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4 Signs An Aries Man Is in Love With You

Last updated on June 15, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Are you wondering how an Aries man typically shows signs of affection?

Maybe you’re wondering whether he’s falling in love with you? 

Perhaps you’re with a stereotypical Aries who tends to dive into his thoughts and feelings so much?

If so, read on. In the article below, I reveal the four behavioral signs that an Aries is falling in love with you.

However, before we explore these signs, it’s very important that you carefully read the next few sentences. 

For the best part of my twenties, I was stuck in relationships with men who wouldn’t show affection towards me. 

The reason was because they really didn’t care that much!

I was only ever the casual partner that a man could enjoy until someone better came along. 

It felt like I’d never be able to enjoy a serious relationship with a man who truly loved me.

Yet, that all changed when I learned about a powerful aspect of male psychology called the ‘Hero’s Instinct’. 

When this psychological trigger is activated, it creates feelings of stature and worthiness. Men become naturally more loving and affectionate towards the women who can trigger these feelings. 

Once I learned how to activate this way of thinking in a man, my relationships became a lot more fulfilling (you can learn how to do this for yourself by reading my personal story).  

The ‘Hero’s Instinct’ is so easy to turn on, once you know how. The crazy thing is: so few people seem to know about it. 

If you’re looking for true love, I’d recommend you discover how I learned to activate the ‘Hero’s Instinct’ right away. 

Of course, there’s every chance that the Aries in your life is already about to make a bold declaration of love. 

Below, we explore the biggest behavioral hints that this is the case.

How can you tell the Aries is serious?

When it comes to love, they can struggle to understand the emotional side of things. They don't always understand other people on their level and it can be hard for them to commit to people. The Aries can show you the best time in the world though and luckily their unique way doesn't mean that they don't want to settle down with the right person.

So, let's take a look at the signs that show that the Aries is in love with you.

1. He's NOT saying the L word

Settling down is not always the easiest thing for an Aries, and he tends to be attracted to the initial excitement of any relationship. Not scared of taking risks, he really wants to jump into new situations but when it comes to love, they don't always make the right decisions. If you've seen an Aries guy with a pack of exes in his wake, don't despair. Many Aries men have to go through this to then know what's right for them before they make a serious move.

At the same time, it can be hard for you to know if you really have his attention. They might be all about somebody initially, but it's hard for them to make that last.

If  things are very new and exciting for the two of you and they drop that L Word right off the bat. Be cautious, be aware, as they don't always think before they speak and often they're caught with their foot in their mouth. However, if you

if you guys have had your ups and downs and you've been seeing each other for a while, and then they say it, it's a much better sign that they actually mean it. And most likely, they probably won't drop that word until they're committed to you in some way. If they say it very early on, just again, be wary!

2. He's acting like a knight in shining armor.

An Aries man will really like to play the role of knight in shining armor and he loves nothing more than to be the hero and save the day. And this is definitely true in their love lives as well.

He will be looking for ways to help 'save you' in any way that you can in 2022!

Is it like pulling teeth getting him to spend time with you?
The key to solving is understanding men on a much deeper emotional level. The number #1 factor that causes men to behave this way is actually relatively easy to change with a few subtle things you can say to him.

Take this quick quiz to see if he actually likes you!

If you go see a movie and there are no parking spots, and interested areas as likely to drop you off at the door in Bangor Park the car. When you're leaving for a party, you may notice that your shoes look uncomfortable and suggest you bring along some flats to wear on the way home. When you're stuck at least at work, don't be surprised if he happens to show up with some dinner.

An Aries in love is simply not stopped by rain or snow. If there is a blizzard outside and he lives even far away, he'll still show up for your date night. He will simply step up in a way that is very attractive!

That isn't to say that the Aries is a total gent and entirely selfless , in fact at times, they can be quite self-centered, when it comes to love, they really just want their way and when they don't get it, they can become irritated or downright angry. Again, because they are the baby of the zodiac they can be fun but also challenging.

An Aries can be easily wounded and even though they come across as confident, strong, brave, courageous, sure of themselves. (at times, they can even be a little bit full of themselves!) at the end of the day they do want to be the hero and they can also be wounded too.

