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Signs He Likes Going Down On You (31 Clear-Cut Signs)

For many women, their sexual fantasy is to have their men go down on them and eat them out. They also want to have that body-lifting, torso-turning experience. Women read about this in books and it is discussed everywhere on social media. However, knowing the kind of man who does this is often hard.

There is nothing bad about exploring all the options that please you. It is also a way to achieve intimacy and it can even build a bond strong enough to start a relationship. Because let’s face it; if he can make love then he can also swirl his tongue in love.

There are two types of men; one that likes to go down on women and one that doesn’t. If the latter does not at least try it out with you, what are you doing with him? 

Guys that eat you out understand that the woman's body should be adored and what better way to show adoration than to worship at the altar of the clitoris. These guys make it their job to make sure that you get maximum pleasure. They study your body and its reaction and know what to do with their tongues. 

But women need to know the signs of a man that does this. You are probably reading this article right now because you are looking for answers and also to confirm if your man likes it. You are in good hands as I have curated these, especially for you so you can identify all the signs he likes going down on you. 

I hope you find them helpful, and I hope they bring you the answers you are searching for.

31 Signs He Likes Going Down On You

1. He is good at it

You know a man loves to worship at your altar when he gets there and knows what to do. He knows what pace to go and when to switch things to a faster pace. He also knows what every tongue movement does, uses it at the right frequency, and does everything right.

He is perfect at it, and practice makes perfect. So we know that he has been getting a lot of practice before he met you and is now a god of cunnilingus. He loves this delicacy and this man can eat! If he is good at it, chances are he likes to eat you out.

2. You do not have to ask him

If he likes going down on you, a major sign is he will do it before you even ask him to. You don’t have to tell him as he lives for these types of opportunities. He finds it super sexy, and it is his favorite way of giving pleasure. He looks forward to staying in between your open legs and adoring this seat of pleasure with his tongue.

He knows when to offer to do it and you never have to ask for anything. He likes it so he does not have to be told to do the needful.

3. He is open to it every time

he is open to it every time

He'd eat you out every time and anytime. If allowed, he will eat you out every day, three times daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and all day during the weekends. If your man is always open to eating you out at any time, then congratulations on your orgasm-filled sexual life. This is a major sign that he likes going down on you and I am jealous of you and your sex life.

4. He is open to it anywhere 

He is not afraid to carry out this awesome physical act anywhere. In the car, he is down for it. At an outdoor event, he is sneaking around and tries to eat you out. What other sign do you need to be convinced that this man loves eating you out? I am your sign-bearer, and this is the sign.

5. He always asks

Most men have a sex lineup, almost like a routine they follow during oral sex. Guys love it because that way they always know what to do, are in control, and never look like a newbie. However, if a guy likes to go down on you, he will always ask questions.

Questions like "Are you okay?", "Is this pressure okay?", "Do you prefer this or that?" They always check in to ensure that you are enjoying it and he is doing the right thing. Never about his ego, always your pleasure.

6. He is present

 You know he likes going down on you when he is present. He is not doing it because he has to or because he feels like you want him to do it. He is doing it because he loves to. He is not half-assing his efforts. He is present and fully enthusiastic about giving oral sex. You just know that the energy is right and you are enjoying it with him.

7. There is always a second round

If you are almost sure that there would be another round of oral sex after the initial one, then this man loves oral sex with you. Most times, it is deeply rooted in the need to form a deeper connection with you as cunnilingus fosters intimacy. Do not feel like he has an obsession, this guy likes oral sex and loves giving you pleasure. So, enjoy every minute of it.

8. Takes his time at it

take his time at it

I am of the school of thought that the way a man eats you out reflects the type of sex you are going to have with him. And I know you think it is just sex. But sex can make or break a relationship. If he takes his time eating you out, chances are this man is going to fulfill all your sexual fantasies and you are in for the ride of your life.

However, if he complains about his jaw every time or takes a break to loudly sigh, then you are in for mediocre sex life. If he does not take his time and he impatiently stops to have penetrative sex (which most women don't orgasm from by the way), he is probably a selfish sexual partner and does not like oral sex.

9. He builds model trains

If a man builds model trains, it means he knows what patience, attentiveness, and skill are. Guys build model trains because they are big on toys. Men take care of their toys well so you can be sure that your vagina is in safe hands as he is used to taking care of things he likes.

So you can be sure that he will be patient with your vagina, be attentive to your body language, and use his oral skills all for the sake of your maximal pleasure. If he builds model trains, he will build your orgasm. Stick to him, He is a keeper.

10. He expects nothing in return

In the past, when guys wanted a blow job, they did not communicate. They would rather push your head down to their crotch to do the needful. It used to make so many women furious and women would walk out on them and never talk again. Well, men evolved and looked for ways to get their own reward.

