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How To Get An Aries Man Back (After A Breakup)

June 28, 2024

Is there an Aries man in your life that you’re desperate to reconnect with?

Perhaps you’re wondering if there are certain behaviors that this sign is more likely to respond to? 

If so, read on because this guide explains the best way to make an Aries man miss you and want you back.

However, before we jump into this advice, it’s important you read the next few sentences very carefully. 

I wasted a lot of time in relationships with men who didn’t really care about me. 

I was never shown the love and affection that I would put into the relationship, and my partners would always grow tired of me pretty quickly. 

It felt like I would never find a guy who loved me for me! 

Thankfully, I turned this around - and it all started when I discovered a powerful aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. 

This psychological trigger has a tremendous impact on how a man feels about the women in his life.

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It would appear that most men appear to hold on to this way of thinking, yet so few people seem to understand how it works. 

So, if you’re hoping to make a lasting impact on any man in particular, I’d highly recommend you read the story of how I discovered the ‘Hero’s Instinct’

Then, by all means, read on for our Aries-specific advice. 

What is Aries man like in a relationship?

First of all, we should examine this guy in a relationship. What are his needs and wants? What sort of woman does he want as a partner? What won’t he put up with and which things can he compromise on? Once we learn more about the Aries man in a couple it’s easier finding out exactly what went wrong.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. Therefore, they’re born leaders. They trailblaze the path for the rest of us. As such, they need a partner that can follow them but also support them. And it’s this unrelenting love and support that some people find difficult.

Aries always have to be number 1 in the relationship. Imagine being the partner of the President of the USA. Sure, your feelings count but come on, he’s the president. He needs your undivided attention, support and loyalty.

This is true of all men born under this sign.

Your Aries guy needs his ego building up and stroking on a regular basis. But it’s also this ego-stroking that makes these men quite childish at times. If they don’t have their own way they can act immaturely; rather like a toddler having a temper tantrum.

So the Aries man is a paradox in himself; the strong leader forging ahead, but with an inner child that craves attention and praise. That’s what you’re getting into when you date him.

Nevertheless, we all know that they do date, moreover, they do have successful relationships and long-lasting marriages. That’s because these males are incredibly sexy. They ooze magnetic charm. They reveal in the centre of attention.

But it’s more than that. They cast this golden glow, when it falls on you then you feel exceptionally special. You are the chosen one.

So, that’s them in relationships, now let’s explore what you can do to get back together.

How to get an Aries man back

How to get an Aries man back

Firstly, he won’t do anything he doesn’t want to. So you can’t force him to return back to you. Appeal to his ego, his masculinity and his sense of pride.

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Secondly, although these guys might like a damsel in distress, they certainly don’t put up with whiny or desperate females. So no amount of cajoling or pleading will work.

Instead, it’s best leaving things for a period of time. Let the situation cool down somewhat. Especially if things ended dramatically. Give him time and let his macho pride simmer down before you make any kind of move.

Now, you might know why the relationship has ended, or you might not. If you don’t know why he left you, try and remember what attracted him to you in the first place?

Did he lust after your fit body or be enthralled by your inquisitive mind? Were you paying him a lot of attention, stroking his ego? Aries men do love attention, so if you are keeping quiet and maintaining your silence, he’ll start wondering what’s going on. That way, his interest will be piqued again. He’ll make the first move.

Remember, they love the chase. There’s nothing more off-putting for them when women fling themselves at their feet. So make sure you are worth the prize at the end of the chase.

However, as we all know, they can be formidable when they make a decision. As such, if they’ve really decided not to come back, then nothing you do or say will make them.

Do you want to get back together? Then knowing what attracts him in the first place is where we will start.

How to attract an Aries man

It’s hard attracting an Aries man, that’s because their focus is totally on themselves. So, bring your A-game to appear on his periphery.

Here's how you make sure you get Aries' attention.

‘Playing hard to get’ isn’t something women normally do in the 21-century. But it’s a tactic that works if you want to get an Aries man back.

Aries males are sensual, they’re highly sexed and think about their own desires. They’re quite happy playing the field before settling down. And when they do, they consider their partner to be the top prize in the contest.

Therefore, make yourself that prize, but don’t do it in a way that's too obvious. Remember, Aries doesn’t want a partner that gives in too easily. They need to fight for you. So if you don’t consider yourself worthy, neither will he.

He’s a confident guy and therefore confidence attracts him immensely. What will attract him is a savvy woman, someone sassy and sure of herself. Not some shrinking violet.

Remember, he’s a fire sign. He wants to play the game, he needs the chase. That’s because he loves the thrill of the unknown, and he'll wait for his enjoyment.

In fact, it’s that very anticipation of what’s coming that’s as exciting for him as the actual cementing of the relationship.

