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Ariana Grande's Love Life: Breaking Down Ariana Grande's Exes

Ariana Grande, the powerhouse vocalist and pop sensation, has captivated the world not only with her chart-topping hits but also with her highly publicized love life. From whirlwind romances to heart-wrenching breakups, Ariana's relationships have been a constant source of fascination for fans and media alike. 

In this article, we delve deep into the rollercoaster that is Ariana Grande's love life, breaking down her exes and exploring the impact they've had on her music and personal journey.

An Overview of Ariana Grande’s Love Life

One cannot discuss Ariana's romantic history without mentioning her highly publicized relationships with fellow celebrities.

From her early days as a Nickelodeon star, Ariana found herself entangled in love affairs that dominated tabloid headlines. The tragic loss of her longtime friend and collaborator, Mac Miller, had a profound impact on her life and music. 

Their relationship, which began as a close friendship, blossomed into a passionate romance that endured for several years. However, their love story ultimately met its tragic end, leaving a lasting impact on Ariana's heart and creative expression.

Following the aftermath of her relationship with Miller, Ariana Grande found solace and love in the arms of comedian Pete Davidson. Their whirlwind romance took the world by storm, with an engagement announced seemingly out of the blue. 

While their connection was undeniable, the pressures of fame and personal struggles took a toll, leading to an amicable separation. Their relationship left an indelible mark on both their lives, influencing the creative direction of Ariana's music and providing her with valuable life lessons.

As Ariana Grande continues to navigate the complexities of love in the public eye, it becomes evident that her exes have played an integral role in shaping her personal growth and artistic evolution. Each relationship has served as a chapter in her life, with its joys, heartaches, and lessons learned. 

By examining her past love interests, we gain a deeper understanding of the emotions and experiences that have influenced Ariana's music, allowing her fans to connect with her on a more profound level.

Let's take a deeper look into Ariana Grande's love life, unraveling the stories behind her exes and shedding light on the impact they have had on her journey as an artist and as a woman. 

From heartbreak to self-discovery, her relationships serve as a testament to the complexities of love, reminding us that even our favorite superstars experience the triumphs and tribulations of romance.

Who Is Ariana Grande Dating Now? Is She Married? 

Ariana Grande on the red carpet

Let’s dive straight into the beautiful love story of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez. Five months after their engagement in December 2020, the singer and actress Ariana Grande officially married real estate agent Dalton Gomez. 

Love blossomed for this couple amidst the chaos and uncertainty of 2020. While Ariana managed to keep their relationship away from the prying eyes of the spotlight, she did offer glimpses into their lives from time to time.

Let's rewind to early February when TMZ published grainy footage of Ariana Grande sharing a kiss with a mystery man. Speculation quickly ensued as fans tried to decipher the identity of this lucky suitor. 

It wasn't long before Ariana's astute fans connected the dots, noticing that the mystery man, later confirmed to be Dalton Gomez, had familiar followers on his private Instagram account, including Ariana's childhood best friend, Courtney, her choreographer, Scott Nicholson, and close collaborator, Njomza. 

The evidence continued to mount, with Ariana and her friends following Dalton's brother, Dakota. It became evident that Dalton had made a lasting impression on Ariana's inner circle.

So, who is this mystery man who captured Ariana's heart? Well, unlike the usual suspects from the entertainment business, Dalton Gomez is a successful real estate tycoon. At just 25 years old, with a reported net worth of $20 million, he has already made a name for himself in the world of luxury real estate development. 

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Dalton began working with the Aaron Kirman Group, a prestigious luxury real estate company based in Los Angeles. His expertise as a buyer's agent has attracted an impressive roster of A-list clients thanks to his extensive knowledge of luxury architecture.

As for Ariana Grande, she needs no introduction. She stands tall as one of the biggest names in pop music today, with a string of chart-topping hits and a trailblazing career. From her early days on Nickelodeon to her meteoric rise to fame in the music industry, Ariana's talent and dedication have propelled her to unprecedented heights. 

Throughout her journey, Ariana's love life has also garnered significant attention. From her relationships with Graham Phillips and Big Sean to the tragic loss of Mac Miller and her highly publicized engagement to Pete Davidson, Ariana's romantic endeavors have been closely followed by fans and gossip enthusiasts alike.

