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A Look into Charli D’Amelio’s Boyfriends and Love Life (2023)

Charli D'Amelio is a well-known social media influencer who started her career on TikTok in 2019. Now she has more than 140 million followers on TikTok and is one of the most popular creators on the platform. Despite her young age, she's become an internet star. Her love life is often the subject of speculation and interest among her fans.

She was trying to keep her relationships private. However, she has been linked to several boyfriends in the past, including one of her TikTok colleagues and creators, Chase Hudson, also known as Lil Huddy. Charli has also appeared on several talk shows and released a few tracks. 

D'Amelio's fans continue to support her and look forward to her future endeavors.

It's worth noting that D'Amelio is still a teenager, and her dating experiences should be respected and not be given too much public attention.

Who Is Charli D’Amelio Dating Now?

D'Amelio has been somewhat open about her dating experiences on social media, attracting a lot of attention among her fans. In July 2020, D'Amelio began dating fellow TikTok star, Chase Hudson. 

The couple was known for their public display of affection on social media and were widely celebrated as one of the most popular "TikTok couples." However, in December 2020, they announced that they broke up.

After her breakup with Lil Huddy, D'Amelio was caught hanging out with another TikTok star Noah Beck. They were spotted together multiple times, sparking rumors of a romantic relationship. However, ever since, neither has confirmed nor denied anything.

In 2021, D'Amelio was seen around with TikTok star and YouTuber Anthony Reeves. Several videos and pictures showed the couple together on social media, and rumors started swirling around about their dating. However, like her previous relationships, D'Amelio hasn't publicly 

stated anything about her love life.

Despite her dating history, D'Amelio has remained focused on her career and continues to be one of the most popular and influential figures on TikTok.

Charli D’Amelio’s Ex-Boyfriends List: Separating Facts from Fiction

D'Amelio's dating life is often a topic of gossip and speculation, and she has been subject to rumors and false information circulating on the internet. This can be both frustrating and hurtful for D'Amelio, as her personal life is constantly under scrutiny. 

Additionally, it can also make it difficult for her to form new relationships, as potential partners may be hesitant to be in the public eye. Here's everything that you should know about Charli's ex-boyfriends. 

The Rumors About Charli D’Amelio’s Love Life

1. Noah Beck

noah beck

Rumors of a romantic relationship between TikTok stars Noah Beck and Charli D'Amelio have been circulating for some time now. However, both Beck and D'Amelio have denied any romantic involvement and stated they were just friends.

The gossip started after the two posted several TikTok videos and Instagram posts together. Fans speculated that there might be something more going on between them, but Noah and Charli have repeatedly shut down these rumors. 

D'Amelio took to her Instagram story to address these rumors, saying, "Just because we hang out and make videos together doesn't mean we're dating."

It's not uncommon for celebrities to be the subject of dating rumors, which seems to be the case for Beck and D'Amelio. Both have stated that they are just friends and focus on creating content and building their careers. Her fans should take their word for it and not believe everything they read online.

It's important to remember that rumors and false information can spread quickly on the internet, and it's always best to take everything with a grain of salt until a credible source confirms it. In this case, the confirmation came directly from the individuals themselves. 

There is no truth to the rumors of a romantic relationship between Noah and Charli. Since then, Noah has been dating Charlis' sister, Dixie D'Amelio.

2. Anthony Reeves 

Anthony Reeves is a famous American TikToker known for creating entertaining lip-syncs and duets. He hails from Ashland, Kentucky, where he was raised by his mother, Lisa Reeves. His popularity skyrocketed in 2016 when he began sharing his pictures on Instagram under the username 'luvanthony.'

Anthony and Charli are just friends. They're not in a romantic relationship. They are just close friends who enjoy making videos together, but their relationship is strictly platonic

Charli D’Amelio‘s Official Dating History

1. Chase Hudson

Charli and her older sister, pop singer Dixie, joined the Hype House in November 2019, and that's where she met Chase. The two made many tiktoks together, and it was clear that there was something between them. 

Rumors were officially confirmed to be true when Charli and Chase told the world that they were in a relationship on Valentine's day. However, even after that, the couple tried to keep their love life private. They were considered to be the most popular "TikTok couple" before they broke up in December 2020.

In episode two of Netflix's reality show "The Hype House," which premiered in January 2021, Chase revealed the split between him and Charli, saying that it was hard to have a public relationship. He added that she was his first love. Also, Charli appeared briefly in the show when she attended Chase's house party. 

