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How To Put A Condom On Your Boyfriend (27 Sexy Ways)

July 2, 2024

Does unprotected sex have any merit? If you are not married or ready to start a family, why should you have sex without using condoms? While most women with adequate awareness of the benefits of using condoms are always ready to suit up their men with condoms before having sex, most men cling to the excuse that condoms prevent maximum pleasure.

Have you been having constant arguments with your man about why he needs to put on a condom every time you have sex? Has your guy been insisting that you use the birth control method which is not always reliable, especially if you skip using your pills on some days? 

If yes, you need to come up with creative ways of getting him to put a condom on his penis before penetration. Some men are so sure of their ability to pull out that they are reckless with the decision of ‘no condoms'. Some men also like to leave the responsibility of their sex life to the woman and so, she is the one who makes it a ritual to use the birth control method. 

However, if there is no planned parenthood on the horizon anytime soon or you truly want to prevent pregnancy, using condoms as an extra layer of protection is very important. Even if you trust your guy to be faithful and STD-free, it’s only wise that you make using condoms a regular part of your sex life, at least, until you’re ready for planned parenthood. 

To make the prospect of putting on a condom more enjoyable, this article includes sexy ways to put on a condom for your man and have him looking forward to the next time you have to do it again.

27 Sexy Ways To Put A Condom On Him

1. Understand The Basics Of Putting On The Condom

understand the basics of putting on the condom

Although putting on the condom is part of the foreplay and you want to be as creative as possible, you must know the right way to put the condom on your guy's penis. If you get the process wrong and the condom breaks, and you don’t remove it immediately to use a new condom, you’ll be inviting the unwanted pregnancy you were trying to prevent in the first place. 

Here are a few tips for putting the condom on the right way: unwrap the condom from its package, ensure you have the right side up, hold the tips of the outer rim tightly between your middle finger and thumb, then grip your man’s shaft, place the rim of the condom on the head of his penis and gently roll the condom down the rest of the way. Be sure to pinch the tip of the condom a little bit to let out any air. 

2. Try The Hands-Free Method

Now that you have the basics covered, it’s time to get freaky, turn up the heat in the room and heighten your man’s pleasure. One of the sexy ways to put on a condom for your guy is to go hands-free. This foreplay method sounds technical but it’s doable. 

To do this, use a little bit of lube on your lips, place the rim-like tip of the condom between your pursed mouth, then grip the tip of his penis with your mouth, hold the base with your hand, and roll the condom down gently with your lubricated lips. You can add a little bit of vibration to increase his pleasure.

3. Engage Him In Some Dirty Talking

Men are visual beings and foreplay gets more interesting for most of them when some dirty talking is involved. As such, you can try getting him to express in vivid detail what he wants you to do to him. While you start taking the tip he offers seriously; carefully tears the condom package open to avoid condom breaks, then saddle up his shaft for action.

If he wants to get a bit kinky and you’re down for it too, get into the role and use a condom on him just as the sex gets hotter.

4. Allow Him To Use Your Hand

Rather than just allowing your guy to use a condom the regular way by just sliding it down his shaft, encourage him to use your hand to place the condom on his penis. After unwrapping the pack, let him put on a condom by positioning your hand under his and roll the condom down his shaft with both of your hands.

Help him take the process slowly by controlling the movement of both of your hands. You can also throw him some wiggling of your hips to distract him from the process of suiting up his penis, then surprise him by rolling the condom fully on his penis abruptly and slide him into you smoothly. 

5. Give Him An Additional Lube Sensation

Hold the condom by its round tip with your forefinger and thumb, then put a few drops of water-based lube or baby oil on the inner tip of the condom. When you glide the rest of the condom down his penis, he will feel a tingling chilling sensation that will contrast with the warmth of his penis against the now cold latex condom.

Ensure you go for a water-based lube because it is safer and works well with latex condoms. If you want a lube that will last longer without having to reapply or go for a new condom in the middle of sex, you may want to get a good silicone-based lubricant which also works well with latex condoms.

6. Use A Condom On Him From Behind

Another creative way to include putting on a condom for your guy in the foreplay during sex is to do so from behind. Tell your man to go on his knees and face the wall with his back to you. Then reach forward from behind him and grab his penis by the base with one free hand. Stroke his penis and rub your body over his back. 

Kneel with him to get to all the good parts and get him in the mood for some serious sex. While he is lost in the pleasure your hand is giving him, carefully tear the condom wrap with one hand and your teeth, then guide your free hand to roll the condom down his sex. Ensure your teeth don’t break the condom.

7. Distract Him By Demanding Oral Sex

distract him by demanding oral sex

Firstly, keep the condom pack out of sight but also close by wherever the sex act is taking place. While you are both getting into the foreplay, tell him you are craving for oral foreplay. 