But amidst the chaos of 2020, Ariana found solace in her relationship with Dalton Gomez. Their love story began in early 2020, and Ariana made a conscious effort to keep their budding romance out of the public eye. However, their connection grew stronger, and their bond weathered the storm of a global pandemic. 

Ariana's introspection during this time led to the creation of her Grammy-nominated album, "Thank U, Next," which reflected her personal growth and resilience.

In December 2020, Ariana Grande surprised her fans with the heartwarming news of her engagement to Dalton. And after five months of anticipation, the couple finally exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony attended by 20 loved ones. The joy and love in the room were palpable as their families and closest friends celebrated their union.

Now, as they embark on this new chapter of their lives, Ariana and Dalton have expressed gratitude for the pandemic-induced lockdown, which allowed them to truly get to know each other on a deeper level. 

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Their desire for an intimate and private wedding perfectly aligned with their vision, and their stunning wedding photos broke records on Instagram, captivating the world and reaffirming their love for one another.

Ariana Grande's Boyfriends' List: Separating Facts from Fiction

The rumors about Ariana Grande's love life

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Speculation about Ariana Grande and Harry Styles dating circulated among fans, fueled by their admiration for both artists. However, there is no evidence to support a romantic relationship between them. While they have been friends and have even collaborated on music, any claims of a romantic involvement are unfounded.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland

The rumor mill went into overdrive when whispers of a romance between Ariana Grande and actor Tom Holland emerged. However, these rumors hold no truth. Ariana and Tom have not been linked romantically, and any suggestions otherwise are merely products of fans' imaginations.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes

Fans of both Ariana Grande and singer Shawn Mendes speculated about a potential romance between the two young stars. However, there is no substantial evidence to support these claims. Ariana and Shawn have not been involved in a romantic relationship.

Ryan Gosling

Rumors of a romantic relationship between Ariana Grande and actor Ryan Gosling captivated fans' attention. However, it's important to note that these rumors are entirely fabricated. Ariana and Ryan have never been involved romantically.

Matt Bennett

Speculation about Ariana Grande dating her former co-star Matt Bennett from the TV show "Victorious" circulated among fans. However, there is no evidence to support a romantic relationship between them. While they have shared a close friendship, any claims of a romantic involvement are unfounded.

Avan Jogia

Rumors of a romance between Ariana Grande and actor Avan Jogia gained traction among fans who adored their chemistry on the TV show "Victorious." However, there is no concrete proof of a romantic relationship between them. Ariana and Avan have maintained a close friendship, but any suggestions of a romantic involvement are speculative at best.

Justin Bieber

As two of the biggest pop stars of their generation, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber have faced numerous rumors of a romantic connection. Despite collaborating on music and performing together, there has never been any evidence to indicate a romantic relationship between them. Both artists have simply maintained a close friendship.

Niall Horan

False reports emerged suggesting a romantic relationship between Ariana Grande and singer Niall Horan. However, these claims are entirely baseless. 

Cody Simpson

Rumors of a romantic connection between Ariana Grande and singer Cody Simpson made headlines, but there is no substantial evidence to support these claims. Ariana and Cody have not been involved in a romantic relationship, and any suggestions otherwise are purely speculative.

Cole Sprouse

False reports circulated suggesting a romantic involvement between Ariana Grande and actor Cole Sprouse. However, these claims are entirely baseless. Ariana and Cole have never been romantically linked, and any assertions of their dating history are purely fabricated gossip.


Rumors of a romantic relationship between Ariana Grande and rapper Drake sparked intrigue among fans. However, there is no credible evidence to support these claims.

Zayn Malik

Again, false reports suggested a romantic involvement between Ariana Grande and singer Zayn Malik. However, these claims are entirely baseless. Ariana and Zayn have never been romantically linked, and any suggestions otherwise are purely fabricated gossip.

Ariana Grande's official dating history

Ariana Grande concert

Graham Phillips

Ariana Grande's first notable relationship in the public eye was with actor Graham Phillips. The two met while working on the Broadway musical "13" and dated for approximately three years. They were often seen attending events together and sharing sweet moments on social media. 

