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How To Break Up A Couple (23 Slick Ways)

Last updated on June 5, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Trying to break up another person’s relationship is usually not a very good idea and you are likely to eventually get caught out. However, if you know that your friend is in an unhealthy relationship, you may have no other choice but to try and separate the couple. While it is always better, to be honest with everyone involved, some people do turn to break up relationships secretly. 

If your friend is in a relationship and is happy, you should be happy for them. Remember that things will turn out well for you in the future too and there is no need to be jealous that your friend is in a happy relationship and you aren’t quite there yet. Just give things time and they will happen for you too, don’t try to separate their relationship for this reason. 

However, you may see that your friend is desperately unhappy but is too scared to break out of their relationship themself. If they have told you that they aren’t happy and you have tried to help them to get out of their relationship but it hasn’t succeeded, you may, unfortunately, be looking into how to break up their relationship secretly, so keep reading to find out how. 

23 Ways To Separate A Couple

1. Reveal information

If you are trying to break up another person’s relationship, make sure first of all that you have considered the reasons why you are trying to do this and whether it is morally right or whether it stems from your own selfish interests. If you have no choice but to do so, it is possible to break up another person’s relationship by revealing information or lies about them. 

2. Find out what they are hiding

Find out what they are hiding

If you know that your friend is in a relationship and that they are unhappy but unable to find a way out, consider finding out what their partner is hiding from them. This is especially helpful if you know that the person they are dating is not an honest person and you have heard bad rumors about them in the past. Find out what they are lying about and reveal it to your friend. 

3. Check social media

When you are wondering how to break up a couple, consider checking social media for potentially harmful information. If you find out that your friend’s partner has done something wrong or behaved badly on social media, you can reveal this information to your friend and potentially cause the end of their relationship in this way. 

4. Research online

If you are trying to break up a relationship, look for information online to find out what they could be hiding from their significant other. Any lies or information that they have kept hidden could cause the end of their relationship if their partner finds out. Ensure that you are doing this for the right reasons but this is a good idea to consider if you want to break up a relationship. 

5. Reveal information anonymously 

It is important to consider the reasons as to why you are trying to break up a relationship, as there is usually no reason that you should try this. However, if you do need to for whatever reason, look for damaging information and then reveal it to the partner anonymously. Ensure that you are careful not to get caught when looking for or revealing this information. 

6. Get close

If you are trying to separate or break up a couple for positive reasons, try getting close to either one or both partners of the couple. If you get really close to your friend while she is still in the relationship, you act really clingy and never leave their side, you could cause issues and tension in the relationship and eventually lead to its failure.

7. Remain by their side

If you know that your friend wants to get out of their partnership but they are struggling to find a way out, they may need your help. Let them know that you are there for them and you will always remain by their side for as long as they need. Call the couple’s house regularly even if you are not invited and talk to your friend for a few hours. This may start to annoy their partner. 

8. Take up their time

If you are wondering how to break up a couple, consider taking up one of the partner’s time. If your friend needs help in getting out of their unhealthy partnership, this is an option to try. If you take up all of your friends' time, their partner will likely grow apart from them. Healthy relationships involve the couple spending much of their time together. 

9. Put distance between them

If you are wondering how to break someone up from their partner, spend more time with your friend so that you begin to put distance between them and their partner. Couples usually spend a lot of time together when they are happy but if you make yourself available for your friend all of the time you will be able to help them to create distance from their partner. 

10. Call your friend every day

If you are helping your best friend to break up their unhappy partnership, start calling them every day and show them that you are always there for them. This will also help to create further distance between them and their partner. This will likely begin to annoy and irritate their partner and eventually cause the end of their partnership. 

11. Introduce someone else

Introduce someone else

It is difficult to separate a couple that has been together for a long time but if you want to break them apart for whatever reason, consider introducing someone new to your friend. If you introduce your friend to another person and a potentially better-suited partner, it may help when you want to break them apart from one another. 

12. Compare them

When you have introduced your friend to a new person, compare this person to their current partner. Make sure that the new person is someone that your best friend would be attracted to and that this person meets the requirements that they look for in a partner. By comparing and hinting that this person is better suited, you can help to separate them. 

13. Look for opportunities

When your friend has started to get to know this new person, try to set up possible opportunities for them to bump into each other. This will ensure that your friend realizes that there is a better-suited person out there for them. If they realize that their current partner isn’t treating them right, they might seriously consider leaving their current situation with them. 

