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Does The Scorpio Man Cheat? 6 Signs He May Be

May 28, 2024

Are you worried about dating a Scorpio man?

It’s common for a Scorpio’s jealousy and insecurity to ruin relationships.

In many cases, they end up cheating on their partner because they don’t trust them.

If you’ve seen signs that this is happening, you need to find out what’s going on.

It’s no use confronting a cheater without evidence of his wrongdoing. 

This will only serve to create more conflict without any resolution.

You’ll accuse him and he’ll deny it. Again and again. 

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Our guide below reveals the six giveaway signs that your Scorpio boyfriend might be cheating on you. 

Signs that a Scorpio man is cheating on you

1. They are ignoring you

A Scorpio as a sign is not the kind of person who wouldn't cheat, after all, they can be a little passive if they are over you. These are not the type who will be fighting their way through the end of the relationship and they would much rather hit the silence button every time you call rather than deal with you and the situation, so look out for this. Even if you have had some arguments and if you have accused him of cheating, he might be giving you the silent treatment. Whilst this is typical and they need time to cool off if this is going on longer than you would expect it to and its been a few days since you heard from your Scorpio man then this is a sign that he might already be seeing or thinking of seeing someone else. The tricky part with a Scorpio is that he is ignoring you because he can find it had to know they are over you. They are strange and even if they feel that something is wrong or that they have that attraction to someone else, regardless of if they are doing something about it, they are the type of people who will keep you around for a while, go quiet, panic and then will maybe even feel loving again, before finally making a decision and then ending things roughly.

They are trusting people and to them, you cheating would be horrific, so if he is cheating or considering it then this is a sign that will find that very difficult indeed. If he is avoiding and ignoring you there is a good chance that he is in a lot of inner turmoil and wondering what his next move should be when it comes to you and how he should play things – he hates to make a mistake and a bad decision.

2. He will be talking about your problems

Unlike some other signs who will skirt around an issue or be passive, this is one sign which is very likely to be able to tell you straight that they are seeing someone else, like someone else or at least that he isn't happy. If he is telling you that he has problems – and these are usually around trust – that is the first sign. He is unlikely to cheat because he hates the idea of it, but if he feels justified, he may well be feeling that he wants to. If you stole from him or he feels that you have ‘taken' something he might be wanting revenge. Luckily, as we say, he will be able to have a conversation with you (when he isn't ignoring you!) so look for times when you can be together. If he just has nothing great to say, now is the time to do some damage repair or to ask him if you think the relationship can be fixed. Get the ball into his court and listen to what he has to say and you may be able to catch him before he moves away towards some other woman.

Remember that this could be anything, and if they feel that you have really hurt them, they have no issue lashing out at you in revenge and no problem making you feel lower than low.

3. He isn't apologizing

The Scorpio is someone who is very feisty in any normal relationship fight and then is the kind of man who will take it all back later and makeup with a view to really tell you that they didn't mean what they said. If you have noticed that they won't take anything back that they said and they'll just let it sit there in the air and they won't retract their horrible statements and will just let them be, then they're probably more likely over you and he is potentially thinking that the damage has already been done, if he has cheated. This can be something you notice really early on and shows a guilty side to his personality. As you can see, this is all part of his changing personality that is showing that they are not putting the effort in to make you feel better. If they're being vengeful, then take note and try and see what's happening because that's what Scorpios do when they're hurt.

4. He stops saying ‘us'

You may also have started to notice that your Scorpio man has stopped referring to you as we or us or maybe you notice that they're not really referring to themselves with a cute nickname that you once had. If he is cheating, he might be starting to check out and will just start to be less of a bond between you. He will be the kind of person who is committed at first and you will very quickly have felt like a team, just you two against the world. If he is cheating or thinking about being a cheat then he will be wanting to experiment and test out life without these ties. He will e slowly drawing on as much distance as possible between you both so that there is a gap. It may feel simple to him, but it can be hurtful for you! If this is happening then its time to see this a red flag.

5. He has a new woman around

If he suddenly has someone around him, and this is someone that you don't know or have never heard of them before, or maybe you vaguely know them, but you really don't know who they are then watching out. Finding the one is very important to the Scorpio so if they're starting to feel like the one isn't you they might begin to test the waters out while they're still with you with somebody else or other people. Usually, Scorpios don't cheat but they might start to form a close friendship with somebody that they're interested in – or they will start looking for someone new. This doesn't mean he is going out to cheat and has planned it, it can be a chance, that he has randomly met somebody that they now think is their soulmate instead of you. His sign makes him dream up all kinds of scenarios and this can be very unexpected, but if he is mentioning someone, then be aware.

If you feel like something seems off and that's the new friendship It definitely might be and it might be worth your time to ask your Scorpio man if you can meet this person. If they make weird excuses then that is a definite sign something weird is going on there, something a little suspicious.

6. He isn't spending time with you

If you start to feel like you are not with your Scorpio man and not his top priority anymore then you may have been thinking correctly. He may be interested in someone else as mentioned above and is keen to spend time with them. Even if there is no one that you know about, if he is cheating on his phone or just looking at other women then you will notice he is on his phone a lot more, not up for dates or days out and just generally absent. This is all a bad sign and with the others, adds up to it being tie for a big conversation so you can find out where you stand.

Is the Scorpio man really cheating?

The Scorpio is a tricky character but that doesn't mean that if you are feeling bad enough to google is a Sopropio can cheat that you should be putting up with it! The Scorpio man is only a good match if you both get a lot from the relationship and if he is taking from you and someone else- well, then its time to move on and fast!

Fingers crossed none of the signs matched but if they did, it's time to speak to him.

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Please do leave a comment with your experience and also share this article across social media so we can help other women out who are looking out for those signs that the Scorpio in their life is up to no good.

Thanks for reading.

Utilize this tool to verify if he's truly who he claims to be
Whether you're married or just started dating someone, infidelity rates have risen by over 40% in the past 20 years, so your concerns are justified.

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