They're just as sensitive to criticism as the rest of us and often they hide the fact that they feel like they're not good enough. That being said, you know, this can factor into them being a little bit jealous or more competitive than other signs, especially when it comes to love you know, they want to win, they want to get what they want and they don't want to let anything stand in their way.

3.  They are intimate physically and emotionally

You may already be able to tell this is one of the most passionate signs, and it isn't  be terribly hard to seduce your Aries man. If you've attracted an Aries man, he'll let you know. He likes you with physical touch and he'll go out of his way to give you a hug when you walk in to a room, put an arm around you and make you feel very loved.

When you walk in the room a huge smile probably  lights up his face no matter what he's doing. There's no mistaking it. Your areas face positively close, but you arrive. In fact, go with your friends and his are probably teasing you wrote about it. However, emotionally he will be very accepting of you. He likely  knows all of your little habits and doesn't begrudge the bad ones! If you're trying to get an Aries's man, even if he thinks that you're not so great habits like when you forget your keys or purse, he doesn't grumble about going back. He doesn't even seem to mind when you do things he has asked you about time and time again - perhaps not tidying his shoes just before he needs them! To him, these are all just part of your charm.

4.  He includes you in is life

If he really likes you, then he will absolutely want you to get to know the people who are important to him. If your Aries man is taking you to parties and other social gatherings with this crowd, you can be sure that this is an Aries man drifting toward love with you. He is probably trying to get to know your friends as well at the same time and hopefully, he is being simply 'him' around them.

At the same time, he will be in touch through digital means. He likely  texts to say goodnight or good morning because an as Aries, he is likely to spend a lot of time thinking about you and he's not going to be afraid to let you know that. If you're getting little notes just to say hi, then you have definitely caught his eye. If he's laughing at your jokes, and inviting you here there and everywhere, it's a great sign.

He might put a lot of effort into staying in contact with you and he is not the type to just make a plan with you over the phone and then not communicate again until you both meet up - for an Aries it's a much more fluid thing where instead of seeing you tomorrow the are probably going to talk to you all day and all night before you meet up!

Its charming and a lovely way to feel adored.  They're putting in that effort which is wonderful. Now as mentioned at the start, be sure that you have been together long enough to know that all this attention, flattery and interest is the real deal and that he isn't just chasing a new exciting toy in his life! Remember he enjoys a good game!

Is your Aries in love with you?

It's hard to find out if the Aries man is in love with you, but the main takeaways are looking for those signs that he is really integrating you into his life, genuinely excited and wowed by you and also that he is in contact a lot. Whilst other signs might want deep conversations or plenty of passion, the Aries is easy breezy and balanced and is a positive guy who is going to go strongly for what he wants, but with that soft inner centre. He's delicate underneath it all!

Please leave a comment and tell all about the Aries man in your life, or share on social media so it can help someone else out who is struggling to know if their Aries is really in love or if they are still in the easier 'lust stage' with this romantic guy!

Do you feel like all you think about is him, but he only thinks about himself?
This doesn't mean he doesn't like you. You have to understand how he is wired. Once you do, you'll find there is a subtle thing you can say that to him that will drastically change how he shows his emotions towards you.

Take this quick quiz that looks at whether he actually likes you or not!

Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

33 comments on “4 Signs An Aries Man Is in Love With You”

  1. He chased me for months.. i finally gave in to meeting up with him and we got on like a house on fire! i habe seen him more or less everyday since we met the very first time. He stays with me and my 3 kids everynight he can - however me and him have only had sex 3times??? he kisses and hugs me throughout the day, his in contact throughout the day. I feel he discusses some/most of his concerns to me. Ive tried to discuss this many times but never feel i get an understandable answer or he completely avoids. All with love and acceptance i might add, he makes sure he shows me and kids love. Ive asked if we are just besties, and he is adamant we are not. I am so confused! obviously its not about sex hence why we are still seeing eachother and enjoying eachothers company EVERYDAY haha but still the unknown bugs me and i dont want to keep bugging him about it really.

