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What Does a Kiss on the Forehead Mean: 11 Possible Meanings

There are various methods of showing someone that you appreciate them. It could be as simple as a love note, a hand squeeze, or a wink. However, one thoughtful act of love, in particular, can simultaneously mean a lot and be confusing. That act is the forehead kiss.

Depending on the situation and the context, it can be almost condescending or heartwarming. This ambiguity makes it difficult to gauge when a forehead kiss means emotional connection or disdain. Fortunately, we are here to help you answer this particular question – "What does a kiss on the forehead mean?"

Different Ways of Kissing

People show caring and a deep connection towards their partners in romantic relationships in various ways. One of these is via kissing, which communicates deep affection. Before discussing the meanings behind a forehead kiss, we have to highlight the different ways of kissing. 

Shoulder Kiss

A shoulder kiss can be a great way to get into public displays without going over the top. All you have to do is simply kiss your partner on their shoulder. This gentle kiss can be a great way to spur romantic feelings.

Butterfly Kiss

You butterfly kiss when you flutter your eyelashes against your crush’s face or eyes. It makes them feel like they are getting kissed by a butterfly. While not an intimate kiss, it can be a cute way to forge a meaningful connection with your crush.

Body Kiss

body kiss

A body kiss speaks for itself. There are numerous places on the body that can react to a kiss; your earlobe, inner arm, chest, stomach, or neck. This is a very sensual way to consensually explore your partner or them, you. Think of this as one of the bedroom relationship hugs and kisses.

Earlobe Kiss

An earlobe kiss can be a great way to get your partner excited. You can begin your make-out session by nibbling or kissing their earlobes. This is because earlobes have a lot of nerve endings, making them extremely sensitive to touch. Gently tugging or sucking on an earlobe can really drive your crush crazy.

Hand Kiss

A hand kiss is simply taking someone's hand and kissing it. It might transport you back to when lords and ladies were everywhere, but it is extremely adorable. It can be a way to ease into a passionate and intimate kiss with your partner. All you have to do is travel up their arm till you reach your final destination; their lips.

Cheek Kiss

A cheek kiss can mean different things depending on the party involved. In various cultures worldwide, a kiss on the cheek can be a friendly way to greet someone you are meeting for the first time. It can also be a way to greet family members and friends. For partners, it can be a sweet and comfortable way to say hello—especially if you aren't a fan of public displays of affection.

Peck Kiss

Giving someone a peck means leaning in for a light yet simple kiss. This type of kiss might not be the most passionate, but it is still very intimate. Most times, your first kiss with your partner is a peck. While it is non sensual, it signals romantic interest and attraction without the fear of "doing too much."

Forehead Kiss

The forehead kiss is basically a simple kiss on the forehead, and it pales in comparison to the optics the French kiss gets, but it is extremely tender and adorable. It has the power to trigger emotions and is typically shared with someone special due to its caring and affectionate nature.

French Kiss

french kiss

The French kiss is perhaps the dark art of kissing. A great make-out session has the right amount of movement, tongue, and saliva. A French kiss does require a bit of practice to get right, so don’t be shy to try different techniques with your partner.

11 Meanings Behind the Forehead Kiss

Have you ever wondered, “what does forehead kiss mean?” Well, wonder no more with the 11 meanings behind your partner's forehead kiss.

1. He wants to be cute

This context is the opposite of #3, where he thinks you are cute. In this context, he wants you to think he is cute. Giving forehead kisses can be adorable, warm, and sweet, so chances are he is equally cute-looking when he gives you a romantic forehead kiss—at least, that's what goes on in his mind.

2. He wants to be tender

If we are being honest, even the best intending guys tend to lack in the compassion and affection department sometimes. So, when he plants a deep forehead kiss on your head, he is simply trying to express his tender emotions, meaning that you can feel safe with him. 

Nevertheless, the context can depend on how you respond—you could choose to flirt or simply be naughty, amping up the temperature and turning a sweet moment into one of unbridled and raw passion.