However, they eventually called it quits amicably, citing busy schedules and the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Jai Brooks

Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks, a member of the Australian YouTube group The Janoskians, started dating in 2012. Their relationship had its ups and downs, with a brief breakup in 2013 before rekindling their romance. 

Despite the challenges, they remained supportive of each other and frequently expressed their love on social media. However, their relationship ultimately ended in 2014 due to conflicting schedules and the strains of a long-distance relationship.

Nathan Sykes

Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes, a member of the British boy band The Wanted, began dating in 2013. Their relationship was highly publicized, and they collaborated on the hit song "Almost Is Never Enough." 

However, due to their busy schedules and the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship, they decided to amicably part ways after a few months.

Big Sean

Ariana Grande and rapper Big Sean confirmed their relationship in 2014. They collaborated on several songs together, including "Right There" and "Best Mistake." Their relationship was often displayed through social media posts and public appearances. 

However, after approximately eight months, they mutually decided to end their romantic involvement due to conflicting schedules and the challenges of a high-profile relationship.

Ricky Alvarez

Ariana Grande and backup dancer Ricky Alvarez began dating in 2015. Their relationship was relatively private, with limited public appearances together. 

However, their romance faced a moment of controversy when a surveillance video emerged showing them licking donuts in a bakery, which received widespread media attention. Despite the incident, they continued dating for some time before ultimately parting ways in 2016.

Mac Miller

Ariana Grande and rapper Mac Miller started dating in 2016 after collaborating on the song "The Way" in 2013. Their relationship was characterized by a deep emotional connection and creative collaboration. 

They attended public events together and often expressed their love for each other on social media. However, in 2018, they announced their separation on amicable terms, citing their busy schedules and the challenges of maintaining a healthy relationship under public scrutiny. Tragically, Mac Miller passed away later that year.

Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande and comedian Pete Davidson's relationship took the world by surprise when they confirmed their engagement in June 2018, just weeks after publicly dating. Their whirlwind romance captivated the media and fans alike. 

They were often seen sharing affectionate moments on social media and getting matching tattoos. However, the engagement was called off in October 2018, and they decided to end their relationship but remained on good terms.

Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande started dating real estate agent Dalton Gomez in early 2020. Their relationship was initially kept private, with occasional glimpses into their lives shared on social media. They spent the COVID-19 lockdown together and grew closer. 

In December 2020, Ariana announced their engagement through a series of photos on Instagram, showcasing her unique diamond ring. They tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in May 2021, surrounded by close friends and family.

Ariana Grande's romantic relationships have been highly publicized, and she has experienced both high-profile and more private romances throughout her career. 

What Went Wrong with Ariana Grande and Mac Miller?

Ariana Grande's relationship with Mac Miller was a complex and deeply emotional journey that many people struggled to understand. After the release of her album "Positions," which received positive reviews for its intimacy and maturity, people began to reflect on the dynamics of Ariana and Mac's relationship. 

Despite their undeniable love for each other, their journey was filled with challenges that ultimately led them to go their separate ways.

Their story began in 2012 when they first connected on Twitter, leading to a collaborative proposal. However, Mac was already grappling with substance abuse and openly discussed his struggles with anxiety and depression. 

Despite their chemistry in the music video for "The Way," both Ariana and Mac denied being in a romantic relationship, emphasizing their friendship.

As their careers continued to flourish, they reunited for the remix of "Into You" in 2016, reigniting rumors of their romance. The couple appeared deeply in love and incredibly supportive of each other. Mac's battle with addiction improved, partially due to Ariana's support. 

However, tragedy struck when a terrorist attack occurred at Ariana's concert in Manchester in 2017. Mac stood by her side, canceling performances to be there for her during her time of need.

Ariana Grande looking up

In the midst of grief and trauma, Ariana released her single "No Tears Left to Cry" in April 2018, signaling her return to music. However, the couple's busy schedules and personal struggles eventually took a toll on their relationship. They officially announced their breakup in May 2018, citing the pressures of their careers as a significant factor. 

While the exact reasons behind their split remain unclear, it is believed that Ariana couldn't bear watching Mac's battle with addiction and its potential impact on her own well-being.