    Oh theres 11years age difference between us! was a big deal for me to begin with but he convinced me otherwise. He was also very flirty and lots of sexting to begin with but now (not complaining) is more general with care.

    Is he mocking my life or not ?. Taurus women x

    1. I am online dating an Aries man met him in New York at the Airport I was on my way back to St. Louis he was just onhis way to Nigeria We exchanged numbers I thought oh well this is that he is going to Nigeria for his job I will probably never talk with him again, well after three days I did hear from him we have been communicating by phone and texting it is now five years and our friendship has totally grown into a beautiful relationship, he will soon be coming back to the states we will pick up from where we first met I am a Taurus ♉️ according to astronomy we are not a match but we have been committed to each other in this Friendship I am excited to see where we will go when he gets back to New York

      1. I am an April 20 Aries/Tarsus. The Aries man is my best friend. He’s been in my life since Middle School. He sent me a middle school picture of me and him heads together. I was so touched that he found that people when he mother died last year. I don’t know what the future holds. I am enjoying being adored and cherished

    2. Laura. Omgosh I can't believe it. It was as if I wrote your comment. It's exactly the same with me..word for word except I don't have children. The one thing I'll say he will always have your back. He will always keep you safe. He loves you they just don't say it much.
      Ours is an 11 year difference too, and I'm also a Taurus❤️ . We had an argument yesterday ( we have small ones every now and then) and tonight he said he wanted to stop seeing me. I'm broken not sure if he will come back to me, but I know he loves me and will be thinking of me. We live long distance and I have known him for one year two days ago. He has texted or called me every single day as well as throughout the day. We are so passionate in everything that we do. It doesn't matter if it's just telling a joke it's passionate. See a Aries and a Taurus are the only signs with horns. That's where the passion comes in. I'm devestated my heart is broken in two but I must keep the faith. Today I looked up "are Aries men sensitive" and the first thing I read was this article and then your comment was next. That's what gives me more faith. All the coincidences that you and I have. It was meant for me to read your comment and the article. . It has given me greater hope and faith. Now I will put it into Gods hands. If it was meant to be he will come back. When I met him I was a catipillaer in a cocoon and he showed me how to be a butterfly. I know my angels led me to your comment. Thank you for writing what you did. It might not work out like I want but I'm forever whole just by knowing him the time that I did.

    3. Hi, I’m in Aries man through and through.

      You look at my profile on the zodiac sign and that’s 100% correct. In love I love the chase but once I find the right person I’m 100% committed.

      I’ve met a woman who is a Taurus But she says that she has more Sagittarius And it’s interesting because we are a perfect match.

      Unfortunately because of the quarantine we only seen each other twice but we text and talk and share lots of stuff. And Aries man will know right away if he likes somebody. If he doesn’t like you he’s not gonna hang around but if he loves you he’s going to be an amazing companion if he’s what you’re looking for in terms of passion and spirit

      I’m only going to tell you this because this is what attracts me to her and this may be of help to you.

      When I fall I fall hard and this woman has every single quality that I can possibly imagine in someone and after three months I can totally see myself having a long-term relationship with her. We have not gotten intimate and I’m going to be a gentleman and wait for the right time because I really think she’s something special and Aries men don’t wait unless it’s really special and when it happens I know that it’s going to be wonderful.

      Having said that. Anyways man always want sex. If your guy doesn’t want it then either he has an issue with his confidence or unfortunately he has really not been into you

      I know it’s very hard to do but I think you just need to go your separate ways because with an Aries they either you or they don’t and they make it Perfectly clear through his deeds

      If Your guy is into you he’s going to go out of the way To show you and if he isn’t like I said I think it’s just time to move on however hard it is

    4. This is an Aries guy replying. An aries guy is cuddly and cute with you but not shoving you into bed is a SURE SHOT sign he's hooked to you. At typical aries has a huge libido and if he is into the relationship just for sex, that's ALL you get, sex and nothing else. But if the arian is nesting deeper feelings, he will make you feel special and not just a piece of ass. trust me on this.
      also, about your other question, about sexting. Did you stop sexting or change the way YOU respond to his sexts, at ANY point of time? or did you happen to mention that you don't like sexts all the time? or even roll your eyes to his sexts? We aries are touchy and tend to read in between the lines A LOT! If he has REMOTELY FELT that you are changing in your way of doing things, he will mirror it and start re-reading your actions all over again. If you really just want that to continue, just do him a favour and let him KNOW that you're okay with sexts and some raunchy talk. We THRIVE on rauchiness, trust me!

