stunning experience.

3. His climax is going to be massive

Have you ever been in the throes of passion and your partner’s legs started shaking? It could mean only one thing, especially if penetration already started; he is going to have a mind-blowing climax. 

One of the ways to achieve such climaxes is when both of you take it torturously slow or include some kinky addition to spice things up. Kink, for example, takes both of you to a forbidden world you wouldn’t exist in on a normal day. 

The taboo or magnitude of the physical sensations is what tips both of you over the edge into multiple orgasms. And so, when you take charge in bed, and your man starts quivering with restraint, he is most likely heading towards the best climax of his life

4. He needs to pee

he needs to pee

Is it possible for your man to be aroused and be nervous? Yes, it is, but that might not be why he is jiggling his legs. If both of you have been together for a good while, you should be able to tell what he is feeling even from a distance.

If you notice him start shaking his legs even with an erection, it doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to jump your bones. As funny as it might sound, he is probably pressed to pee. If he rushed into the room with the intention to pee and sees you naked, his already engorged penis can increase in size at the sight of a familiar sexual trigger.

This reaction might be surprising if you’ve never seen him that way before. So, the next time he starts tapping his foot but has an erection, it could be a sign that he is uncomfortable and needs to relieve himself as soon as possible. 

5. Sex with you is good

If your partner’s legs continue to shake during every sexual activity, you should know you have it good. If he cannot wait to get home to please you, it means both of you have reached a sexual plane that exceeds the surface level.

 When you can inspire such a reaction in him time after time, he will not stop marveling at the kind of connection both of you share. There is a correlation between the way a man feels when he’s sexually connected to you and the way he feels in platonic situations. 

It’s similar to the way he feels after every satisfying meal. Although he has eaten his fill, the sense of deep satisfaction stays with him long after the meal is done. 

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Why do I randomly shake my body?

If you have random shakes, it could be that your nerves are on edge or your body is stiff and you need to loosen up. It could also be that you saw something that scared you, and aren’t sure what to do about it. If you’re anxious about something too, it might explain why you’re jiggling your body subconsciously.

Why do I shake in bed?

If the sex feels good, you might shake with desire. You could also be quivering because you’re trying a new sexual move or play. You might also shake if you are sleeping with the person for the first time and have performance anxiety.

Why does my body shake when I talk to someone I like?

When you shake in front of a guy you like, you’re probably nervous that he does not like you back. If he is a longtime friend, you will be scared of changing the easygoing tone of your friendship. You don’t want to lose his friendship because you’re attracted to him. So you keep your feelings a secret and fumble through your words nervously.

Why does my boyfriend shake in his sleep?

If your boyfriend is usually shaking in his sleep, he is probably having a nightmare or a wet dream. You can either shake him awake every time that happens or let him know in the morning. 

 In Conclusion 

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you make your man so turned to the extent that it makes him shake. That level of passion will always make him want to satisfy you in return. 

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