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My Ex Told Me To Move On (Or Does He Want You Back?)

Has your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend told you to move on without them. 

Are you wondering why they would say such a thing. More importantly, do you want to know if they’re serious?

The harsh truth is: they most commonly say this because they mean it. However, there are sometimes some subtleties to bear in mind, such as the circumstances which prompted them to speak like this to you.

We’re going to explore this and much more in the article below. 

However, before we dive into the meat of the guide, it’s important that you read the following sentences with great care.

The biggest factor affecting whether you should ‘move on’ from your ex is their personal circumstances. 

If they have truly moved on themselves, there’s little hope for you. But if they’re experiencing a wobble in their personal life, they may be more open to you reaching out. 

That’s why I like to recommend this clever online tracking tool to people in this situation. This tool can connect to the devices of a former lover and send you a report based on their recent communications.

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With that said, let’s take a look at the nuances that matter when you’re deciding how to react to being told to ‘move on’.

Signs He May Eventually Come Back, Or Is It Really Over?

1. He Still Talks To You The Same. 

Asking you to move on is one thing, still talking to you like nothing has changed is another. Still talking is one of the biggest signs your ex is pretending to be over you and will still want to get back and would also like to be a part of your life. Even if you're confused about ‘why he told me to move on’, believe me, it's difficult to hold on to something you don’t wish to, and no sane person hugs trash except it’s not trash to them. 

Getting your ex back is easier at this point, irrespective of what transpired between you both. If you’ve been asked for space, you should respect the request, give your ex a little time before swooping in again. Maybe your ex needs space, or this could just be a test. The most confusing kind of break up is when your ex says something and does the complete opposite. 

Usually, something is going on with that ex, and just for the benefit of the doubt, you should either ask or find out. Did you do something that would jeopardize the friendship you didn’t apologize for? 

This ex may just be looking for some attention, thinking back of you can’t find anything, then maybe not. There’s a glimpse of hope for you if your ex is still talking to you the same after asking you to move on, but if everything has completely taken a left turn, maybe you should go

2. You've Not Been Blocked. 

If your ex hasn't blocked you, try not to get blocked, or you'd lose all the shots at getting back together. It's another glimpse of hope when your ex has not barred your number from calling or blocked you on social media. 

Social media has become an essential part of our lives, being blocked on any of the platforms by your ex screams, “move on!” Although it could just be that your ex did that out of anger, it still gives off the vibe that this ex wants nothing to do with you, harsh truth. There's also the possibility that not blocking you could just be the courtesy you deserve for being together earlier, and it's childish to stop an ex. 

If you made the breakup mistake of creating a horrible dramatic scene before now, the block might just be the end of the road for a while. It also depends on the reason for the breakup, could be your ex still cares about you as a person but not in the same way. Don't make it a habit to call or text your ex always; keep your distance too

Also, not being blocked by your ex after a breakup could mean things are not sour between you also and maybe not soon, but there's still a chance for friendship at least. 

3. Found Someone Else.

Some people would say a breakup is definite once an ex gets into a new relationship. He’s hardly going to come back if he is into someone else and told you to move on as well. It’s sad, I know, but not every relationship ends happily ever after, and that’s still okay. It may be easier to result in self-loathing after your ex finds someone else, but that’s not the best thing to do. 

A wise man once said, ”if you love something that keeps slipping away, let it go.” The chances of getting your ex back get low when your ex moves on unless they lived on to spite you and aren’t really in love with the new person. It’s possible; some people go to the extremes to either prove a point or make an ex jealous. 

What were the grounds of the break-up? Would it provoke such behavior as this? Is your ex one to do this sort of thing? Answering these above questions would help you clarify the actions of your ex as well as aid good choice making. 

You also need to accept that he might not come back to the relationship; this sign bears the lowest possible chance that your ex will come back to you, so, I’d advise you to move on as well. It's hard, but take it one day at a time, and you will get there with time. 

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4. He Misses You And Tells You. 

If your ex should admit to missing you, it’s a real vulnerable moment. It doesn’t always mean he wants you both to be together off the bat since it’s possible to miss someone’s company and still not want to be with them anymore. It’s just another flicker of hope when he opens up about such a thing, and it’s not wrong to slowly shoot your shot, maybe he’s tired of being without you and he wants the relationship. 