3. He thinks you are cute

When a guy thinks you are cute, he might sneak in a few forehead kisses. Pay attention to this context, as a guy could give you forehead kisses to show that he's into you or just wants to hook up. In this situation, silent communication has never been louder. You might find that he sneaks a couple of such kisses before diving in on your lips in a moment of passion.

4. He's offering to protect you

Protecting the woman in their life is a no-brainer for most guys, and forehead kissing is one of the ways to show it. So, sometimes, he might give you a romantic forehead kiss, simply to show protection. He could also give you a kiss on the forehead as a small gesture to express that he is there for you and will go to the ends of the earth for you.

5. He's trying to comfort you

Forehead kiss shows that he wants you to be calm and comforted when you are upset. In this context, forehead kissing can be a beautiful way for him to make you feel loved and calm you down. These kisses are extremely genuine, making them a great move for players. You might want to be on the watch for guys who only give you a kiss on the forehead when you are in distress.

6. It could be a cultural way of blessing you

it could be a cultural way of blessing you

It doesn't matter if it's your husband, friend, brother, or father; there are times when you get a kiss on your forehead as a blessing. So, it could be during a holiday, your birthday, or any other occasion. In this context, you can get a forehead kiss with no romantic feelings. Think of it as a great way for those in your life to make you feel special.

7. He wants a deeper connection

When a guy kisses you on the forehead, it might be that he wants a deeper connection with you. Sometimes this declaration can come in the shape of a forehead kiss. He makes a small gesture to let you know his emotions without grand gestures.

8. He respects you

You can get a kiss on the forehead from a guy when he has a genuine and deep respect for you. This is especially true for someone that has romantic feelings for you. That being said, this meaning can also come from a coworker, friend, brother, or father. With this context, a forehead kiss isn't a profession of love. It is simply a symbol of respect.

9. He loves you

For most guys, forehead kisses can be one of the most powerful yet simple ways to show genuine affection and love. If your crush or partner routinely gives you forehead kisses, particularly if he holds your head in his hands, then there is a serious chance that he loves you. This kiss is a sign of romantic feelings.

10. He sympathizes with you

A guy could give you a forehead kiss because he sympathizes with you. Typically, when a guy is genuinely sympathetic, he can give you a forehead kiss to show you that emotion. Such forehead kisses do not typically come with romantic feelings, as they can come from friends or family as well. The best thing to do is to consider the situation before jumping to conclusions.

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11. He cares about you

This is perhaps the simplest reason why he gives you a forehead kiss. He simply cares about you. Nevertheless, this might not be because of romantic feelings. A brother, uncle, dad, or even a friend can give you a forehead kiss in a non-sexual way.

Signs the Kiss Meant Something to Him

signs the kiss meant something to him

Here are 11 signs the kiss meant something to him:

  1. He took his time to enjoy the kiss
  2. It was gentle
  3. He reminisces about the kiss
  4. He wants to do it again
  5. He was nervous while kissing you
  6. He talks about how he feels
  7. He always wants to bond with you
  8. He feels emotionally secure
  9. He becomes confident
  10. He starts acting all caring
  11. Things feel different


What does it mean when your man kisses you on the forehead?

There are many meanings behind a kiss on the forehead. It could mean that he cares about you, loves you, wants your relationship to go deeper, wants to be tender, or more. Simply consider the context.

Are forehead kisses intimate?

A kiss on the forehead can be extremely intimate as they can convey a lot of meaning without any words. A forehead kiss can be tender to show emotional closeness; it can also spark intimacy.

Are forehead kisses special?

There are different types of forehead kisses, and while not every forehead kiss can be deemed special, some within the right context are special.


After reading all that, you should know that a forehead kiss can mean many things. It could be a player simply trying to manipulate your emotional feelings. A kiss on the forehead could also mean someone that cares deeply about you is trying to build emotional connections. 

To properly understand what it all means, you need to concentrate on the possible feelings involved and the context. While forehead kisses might have different meanings, they are linked with platonic feelings, appreciation, protection, and affection.

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