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How to Spy On Your Husband's Cell Phone (Without Touching It)

June 28, 2024

Are you wondering how to spy on your husband’s cell phone? 

I have listed a huge selection of options that’ll allow you to do this below.

But let’s not waste any more time! I want to share the best option with you right now. 

This powerful yet discreet background checker can generate an extensive database of information regarding his recent communications.

You’ll discover:

  • who he’s been frequently messaging;
  • what smartphone apps he’s downloaded;
  • what online services he has been using;
  • what secret phone numbers he has registered;
  • ….and a lot more. 

It only requires a few of his basic details to get started and there’s no way for him to find out he’s been tracked. So, there’s little danger to your marriage.

Put simply, this tool provides the most effective way to spy on your husband’s cell phone. 

Still, if this doesn’t like the best solution for you, there are more listed below. 

Should you need to spy on his phone in the first place?

Although I have put together this article to help you get informed about some of the ways you can spy on your husband’s cell phone, I first need to address something with you. If you were in a healthy and trusting relationship in the first place, you wouldn’t need to spy on your husband’s phone. Marriage should be about love, commitment, and honesty. You should work through the good times and the bad times together, openly and honestly. Your husband should be the one person you can really speak to and be yourself around.

Spying on someone’s cell phone is not only an invasion of their privacy, but it also shows that there is something wrong with the relationship you are in, from the outset. Maybe some of the aspects of your relationship have disappeared over time, which is completely normal. However, clear and open communication in a marriage should never disappear. You will only be able to make a marriage work if you listen and speak to the other person.

Although, I do understand that sometimes you are left with no other option than to become your own detective, especially when you are feeling concerned and you suspect that your husband might be cheating on you. You want to know the answers and the only person that is going to find them for you is yourself. But, before you decide to go down the route of spying on your husband’s cell phone, you need to make sure that you are confident he is not being faithful to you and you will find some sort of evidence of him cheating on you by doing this. If you aren’t sure that you are going to find anything, not only will spying on his phone waste your money and time but if he is being faithful to you and finds out, he might think that you have already lost your trust in him and end things.

If you are sure that your husband is cheating on you, but you just need to find some sort of evidence, let’s jump straight into some of the ways you can spy on your husband’s phone, without having to always wait around for him to put it down so that you can take a peek.

1. Sneak on to his phone and take a look.

This is the most obvious way that you can spy on your husband’s cell phone, and probably the easiest too. However, it might require you to have some stealth when dealing with it. You need to first make sure that you know your husband’s password so you can enter his phone. Then, you are going to need to seize the rare opportunity of him not being on his phone or not knowing where his phone is. You could always suggest that he does something where he can’t have his phone with him. For example, you could ask him to mow the grass or suggest that he goes for a nice relaxing swim. However, you make sure that he is doing something without his phone is completely up to you and it could even happen naturally, maybe he left his phone at home while he went to pick up the kids from school. Whatever the reason is, it is not really important. However, now is when the important work from you begins. 

Ensure that he won’t be back for a while and go on to his phone. You will want to take notice of where the phone is and what he was looking at on the phone before it locked – you will need to return the phone into its original state before you started snooping on it. If it would help, you can always take a photo with your phone of where his phone was exactly, then put it in the same position when you are done.

So, you are in. Now, you need to start looking and looking fast. You need to ensure that you find the evidence you are looking for before he comes back, and you don’t know how long that will be. Get checking everything. You will obviously want to look at text messages, WhatsApp messages, his inboxes on his social media channels. If you still can’t find anything after looking on there, it might be a good idea to check his emails – surprisingly, a lot of people in affairs talk over email, to keep it hidden. 

You will also want to take a look at his photos. If he has been spending time with another woman, he might have been so stupid to even take a picture with her or of her. Anything in his photos that you don’t recognize, look into. It’s also handy that a lot of the time the pictures we take on our phones now link to the location that they were taken. So, if you see a picture that 

It might also be a good idea to check his apps. He might have dating apps installed. This can be really difficult to come to terms with, because he is putting himself back on the dating market, open to a lot of people. It might be harder to deal with than if he had fallen in love or slept with someone else. It might also be a good idea to check his browsing history to see what he has been searching for. Perhaps he has been looking at where this woman lives, or advice on how to cheat.

