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Does The Leo Man Cheat? 6 Signs He May Be

Last updated on June 13, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

Are you worried that your Leo partner is cheating on you? 

Are you seeing signs of infidelity that drive you crazy and harm your relationship even further? 

Perhaps you’ve even accused him of sleeping around, but have no proof to back it up? 

If so, we recommend you take further steps to discover what’s actually going on.

This isn’t the type of relationship problem you can simply talk through.

Your intuition will continue to deliver these horrible thoughts, no matter how much he denies it. 

If he’s the stereotypical Leo who wears his heart on his sleeve and struggles to hide his emotions, these suspicions can be even harder to ignore. 

Thankfully, a tool has been created that can help you know for sure whether your partner has been playing around (click here to check it out).

It’s an online tracker, which can deliver a full report on your partner’s recent communications. To get started, all it needs is a few of his personal details.

From there, you’ll learn who he’s been communicating with, how often, what apps he’s downloaded and much more. 

It’s fast, simple and completely discreet to use. 

Essentially, this tool can reveal the truth about what your boyfriend has been doing behind your back. 

And every woman deserves to know this... 

To assist you further, we have compiled a list of the most common signs that a Leo will give away when cheating on their partner.

Signs that a Leo man is cheating on you

1. He is on his phone way too much

A Leo man really loves to be adored and is this kind of man who really enjoys the thrill of the chase in an early relationship. When this naturally fizzles out a little and the chase is over, he is the kind of man who can seek that buzz once again. He won tell you about this and is the type of sign who might cheat if he thinks he could get away with it. A sign that the Leo man is cheating is that he is looking at this phone a lot. As you know there are dating apps to see, but also things as easy to look at as Instagram might have caught his eye. He might be looking into someone's direct messages, asking flirty questions or just liking photos. Whether he draws the line on cheating is personal but his phone could be the first place that he tries to get his fix of dopamine that he got at the state of the relationship.

2. He is avoiding questions and closed off

Leading on from the phone activity, Leo might not be interested in answering questions. Whilst he is a proud man, he will be wanting to not be questioned on his whereabouts and is lying. A Leo is not typically a liar and will want to tell the truth, so if it is something that's a real deal-breaker for your relationship, this is something that you might want to look at. He can be a tricky man because of his sign, so beware!

This will also show how affectionate he is with you, so bear that in mind as well and look for the small signs that he isn't all over you in the same proud way that he used to be.

A Leo is someone that loves affection and really likes to show off in public with his girlfriend, fiancé or wife. He will want everyone to see you together so if the pubic displays of affection have ended or really wound back in and the other signs re in platy, this is a bad sign that indicates that he might be getting attention or affection from someone else.

3. He is talking about someone else

Passionate and fierce, this is one man who loves to be in love and his mouth might betray his heart and his true actions. You may hear him talk in his sleep about someone else. He might be mentioning someone that he has met, or talking about them over and over. If he can't stop mentioning someone, this is something to think about and consider. It might be a sign that he has cheated or if preparing to, and being close to you, he can't quite help but spill the secret that's at the top of his mind.

If your Leo suddenly has a new friend, then do watch out. These men are known for being very loyal to those that they love, so if all of a sudden they're hanging around a questionable member of the opposite sex, this might mean that they're starting to kind of look for a replacement for you. If you express concern about this and they continue to hang out with this new friend then this is definitely a problem, they might be over you are on their way to being over you without even realizing it yet themselves.

They're not going to want to make you feel like they're not being loyal to you as that's an important part of their personality, so this will be something he feels strange about and when challenged, he will probably confess all.

4. He's not having as much fun around you

 If you notice there isn't as much goofing around laughing or just plain having fun this is a sign he may be cheating on you. They want to just have a good time and if they feel like you're getting in the way of that or you're holding them back from having their fun, then they're definitely going to start pulling away from you and towards someone else.  So if you still want to be with them, let them be silly or say yes to one of their ridiculous proposals or crazy ideas.  If he is cheating, think back to that new friend. Is that someone who is saying yes to all of his crazy ideas and going on adventures with him? If so, this could be a real warning sign that he is interested in them.