Keep your guard up. It could be a trap, as well. There’s always a chance you will unite with your ex if both of you are still in talking terms. It’s not easy to just wipe off a part of your life that made you happy at some point even though things got sour. 

So, take it slow, don’t dive in because he dropped an “I still love my ex” move on you; like I said it’s not a hundred percent chance even though it’s what you want to hear at the moment. More so, do you believe your ex is genuinely sad about losing you and genuinely wants you back? It doesn’t ever work out if you’re the only one feeling this way; it works if it’s how you both feel. 

Additionally, if he told you to move on and now he’s back missing you, there’s only one way to find out, and that’s by asking your ex direct questions about the situation. 

5. You’re Still In His Plans. 

He may probably not want you back as a girlfriend, but as a friend, either way, it’s a sign he wants you in his life. Furthermore, asking you to “move on” often means dating someone else, not that it affects friendship between you both. So, if your ex still keeps you in his plans, follows up on dates, goes out with you, talks about the future, maybe it’s not as over as you think. 

It also means a lot for an ex to want to see more of you around him despite the heartbreak, almost everyone wants to stay far apart from each other at this moment, but if he doesn’t mind hanging around, there’s probably something between the lines you are missing. 

Hanging around an ex who told you to “move on” when you don’t want to could be difficult, it’s best you slowly slip on how you feel on one of the occasions to see how he reacts to it. And if you’ve tried a couple of times and it’s still the same, there’s nothing there.

Only stay friends if you can; it’s okay to take time off if you’re not feeling up to it. Getting back with your ex shouldn’t be your ultimate goal, your goal should be getting the peace of mind whether or not you end up together again. 

6. He Asked You To Move On. 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to accept a relationship is over, but if your ex asks you to move on that’s the one sign you need to move on. It’s clearly going to be a waste of your time if you keep chasing someone who doesn’t want to be with you. As much as the break up hurts, it’ll never stop if you keep hanging on to it, let go and make time for yourself instead. 

It’s okay to still have feelings for your ex after a breakup but just give yourself space to heal and I promise you those feelings will fade. If your ex asked you to move on from the relationship, he probably already has and your continuous advancement is making him uncomfortable, maybe he even has a girlfriend already. I wrote earlier that you can’t control how a person feels, neither can you make them do things they don’t want to,  so don’t try. 

Telling you to move on is one of the signs he will never come back. If he told you to move on that’s a clear way out of the hurt you're feeling and clarity on a platter to me. 


Did My Ex Really Move On? 

If he’s stopped contacting you for a while, has a new girlfriend, or isn’t as concerned about you like he was before, these are obvious signs that your ex has moved on. You can’t control how a person feels and if they feel they don’t want to be with you anymore, it’s only wise to let them go. 

Can I Get My Ex Back If He Told Me To Move On? 

In most cases, you can’t. If your ex tells you to “move on” that’s a strong message about things being unfixable. It’s really difficult to come back from that to being a power couple, except your ex didn’t mean it (you can tell from actions). Other than that, trying to make someone who asked you to move on to want something else is like going on a wild goose chase. 

What Should I Do When My Ex Wants Me Back? 

I’m of the opinion that relationships can take breaks once in a while, so there’s nothing wrong with returning to a man you love as long as you did not break up for a life-threatening reason

If you did, it's not a wise decision to get back together with a person who puts your life in danger. Other than that, if you still love each other and want to get things to how they were before, try again, and with time, everything will work out fine in the relationship. 

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Tells You To Move On? 

It usually means they are done with you, do not want to be in a romantic relationship with you and are advising you to try things out with other people instead of waiting around for them to return, they may not. It’s hard to do this when you’re still in love with your ex but most times it’s safer to just move on from it.

How Do You Know If Your Ex Is Not Over You? 

If your ex is not over you, they would stick around. Things would hardly change or they’d be on and off. He would probably still call you, tell you he misses you or ask you out to dinner once in a while. You will still see the effort in his actions even though his words mean something else. 

To Conclude

I hope this article gave you the clarity you need to know whether or not he’s returning and decides to do what’s best for you. Go over the tips again, read between lines to be sure before deciding to wait or move on. If you decide on returning to the relationship, make enough time for each other to further understand why you broke up.

I hope you liked this article, leave your thoughts in the comment box below and please don’t forget to share it if someone you know is having similar relationship problems.

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