In response to a question about whether he and Charlie would get back together, he said he was unsure and did not know what the future held ahead.

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In April 2021, Chase released the song "America’s Sweetheart." Surprisingly Charlie was one of the leading characters in the music video. Fans were confused as to why Charlie would be in the music video. However, one thing was clear. After the breakup, Charli and Chase have no bad blood between each other and openly support one another

2. Landon Barker

landon barker

Landen Barker is an actor and influencer. He's also known for being the son of the musician Travis Barker — the stepson of Kourtney Kardashian. Rumors of him and Charli dating started on June 14, 2022, when Charlie was with him during his party in LA. 

On June 27, Charli was getting matching tattoos with Ervana, a fellow TikTok star. It seems like Landon was also in the parlor. They both went to the same tattoo artist. 

In June of the same year, Charli was spotted attending Machine Gun Kelly's concert with Landon Barker. The couple spend good time together and once the concert was over, they went to the concert afterparty together. 

Landon is so lucky to have Charli around him and as early as it is it seems like they are getting serious fast. Moreover, the D’Amelio family even sent Travis Barker a bouquet of flowers for a speedy recovery. Which also shows their good relationship with each other's families.

The Impact of Fame on Charli D’Amelio‘s Relationships

Fame has not come without its challenges, particularly when it comes to her relationships.

One of the most notable examples of the impact of fame on Charli's relationships was her relationship with Chase Hudson. They were often seen together in TikTok videos and considered a "power couple" in the TikTok community.

However, the relationship was plagued by rumors and speculation, with many claiming that the relationship was fake. The constant attention and pressure eventually took a toll on the couple, leading to their eventual breakup.

Having her relationships under constant scrutiny is another example of how fame affects Charli's relationships. Every move and every word is analyzed, and rumors are often spread without any actual basis. 

This was evident in her friendship with Noah Beck. He was being bullied by fans only because of the rumors. Also, Noah was bullied because of gossip about his sexual orientation. 

Charli has often been the target of body shamers criticizing her appearance and body shape. The constant barrage of negative comments can take a toll on a person's self-esteem and can make them feel insecure about their appearance. 

For Charli, this has been no exception. She has spoken openly about how body shaming has made her feel self-conscious and has made her life harder.

Body shaming can also hurt one's love life. For Charli, the constant criticism of her appearance has made her feel insecure and made it harder for her to find genuine connections with others. She said that the regular negative comments had made her question her self-esteem and confidence.

Additionally, the constant attention on her appearance has made it difficult for her to focus on the positive aspects of her life and relationships. She has had to put extra effort into ignoring the negative comments and focusing on the positive aspects of her life, which can be quite challenging.

Charli has set an example by standing up against body shamers and promoting body positivity. She has also been vocal about self-care and self-love, which has helped her to maintain a healthy body image despite the negative comments.


How many boyfriends did Charli D'Amelio have?

Charli D'Amelio has had a few boyfriends throughout her career. However, it should be noted that much of her personal life is kept private. Not all of her relationships have been publicly confirmed. Some of her reported relationships include dating Landon Barker and Chase Hudson.

Is Charli D'Amelio gay?

Charli D'Amelio has not publicly confirmed her sexual orientation and has never made any statements about it. However, fans are keen to believe that Charli is into boys.

How long were Charli D'Amelio's relationships?

It seems like Charli's longest relationship was with TikTok star Chase Hudson. According to fans, they have dated each other for around a year. However, even after the breakup, the two are good friends.

What were the reasons for the breakups in Charli D’Amelio’s past relationships?

The reasons for the breakups in Charli D'Amelio's past relationships are not publicly confirmed. Charli has not made any official statements about the reasons for the breakups and has kept much of her personal life private. However, there is an ongoing conspiracy about her ex-boyfriend Chase Hudson cheating on her. Her fans recorded many TikToks about what happened.


Charli D'Amelio's love life is a topic of interest among her fans, but it's important to remember that she is still a teenager, and her personal relationships should be respected and not given too much attention. 

The reasons behind the breakups of her past relationships are not publicly confirmed. Charli's fame and popularity have brought her many opportunities and have made her a household name, but it also comes with its own set of pressures. 

As a public figure, she has to deal with the pressures of maintaining her public image and fame. The pressure of fame and the public interest in her relationships may have contributed to the end of her past relationships.

Despite this, Charli D'Amelio continues to be one of the most popular creators on TikTok and has millions of dedicated fans. She has also made appearances on several talk shows and got into music. Her fans continue to support her and look forward to her future endeavors.

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