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FriendFinder-X.com Review – Your Casual Online Dating Site

Last updated on June 9, 2022 by Roxana Bikfalvi

Online dating doesn’t have to end with a happily ever after. Sometimes casual dating is a better alternative to long-time commitment. Especially when you just got out of a relationship and want to take some time for yourself.

But if you’re after casual dating maybe spiced with an erotic encounter, the mainstream online dating sites might not be your best bet. Read my FriendFinder-X.com review to find out more about the place where good girls go bad.

Although my mission here is to help women find their meaningful relationship, we can’t hide that every now and then casual dating is fulfilling. Sometimes, serious online dating can be overwhelming and in those moments of frustration, having a fun one-night stand can often be rewarding.

If you too feel this way, let me introduce you to FriendFinder-X.com. This popular online dating site is famous exactly because it doesn’t focus on long-term dating but on casual dating and quick hookups.

Beloved by men and women alike, Friend Fined X counts over 50 million members, most of which are genuine. People sign up to this site to have fun, but the site also brags with successful stories of members who actually found the love of their life on the platform.

Love apart, this online dating platform focuses on the erotic side while keeping things relaxed and simple. You can use the platform to just send flirts and chat with members, to organize web encounters or to actually set up a date with your match.

Like most dating sites, Friend Finder X is free to join but you’ll be required to subscribe to a paid membership to enjoy all features and functions.

For its stated purpose, I found this platform fun and easy to navigate. Most members have a clear goal with erotic implications but the quality of the members is exceptional. With a few exceptions, you won’t be asked to do anything you’re not comfortable with and there are many ways to release your sexual tension without even leaving the platform.

But before getting into detail, you should know that FriendFinder-X.com is not for everyone. Here are a few things to consider before signing up.

Things To Consider Before Singing Up To FriendFinder-X.com

FriendFinder-X.com is one of the most popular dating sites as far as casual dating is concerned but the platform is certainly not for the faint-hearted. This is one of the most explicit sexual dating sites designed for members interested in occasional hookups, cybersex, and casual encounters.

While you can use the site to find your Mr. Right, chances are you’ll just lose time in doing so. Therefore, if you’re looking for a solid long-term relationship, you might have to look elsewhere.

You should also think twice about joining Friend Finder X if you’re not 100% comfortable with explicit conversations right from the start. Those who join the site usually do so because they want to go to bed with someone. They don’t want to send flowers and buy you chocolate before getting a kiss.

Another thing you should know is that Friend Finder X is geared towards everyone. This is one of the largest sites open to people of all races, religions, and orientations. Moreover, the site also allows couples and groups to search for relaxed dates.

If any of the things above make you feel uncomfortable, maybe it’s a better idea to search for your casual date on a mainstream dating site such as Match or Zoosk.

On the contrary, if you’re not scandalized by nudity and if talking dirty doesn’t make you feel weird, then FriendFinder-X.com could be the right online dating site for you. Read on to find out more about its features, pros, and cons.

What Is FriendFinder-X.com?


FriendFinder-X.com is an online dating service that caters to people interested in hookups and casual encounters. Unlike the mainstream dating services, this site isn’t about finding your Mr. Right but it’s about finding like-minded people to have fun with.

Friend Finder X welcomes members from all walks of life and is open to individuals, couples, and groups of any sexual orientation and marital status.

Allowing and even encouraging members to upload and use explicit content, Friend Finder X is a sort of a hybrid between a dating site and an erotic site, boasting the best of both worlds.

Joining the site is dead easy and all you have to do is to insert your email address and select a password. The registration process takes literally five minutes and as soon as you’ll verify your email address, you’ll gain full access to your dashboard.

Since the platform doesn’t focus on matchmaking, you won’t have to go through lengthy questionnaires or endless quizzes. However, I strongly recommend to upload at least one profile picture and write a short bio to make your profile more appealing.

There are many profile customization options and you’ll be able to share your orientation, race, age, body type, and marital status.

Once you’ve set up the profile, you can start browsing and see other user profiles. However, your options as a free member end here and you won’t be able to communicate with anyone unless you subscribe to a paid membership.

As you can expect, the paid membership will give you access to the full features of the site and so you can enjoy casual online dating to the fullest.

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Friend Finder X Advantages

  • Relaxed environment. FriendFinder-X.com is a dating site that focuses on the occasional encounters and therefore it offers a relaxed environment where to hook up, chat, or have virtual erotic encounters. Members are typically relaxed and if you simply don’t feel a connection with your match, you can just move on.
  • Video chatting. One of the main concerns of the single women joining this dating platform is security; after all, having a romantic encounter with someone you don’t actually know is not the maximum of safety. Friend Finder X answers this need by offering a safe medium where you can have cybersex without disclosing contact information.
  • Layout. The goal of this site is to offer an ultimate casual dating experience to its members without complicated profile feature and search option. The layout is simple and intuitive despite the many functionalities. Honestly, I believe many mainstream platforms could get inspired from here in terms of layout and design.
  • Opportunities. Although identifying itself as a casual online dating site, Friend Finder X welcomes all members, even those with a more sensitive nature. The profiles include generic dating questions as well as adult-themed questions and you’ll be able to use filters if you don’t want to see any nudity.
  • Rating system. A nice perk is that Friend Finder X uses a rating system that allows you to sort the search options based on the number of likes a profile receives.

