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Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You: 24 Signs

Assumption is the mother of errors, and this applies to different situations. When someone doesn’t confirm or reject a perceived notion, the other person has no choice but to interpret the silence however they want it. 

In relationships, when a man likes and pursues a woman without asking her out directly, the woman can assume different things. 

Firstly, she can assume he is creepy, especially if she doesn’t like him. Secondly, she can take his pursuit as a welcome development because she is attracted to him too. The third reaction that an assumption inspires is confusion. When you combine confusion with an assumption, a series of bad decisions tend to follow. 

You would think that when a man likes you, he will approach you to ask you out. However, most men believe that women like to play hard to get. As such, they treat the attraction as a game. 

Even if you’d prefer that a man speaks plainly to you about his romantic interests, you might discover that he’d rather do the game of pursuit because it seems more fun and effective. It also appeals to men’s egos when they feel like they’ve worked hard for the benefits they enjoy. Getting the girl of their dreams is one of those benefits they like to work hard to get. 

Do you think your friend of a few months or years likes you romantically? Are you trying to see if a guy is pursuing you romantically, but you aren’t sure? Below are some signs to assure you that a guy is indeed interested in you beyond friendship.

24 Signs That A Man Is Pursuing You

1. He pays you nice compliments a lot

Showing interest in a girl they like is one of the easiest things for some men, especially the bold ones. If a guy likes you, he will say all the right words to get you to notice him. He will pay you nice compliments, and help in difficult situations without you feeling judged. 

It is hard for men to find attractive women they want to stick with for a long time. As such, when he sees more than beauty in you, he wants you to know it every second he spends with you.

2. He mistakenly makes body contact a lot

If a man is interested in having a relationship with you, he will use his body language to tell you. One of the signs that he wants you on a romantic level includes making conversation for an unnecessarily long time, making prolonged eye contact, touching you at every opportunity, and offering his hands to help you enter and exit vehicles.

Most men would do these things because they possess polite manners, yet these are still signs that a man is pursuing you. While you cannot base your assumptions only on his body language, you can make it one of the signs.

3. He treats you like you’re the most precious thing

he treats you like you're the most precious thing

Most sensitive guys know when they’ve met a rare woman because they automatically treat her differently. If he has had mostly bad luck with relationships so far, he will understand that he cannot mess up this particular relationship.

Even if you are his exact opposite, a man who likes you will value your differences. He will see you as unique and do everything to make you feel precious. He will handle your interests in a positive way that makes your ugly past experiences forgotten in a short while of being with him.

4. He is very generous towards you

Most guys think once they throw money at a girl, she will say yes to their proposition. In some cases, that is true. However, in most cases where a woman is aware that her worth is beyond what money can buy, such guys fail.

If he gives you random gifts not because he wants to buy your attention, that’s his subtle way of saying you’re the right person for him. Even though generosity is just one sign of his desire, it is still a clear sign that a man is pursuing you.

5. He is always fully present during each conversation

One of the things that make relationships easy to sustain is good communication. If you cannot constantly have an engaging conversation with the person you care about, most conversations will fall flat.

When you don’t need to organize a specific date to have sensible conversations with this guy, it means he is pursuing you on a romantic level. If you can stop talking to him for a while and still pick up the easy communication from where it left off, you might find yourself in a relationship with him soon.

6. He relaxes his guard around you

he relaxes his guard around you

One of the signs that a man is pursuing you is when most people imagine him to be aloof because he is never relaxed around them. If in real life he shows interest in you by letting his guard down, it means he likes you. 

Most times, such guys keep their guards up because they want to avoid unnecessary drama, especially from women. As such, when a normally guarded man lets himself smile, laugh, and play around you, he is saying without words that he likes you.

7. He is a bit nervous in your presence

People shy away from the things or people who interest them when they feel those things/people are unattainable. If a guy thinks you’re out of his league, he will act nervous around you. Instead of pursuing you openly, he will adopt a calmer approach to dating you.

A strong interest in you will inspire him to become more outspoken around you, even if he fumbles with his words and mannerisms in the beginning. If you like him too, you can give him a nudge in the right direction. 

