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How To Hurt A Player (11 Ways To Beat A Player At His Game)

Have you been hurt by a player?

Are you looking for a way to gain revenge?

I’ve packed this guide with clever ideas for how to do it. 

The first thing you’ll want to do is prove that this guy is actually messing around with other women. For that, I urge you to download this online communications tracker.

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With such evidence to hand, you’re ready to start beating this player at his own game. Below, I’ve listed 11 ideas to help you do that. 

Use them wisely.

11 Ways To Get Back At A Player

1. Have fun with others

If you want to know how to play a player and make him feel bad or jealous, hanging out with other guys may be your ticket to do so. No one is immune to their feelings, so making him see that you don’t really care about him should help put him in check. 

He should know that you are perfectly fine whether he is there or not. Show him that you have better things to do than spending time with him. Go out, have fun, eat, drink, and dance. Have fun and don't limit yourself because of him but make sure he sees it.

2. Crumble his self-esteem

If you want to get back at this guy, you’ll need to break his confidence. To do this, you have to constantly mention his imperfections to him. Bring his weaknesses to his face and tell him you could do much better. This is the highest punishment ever. You don’t need to insult him directly, just drop discouraging hints on his appearance, scent, attitude, and intelligence. 

It’s one effective way that will help you on this mission to crush him. The more insecure he feels, the less confident he’ll be about playing with people’s hearts. He deserves whatever he gets back from you. So, don’t consider his feelings when acting because if he considered the emotions of others he wouldn’t be toying with them. 

3. Ignore him

Ignore him

To be able to hurt him, you need his attention first. And trust me, girl, you will never get that by throwing yourself at him. He is a player, he thinks so highly of himself and he gets those reactions frequently. But when you don’t give him attention and you act like he is not there, he will notice you. 

There may be one time when you’ll need to act interested in him, just to lure him in, but after that, if he says hi to you, barely reply. Act busy, look completely uninterested, and refuse to show that you see or hear anything from him.

4. Manage your expectations

Do not be overwhelmed or underwhelmed by anything he does. Trust me, this guy may try to sway you. You have to stay in control of your feelings and expectations and don’t expect too much from this. Do what you can and don’t lose your sanity in the process of playing him, he doesn’t deserve your stress.

Also, don’t expect much from him either. As long as you know he is a player and he isn’t good for you, you will be able to hurt him without a problem or feeling guilty.

5. Flirt with other guys

If he’s following you on any social media platform, take some really nice pictures with a few other guys just to show him how ‘social’ you are. That should show him that you don’t need him in your life and every other guy wants some of your time. 

If you go out to a party together, socialize with other people and pay less attention to him. Try to control yourself so you don’t glance at him too much. If you’re going to beat a player at his game, you have to act like a pro. Remember though, don’t play with other people’s feelings just to hurt another. Flirt a bit, and withdraw so you don’t lead anybody on. 

6. Treat him the way he treats you

Some people need a taste of their own medicine. Let him wear the shoes so he knows how it hurts. When he calls, let it ring through a couple of times before you reply with an “I’ll call you later” text. Of course, you’ll give it some time before you call him back —maybe a day or two. 

You could ask him to help you with something over at your place, then leave an hour before he’s supposed to come. When he calls you, apologize vaguely and say you forgot. Take the other quips from the things he does, and subtly do the same to him.

7. Keep your guard up

Be that mysterious lady to him and don’t pour out your heart and soul to him. He should work hard to get any information from you, and you have to be careful about the tidbits that you give him.  

Letting your guard down may be tempting but remember, the more you reveal to him, the more hurt you will feel at the end of the day.

8. Make him doubt your love for him. 

Make him doubt your love for him.

Have you ever dated a player before? Then you know how they can make you feel crazy, always believing that they loved you. So that’s why you have to use the same ploy. Make him feel like you’re really into him, then when he takes the bait, switch things up. Be less emotional and considerate and start pulling back from him. 

The sudden change might make him surprised and confused, so he’ll keep asking you what’s wrong. You still have to play smart here, don’t be cold or totally emotionless. Still sound kind and loving, but let your actions make him doubt your feelings for him.  

9. Criticize him in front of others

This could be tricky, so you need to be strategic and subtle about it. When you’re talking to friends or family, subtly make a joke about how he has a flaw you know he’s insecure about. Make sure it’s something you’ve noticed about him or things he randomly told you. However, it shouldn’t be a secret he shared with you. 

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Try not to sound insulting or condescending as well, just joke or make ‘seemingly harmless comments about his funny looking toes, or maybe a cavity problem. That should do the trick. 

10. Love yourself

This is not just an empty point, it is very vital. You can actually hurt him by loving and respecting yourself. Here’s the thing, players bank on their ‘victims’ losing a sense of self and their confidence. That’s why you need to show him that you respect yourself and care about your values even though he never did. 

Have a high regard for your own well-being and happiness and take care of your own needs. When he sees how much self-worth and love you have for yourself, that in itself will hurt him because he’ll figure out he can’t play you.

11. Always be in control

Make decisions, fix the schedule, don’t give him the satisfaction of ordering you around, or planning for you. When he makes a decision, second-guess him and boldly tell him you’d prefer something else. 

First, he’ll be confused, then he’ll be impressed, so do your own thing at your pace and let him follow. If he has you under his thumb then he will be much less intrigued. So, take charge so he can see that you are an unbeatable force.


How do you deal with a player? 

Dealing with a player isn't easy,  you have to be sure you want to play him first. You shouldn’t get too attached and don’t take him seriously. Play the hard to get game with him, spend less time with him, don't expect anything from him, ensure he doesn't know your next move, keep him thinking and be open to other relationships.

How do you stop loving a player? 

This could be very difficult initially because love is a very complicated emotion, you need to accept the truth that he is a player and move on. Create standards for yourself, love yourself, and spend more time on yourself. Then, you will realize you never want to be a second choice. You deserve the best.

What happens when you hurt a man's ego? 

Hurting a man's ego might cause damage to your relationship, and it could make your man lose interest in you. Yes, men are babies, but they are also very proud. When you hurt his ego he will feel broken and disappointed

How do you make a player fall for you? 

Players love the chase, they fall in love with what they can't have. So, don't just allow him to chase and win. Rather, build a close friendship with him. However, don't be available every time. Be very confident around him, and make sure you don't disclose your feelings to him.

What are the signs of a player? 

When he is often on his phone and never lets you have access to it, or if he brags often on how he can get any girl he wants, he isn't interested in knowing you better, then he’s a player. He’ll also lie a lot, try to string you along, and flirt with other girls.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. Take note when playing a player and don't do it for too long, because you might fall in love with him in the process. Make sure you protect your heart the best way you can and once you are done playing him, cut him off and move on. If this article was helpful in any way, let me know what you think in the comment section, and please don't forget to share it. 

Utilize this tool to verify if he's truly who he claims to be
Whether you're married or just started dating someone, infidelity rates have risen by over 40% in the past 20 years, so your concerns are justified.

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