14. Look for help

There are occasions where you may assist when you want to break up a couple. If there are lies everyone knows about but your friend in the partnership, it is likely that there are other people around them that think that this person is not a good partner for them. If their well being and happiness are in danger, their other friends may be willing to help you. 

15. Talk to others

If you have found that your friend has other friends that think it is a good idea to break the couple up, talk to them and ask them what they think the best means to proceed is. Find out how they feel about the couple and how your friend is being treated and ask them for help on breaking them up if they think that it is the right thing to do in this situation.

16. Work together

By working with some of your friend’s other close friends and family you may succeed more quickly in breaking the couple up. If you all think that the partnership is a bad idea and this person deserves better, work together to resolve the situation. However, ensure that you are doing it for the right reasons and not for your own selfish interests or goals. 

17. Point out weaknesses

Everybody has their weaknesses and disadvantages so if you want to break up a couple, look for these things, and emphasize the flaws. If you know that your friend wants to get married and have kids soon and you find out that her partner has no interest in any of these things, it is important to point out to them that this is the case. 

18. Remind your friend that they deserve more

Remind your friend that they deserve more

If you have pointed out the weaknesses of your friend’s partner to them, it is important that you continue to remind them of these things if you want to make sure that they have the best in life and they don’t live to regret anything. If your friend’s partner’s goals and dreams are completely opposite to theirs, remember to remind them that they deserve much more. 

19. Share anecdotes 

If you have been in a similar situation in the past and you want your friend to realize what they might be missing out on should they choose to stay with this person, tell your friend about your own experiences in a similar couple. By telling your friend about your own personal experiences, they may come to the realization that something needs to change. 

20. Talk to your friend honestly

While you may have initially wanted to help break up a couple secretly, it is not always possible. If you know that your friend’s happiness is at stake and you know deep down that they are desperately unhappy with their current partner, it may be time to step in and talk honestly to your friend about how you feel and that you think the partnership is unhealthy. 

21. Cast a spell 

There are many spells that can be cast to break up a couple. Many people believe in magic to resolve love issues. Be careful with the charm that you choose to use and ensure that you have all of the correct ingredients for the spell before you cast it. Follow all of the steps carefully and ensure that you do it all in secret so that the couple is not aware of it. 

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22. Let it go

If you have spoken to your friend honestly about how you feel about their partnership and the fact that you believe it is not right for them and your friend has chosen to ignore you, let it go. You cannot obsess over other people and their relationships forever. You have tried many ways of helping but now it is time to let your friend choose their own path. 

23. Suggest therapy

If your friend has refused to consider leaving their partnership but admits that they are unhappy in ways they are unable to resolve themselves then suggest they see a therapist or attend couples therapy with their significant other. There is no means to force someone to do anything but rest assured you have done everything that you could. 


How do you break up someone else's relationship?

Breaking up another person’s relationship is never a good idea and you should never even consider it unless you have a very good reason to do so. If you have your friend’s interests at heart and you know that they aren’t happy in their relationship but they have no way to get out of it you may have no other choice but to try and separate them. 

How do you break up a couple anonymously?

Breaking up another couple is never usually a good idea but sometimes you may feel responsible for your friend and their happiness. Perhaps you have always been the person that has been there for them throughout their life and you are aware that they are desperately unhappy in their relationship but they can’t see a way out. 

Is it wrong to break up with someone for someone else?

It is never wrong to break up with someone if you are not happy. However, it is hugely important, to be honest with your partner as they deserve that much. Never lie to your partner and avoid cheating on your partner at all costs. If you are not happy in your relationship it would be unfair to lie to your partner and pretend otherwise. 

How do you separate lovers?

If you are trying to separate lovers the first thing that you need to consider is whether you are doing it for the right reasons. It is usually not a good moral idea to break up another couple. However, if you know that one of the partners is not a good person it can help to reveal the things that you know about them to their other half. 

What can ruin a relationship?

Almost all relationships can be ruined by a lack of communication and a lack of trust. Every healthy relationship involves these qualities at its core. If you are unhappy in your relationship or you know that one of your friends is in an unhealthy relationship, consider whether these things exist in the relationship in question, if not, it is likely the problem. 

To Sum Up… 

No matter how much you want to, attempting to separate a couple and break up and the relationship is almost always a very bad and selfish idea. Unless your friend is in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship that they can’t get out of, you should never consider breaking up another couple for your own selfish interests, look for happiness elsewhere instead. 

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