Friend Finder X Disadvantages

  • As a free member, you’ll have access to only a few limited features, such as searching and watching images. You’ll have to subscribe to a paid membership to make effective use of the site.
  • You’ll have to pay to access adult videos and model chat even if you are a Gold member.
  • Unlike most mainstream dating sites, Friend Finder X doesn’t have any matchmaking algorithm. You’ll have to actually browse through profiles and decide who could be a good match by yourself.

FriendFinder-X.com Features

Does the idea of joining an explicit online dating site excite you? Great! Let’s discover the various features that will make your experience on FriendFinder-X.com superlative.

Advanced Search Options

Friend Finder X is not your average dating site, and the platform makes it clear from the start what the X in the name stands for. Described as the adult dating heaven by many users, this site stands out thanks to the advanced search options.

The search options are designed to encourage casual hookups and contain a handful of sexually-explicit sections.

Basic search options include searching who’s online, members near you, new matches, VIP members, or kinks. All users have access to these options but you’ll have to upgrade to gain access to the advanced search that lets you filter profiles based on almost anything from body type to astrology sign.

The search field also includes a Hot or Not game very similar with the games present on mainstream sites such as eHarmony.

Specialized Cupid

As mentioned, this is not an average dating site and members here don’t join the platform to find long-term romance. Yet, if you are interested in casual dating but still want to feel a connection with those you meet, you can use the Specialized Cupid preferences.

This section allows you to set criteria based on which the platform will then match you with other members. The options include physical and sexual criteria, as well as age, race, proximity, and marital status.

If you’re not comfortable with nudity on a dating site, or if you want to use the platform in a public space, you’ll also have the option to filter the content to show no nudity.


When it comes to interaction, Friend Finder X users have plenty of options to choose from. As soon as you land on the homepage you’ll get live streams of the latest photos and videos uploaded from the members, and everything is uncensored.

On the homepage, you’ll also find your featured matches and will be able to view their profiles and contact them.

The easiest way to communicate is through private chats and messages, but you will have to subscribe to a paid plan to engage in conversation.

If you just want to show interest, you can do so by adding the user to your hotlist, by sending virtual gifts, a tip, or a flirt. You can even become a friend or a fan of a member if you’re not yet ready to send a message.

These rather traditional communication tools are more or less like those used by mainstream dating sites and can be comfortably used by all Gold members.

If you want to take the conversation to the next level, you can go to the Live Action section of the site where you’ll find model video chats and live cameras, live member webcams, adult chat rooms, and a flash chat option that allows you to send an instant message to anyone who is online.

You can join any chat room based on the interest of the group or can engage in one-on-one video chatting with someone you like.

It is easy to imagine that private video chatting often leads to cybersex, that’s why Friend Finder X has come up with Connexion, a feature described below.


Friend Finder X’s Connexion feature is a true innovation in terms of cybersex, although it is momentarily available in live model chat only. To benefit from this feature you’ll have to buy a Lovense toy - a dual mutually operated masturbation toy with instruments designed for men and women.

The two toys connect through Bluetooth to an app and transmit sensations to the other partner. You can choose to control the other user’s toy, to have your toy controlled by your partner or sync the toys for a mutual operation.

While the Connexion feature is only available when video chatting with a model, you can still use the toy with anyone you like, as long as you’re happy with disclosing some private information. The two toys connect via an app and you could theoretically use yours with anyone who possesses a Lovense as long as both of you agree to connect.

Lovense allows users to use third-party video chat services to see each other, therefore you can easily enter a one-on-one video chat room with someone you like and use the toys for cybersex.


FriendFinder-X.com uses the industry standards in terms of safety. The members are not screened by the site encourages the ID identification of the profiles. The site complies with all US and EU privacy safety standards and regulation and the moderators do their best to keep fake profiles at bay.

To increase your safety, I strongly encourage using the site for virtual encounters and cybersex; meeting a match in person is always a nice thing, but make sure you two meet first in a public place and that you let someone know who you’re seeing and where you’re going.

Overall, the site is safe and secure but remember that casual online encounters and cybersex are only apparently safe, so you should always be careful in giving away too much personal information.

Final Thoughts

Friend Finder X is undoubtedly an interesting online dating site to consider for your “out of the ordinary” dating experience.

It’s very unlikely to find the love of your life on this platform, but FriendFinder-X.com is certainly the place where to detox yourself from a toxic relationship, where to heal, and where to find the force to move on. A community formed of a rainbow of people of all races, ages, and orientations.

Yes, there are fake profiles on this site. But there are also many real members looking for the same thing as you do – online fun and a different approach to dating. Casual encounters, erotic chats, and maybe more await for you in this unexpected space.

What to say? I really enjoyed my experience on this site and discovered traits of my character I didn’t even know I had. And since registration is free, you can just sign up and have a look at what FriendFinder-X.com has to offer.

Then, it will be you to decide whether or not to upgrade your subscription.

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Roxana Bikfalvi
As a pragmatic woman, Roxana didn't focus much on the matters of heart until falling head over hills for the wrong guy. After a devastating relationship, she studied the dynamics of dating and man's behavior to understand what went wrong. Her path drifted from science to letters, with the aim to share her knowledge with other women in need. She is now a contributor to Her Aspiration.

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