[Infographic] A Visual Timeline of Trump's Inappropriate History With Women

Trump is renowned for many things, including his inappropriate, often discriminative, and derogatory behavior towards women… a history that goes forward for over 40 years (although many would like to sweep it under the rug).

In our attempt to empower women (which is what we stand for at HerAspiration), though, we can’t let him get away with it; that’s why we decided to compile a visual timeline of all inappropriate things Trump has done to women over the past decades. Check it out below.

The early 1980s

We can’t say for sure when Trump’s history of inappropriate behavior towards women began, but the first complaints come from the early 80s when Jessica Leeds accused him of touching her breasts and putting his hands down her skirt. According to her declaration for the New York Times, Trump’s hands “were everywhere,” and she defines the act as a true sexual assault.


Only a few years later, in 1989, Trump allegedly raped his former wife, Ivana. The supposed reason was a botched scalp reduction surgery performed by a plastic surgeon recommended by Ivana herself. I’m not sure if Trump found it out in the meantime, but anger and a marriage certificate cannot excuse rape.

The early 1990s

As the decade switched from the 80s to the 90s, Trump shows he can be a true jerk once again. This time, it’s former model Kristin Anderson to accuse the future President that he slid his fingers under her skirt and underwear. Apparently, the gesture wasn’t a sexual one but rather a way Trump used to show his power over anyone and everyone.

In the same period, as his marriage with Ivana starts falling apart, he also begins an affair with model Marla Maples – no that it’s illegal or something, but it shows no respect whatsoever towards his soon-to-be ex-wife.


1992 comes with new surprises as far as Trump’s history of inappropriate behavior is concerned. His former business partner, Jill Harth, accused him of attempting to rape her in the children’s bedroom. In the same year, Trump also made inappropriate comments about a 10-year-old, claiming he’ll be dating her in 10 years.


We all know Trump is attracted by beautiful women, so there is no wonder why he couldn’t keep his hands off model Vendela Kirsebom at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in 1993. Kirsebom declared she felt so harassed that she asked to be moved to another seat.


While inappropriate approaches to adult women are by no means excusable, 1994 sees Trump interested in even younger ladies. During this year, he is accused of pedophilia (the rape of a 13-year old) and of telling some 14-year old girls singing Christmas carols in Manhattan that in a few years, he’ll be dating them.


We can’t tell for sure whether Trump’s history of inappropriate behavior towards younger women was real, but a year later, he changed his preference and started to target more mature women. Indeed, advice columnist E. Jean Carrol accused Trump of pinning her against a wall and shoving his penis inside her. Regardless of how you look at it, that’s rape once again.


There is no doubt that Trump likes to harass models; a thing confirmed in 1996 by various models as well as the year’s Miss Universe. While he was accused of calling Alicia Machado fat and ugly, other models accused him of looking under their skirts and assessing their genitalia. Now, that’s simply gross.


As the new year came, the future President actually declared with his renowned nonchalance that he’d walk into the dressing rooms of teen Miss Universe contestants just to “check-in if everybody’s okay.” And, obviously, to have some looks at the fresh flesh standing undressed in front of his eyes.


To be honest, 1998 is a much milder year compared to what Trump seems to have done throughout the decade, but he’s still accused of “apparently unwillingly” touching the breasts of yoga instructor Karena Virginia.


A flashback to 1997, in 2000, former Miss New Hampshire Bridget Sullivan accused Trump of walking in the dressing room while all contestants were naked. Nothing new here, but still incredibly annoying.


The same accusation came from former Miss Arizona, Tasha Dixon, in 2001. According to Dixon, Trump simply walked in during the competition’s dress rehearsal.


While Trump seems to have been interested in young girls all along, we wouldn’t have thought he could make inappropriate comments or show sexual interest in girls he had known for his entire life. Such as Paris Hilton. Indeed, Hilton was 12 at the time, but this didn’t stop Trump from saying that he found her to be “hot.”

Since a history with Hilton was impossible, Trump also focused his unwanted attention on other ladies too. Photography assistant Mindy McGillivray declared that Trump groped her at Mar-a-Lago, while Jennifer Murphy, former contestant at the Apprentice accused him of kissing her without consent.


In 2005, three other women accused Trump of kissing them without consent, and one of them even declared he attempted to rape her. They are Rachel Crooks, former receptionist at the Trump Tower, Natasha Stoynoff, reporter for People Magazine, and Juliet Huddy, former Fox News anchor.


During the entire 2006, several women accused Trump of inappropriate behavior, from sex assaults to simple comments and denigration. For instance, Jessica Drake (adult film actress) and Ninni Laaksonen (former Miss Finland), respectively, accused Trump of sexual assault.

Stormy Daniels, another adult film actress, confessed of having received monetary compensation from Trump to keep quiet about them having had sex.

Former Miss North Carolina Samantha Holvey accused Trump of inspecting contestants as they were simply “pieces of meat.”


Since Trump’s political career was not yet under the radar, 2007 came with more hostile and inappropriate behavior towards women. Summer Zervos, a former contestant on the Apprentice, accused him of grabbing her breasts, buttocks, and touching her all over.


In 2013, Cassandra Searles, former Miss Washington, declared that Trump used to see all Miss Universe contestants as his property and described him as a misogynist.


It seems that Trump’s inappropriate behavior towards women didn’t come at a halt, not even during the presidential campaign. Indeed, Alva Johnson, one of his staff members, accused him of kissing her without consent.

Wrapping It All Up

Trump has been renowned for his inappropriate, sexist behavior towards women for decades. Things are calmer now that he’s a president, but we really don’t believe that anything changed and we’re sure his true character will resurface sooner or later.

So, what do you think? Is Trump’s behavior inappropriate and discriminative, or do you believe all these women made things up so they can gain 5 minutes of fame?

Do you stand with us and think we should spread the word about what he’s done?

Tell me in a comment below; I’d love to hear from you.

And if you agree that Trump treats women as property and shows no respect towards them, share this article with your friends. They should know too.

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