If you find anything that can be used as evidence, you should take a photo of it with your phone. 

This way, when you do confront your man, you have some cold hard evidence of him having an affair, even if he has deleted the proof.

2. Look on the Cloud.

If you don’t know your husband’s phone password or can’t seem to find a time when he is not around, you can still look at his phone, through the Cloud. The Cloud is this amazing place where we all, intentionally or not, back up our phones and store a lot of our data.

If he is texting someone, has emailed someone or has photos of her on his phone, it will be on the Cloud. Typically, married people share the phone bill and probably share things like the Cloud too. The bonus is that not many people actually know that the things on their phone get uploaded to the cloud, for example, Photo Stream. Even if he has deleted photos off his phone, they will still be on the Cloud. So, if you come across a sexy photo of himself that he took in the mirror to send to this other woman, then swiftly deleted on his phone in case you saw it, you can have a little giggle to yourself

Once again, if you find proof on the Cloud that he has been cheating on you, take a photo of it on your phone or even print it off the computer. 

3. Download some spy software on to his phone. 

If you are going to use this kind of thing to prove that your husband is cheating on you, you first need to be confident that he is in fact cheating on you. If you aren’t ninety-nine percent sure that he is having an affair, then you shouldn’t use spy software. This is because spying software or applications are such a large invasion of personal privacy and if he finds out that you are spying on his personal devices and is innocent, he will be angry. He will feel like you don’t trust him at all, and he will probably find it really controlling. You do not want to look crazy, so just make sure you are certain before using this kind of thing to prove you are being cheated on.

In order to utilize the spying software, you need to be able to download an app on the phone you want to spy on. Therefore, you need to make sure you not only know your husband’s phone password but also his Apple ID and password. Once you have downloaded the app, you don’t need to be worried about him seeing it. A lot of the apps hide, so once it is installed you are the only one who knows it is. What the software shows really depends on which one you have purchased. However, generally, they allow you to see the texts, calls, and location of the phone. Some of the more expensive programs can also spy on social media applications and see browsing history. There are also a lot of independent hackers that offer this service for people over the internet.

Use this tool to check whether he actually is who he says he is
Whether you're married or have just started seeing someone, infidelity rates are on the rise and have increased over 40% in the last 20 years, so you have all the right to be worried.

Perhaps you want to know if he's texting other women behind your back? Or whether he has active Tinder or dating profile? Or worse yet, whether he has a criminal record or is cheating on you?

This tool will do just that and pull up any hidden social media and dating profiles, photos, criminal records, and much more to hopefully help put your doubts to rest.

However, this kind of software is normally quite expensive and can be unreliable. You also have to understand that whatever information you get from your husband’s phone, the company or independent hacker can also see this information. It can be dangerous for you to give information and data away to these people.

If you are wanting to use some type of spying software, I have one a little bit of research so that you don’t have to. Please see the list below of highly rated spy software or apps.

- mSpy

- Highster Mobile

- FlexiSPY

- Hoverwatch

- Mobile Spy


4. Track his phone and follow him.

This point isn’t really about spying on your husband’s cell phone, it is more about using his phone to spy on him. Follow him, with technology. You don’t need to get in your car and drive after your man to know where he is or what he’s doing like the old days, you can simply download an app on his phone and do it without leaving the house.

Of course, a lot of the spying software apps do give you this, but you might not feel comfortable spying on the rest of his phone, or you might simply not be willing to pay for the software.

There is a wide variety of location tracking apps, but some apps are actually already built into our phones, so all we have to do is turn them on. So, in order to access and use the tracking apps, you are going to need to get on to your husband’s phone in the first place. iPhones already normally have the ‘Find My Friends’ app downloaded, so all you have to do is get on to your husband's phone and allow the app to share his location with your contact number. From then on, you will be able to track him without him knowing. 

Like before, you are going to need to take note of where the phone is and what he was looking at on the phone before you picked it up and went on it. After you are done, you will need to return his phone to its previous position.  