5. He isn't as physical with you

A Leo man can be selfish and he likes to look after himself. This includes the bedroom and how he feels pleasure. If you notice that he has less interest in giving you pleasure and simply taking him, or if he is suddenly, ore interested in something that's not in the bedroom this could be. Sign that he is satisfied elsewhere. The passion will be shown to be gone and its important to note that whilst we all suffer fluctuations with the day to day stress and strains of life, a Leo man is very interested in this side of things, so a real decrease in interest will be a sign that things aren't as they should be.

6. He is obsessed – with himself

Another sign with the Leo man is that he might start obsessing over himself!

Is it like pulling teeth getting him to spend time with you?
The key to solving is understanding men on a much deeper emotional level. The number #1 factor that causes men to behave this way is actually relatively easy to change with a few subtle things you can say to him.

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Of course, they are kind of always looking for compliments, but you may have seen it's becoming a lot more noticeable and more frequent. This means you're not giving them the attention or the admiration that they feel like they need, and as a Leo, they probably do need that and this may be a sign he is looking to go somewhere else to find it because Leo's ego is always looking to be encouraged. If you don't want them to go elsewhere, you might want to start throwing a compliment their way or start to try highlighting their very best attributes! This fight isn't over until it's over so if you want to keep him, you can turn up your honest compliments to the max and see if this helps him respond to you. After all, this is a great man, but you need to hold onto him and make him feel highly valued.

Have a think back as well – as the reasons for his interest waning could have come from his ego and damaged pride. Did you insult your Leo accidentally in public, or maybe you got into a big fight with him in front of other people? How things appear really matter to the Leo man, so if it seems that relationship has become something that they don't feel other people are envying, they might want to look elsewhere and will be voting with his feet, so take a look back and see if there is something you can work on together. He will value your honesty and intuition if you can find where things started to derail. Of course, if he has already cheated, this is your decision alone.

Is the Leo man really cheating?

This fierce lion can have sharp teeth and if you feel that you aren't one of his pride anymore but instead that he has turned his affections elsewhere then now is the time to find out the truth and then hopefully move on! There are plenty of other great men out there who will appreciate you for your own fabulous self, so take a look around the site and see who would be your dream match with your sign.

Please do leave a comment with your experience and also share this article across social media so we can help other women out who are looking out for those signs that their Leo man is cheating, or thinking about it!

Thanks for reading.

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Sonya Schwartz
A hopeless romantic that struggled for many years to find her Mr "Right" and made all the mistakes you could think of while dating. Known for always choosing the wrong guys or messing up relationships, Sonya was finally able to change her approach and mindset when it came to dating which helped her eventually find the man of her dreams and become happily married. You can read more about me here...

4 comments on “Does The Leo Man Cheat? 6 Signs He May Be”

  1. i am a scorpio woman and inhave a boyfriend leo man when i love a peron i am all in.this past 2 days something is wrong its like that he is so cold.i ask him why did i do something wrong?he answered me he is just having a problem with her son something he is thingking some problem ....its like i dont exist what can i do i love her so much really..

  2. I have met a Leo man he is married, I find him very up and down one minute he is nice and the next he can be cold. I’m an older woman and cannot understand him he is a lovely guy with a kind heart and very attractive I don’t know why he is looking my way....
    Any clues I am a Libra and don’t usually believe in horoscopes but since talking to him I have started to read a lot about Leo’s to try and understand him better.

    1. I met & fell in love with a Leo married man. In a few days it would have been 4 yrs. for us. But, he started seeing meeting & cheating with other women. He cheated on his wife with me so I should have expected it. I did everything he ever wanted & he still lost interest. So now I’m just tryna get over him in my heart. Good luck with ur married Leo man tho. Never again for me. My heart hurts.

  3. I met and fell in love w a Leo man also and he cheating and snuck around for so long. His stories never added up and I caught he talking to girls a lot like flirting and shit and then I broke up with him and he literally is obsessed now. Like I left him and now he wants to try and fix things and only wanna be with me. But while we were dating I will say we literally vibed so well and jus clicked so now I’m really struggling because he cheated a lot but now wants to try and do better and I miss him and what we had and would love to try again but I don’t want to get hurt and taken advantage of again. I’m a cancer btw

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