Following their breakup, Ariana faced backlash from some people who blamed her for Mac's struggles. However, she firmly defended herself, asserting that she had always supported his sobriety and couldn't be held responsible for his actions. 

Tragically, in September 2018, Mac died from an accidental overdose at the age of 26. Ariana publicly mourned his loss, expressing her deep sadness and regret for not being able to save him.

The aftermath of Mac's death had a profound impact on Ariana. She ended her engagement with Pete Davidson, and while she tried to heal through her music, the pain of losing Mac continued to haunt her. Despite moving forward in her personal life and finding love with Dalton Gomez, Mac's death remains a painful chapter in her journey.

Their relationship was a profound connection filled with love, but the challenges they faced, particularly Mac's addiction and mental health struggles, proved to be overwhelming. Many fans speculate that they were each other's true love, but the circumstances surrounding their relationship may have prevented them from fully flourishing together. 


Did any of Ariana's ex-boyfriends inspire her hit songs? 

Ariana Grande has been known to draw inspiration from her personal life when creating music, and some of her hit songs are speculated to be inspired by her past relationships. For example, her song "Thank U, Next" references her exes by name and celebrates the lessons she learned from each of them. 

While it's difficult to pinpoint specific songs and their direct connection to individual ex-boyfriends, Ariana has openly shared that her experiences and emotions influence her songwriting process.

Did Ariana's ex-boyfriends find it challenging to handle her fame and success?  

Navigating a relationship in the public eye can undoubtedly bring unique challenges, especially when one partner has immense fame and success, like Ariana Grande. While it's difficult to generalize about all her ex-boyfriends, it's fair to assume that the level of attention and scrutiny accompanying Ariana's celebrity status could have posed difficulties for some. 

Maintaining a healthy and balanced relationship under such circumstances requires understanding, communication, and strong support from both parties.

How did Ariana cope with the loss of Mac Miller, and did it impact her subsequent relationships? 

The loss of Mac Miller, Ariana Grande's ex-boyfriend and talented rapper, deeply affected her. She publicly expressed her grief and paid tribute to him through social media posts and interviews. Ariana has shared that Mac's passing had a profound impact on her emotional well-being, and she had to take time to heal and process the loss. 

It's natural to assume that such a traumatic experience would influence her subsequent relationships, shaping her perspective on life and love.

What's the real story behind Ariana's rumored fling with backup dancer Ricky Alvarez? 

Ariana Grande's relationship with backup dancer Ricky Alvarez sparked public curiosity and speculation. While they never officially confirmed their romantic involvement, there were moments that seemed to indicate a close connection between them. In 2015, a video surfaced showing Ariana and Ricky playfully licking donuts together, which generated significant media attention. 

However, details of their relationship remain largely private, and the true nature of their connection is known only to them. Ariana has since moved on from that time in her life, focusing on her career and personal growth.


In conclusion, Ariana Grande's love life has been a captivating saga filled with highs and lows, heartbreak, and self-discovery. From her early days as a Nickelodeon star to her current status as a pop sensation, Ariana's relationships have played a significant role in shaping her personal growth and artistic evolution.

The tragic loss of her longtime friend and collaborator, Mac Miller, had a profound impact on Ariana's life and music. Their relationship started as a close friendship and blossomed into a passionate romance, but ultimately met a tragic end. 

The loss of Mac Miller left a lasting impact on Ariana's heart and creative expression, evident in her Grammy-nominated album, "Thank U, Next."

Each of Ariana's relationships has served as a chapter in her life, with its joys, heartaches, and lessons learned. Her love life has been closely followed by fans and the media, sparking endless speculation and rumors about her romantic partners. However, it is essential to separate facts from fiction and focus on the confirmed relationships Ariana actually had.

Currently, Ariana Grande is happily married to real estate agent Dalton Gomez. The couple tied the knot in a beautiful and intimate ceremony in May 2021, surrounded by loved ones.

As Ariana continues to navigate the complexities of love in the public eye, her exes have played an integral role in shaping her personal growth and artistic evolution. They have influenced her music, provided valuable life lessons, and contributed to her journey as an artist and as a woman. 

In the end, Ariana Grande's love life is a testament to the complexities of relationships and the transformative power of love. Her journey serves as a reminder that love can inspire great art, resilience, and personal growth.

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