What they do now is to hurriedly eat you out for one minute and expect a blow job. A man that takes your pleasure seriously won't do that. A man that loves to eat you out won't be in a hurry because he is expecting something in return. He understands that it is an art and no time is too much for pleasure. 

He is just doing it because you deserve to be taken care of. He just wants to satisfy you and make you feel good with his tongue.

11. He says incomprehensible words while at it

He mumbles a lot of incomprehensible jargon while eating you out. Similar to what babies do while sucking their mother's breast to indicate enjoyment. If a guy does this, the man likes to eat you out, craves intimacy, and wants you screaming from pleasure. He loves this physical act and mumbles as a signal of pleasure.

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It might be weird at first but these sounds and his body language are the signs you need to be convinced that this man likes your vagina-flavored delicacy. It is his new favorite and you better always have it ready because he will come back for more.

When he eats you out, he is a fat kid in a candy store. That's his zone, so let him be. Sit back and enjoy all the things he can do with his tongue.

12. He does not stop till you orgasm

he does not stop till you orgasm

This is a determined king. He understands that a happy woman means a happy life. Your happiness means a lot to him and he is dedicating his oral skills to you no matter how long it takes for you to orgasm. He wants you to lose control and shudder from so much pleasure.

Guys take making love seriously, but real men know that this is not enough. This is why they have sharpened their skills at cunnilingus and will bring you to the finish line at a swirl of the tongue or with thousands of swirls, no matter how long it takes. The big O is the goal.

13. He does it in between sex

Penetrative sex for men feels like fitting the penis in a wet warm squishy hole and it feels amazing. So good that they orgasm from it (more than 90% of men). If he stops in between this amazing experience to go down on you, then it is a sign that he loves to go down on you.

Making love is amazing for men so you know he likes it when he stops halfway or in between to go pretty close to this amazing part of your body. This takes a lot of self-control and lots of love for the art of cunnilingus. This is your sign sis!

14. He talks about how you taste

Men that love to go down on women never shut up about how amazing these women taste. They go on and on and on about how lovely it feels and tastes like a kid at a candy store. If you make him feel comfortable enough, he will never shut up about this.

You know a man is passionate about it from the way his face lights up when talking about it or what he is about to do. If he loves how you taste, you will know.

15. He sends you memes

When guys like to eat you out, every relatable meme on social media reminds them of you and your vagina. When they find a relatable meme, guys hit the send button fast to share it with you because that's all they can think about. Especially if it is a meme relatable to the last episode of cunnilingus. 

It shows that he likes going down on you and he replays the memory throughout the day. This is your sign!

16. He talks about the view

he talks about the view

Most guys like to go down on women because of the view from down there. The breasts look fuller, perkier, and more perfect from that angle. He can catch a glimpse of every reaction to every tongue movement. The view is amazing.

If your man keeps talking about this view, he likes going down on you. He enjoys it both because of the amazing taste and because of the view. He likes to see it all from the vagina’s perspective.

17. He becomes sad when you don’t let him

He gets a sad face when you don’t let him eat you out or when he cannot eat you out on your period. Aside from the mood swings and pain he has to deal with during your period, a major thing that he does not like is his inability to eat you out. 

He cannot fathom all this free time with no pussy to eat. He specifically hates menstruation for this. I am sure he has asked if he can eat you out during your period maybe more than once or twice. That is how much he loves to eat pussy.

18. He loves you

If a guy loves you, chances are he lives for your pleasure, and what better way to show it than through the art of cunnilingus? He loves you and knows you like to have your pussy eaten, this is a given that he loves going down on you.

If he loves you, he will love everything he does for you. Eating your pussy inclusive. 

19. He loves your nudity

he loves your nudity

Guys love it when you have no panties on, but men love to go down on you. They are at their happiest when you have no pants. This is because they can easily gain access to wonderland. It does not matter if you are just relaxing or if you happen to be on a work call. The more naked, the better. 

If your man loves seeing you naked, there is a high chance that you'd get your pussy eaten every time he sees you naked. It is a sign that he loves to go down on you.

20. Grooming habits

He pays no attention and is indifferent about your grooming habits if he likes to go down on you. All these things don't matter to him as long as he can part his way through the garden to find the flower. He does not mind a little weed here and there.

However, this should not be taken for granted either as a mouthful of hair is no aphrodisiac. If the state of your public hair does not influence his decision to go down on you, it is a sign that he enjoys it.

21. It makes him hard

If getting down on you makes him hard, I repeat if it happens that getting down on you makes him hard, dine with that man. Have a relationship with him. Even better, marry him. He loves going down on you and they don't make them like him anymore. If he gets an erection from giving you pleasure, keep him!