  2. My boyfriend is,an aries and is the opposite of almost I have,read of this star sign,he is boring,selfish,lazy,lies a bit,not romantic,crap in bed,cold,is not spontaneous im like why he is not a,real aries....

    1. Hey Im an aries man and i can tell that he's not into u anymore but too afraid to hurt u if he then decided to leave. Go big or go home motto for us is not just a motto. If u dont see him going big than he probably is thinking how to go home.

      1. What does it mean when he doesn’t text you like he used too. He use to text me every day all day now it’s only a couple times a day. He says he loves me and he’s never hurt me but doesn’t he talk to me as much anymore

      2. Since you’re an Aries man can you tell me this. My ex and I broke up and he is in another relationship. A year and a half has passed but he reaches out to me every so often saying I feel like home, saying he sees my face every where he goes and just admitted that he loves me. Do you think he’s just scared of his feelings for me and that’s why he’s scared to be with me?

        1. Aries men are so passionate that when they fall they fall hard. It took me 20 years to get over my ex wife, she was an Aries as well , got hurt a second time and vowed to never love again and here I am smitten a gorgeous, intelligent and beautiful Sagittarius

          Things are going well despite the quarantine but I’m scared do your Aries May be scared but can’t let you go

          Reach out and see if he is serious and if he is reassure him as much as you can

          Aries men are strong and dominant but putty in the hands of the woman they truly love

    2. Double Whammy here.. We’re both Aries..
      So the feeling are so intense that it’s a mix of admiration and lust. I met this guy on a dating website, and We’ve been seeing each other for about a week or so. I feel like I have met my match in every aspect.. whenever I am with him.. it’s like me being with myself except he’s here, and so am I. One of the most bizarre feelings I’ve ever had since never... I’ve dated other astrological signs, and for some reason I feel like I am at home with this guy.. really fun and addicting sexually. It’s like a damn fire

    3. Wow, interesting Are You Sure that he gave you his true birthdate? I’m an Aries man and I can’t find one single reason for you to stay with him if that’s really what he’s like.

      An Aries man can be full of himself, I bit petulant at times But certainly if they’re into you they are in to you 100%

      You’ll know it trust me

      I think you deserve better,

      Good luck

  3. No he's.not. he's scared & has relationship aniexty. He thinks nothing is wrong with the way he leaves you confused..been on & off with an Aries Man for over 2 yrs. He uses his sense of humor & sarcasm 2 cover up his feelings & gets wounded easily..I wounded him by breaking up with him so many times but I'm a Libra Woman...I protect my heart too.

  4. Hi im aquarius women
    And I have been so k ng years relationship in aries man. Since I was 16years and he's 27.. We lost relationship for so many years.. With out any reason.. After 17 years we met again.. One of my friend hard he's looking at me and she easily gave my contact.. The next day I recieve message from him. And many story I hard that he's looking at me for many times in Dubai.. That he love me too much.. But now after 3years relationship starting ignoring me and cold

  5. I met this aries men about 2yrs.we seldom chat..but sometime he will whatsapp me ..we can chat almost a month.but the another month he totally stop chating with me.I dint knos what is going on and what is happen? Am i did anything wrong? We last chat is on jan.now already march.he dint chat with me anymore.Feel so sad

    Im Gemini horoscope.

  6. I met My Aries man 2 months ago. We have seen each other practically every day for 2 months. He is passionate, he is someone who always wants to solve problems and always giving me advise. The chemistry in the bedroom is like nothing I have every experienced. I have never felt so beautiful or loved from this amazing man. He recently told me he loved me and I am so happy. I love my Aries man and so blessed he walked into my life.