8. He insists he is not currently interested in any girl

A guy can show his interest in you by sharing too much information such as his relationship status. For example, he will let you know he wouldn’t pursue women for some months because he wants to focus on other aspects of his life.

However, this statement will contradict his actions towards you. He will seek you out despite vowing against dating anyone. You’ll eventually realize that was his way of saying he’s only interested in you.

9. He smiles with you more than with anyone else

Something as simple as a smile between the opposite sexes engages the brain to see the attraction. A woman’s smile is a good sign that she likes a man, but the same woman can interpret a man’s smile in different ways.

One of the ways to know that his smile suggests interest in only you is when he smiles brighter and more openly only around you. If he clams up around other people but smiles openly with you, he’s very interested in you.

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10. He bluntly asks you out

he bluntly asks you out

Sometimes, you don’t need to look for too many signs before you know a man is pursuing you. If he is sure you’re the woman he wants, the man will approach you and tell you. How clearer can a man’s interest be if he walks up to you and asks you out on a date?

Instead of looking for more hidden signs, his blunt proposal should be enough to tell you he wants you. Whether or not you accept his proposition depends on how deep you think his attraction is, and whether you return his affection. 

11. It’s obvious he respects you

One of the things a man finds attractive in a woman is something he respects her for. That thing could be your work ethic or devotion to your dreams. If he shares the same values, he classifies you as a unicorn he should keep.

He will let you know through his words and actions that he respects you, even if he doesn’t say he likes you romantically. At the right time, such a man will express his romantic interests. 

12. He hasn’t dated any girl since you met him

If you’ve been friends with a guy for a while, and his relationship status is still single, that might be a sign. If his single status started not long after he met you, you might need to check for other signs to support your assumption that he likes you.

If when you ask him about his love life, and he says he’s not ready, check if he’s gay or just truly not ready to date again.

13. He spends so much time with you

One of the very early signs that most men interested in a girl portray is spending time with her. If he can’t stay away from you for more than a few days, he wants you. Yes, this level of quality hangouts exists between close friends, but it might suggest a deeper level of attraction. 

You’ll notice other things he’ll do which will clarify your assumptions about his interests in you.

14. He makes remarks only a boyfriend should make

There are some things that only your boyfriend should do or say because you’ve given each other the liberty to do so. When an ordinary friend starts doing or saying such things, it can send mixed signals that can either cause awkwardness or change the dynamic of the friendship. 

For example, if he likes to take control of certain situations in your life, such as paying your monthly rent. While a friend can do this, it suggests a strong bond that should only exist between two people in love. 

15. You know his future plans

A man is pursuing you if he tells you his plans. One of the top signs that a man wants you now and forever is when he shows you his business plans, maps out his short and long-term goals, and suggests strongly that he wants you included in his personal goals.

When he makes it seem like you’ll be involved in future events in his life, there’s no doubt what he thinks of you. He doesn’t only see you as a keeper, he wants to be the one to keep you.

16. He jokingly says that he is waiting for you

he jokingly says that he is waiting for you

When a man jokingly says he will wait for you even though you’re in a committed relationship already, it’s clear he is pursuing you. He will also do other things that will assure you of his interest. He would respect you enough not to blatantly ask you out. However, he wouldn’t hesitate to step in if your current partner is misbehaving. 

He will be around you always and will explore any opportunity to become your main man. Even when it hurts to be a second option, he will stick around for the chance to be with you anyhow you’ll have him.

17. There is obvious sexual tension

Another way that a guy will show he’s pursuing you is by displaying romantic gestures. Something as ordinary as a home-cooked meal can be seductive. His genuine desire to have you in every way possible will be obvious in the way he treats the most mundane activities. While he won’t proposition you for sex, you’ll notice the way his body reacts to your closeness.

When two people’s attraction creates sexual tension, it will show in the most ordinary things. One of the signs of sexual attraction is when he keeps a throw pillow on his lap after brief physical contact with your body.

18. He invites you to explore mutual interests

Guys would rather hang out with other guys because they believe friendship with other men of like-minded interest is more fun. For a man to invite a girl who isn’t his girlfriend to share his mutual interests, it means he likes her. 