As soon as you notice he is already into the act, let him up for air by pulling him up. By now, you should have the condom open and ready to be slipped on. Hold the condom and push his penis the way down into the condom.

He will be in the mood for penetration already, so just guide him into your sex and get the action rolling.

8. Assume The Take-Over Position

First of all, stroke his penis till he is fully ready to do the act, hold the tip of his penis, and stroke it with the tips of your fingers. The head of his sex will weep with a drop of sperm, also known as pre-cum, telling you he is ready for hardcore sex. 

Just before you use a condom completely on his penis, assume a takeover cowgirl position and slide your sex along with the condom, using one hand to make sure the condom slides home fully. This method ensures you secure the condom properly, prevent pregnancy and planned parenthood you are in no way ready for.

9. Use A Condom On Him With The Reverse Cowgirl Technique

You can flip the script from the previous cowgirl-style tip to get the condom on your man. This time around, you will be facing his lower body and your back and ass will be facing his upper body. Your ass will be blocking him, so he can only feel whatever you do to him rather than see it. 

Sensitize him by stroking his erogenous zones in his lower torso. After getting him in the mood with blind sensations, proceed with putting the condom on him. You can either turn over and guide yourself into him or maintain your reverse cowgirl position while you do so.

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10. Maintain The Sex Tempo

Guys need steady sensitization to keep their erection and so, when you practice the stop-and-go method excessively, you can kill their arousal. As such, if you want to be responsible for his spine-tingling climax, you need to maintain the right foreplay tempo and not tease him to slow down too much.

The moment you are both ready for penetration, hold the condom in one hand while you keep stroking his body to keep his arousal steady. While in the middle of a kiss or stroke, glide the condom over his penis and guide him inside you without slowing down the speed of your foreplay.

11. Spice Up The Act With Flavors

If you find the taste and scent of baby oil offensive or too strong, consider using a water-based lubricant. Squirt some drops in your mouth or on his penis, then glide your mouth (tongue and lips) all along his length. The coolness of the lube slash warmth of your mouth on him will drive him wild.

However, the most important effect of this technique is that you will make him feel like his shaft is the sweetest meal you want to savor all day. He will be so lost that he won’t know when you slide a new condom down his lubed-up sex.

12. Slow Down The Tempo A Little

slow down the tempo a little

Indeed, you shouldn’t keep your guy waiting or make him go from hot to cold too often. However, it is perfectly sexy to tease him a bit just as you are putting the condom on him.

While holding his gaze, put the condom over the head of his shaft and lower it slowly. In between rolling down the condom, stroke his balls, his chest, or pinch his ass and the muscles between his thighs. He will be so turned on that you’ll both require more condoms before the night is over. Ensure you have good latex condoms that will last you through the night (or day) without causing bruises in the inner walls of your vagina or penis.

13. Do It In The Shower

You can hardly go wrong with wet shower sex – as long as you do it right. Get into the shower room with him, but make sure you already have condoms on the shower ledge before you start foreplay. When you’re both soaking wet and horny from all the sliding and touching of your naked bodies, he will most likely guide you out of the shower to complete the sex session.

If he is too far gone and ready to penetrate while in the shower, whip out one of the condoms and slide it on his penis before he creates an unplanned planned parenthood situation by his impatience to impale you with his shaft.

14. Use The Come Get Me Technique

Another way to make putting on condoms sexy is by using the come-get-me technique. To do this, you’ll lay back and make your vagina open to him. He will assume the missionary position while you hold the outer part of the condom in front of your veejay. 

You then gesture to him to slide into you while you hold the condom steady. Have him use his hands to guide the condom fully on his penis before he penetrates you. You should also hold the condom by the rim and use your fingers to roll it completely down his sex.

15. Get Frisky

Right at the moment you’re both horny and touching each other impatiently, you know he is ready to go all the way. Get one of the condoms that are already sitting on your night table across to him, then start stroking yourself as he is ripping the wrap open. 

You will see him scurry even faster to get the condom open. Stroke yourself faster in an impatient gesture and see how impatiently he will thrust into you as soon as he gets the condom secure on the full length of his sex. You can guide him with your free hand so he doesn’t fumble and cause a tear in the condom. You want pleasure, not unwanted pregnancy. 

16. Give Him Sexy Massage-Inspired Hot Sex

Act like you only want to give him a massage by asking him to lie on his stomach. Give him a full rubdown from his neck to his toes that is clearly not an ordinary massage, then ask him to turn over if he wants more.

By the time he turns over, his penis will be at the full mast (if you did your job well) and he will find you holding one of the condoms he didn’t notice you had ready beside you. At this stage, let both of your imaginations lead you on with the foreplay, then make sure he suits up before he slides into you.