    1. Lisa,

      How great for you , keep telling him how wonderful he makes you feel and he will by your side forever

  7. Am a leo with a aries man we committed to each other a few weeks ago however i went through is phone and saw him texting another woman saying that he miss touching her. He says that it's his ex and he was sorry and he loves me and want to commit to me and that will be just us two if i give him one more chance
    He begs that i don't give up on him. But am scared even tho I do love him and wants to give him another chance. Will my aries man ever be able to commit to me alone ?.

    1. Hi there, he will in time but I hate to say this when an Aries man gets hurt it takes him forever to get over it if he truly loved her

      It took me 20 years to get over my hurt with my ex wife and I’ve met a wonderful woman who after only a few months can see a future

      It’s hard to take but you have to be firm and let some time pass or you’ll never be his #1

      He may love you but he will see her face everywhere so let time pass and see what happens

  8. When an Aries man has a lock on their phone and says that my phone is my phone and his phone is his phone and we should trust each other and shows no signs of cheating should I believe hes not cheating...Weve been together exclusive a little over a year???

    1. Hi Jay, sorry to say this but yes he’s hiding something

      Aries men can indeed cheat but they are loyal to a fault if they love and we are open books. I’m falling for someone and anytime she wants my phone she’s welcome to no matter what sign he is there’s no reason for that behavior

  9. I've messed around with about three aries men that I know of ages 22-33.
    Two out of the three I felt a connection with, one of them after the third third time we hangout let me put my finger print in his phone and constantly asked for a relationship with me the other let me meet his kids and spend the day with them and we only dated twice before that
    The other one which I didn't feel a connection to asked to have kids with me and gave me his all wether it was attention or needs, bottom line is the aries man is vary open and knows what he wants instantly... oh and their very generous people and are always willing to help you out with anything you need and will continuously remind you that their always at your disposal;)

  10. My Aries man and i have Ben dating for over a year, he still
    Won’t fully commit but tells me he loves me finally and we are together pretty mucb everyday. I am a Pisces so I’m fall hard. He has not been with anyone since 2010 so not sure what to expect. Our first 6 months i caught him with 2 other women but he let them go and. Came back to me and now says he won’t do it again and hasn’t in the other 6 months and does everything to prove himself but it’s been hard for me to trust again.

  11. I'm cancer and have been dating this aries man for like a year and some months now.
    This year alone we've broken up three times and he always comes back pleading for us to start over again.
    But recently I found out he has another girlfriend living in another state and when I asked him about her, he didn't deny the relationship but went ahead to tell me he likes me and wouldn't want us to break up.
    I don't understand him, he doesn't want to let me go and he doesn't want to end things with her too.
    What does it mean?

  12. Like for example, when we broke up five months ago, and came back together recently, we got talking and he revealed that he slept with her during the two or three months we were not together.I didn't know how to process that.
    He evades any questions I ask concerning her.
    I don't know why I feel he's still very much in love with her.

  13. I'm with an aries man (Turkish) I'm a libra woman he can be very lazy and self centred keeps his money to himself seems very secretive I feel frustrated at times because I cannot read him. We live together I sold my home to move into his. Some days he hardly speaks to me or my grown up adult kids. I think he can be quite ignorant or maybe arrogant at times. Told him I don't want to be with him anymore so he went to stay with his son for 2 weeks. He tried texting me but I didn't have much to say. He came back and we talked a lot but he seems to twist things which kinda makes me feel like I'm going a bit crazy..he's all over me telling me that he loves me and wants me in his life...I'm confused. Being a libra I feel I can read things and sense things. I can be quite spiky and hurtful with words.

