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Nursing My Husband To Sleep (11 Reasons Some Couples Consider It)

Nursing or breastfeeding your husband is not as bad as people speak about it. So it’s okay if your husband or boyfriend would like to taste your breast milk, and you’re comfortable letting him do it. Not every couple is OK with breastfeeding, so it is safe to say that it is unacceptable by some people.

Most partners still get attracted to breasts even when they’re lactating. They see them as one of the things that turn them on, get curious about how it tastes, and still get sexually interested in them. On the other hand, nursing mothers who breastfeed their partners get turned on through breast stimulation and a ton of other benefits that are not sensual.

Of course, breastfeeding your boyfriend or partner could have its downside, which could be less food for your baby. A few of the good things are that it helps improve the experience between couples with the positives of having a closer bond and getting satisfied. Why do couples consider this? Read further to know 11 reasons why couples think and consider nursing for grown-ups.

11 Reasons Why Some Couples Consider Nursing Their Husband To Sleep

1. To avoid your husband or boyfriend from being left out

Most people feel when a woman is lactating, she’s off-limit and should be left alone to give more time to her baby. That’s not entirely true. Some women seem to withdraw their affection from their husband, boyfriend, or partner when they give birth to a baby. This makes most partners feel left out. 

As the father of your baby, your partner or boyfriend may feel he can no longer touch your breasts as a lactating mother. He may think he has limited access because of the bonding relationship you have with your child, But if you breastfeed him, he shares and gets included in the general bonding experience. 

2. Breastfeeding has health benefits

Feeding mothers get medical advice to feed their children from birth for a certain period until they’re fit enough to withstand the harsh environment and food. This is because boob milk has many health benefits to the body, whether young or old. 

Your boyfriend or husband would get a boost of immunity from breastfeeding. As a minor, as it may sound, it is sometimes the right treatment for some medical issues and conditions. It contains many vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, water, protein, minerals, etc., and could be considered a balanced diet, which also makes it nutritious to the body.

3. To satisfy curiosity

Some men have a habit of satisfying their curiosity for certain things, and boob milk is one of them. Everyone knows and consumes the regular cream from animals used to produce different milk types in liquid and powder form. So it’s normal for men or growing children to have the urge to satisfy their curiosity.

It’s simple. Your boyfriend or husband wants to know how breast milk tastes. It is not as common as the other types of evaporated cream in shops or markets; they can easily reach out and taste. If your partner falls in this category of men, maybe it’s time to give him a chance to breastfeed. 

4. To create a balance out for uneven breasts

It’s normal to have an asymmetric body that includes breasts. In addition to that, many babies have a breast preference when they start sucking. It’s something that happens to many nursing mothers. They could suck one breast because of the easy flow of milk or a different reason.

Some women have more milk ducts in one breast compared to the other. This is the vital point where your husband or boyfriend comes into the breastfeeding role. He will help to suck it out from the neglected breast your child barely sucks to balance the two breasts together. 

5. It brings sexual fantasy

it brings sexual fantasy

Couples that get involved in an adult nursing relationship have one of the greatest sexual fantasies. If your husband is okay with being breastfed, it will heighten your sex life together, even with kids. In general, many women are sensitive to nipple stimulation, which gives them a high probability of feeling sensual.

Some lactating mothers get turned on, too. It is normal and common to get aroused sexually while breastfeeding. Like they’re sensitive with active erogenous zones before they have kids, they still respond to physical touch that arouses sexual fantasy. 

These erogenous zones include nipples, which makes breast or nipple stimulation possible. You and your husband could try it to explore new things.

6. It relaxes the body

When a baby sucks breast milk, it relaxes during the process, and most times falls asleep. Her body releases hormones when her nipples are sucked for the mother, making her slip into a relaxed mood when breastfeeding her baby. It’s a natural thing that happens to both mother and child.

Like it happens in a baby, the same effect will occur if you breastfeed your partner or boyfriend. It will help to relax his muscles and tone down stress, thereby unconsciously allowing the body to slip into a calm comfort zone.

