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Couples Who Don’t Fight (9 Things They Do Differently)

February 6, 2024

When you hear there are actually couples who never fight, this could sound so unreal, but it’s possible. Have you ever met couples who never fight and make a relationship look easy

Those couples are usually best friends. They always have this love and constant sparkle every time you see them. 

No doubt, they are a definition of the perfect husband and wife. What’s more, they never have any form of conflicts between them and they always act like they are the best team in a game. 

I'm not trying to tell you relationships are so easy, but for some people, they have been able to work things out. They have come together to make their relationship work; they didn't just wake and decide not to fight. 

9 Things Couples Who Never Fight Do Differently

These couples definitely did something differently. They know that fighting and arguing aren’t healthy. They talk, set goals, and come to an understanding of how things would work. For couples that never fight, they make a conscious effort to respect each other no matter what they go through. 

Do you want to know exactly what it is they do differently? If so, here are 9 things couples who never fight do differently

1. The goal is to make each other happy

They care for each other's happiness. This might seem easy because you think you also care about your partner's happiness. However, these people rarely fight and are not selfish in their desires. They hold their partner's happiness higher than theirs. Their partner's happiness is more important and when the compromise is healthy and void of selfishness, their love life blossoms. 

If there will be no fights in your relationship, there must be a mutual mindset in caring for the other person's desire like it's your own. If the man likes to play tennis and his wife likes hanging out with her friends, they have to take turns in looking after the kids. So each person has the opportunity to still do what they love.

It's quite easy for some people to compromise, but it's hard work for others, mostly for a person that likes to have his way all the time. So, one thing couples who rarely fight do is to respect and make each other happy intentionally, without upholding their selfish desires.

2. They have proper conversations, not yelling sessions

There must not be fights in a relationship. This doesn't mean there won't be small arguments or disagreements now and then, but the tone of speaking and words said is what will determine if every issue will lead to fighting. 

When two people are having a disagreement, it's normal for the pitch of their voice to increase. What’s more, the yelling can lead to fighting. That's why you need to learn to take turns while talking. Let everyone air their views, and there's no need for a winner. 

So, couples who rarely fight have conversations about the problem. Each person airing his/her view respectively, without any form of resentment, shouting, and no unnecessary rant. They fix problems without affecting the love life.

3. They express happiness

Express your happiness by smiling and laughing. When the relationship is filled with laughter, there will be no room for negativity. Laughter is indeed the best medicine because when the atmosphere is filled with laughter, there is no room for petty fights. Don't hide your emotions and also never forget lack of communication can destroy a lot. Rather, build a relationship where you don't keep any secrets from each other.

4. They overlook little things

they overlook little things

There will always be little things around the house in the relationship capable of causing big issues, but it won't be such a big deal if you just let it slide. If your significant other is always littering clothes on the bed or floor when they get back from work, and you've already talked about it several times (but it seems like a habit), take it out for them if you can or leave it the way they've placed it and don't quarrel about it.

Some things aren't worth the fight. That's what couples who you never see fighting have figured out. No matter how angry they may be, they know how to overlook little things.

5. They maximize time together

When you spend quality time with a person you love, you get to understand each other better, then you can nourish and build your love on real and true moments shared. We can get so busy with life, work, or school that we forget we have a love life to groom, so it blooms. 

So, go out on vacations, spend weekends on Netflix, and chill or out in the movies. Set dinner dates, and play around like kids when you are at home. Kiss more, cuddle more. Just do whatever keeps you together for a longer time.

6. They apologize fast

If you have problem-solving, it should be a priority. And if you realize you are wrong, drop the pride and apologize immediately. Don't let one issue linger for so long. Some disagreements will keep you both angry for a while; it's inevitable. You feel that disgust and carry it around for days, but the drama and length can be solved if you just apologize for your wrong. 

Drop stubbornness and apologize to prevent more hurt. Many relationships have ended because no one wants to apologize.

7. They express gratitude

Remember the words 'Thank you?’ are magical. It's easy for a partner to find faults and loopholes in a person's character, but how grateful have you been for the nice things your partner has done? You can hurriedly complain when something goes wrong, but how fast do you say thank you when your love language is communicated to you effectively?

It's not enough to feel grateful. You just have to be expressive. A little thank you can go a long way; it's a bigger deal than you think. So appreciate your partner as much as you can and express gratitude whenever you should. This can help prevent any form of conflict or fighting.

8. They compliment each other

they compliment each other

Who doesn't like a little compliment each day? Someone once told me she was angry at her boyfriend because whenever she makes new hair, he never notices or compliments her. But when I spoke to him, he always noticed. Also, he thinks she's more beautiful anytime she makes new hair, but he never said it to her, and it made her feel some kind of way. 

Make complimenting your wife or husband a habit even if you are still dating. Let your partner know that you notice the little changes around by giving some nice comments about them. This small gesture that seems unimportant can really make a big difference and improve your love life.

9. They make decisions together

If you come across a couple that doesn't fight, maybe they sat down, talked, and decided not to fight about anything. They probably understand that what they share is much more important than one person being right and the other being wrong. Their peace, love, sanity, and relationship growth are more important than winning an argument, so they don't want whatever they face affecting the relationship they share. 

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Do not risk your marriage or love life over a small argument that isn't worth anything. When two people come and live together as one, differences will arise. So it's normal to have issues, but it's an error when you uphold those views above the peace and love in your relationship. 

Partners that don't argue much understand what they mean to each other. And as there is no opinion or view or sentiment that should give them heartache and hurt, they make conscious decisions on not fighting for any reason.


Is it bad if a couple never fights? 

It isn't bad. However, in most cases, this might be that they both understand each other, or either the man or woman is hiding their feelings. They may be going through a lot but because they don't communicate effectively one of the partners has decided to not express themselves to avoid fighting.

Is not arguing in a relationship healthy? 

This isn’t very healthy. You and your spouse may not be fighting, but it is healthy to argue when any form of conflict is avoided. This could mean one person is definitely bottling things up.

Are fights necessary in a relationship?

No, they are not. You must not let your feeling of resentment get the best of you and your partner. As a couple, if you understand each other, a lot of unnecessary fighting will be avoided.

Do happy couples fight?

Yes, even happy couples have their moments. A lot of relationships have their ups and downs, but this doesn't mean, because you had an issue with your significant other, you are in an unhappy relationship.

What is a toxic relationship?

This is when you are in a relationship with a toxic person, and this is characterized by their behavior. They tend to abuse their partner both physically and emotionally. They always want to be superior and never accept to be wrong no matter what.

The Bottomline

I hope you found this article helpful. For some couples both in a marriage and out, not fighting might come naturally. For others, they have to come in partnership with their spouse to make things work in order to stop fighting.

Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others. 

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