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Is He Worth Waiting For? (7 Ways To Tell He’s In It For The Long-Run)

Falling in love with anybody is uncontrollable and worth every while. The problem comes with knowing if the man is worth waiting for or not.

Most women imagine being with a man or guy who understands them totally, a guy who can love them selflessly with their flaws. It’s a very natural thing to happen and it’s not impossible to achieve. However, this does not mean he wants exactly what you want. 

Most guys could do all you ever dreamed of in a boyfriend and make you special. However, they might still consider you as a friend which is heartbreaking, especially when you had your hopes high for dating.

What’s more, a guy could be sweet in every way but may not just be the right one for you. Also, you may develop feelings for him because you spend a lot of time together. Once again, this does not necessarily mean you’re meant to be together. 

Now, if you’re tired of being the one who takes time out of your busy schedule to reach out and he doesn’t reciprocate, there’s something wrong. If you’re not sure if he’s worth the wait or not; keep reading to know 7 ways you can find this out.

7 Ways To Know If He’s Worth Waiting For

1. If he’s putting in the effort to be with you

if he's putting in the efforts to be with you

Being a new girlfriend to a guy could be a lot of hard work which makes new relationships harder to manage; especially when it comes with minor challenges and uncertainties. If you just start dating a guy and either of you is faced with minor setbacks like starting a new career, settling into a new job, or handling family issues, observe if he finds time to reach out to you. 

A man who’s worth waiting for would try his best to find a way to keep communicating with you; either by call, text, or popping by your place to say ‘Hi’— even when you’re faced with a temporary long-distance situation.

2. Your feelings when you’re with him

This is something else you should look at. Sometimes, it may not be from the man, it could be from you. He might be the available man with a lot of nice attributes but he might not be the type of man you love. So, the question you should be asking yourself here is ‘Should you settle with this man or wait for the person you’re comfortable with?’. 

You might be with a guy and have feelings for him but deep down in your mind and heart, you know you’re not compatible—which could make his efforts to please you wrong and irritating as the case may be. It’s quite easy in this case.

3. If he’s in another relationship

A lot of girls meet men that are either dating or married. A few experiences have proven this type of man to be sweet, kind, and understanding. If you meet a man and he’s married or already committed to another girl but claims to love you (without any conscious effort to be with you), he’s not worth the wait because you’re not sure if it’ll eventually end or not. 

He may give you all the attention you crave or touch you just the way you like it to keep you around. Even though it feels good, think again.

4. His intentions and commitment

is he worth waiting for

Not every man out there is ready for a commitment yet. Just like you’re trying to get off some emotional trauma or heartbreak, he may also be trying to get over a bitter experience. So, if he tells you the truth about how he feels at the moment and is unsure if his heart is ready to love yet, then that’s a good way to start. 

It shows he respects you enough to say it. If he also proves how much he’s into you but gives logical reasons as to why you should wait a bit longer before dating, he’s worth waiting for. 

5. Is he taking a break from his partner?

There are some couples that take breaks sometimes to take their mind off excessive emotional turmoil. During this time, most of them date other people to help resolve the problem until it’s time to make up. While some tell you, others may not. If you meet a man in this kind of situation with an existing girlfriend, it’s not advised to commit immediately. 

You could keep your options open while you’re having fun with him in order to avoid future emotional breakdowns on your part. People like this are not guaranteed boyfriends or partners in the long run.

6. He should respect your family

Whether you have the most beautiful family or not, nobody should ever disrespect any of your loved ones, at least not openly in front of you. If you just got to know each other, hang out, and everything seems to be going perfectly well but he meets your family and frowns, that’s not really a good sign. 

The first time could be a mistake or a misunderstanding on your part but when it keeps happening, that’s not the best man you should be with. Accepting you should mean accepting your family, friends, and other loved ones as well and if it doesn’t happen that way, then it’s not worth it.

7. Your suggestions and opinions

your suggestions and opinions

Your prince charming should ask for your opinions and respect your decisions or suggestions. If he’s comfortable enough to accept your suggestions when it comes to his personal life, then that’s a positive thing and he’s worth the wait. 

You both should not have issues when it comes to making plans together or working towards a goal with each other’s ideas if you plan to be committed. If he doesn’t, you may want to talk to him about it first and if it does not still work, then you should rethink if he’s worth waiting for or not. 


How do you know if he’s worth waiting for?

He’s worth the wait if he respects you, has love and trust for you, and is honest about his feelings when talking to you about anything. A man is worth waiting for if he reciprocates your actions especially the romantic ones.

Does waiting for someone ever work?

It depends on the situation and the guy you’re with or planning to date. Sometimes, it works but other times, it’s not guaranteed that it’ll work for you. However, you would always know if a relationship would work out or not when the time comes.

How long should you wait for a guy?

There’s no definite time frame for a relationship. What matters is what you both want. So you could wait for a guy for 6 months, 1 or 2 years, all that matters is what you really want to achieve in your relationship with him.

Is it worth waiting for a relationship?

Yes, if you’re both willing to be with each other until you agree you’re comfortable to commit and accept your flaws, support one another, and be ready to withstand any challenges that race towards your direction, it is worth waiting for. 

How do you know if a guy is invested in you?

Guys are invested in girls when they spend a lot of time with them online, physically, and otherwise, they care about the opinion of the girl in their personal or career life, and they do everything possible to see her comfortable.

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In Conclusion

A man is worth the wait but you should watch and observe when you need to let go and move on. With these 7 tips, you would find it easier to know if he is worth waiting for or not. Just keep going. I hope you liked this article. Don’t forget to drop a comment and share it with a girl who is experiencing the same.

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