  14. Hello,

    I’ve read and related to everyone’s stories I’m a Taurus woman in love with an Aries man . We were honestly the best of friends as well . Being a Taurus woman who has been in love the type of love I have for this man is overwhelming. But intimacy you could imagine, and there’s something that is naturally connecting me to him . He has a gf as do I a gf. He left her completely for me .. after that we had differences on how fastly we were taking things . I honestly thought we were on the same page . He told me he would come back and marry me wishful thinking right ? Ha . I find myself pouring my feelings out to him , he replies wanting to have sex . Have you ever been so deeply in love you can’t image going back to a friendship ? He admitted his love , I was unsure or insecure maybe both and kept saying you lust me not love me . Maybe it was true but I think he just thinks it’s lust now . One minute he’s telling me to move on the next it’s I love you too . My feelings my heart and my truth is to leave him alone but I feel like their is something that is connecting us . Maybe it’s the horns , but he’s so passionate I love it . Am I delusional or is there a chance ? Probably not but I see situations similar and would love updates .

  15. Hello,
    I am cancer. Dating a Aries man we met on a dating site. It will be four months now since dating. I am good at studying people but i can study him what he wants. Ever since we meet we been texting every single day. He is sweet with me gently and we joke around alit with each other. My problem is we don’t meetup often and we don’t go out for dates. We live 15 mins away from each other but he texts me every single day he doesn’t skip a day. Whenever we plan a date he cancels it at the last minute. His boys are his priority, I understand his past relationships were not easy his ex’s cheating on him.I am really a patient woman but i don’t wanna waste my time. If this is not going anywhere. I told him if he is not into this he should tell me so we can both go our separate ways. He says he wants and i a good woman for him. He is so good with his mouth but his actions says otherwise. My question is are Aries men just good with there mouth and not act on it? And what do you think of my situation or is it to early to say? Cause we are still dating

  16. Hi ladies n gents. I have an aries guy in my life, to say the least wow. I knew he liked me from how he watched me. Anyhows I hooked up with him and he said he was in love with me. Anyhow I said no thats moving to fast, let's just enjoy each other's company. We argue alot but some how patch things up. I know he likes me as he walks past he always reaches to brush my arm, or fingers. Having sex he touches my face alot. Very playful likes to bite and cuddle after the deed. Keep me close if not try to snuggle me close to him. Mostly I end up laying half way on him. He texts everyday to see how my day goes or just to chat. He will even msg me if he see's i haven't sent him a msg, asking why I'm quiet. Noticed he gets jealous as icwas at a party, no one knows we r together so our mutual friend agreed to be my fake bf. He heard and was telling me I'm driving him insane, as he feels like hurting his friend. Confused I didn't know how to answer and his cousin told me he knows we are secretly together and he has strong feelings for me, but I'm way to casual so his scared to tell me again. Point one he chased me when he had a gf, 2nd knows I'm loyal and easily give my heart but with him, I feel his undecisive of his feelings. He previously dumped me and few days was back as if nothing happened. I only assume his in love with me as I know I took his virginity in his younger days n dumped him. Not to hurt him but at the time I had one kid and felt I was pulling him in my messy break with my ex. Anyway another example is he takes note of my facial expressions and next thing will be my knight where he sweeps me off on a drive just to clear my mind. Even with ppl in the car he reaches to touch my leg or hand. Recently I caught him staring again at me and asked him, why he does that, he replied I can't get you out my mind and keep seen us in bed together. I've noticed he looks at me differently, like the other time a guy was really struggling so I drawer my money to help this guy. My Aries looked at me shocked asking why would I do that, answer is that guy has no one and everyone needs someone in their life even if its for a short period. He hugged me and said ur the sweetest person I've known, but I dnt think I could be like u. I'm a Pisces and yes the signs say we dnt match but as Water and his Fire I just look for ways to keep the fire burning. I do the unexpected and I'm really wild in bed. So he like to hand over the rains once in a while. An aries man is very passionate but the same time lives to make sure his lady is satisfied. I believe we need to both work on keeping each other satisfied to keep him coming for more. Ladies never chase a man, its really their job and even me, having that attitude of I'm not worried is fake. I love my Aries guy and even days when I wanna end things my friends tell me, with the way I light up talking about says way to much. I'm scared of being hurt and really don't want to put pressure on my guy as his the sweetest and rudest guy in one, but can admit when his wrong and will always correct me if I hurt his feelings. All it takes is communication but with me I'm afraid I will lose him if I tell him how I feel. Any advice out there will be appreciated

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