The sight of you in so much pleasure makes him feel so good that he has a hard-on.

22. He compliments you

he compliments you

 If a guy loves going down on you, he compliments your vagina. He talks about how it is so beautiful and how it is the best he has ever seen. He will tell you so many good things you never knew existed in your vagina.

He talks about it like it is his first contact with it every time he goes down on you. If he does this, it is a sign that he likes to eat you out.

23. He loves constructive criticism

A man that enjoys eating you out will always ask for feedback. He will always want to know what he can do better or what he didn't like during the process. He loves it when you give an honest review of his craft. He does not ignore you or develop an attitude when you tell him what to do.

He listens and takes to correction because he wants to connect to you on a deeper level via oral sex. His ego takes a back seat when it comes to your pleasure.

24. He will bring you to the edge (Pun very much intended)

I am not referring to the edge of the bed obviously (which you will probably be at), but he will bring you to the brink of orgasm and then withdraw. He starts edging so that he can start all over again till you beg for the glorious release.

Guys love being in control and bringing you to the edge with their tongue is a way of telling you who is in charge and showing off their oral skills. If he does this, you are in for an oral treat.

25. He loves to get you tipsy

He knows that tipsy you are open to any activity that will make you open your legs as alcohol makes you bolder and wilder. So, he encourages drinking so that what he wants can happen. One shot in and the door to wonderland opens with his favorite delicacy dripping sauce if you know what I mean. 

If he is always with a bottle of wine, it is one of two things. He is an alcoholic, or wine makes it easier for him to eat you out.

26. He teases you

he teases you

Guys never change. Once a teaser, always a teaser. If he teases you before and after oral sex (which there is nothing wrong with by the way), then there is a high probability that he thoroughly loves satisfying you in your nether regions with his tongue. More so, he will love to do it over and over again. 

27. He is always in awe

Every time you get undressed (which guys love, by the way), he acts as though he has never seen your vagina before. He acts like the first time every time. He acts like your vagina is a masterpiece and it is the best thing since the invention of bread. 

He loves to look at it for a minute or two (and admires it) before digging into his favorite delicacy.

28. He respects boundaries

Whenever you are uncomfortable, he stops because he cannot imagine a life without him eating you out on a daily basis. So when you set clear boundaries, he follows them strictly out of fear of missing out on his special delicacy. He will respect all these things and more. That's how you know he likes it.

29. He tells you his fantasies

Guys love their fantasies. So, if he talks about it to you unprovoked, then he likes you and trusts you. If he starts to talk after eating you out then you know there is something special about your cookie.

30. He has a look afterward

He loves oral sex. He finds it incredibly sexy and it is his way of forming emotional connections. When he does it and sees how satisfied you are with the oral sex and the amount of pleasure you just received, it helps his ego, and he has a look of satisfaction. The look is usually a smirk partly in recognition of his good oral skills and as a result of pride in all the pleasure you just received.

31. Dreams


He loves eating you out so much that sometimes he dreams about it. When guys love you or what they do for you, they tend to dream about you and the form of sex you are having.

So, if he is texting or calling after to let you know a vivid dream he had about eating your pussy out, he loves you and your pussy and he likes to eat you out like groceries.


How do you know if he loves you when making love?

You know he loves you when he makes eye contact while making love to you. Asides from the fact that this is super sexy, it is also the way guys let you know it is more than just sex or getting you in their bed. It is their way of showing that they are open to an emotional connection and even a relationship.

How do you know if a guy will be good in bed?

If a guy is a great kisser, then he will most likely be great in bed. You can tell a lot about a man's skill in the bedroom from the way he kisses. If it is intense, exciting, and passionate then there's a high probability he is like that in bed.

What do you say to a man when making love?

It is more what your body says and less what your mouth says. Just say what you want him to do to you. You can also give him positive feedback and remarks. What to continue and what to stop.

How do you know if a guy is catching feelings for you?

If a guy is catching feelings for you, he will admit it and let you know straight up. When guys are in love, they let you know and their words meet their actions, always.

How do you tell if he wants to kiss you?

If he wants to kiss you, he flirts with you. Guys that flirt with you most likely want to kiss you. Guys also stare at your lips when they want to kiss you. A lingering gaze at your lips is your cue.

In Summary

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. The signs are not difficult to point out when a man loves to go down on you. Guys are usually very vocal about these things. So if he likes going down on you, he will not shut up about it. He will be so loud about it you would almost be embarrassed.

Sit back and just enjoy the attention, you deserve all the pleasure in the world and more. Kindly let me know what you think in the comments and don't forget to share the article with your loved ones if you love it.

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