If your husband doesn’t have an iPhone, you will need to go on to his App Store and download an app that can track him. This is riskier because he might notice that a new app has been downloaded on to his phone. It will be less obvious if you place it in between many of the apps that he already has, but the ones that he doesn’t use. 

Once you can track his location, you can, therefore, track his location from there on out. So now, when he tells you that he is going into the office late or texts you to say he is heading to the gym on the way home from work you can see if he is lying or not. This is also a really good way to catch him in the act of cheating on you because you can then go to the location he is in and catch him with his other woman.

5. Put a voice recorder or camera in the house.

Although this won’t allow you to see what is going on in his text messages or tell you what he has been searching on the internet, it will allow you to listen to the phone calls he has whilst you are not in the house. You can place a camera or voice recorder in one of the areas that he normally speaks on his phone in. Let the recorder or camera roll for a few days or weeks. It will pick up on any secret conversations that your husband is having on his phone when you are not around. 

If you know a specific time that you think your husband will be on the phone, for example, you sense that he calls his other woman whenever you are not in the house, leave your phone on the side and use the voice recording app. 

By using a hidden camera or voice recorder, you will also have bulletproof evidence to show your husband when you finally confront him and he will have no way to deny it. 

What should you do when you get evidence through his cell phone and find out that he is cheating on you?

Compose yourself.

Do not go and confront him straight away. Not only will you need to probably get your emotions in check after finding something like this out, but you should also have a good think about what you are going to say to him. Get all the evidence you have against him together and decide what you are going to say to him. 

Confide in the people around you that care for you.

It might be a really good idea and a useful thing to confide in the people around you that trust you and want the best for you. When you are going through something like this it is nice to know you have people that understand the situation and can support you through it. Only speak to people that you really trust, otherwise your husband might find out that you know he has cheated on you before you can even confront him.

Confront him.

You need to get some confidence together and confront your husband. You need to show him that you have evidence of him cheating, so he can’t deny it to you. Tell him that you just want him to be honest with you. You will probably want to find out why he felt like he needed to cheat on you. Whatever excuse he comes up with, it’s important to know that you don’t deserve it and you didn’t do anything that would have pushed him into someone else’s arms – that was his own unfaithful and painful decision. 

Take a breather from the situation and move out for a while.

After you have confronted your husband, it might be beneficial for you to get out of the house and remove yourself from a painful situation. Maybe you could lean on someone in your support network and stay with them. On the other hand, if you want to stay in the house, you have every right to ask him to leave. At the end of the day, he is the one that has broken your marriage, not you.

When you are apart, it is essential for you to come to your own independent decision about what you want to do. Yes, of course, you are married but he has broken one of the vital parts of marriage – trust. Don’t feel obliged to stay. You need to do whatever is going to make you happy.

Move forward.

You can’t let your life bein such an uproar for too long. Although it is crucial you take time to think about your decision, it is probably also a good idea to move forward pretty swiftly. This is especially important if you have children together because you need to maintain their life and not let your issues affect them. Remember to only do what is going to make you happy. It might be hard to ignore his begging or apologies, but if you have decided to leave him, stick to this decision. 

If you are going to stay together and work through the situation, I would suggest going to see a marriage therapist as soon as possible. Therapy can be really useful because it can allow you to both have a conversation with a mediator, to make sure nothing gets too heated or emotional. Even if you have decided to stay together, you don’t owe it to your husband to act like you did before the cheating happened. You have every right to still be upset, mad and feel betrayed, don’t let him say otherwise. 


I am so sorry if your husband was cheating on you and you found evidence of it. Whatever you decide to do moving forward, I want you to know that you are a woman deserving of a faithful and committed love and you should never let anyone make you think otherwise.

Did this article help you at all? If it did and you liked what you read, please let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

Utilize this tool to verify if he's truly who he claims to be
Whether you're married or just started dating someone, infidelity rates have risen by over 40% in the past 20 years, so your concerns are justified.

Do you want to find out if he's texting other women behind your back? Or if he has an active Tinder or dating profile? Or even worse, if he has a criminal record or is cheating on you?

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