7. It increases intimacy

Another advantage for women that breastfeed their husbands is improved intimacy. Breastfeeding brings an advanced phase of intimacy to couples. Though some people still tag it as disgusting, partners that partake in it tend to become closer in a unique, satisfying, and intimate way.

Breastfeeding improves the physical and emotional connection between couples, increasing sex drive, which may be hard to achieve if a woman is lactating. It is advisable for partners struggling to regain their intimacy when it’s a nursing phase for mother and child. After all, they already share a bed. It increases the desire for affection, which is the woman longing to be with her husband.

8. Breastfeeding helps to drain the breasts completely

Many women complain about having full breasts with liquid even while nursing their babies. They say it remains stored, which oozes out sometimes to stain their clothes or make them feel uncomfortable. Breastfeeding your husband could empty this excess food because he has a stronger suck; to drain all areas of the breasts.

The good thing about this is, draining the breast helps to relieve pain. It prevents the breast from being engorged, prevents plugged milk ducts, and reduces nipple blebs. You could do this if your partner is okay with it, and it is one reason why many couples consider adult nursing relationships. 

9. It helps to boost the milk supply

Another benefit of breastfeeding your husband is that it increases the food supply in the breast. When your partner sucks your breasts, it acts as an extra breast stimulation that promotes better lactation. Hormones that trigger the production of breast milk are released, which makes the process go faster.

The energy applied from your partner while sucking is greater than that of your baby, hence stimulating your body to produce more boob milk. If you’re having lactation issues or a baby with a big appetite, you could try breastfeeding your husband for proper stimulation, but you should be comfortable doing it.

10. Breastfeeding brings happiness

breastfeeding brings happiness

Breastfeeding brings joy to the baby and the nursing mother involved. When a baby sucks, the same hormones that make it and the mother relaxed are the same that make them happy. Happiness may not be during the feeding session but afterward.

For this reason, couples who have tried it lack the words to describe their different experiences. Breastfeeding your partner, boyfriend, or husband would make him excited. And because your happy hormones are released too, you also get excited when he sucks your breasts.

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11. It improves communication

Like breastfeeding brings intimacy between couples in a relationship, it also improves communication skills. It does it just like it builds the bond between a mother and her baby. That’s how it feels when you breastfeed your partner; there’s a stronger connection in how you both relate.

Breastfeeding could make your husband or boyfriend get in the loop of how things are between you and your baby, hence, knowing how and when to discuss certain things. He may learn to understand your moods and how to manage them.


Is it OK if I breastfeed my husband?

Breastfeeding your husband is not bad since you both already share a bed and other intimate things. It would help him in many different ways medically, sexually, and otherwise. If he’s curious about it and you’re not comfortable doing it, you could both agree on ways to make it work. But breastfeeding your husband is okay.

Can I breastfeed my husband without being pregnant?

People don’t lactate only during pregnancy; they do when you’re not pregnant, but that’s a medical condition known as galactorrhea, where the nipple discharges a milky substance that has nothing to do with breastfeeding. So you can breastfeed your husband when you’re not pregnant, but the liquid discharge may be unhealthy for him.

Why does breastfeeding put me to sleep?

During breastfeeding, mothers release hormones called prolactin into their bloodstream. Prolactin is part of breast cream, and it induces sleep. This may be one reason you fall asleep faster and more comfortably, whether it’s day or night. Or, you could be tired from a long and busy day.

Do mothers get turned on by breastfeeding?

When mothers are breastfeeding, they may get turned on by breast stimulation, which makes arousal easy and quick. If they are feeding their baby, there may be little or no turn on, but if it’s their husband or boyfriend, there’s a high probability that they get aroused.

Is it good for adults to drink breast milk?

Breast milk contains complex sugars, carbohydrates, fats, protein, water, and other nutritious and healing elements that help build babies’ immunity. It is used as a treatment to help others with certain medical conditions like autism and arthritis, which means it is suitable for older people to drink food from the breast.


To keep things right, read the 11 reasons to know why some couples consider nursing, and don’t forget to talk about breastfeeding your partner with him before knowing you’re both on the same page. I hope you liked this article; if you did, please feel free to share it with others and drop a comment.

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