Are you still having problems?

How to make an Aries man miss you

How to make an Aries man miss you

It doesn’t matter whether you broke up with him or you’re still in the relationship. In fact, making your man miss you is a good ploy to keep in mind at all times when dealing with Aries men. That’s because they are easily bored.

Here’s how to make him miss you:

Live your best life. Aries are attracted to the top prizes. They covet what other men want. They lust after the woman every other man is chasing. Be that woman by living your best life.

Have a life separate from your man. There’s nothing that turns off an Aries man more than someone who relies on them for the interest in their own lives. When you both come home from work, you want your Aries man to be eager to know what you’ve done.

Be that confident and able woman that knows her stuff. The woman that is at the top of her profession, or the one that works with passion and drive.

Take the focus off him and turn it on yourself instead. Have you always supported your man? It’s time that spotlight turned on yourself.

Looks are very important for Aries. He loves the raw sensual look of a woman who knows what she wants, in and out of the bedroom. Someone who lives in tracksuit bottoms and trainers just won’t cut it.

Change up your look. Aries love surprises. They are impulsive and spontaneous. Have that daring haircut you’ve always wanted. Get out that bright red lipstick you’ve never dared wear before. Go and have that tattoo done. But do it with confidence.

How to make an Aries man obsessed with you

If you’ve tried all or some of the above and nothing's working, you’ll have to step up your efforts.

It’s true, Aries males do like being the knight in shining armour. But don’t overplay your hand. They want to be the first one you choose in a dire emergency. Not someone you constantly call because you can’t cope with life.

That new haircut or tattoo you got done? Take some sexy selfies and post on social media where you know he’ll see them. Reading the compliments you receive from men and women will perk him up and reignite his ardour.

Text him but do it right. Don’t text with a pleading or sad message. Instead, give him a mental challenge that interests him. Ask him a question that lets him show off his ego. Say things like 'I knew you'd know the answer when I asked this question.'

Aries notices the cream of the crop. So make sure you are the one that rises to the top. He’ll want the one person that is at the centre of attention. Make that person you.

At the same time, he doesn’t like an open book. He wants mystique, mystery, engaging in the pursuit. Leave some things for his imagination or drop clues for him.

How to keep an Aries man once you’ve got him back?

How to keep an Aries man once you’ve got him back?

Aries lose interest very quickly, so now you’ve got him back, how do you make sure you keep him?

Flirt with your man; this keeps his focus directed on you. Sex is very important, so be sexy but in an impromptu way. Don’t stage or schedule it.

Stay calm when he explodes. Aries’ symbol is the ram. These animals are known for butting heads, being stubborn and not moving from their position. When your Aries man is angry, remain cool under pressure and let him blow off steam until he’s ready to come back.

Don’t forget, he can act like a spoiled child in arguments. You have to be the mature adult in the relationship and not add fuel to this fire sign.

Allow him his freedom wherever you can. Aries don’t like being tied down. They can’t lead the way forward if someone is holding them back.

Getting your Aries man back

Aries males tend to look forward and not remain in the past. Therefore, they are unlikely to hold a grudge against you, even if you are in the wrong. They'll forgive and forget if they love you because they want to move forward.

If he messages, be mindful that he still wants the excitement of the chase. Some signs can’t wait to talk things through and resolve issues. But for Aries, this stage of uncertainty is just as exciting and a turn on.

Listen to what he says. Aries don’t waste time with lovey-dovey or soppy love poems. This Zodiac sign is blunt. So you know what they mean is exactly what they are saying. There’s no point reading between the lines with Aries. They say it as it is, so listen and take it in.

This doesn’t mean it will be all one-sided. He’ll state his case and expect you to have your side ready for discussion. If he wants you back he’ll be prepared to work through any issues with you. But you must be clear about what you want, where you think it has gone wrong, and how you can resolve it.

Aries may talk so they can find a resolution, but he can’t stand heavy, deep and meaning conservations. He’s got too many other important things he needs doing. He'll get back together with you, no problem, he just won't spend hours and hours talking about it.

So, by all means, have that chat about your future, but concentrate on the more practical ways you can improve things. Don’t go down the feelings road. You’ll lose his interest.

I’ve said before about the Aries paradox and here’s another one. Aries like their women to be fragile and feminine. But they also admire feisty partners who call them out on their bad behaviour. You’ll have to play a delicate balance between the two.

Do you really want him back?

Do you really want him back?

One last thing to know about these guys is that teasing, playing around, arguing and fighting is all normal for them. Some women can handle it, others cannot.

So before you even think about getting your man back, make sure you actually want him! Is getting back together what you really want or are you just afraid to be single? Because there's a big difference between putting up with bad behaviour and resolving issues that both of you are responsible for.

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