17. Introduce Some Sex Friends

The more the pleasure during foreplay, the better the climax. Get some sex toys to help you and your partner in the bedroom. You can start with a vibrating penis ring which you’ll fit at the base of your man’s penis during sex. 

The vibrating sex ring will serve both of you because as he is driving into you, you’ll feel the amazing sensation from your vagina inside you. To use the ring with condoms, you’ll need to wrap the ring around the rim of a condom. Make sure the ring is secured around the rim, then place the condom-ring pair over his sex, turn on the ring power and roll it down as it vibrates deliciously over his shaft.

18. Switch Roles

switch roles

In the middle of sex, when he is ready for penetration, ask him to rub your clits as you slide the condom on him. The sight of his hand on your lady parts and yours on his sex will make him go wild and ready to cum on the spot.

His hand will go faster and you’ll both lose focus. Ensure you roll the condom on him properly before letting him impale you with his length.

19. Play With His Ass

You’ll find the missionary style boring if you desire varieties of sex positions and so, you may want to try out something new. First of all, get your pack of condoms ready close by because your partner will want to thrust into you at any moment.

Sit on the edge of your bed or table, let him stand between your legs, and take hold of his stiff sex. Tear the wrap off one of the condoms, then roll it just over the tip of his sex and pause. Wrap your legs around his waist, one hand around his sex in a round position, and let your other hand play with his ass. 

You can play with his prostrate ring and this will make him thrust his sex towards your vagina. When he does this, roll the rest of the condom down and let his sex glide inside you.

20. Involve Your Boobs

Give your boobs more credit and get them involved in the process of inserting condoms. Take a moment from the regular mode of putting on condoms and ask your boyfriend to experiment putting on condoms with his sex between your boobs.

Lay on your back and ask your partner to kneel over you. Put your boobs together and hold a condom between your two forefingers. Have him push his stiff length between your breasts into the edge of the condom you’re holding with your fingers. Once he successfully glides into the edge, assist him with sliding in. 

21. Give The Orders

Unlike the other times you’ve been responsible for making the condom appear magically, this time around, make him get the condom, regardless of how far gone he is in his sexual gaze.

Let him know how horny you are so he will hurry back with a pack of condoms, just in case you both want to go a second round immediately. After he gets the condoms, take back the responsibility of sliding the condom on him.

22. Make Him Dizzy With Pleasure First

make him dizzy with pleasure first

Get him to lay on his back and get over him with a condom still in its wrap. Glide the condom wrap over his body, with a major focus on his erogenous zones. Once he is begging you to get him into you, open the condom but don’t use it on him yet.

Slide the unwrapped condom over his length to his balls which you can cup playfully. Finally, when he is dizzy with multiple sensations, roll it over him and guide him into you for completion.

23. Take The 69 Position

Assume the 69 position on his chest and shake your woman bits in his face. While you are unwrapping one of the condoms you snuck into bed, you can give his stiff length some few licks and drive him nuts. 

If he is a generous dude he will return the gesture by licking up your clitoris. He will be too distracted by what both of you are doing that he won’t know when you slide the condom on him.

24. Do It Together

Try laying on your back while your boyfriend straddles your waist. Let him unwrap one of the condoms you have on standby and put the tip between your lips. Afterward, guide his waist up so he can push the edge of his stiff length into the condom.

Let him use his fingers to hold his length steady while you roll the rest of the condom down.

25. Master Your Oral Game

Another way to make using condoms fun is by using oral sex to make your partner go crazy with lust. Give him head until he is very close to orgasm, then withdraws your tongue.

Repeat the process until he’s practically yelling for you to let him in. Whip out a condom and suit him up, then take both of you down to the land of fireworks. 

26. Try The Blindfold Technique

try the blindfold technique

The blindfold technique is another mind-stimulating way to get your boyfriend to use a condom without stress. If he is the type who gets worked up quickly and is usually roaring to get down to the base, try different tricks with him, including the blindfold technique. 

Use a blindfold on him, get him aroused with your touch and his senses guiding him, then put a condom on him.

27. Get The Right Size And Varieties Of Condoms

To avoid any form of hindrance or disappointment during sex, ensure you get the right size of latex condoms. There are one-size-fits-all condoms but there are also extra-large for the guy with above-average length and size. As such, get varieties and flavors of condoms

With the right kind of condom, your partner will have no excuse not to suit up his little guy.

In Conclusion 

Sex is amazing but safe consensual sex leaves you with no regrets. If you follow the tips in this article, you will not only spice up your sex life but you will also enjoy sexual intimacy with no worries. 

Do leave a comment and share this post if you enjoyed reading through it. 

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