It also means he is pursuing her romantically. If a guy is willing to not only share his interests with you but also his mutual friends, there is no doubt where his heart is. One of the top signs that you’re falling for him too is that you won’t say no anytime he shares these interests with you. 

19. He does things for you before you ask

If he showed up for you on more than one occasion without asking, it is one of the signs that a man is pursuing you. Of all the signs of an interested man, showing up for you before you ask is the sweetest. It means he can sense through your voice that you need help. 

Some guys will make you ask before they offer to help, but if a man does the asking, he is sweet to you. He’ll contact you to ask what you need even when you’ve told him you’re good. As long as he doesn’t get creepy with you, his concern and attraction are most likely harmless. 

20. He’s always carefully groomed for your hangouts

Beyond his subtle words that show he is interested in you, he’ll talk to you through his looks. When a man wants a woman, he will appeal to her most valued interests. If he knows you like men who are well put together, he will pay more attention to his outfit and general grooming. 

If you compliment a particular thing about him, he will repeat it consistently. Even though you’re not dating, he will treat your hangouts as if they are dates. If you’re not available for his romantic pursuits, you should let him down sooner than later. 

21. There are signs that he wants a romantic relationship

there are signs that he wants a romantic relationship

There are many signs a man will display that will suggest he has romantic interests in you. Romantic gestures such as sending sweet texts, and saying pick-up lines that aren’t completely cliché are only some of such signs.

If a guy you’ve only known for a few weeks sends you flowers, it’s easier to tell he wants you. However, when a friend of many years does the same, you have to be careful not to misinterpret his actions. 

22. He asks you many personal questions

Men who aren’t interested in building something long-term with you will spend much time asking you personal questions. A man who is pursuing your attention for a long-term purpose will always have personal questions to ask you. 

The questions stem from a place of genuine desire to know you so he can satisfy you when you accept to date him. One of the signs that a man is pursuing you includes him asking questions about your family while he also volunteers information about his family. If you trust and want him too, you’ll find yourself telling him as much as he wants to know.

23. He has pet names for you

Another sign that a man is pursuing you is when he has special pet names for you. If he doesn’t call you the same thing he calls the other women in his life, best be ready for him to ask you out soon. He might take his time so as not to spook you, but he will get around to asking you to date him.

Some men throw around pet names for different women just to be nice, so don’t assume every guy who does this wants to be with you. There will be other criteria that will separate merely sweet men from the ones interested in you.

24. You know he knows you like him too

you know he knows you like him too

When a guy wants to be in a serious relationship with you, you will know. All the signs that a man is pursuing you will be there: he will pay more attention to your needs, be at your back and call, and make sure you see him as the right guy for you.

Most importantly though, a guy knows when you like him too. The moment he recognizes you return the interest, he will apply more effort to make you say yes when he finally asks you out. If he meets the great boyfriend material criterion you want, go for him.


What makes a man pursue a woman?

When a man sees the qualities he desires in a woman, he will pursue her to the best of his abilities. He won’t give up unless she shows or says she’s not interested.

How do you know if a man is serious about you?

Some signs of a seriously interested man include: showing up for you when you least expect it, listening to you talk without saying anything to interrupt, and just being there for you.

How do you let a man pursue you?

You can make it easier for a man to pursue you by not setting up emotional blocks. When he opens up to you, give an inch and open up a bit too. When he gives you gifts, do something nice for him in return.

How do you make a guy miss you badly?

Treat him like a king all the while you’re together. Respect and care for him so much that he will crawl back to you when both of you aren’t together. The separation can just be in distance, not permanent, but he will feel your absence strongly.

What is a man's desire in a woman?

Different men desire different things. As such, what a man desires in a woman can range from her body to her intelligence or her ability to raise a family properly. The most important thing to note about a man’s desire for a woman is that, when he finds it, he knows it.

To Conclude

Sometimes, you can’t just tell a man’s interest in you through one sign, so you need to put together different factors to know where his interest lies. If these signs apply to your current situation, you now know whether the guy you secretly like desires you too. 

Or, if the guy you consider only a friend is making friendship complicated by pursuing you. You’ll be able to make clearer decisions when you know the facts.

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