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Is Taurus Man - Aries Woman Compatible In Love? (11 Amusing Signs)

Are you an Aries woman dating a Taurus man and you want to know how compatible you are? Perhaps you’ve been dating for a while and you’d like to know whether this relationship has long-term potential? Or maybe you’ve noticed some major differences and you’re wondering if you should call it a day?

Don’t make any decisions why just yet. Before I examine the relationship between Taurus man and Aries woman, let’s look at the two Zodiac signs in more detail.

At first glance, this pair looks like polar opposites. And you’d be right.


  • Symbol the Bull
  • Earth, Fixed, Negative sign
  • Ruling planet – Venus
  • Ruled by feminine Night Forces


  • Symbol the Ram
  • Fire, Cardinal, Positive sign
  • Ruling planet Mars
  • Ruled by masculine Day Forces

Sure, these two signs both have horns and are renowned for digging in their heels. But there are big differences.

Aries And Taurus Differences


Aries are determined, impulsive, and aggressive and tend to be natural leaders. They are spontaneous and loud and like to move quickly. They want fast results and they want them right now. They are always moving onto the next big thing.


Taurus are stubborn, reserved, and practical. They like to take their time to ponder the next course of action. They desire stability and crave security. They prefer the sure thing to the next thing and want to rest, rather than move on.

But all is not lost. We know that in some cases opposites attract. In addition, it can be good to partner up with someone that has the characteristics you lack yourself. The yin to your yang so to speak.

Taurus Man And Aries Woman Partnership

In fact, if you look at the partnership of Taurus man and Aries woman in this way you can see that they can complement each other really well. The tolerant Taurean male can understand the fiery antics of his Aries woman. Moreover, it may do this sign good to learn how to relax the way Taurus does so easily.

Another way these two zodiac signs will get on is that Taurus craves financial security and Aries has the drive to make that happen. This is possibly the reason why he was attracted to her in the first place. He admires her fierce determination and energy.

Aries women, on the other hand, respect the grounded nature of Taurus men. She feels drawn to his dependable nature. He is her safe anchor, her rock from which she can sail away but always return to.

Aries is the leader, the discoverer of new ideas, the innovator, and the inspiration. Once Aries has shown the way Taurus can then enter the picture and build on Aries’ ideas. Taurus turns the concept into a reality. In this case, Aries and Taurus make the perfect couple.

But remember, we are talking about Aries women and Taurus men. Can the masculine Taurean allow his Aries woman off into the world to take the lead? Won’t that damage his male ego? Aries is a fire sign don’t forget and Taurus belongs to the earth.

Earth signs can easily dampen the fire and smother their vitality. Or, in the right balance, the earth can control the immense strength of fire, increasing its power.

Now let’s move onto the love conundrum that is Taurus man and Aries woman.

Taurus Man Aries Woman On Love

Taurus Man Aries Woman On Love

Aries women are used to getting their own way, that’s until they meet a Taurus man. Usually, an Aries woman will thunder past guys, pushing them out of her way, tossing them aside like worthless trinkets.

Then along comes Taurus. He’s the first man to stand his ground. This guy has ‘stubborn’ tattooed across his broad chest. He doesn’t move for anyone.

But there’s something about this fiery whirlwind that intrigues him. So he softens towards her and she stops what she’s doing for one second and notices him. She asks him for a date (Aries woman always does the asking) and he accepts.

So, are they compatible? Well, they may be, but there are certainly differences. Let’s see how an Aries woman and her Taurus man are likely to get on in a love relationship.

Are Taurus and Aries Compatible? 

1. Communication

Aries is a Fire sign and communicates as such. Aries women, in particular, are passionate and will erupt and blaze with fury. On the other hand, the steady Earth sign Taurus will remain cool and calm for a long time. But consider the seismic force of earthquakes. When the bull finally rages not even fire can hold him back.

Taurus will be patient with his fiery girl because he can see both sides of any argument. He knows there is common ground to be had. And he’ll wait for his woman to calm down so that he can explain it to her.

2. Emotions

These women wear their emotions on their sleeves. They don’t play mind games and you never have to guess what they’re thinking. With Taurus, it’s a different matter. These guys think that because they are with you that you should already know they love you. Their love is subtle, grounded, shy almost.

Because of this when they do show affection it is even more pronounced. Like an unexpected hand slipping into yours walking down the street. Or a kiss in the kitchen for no reason. Don’t get me wrong, Taureans love deeply, they just don’t go in for PDAs.

3. Finances

This is one area where the compatibility of Aries and Taurus might be tested. You see, Taurus craves stability, but Aries is extravagant. Aries women will see Taurus as stingy with money, especially if she’s the breadwinner.

There are other problems with finances in this relationship. Aries are generous with their money. They give it away as quickly as they spend it. This horrifies the financially stable Taurus man. They can get over this hurdle if they can agree to put some money away in savings so that they are both secure for the future.

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4. Shared interests

Fire is always moving and earth seldom does. You could say the same about these two-star signs. Aries is always on the go and all Taurus wants to do is rest up for a while. So how do these two opposites meet in the middle and learn to love each other?

Aries has to learn that Taurus can only take so much nagging to do stuff. Whereas Taurus needs to know that eventually, Aries will become bored with someone who constantly says no to their plans.

Both these Zodiac signs love nature so Aries women can use a walk in the woods or a trip to the beach to encourage her Taurus man out of the house.

5. Intimacy

When exploring Taurus male and Aries woman compatibility we need to look at intimacy. At first, these two signs will be instantly attracted to each other. For Taurus, the fire of Aries will draw him like a moth. Aries will delight in the sensual lovemaking of the Taurean male. She will want to try new things but he may want to stick to what’s produced results before.

Taurus will be puzzled and lose confidence in his ability to please his woman. Aries woman might wonder what happened to her sensual male of a few months ago. Taurus wants to keep to what he knows and Aries wants to experiment.

These women need to remember that their Taurean men will eventually understand the problem. He just needs time and the knowledge that it’s no reflection on his performance.

6. Where they click

There certainly are challenges for this couple, but in some areas, they are a great match.

7. Independent female

The Aries female is an independent, brave, go-getter type of woman. She doesn’t need a man to make her feel whole. She is not attracted to weak men. If anything, she wants a strong man that is her equal, both intellectually and financially. 

8. Home-loving male

Taurus man is a homebody who loves security and respects strong women. He is perfectly happy taking a secondary role in the relationship. In fact, he is also attracted to someone that matches his intelligence.

9. Adventurous love-making

Adventurous love-making

I’ve said before that this couple may struggle in the bedroom. However, their love compatibility will improve if the Taurus man is the type that likes his women to take the lead in bed. If they trust one another and communicate well in other areas of the relationship this shouldn't be a problem. 

10. Encouraging partner

When a Taurus man and an Aries woman love one another it can be the perfect relationship. Aries provides the inspiration for Taurus to get off the couch and start moving. This woman teaches Taurus man there’s a wider world out there to be explored and discovered. 

11. Provides security 

On the other hand, Taurus provides the safety net for Aries. He gives her the security, but also the freedom to travel and explore these new worlds and ventures. He is her modern man but also her rock. 

Together they learn from each other. They are polar opposites but they also complement each other. That’s only if they are willing to learn.  


I hope you enjoyed reading my take on Taurus man and Aries woman. Please let me know by commenting.

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