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I Love The Way My Boyfriend Smells (5 Reasons Why You Love The Way Your Boyfriend Smells)

If you are one of the people with little regard for the olfactory sense, you would have up till now wondered why you find your partner’s scent so darn sexy. In a list of sense organs, many people should pick the sense of smell as the least important because the other senses seem more functional.

However, our sense of smell is more important than we usually think. Before your current boyfriend, you’d dated some guys but their smell had no special effect on you. So why do you find your partner’s smell so alluring? Several types of research have established that our brain and genetic makeup have a lot to do with the effect smells have on us.

Have you ever found yourself subconsciously taking a deep breath of your boyfriend’s shirt, or refusing to give back his jacket because you want to hold on to his smell? If you find your partner’s smell intoxicating, you will occasionally find yourself unwilling to wash off after sex or rolling in bed with him. 

You’d find out that you’re not alone in this seemingly ‘silly' act as millions of people are also baffled by how they can easily recognize their partners by smelling them from a distance. 

Also, you must have gone through a host of men who don’t necessarily smell bad, but whose smell just didn’t do it for you. Again, you’re not alone and in this article, you will learn 5 reasons why you love the way your partner smells.

5 Reasons Why You Love The Way Your Boyfriend Smells 3

1. Sexual chemistry

As unrealistic as it may sound, you can be physically attracted to your boyfriend just because he smells good. Most times though, people don’t pay enough attention to how much natural smells impact the way they see people. 

You have probably felt a strong attraction to someone you don’t like because he smells amazing. In the same sense, you might have unknowingly discarded the idea of any connection with someone because their smell put you off. 

The recognition of smell in determining sexual chemistry in a romantic relationship is not as obvious as the connection between a delicious-looking food and its smell. However, you still cannot completely deny that one of the major reasons you are attracted to your boyfriend is because of his body odor.

The connection between physical attraction and smell is the reason you can identify the uniqueness of your partner. This scent-based attraction is the reason you feel safe with him, and why you know he will be the perfect partner and father in the future. 

It is not too presumptuous to say smell helped you pick your romantic partner. As such, the idea of spending the rest of your life with someone who isn’t your boyfriend is appalling and scary.

2. Purely scientific

purely scientific

Apart from smell being a great indication of sexual desire, science can explain your near-obsession with your boyfriend’s natural smell. A biologist in Switzerland, Claus Wedekind, made a study of why smell influences dating compatibility. In his study, he had 44 men wear new shirts on clean skin for two whole nights. 

The shirts then absorbed the natural body odor of these men, after which 49 women were selected to sniff them. After sniffing sufficiently, the women specify the odors they found most alluring. Most of the women chose odors that smell differently from theirs. 

The scientific result suggested that those women found those smells more attractive because they were immunologically different from their immune system genes. This dynamic is usually credited to the major histocompatibility complex or MHC. 

In layman speak, your immune system can communicate to your brain and sense of smell that the other person’s smell can be dangerous to you. That is, both of you aren’t compatible on different levels. 

The same process tells you that you’re attracted to the man, and this might remind you of men you’ve dated in the past. This suggests that there is a correlation between the choices of partner you’ve made and are still making.

3. Good personal hygiene

Scientific evidence aside, your attachment to the smell of your partner can be attributed to good personal hygiene. Sometimes, when a man invests in a good body wash, it can make all the difference. Anyone can have great things to say about a guy who takes good care of himself, as opposed to one who reeks even from a mile away. 

Most guys aren’t particular about personal grooming because they feel men don’t need to be squeaky clean.

However, this is far from the truth as women want men who clean up as they do. Many women love the clean smell that some men have. This unaided scent allows you to perceive their natural odor, which is unique on its own. As such, without deodorant or cologne cloying his natural odor, you might find smelling your boyfriend’s natural scent oddly satisfying. 

Clean body odors are usually odorless and not sweet-smelling like man-made fragrances. Some women are averse to strong sweet odors, yet strongly attracted to their boyfriend’s intense body odor.

4. His investment in good cologne paid off

his investment in good cologne paid off

Your man’s choice of cologne could also be the reason you find his scent so alluring. Depending on his cologne choice, you will love it anytime he comes into a room. You will be able to tell if he’s home without visual evidence. 

Your strong recognition of this scent can easily expose your man if he is cheating on you because you can tell when a different fragrance is masking his own. You will know when he switches to a new brand because he mourns the loss of his special smell.

Also, if you are partial to a particular fragrance, you will discover a pattern in the kind of men you agree to a date. Already, we have established that the correlation between the men you’ve dated and your current partner can be traced to the smells you favor. 

This affinity to a certain smell can even make you suggest that particular cologne to your boyfriend. If your man has a wonderful natural odor, it will make the mixture with your cologne choice all the more potent.

5. He is a health nut 

Another reason why your partner's odor intoxicates you is because of his lifestyle. What he eats, how much he exercises, how often he does his laundry and other basic things like that will affect his odor. The sweet odor of sweat you get from him makes you want to take a bite out of him, but he isn’t a freshly baked cake. 

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If he is a health nut who is particular about what goes into his body, he will most likely smell good too. The food we eat determines the odor of our sweat. If you ingest foods with strong scents such as garlic, it is normal to expect that odor in your sweat. Also, a man who exercises a lot and regularly eats a balanced diet is sure to have a healthy odor.

A health nut who does his laundry regularly will have an awesome odor because he isn’t dressing in sun-dried sweat-drenched shirts that end up smelling like baked sweat. This might explain why his scent messages a strong desire to you.


Why do I love the way my boyfriend smells?

Your biological makeup is attracted to his odor because it is dissimilar to his own. That is, the ‘opposites attract' concept applies to scent-based attraction.

What does it mean when you love the smell of someone?

It could mean there is sexual chemistry, or they remind you of someone you love/know. One person’s scent can stir up in you the memories of other people they don’t know at all.

How important is smell in a relationship?

You must find your partner’s odor attractive because it influences your desire to be with them most of the time. If you detest your partner’s odor, it can be a deal-breaker for you. If you don’t spend time with your man, why are you in the relationship

Is it normal to sniff your boyfriend?

Yes, it is normal to sniff your boyfriend, especially if you find his odor appealing and comforting. It is normal to want to keep his shirt because his sweat gives you the illusion that he’s with you.

What scent turns a man on

A man is turned on by a woman’s sexy yet subtle scent. His desire for her may also be influenced by her clean natural secretion/discharge.

To Conclude 

Even though everything else indicated their exes were bad for them, many people have been puzzled by why they still liked them for their odor. Hopefully, this article clears your confusion and explains why you love your boyfriend’s odor so much. 

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