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Why Are Guys Protective Of Their Crush? (23 Possible Reasons)

Do you ever wonder why guys are protective of their crushes? Many guys just want the girl to feel safe and to know that the guys will take care of the little things that the girl is afraid of. 

If you think your guy is overprotective, there may be some obvious signs you can look out for. They will probably show it with their body language and how they show that they feel attracted to you. For example, when you cross the street, the right guy will hold your hands and look both ways to ensure you are not hurt by a careless driver! That’s pretty sweet!

Some of the less obvious signs that a guy is overprotective include him feeling a “calling” or “awareness” to protect his girlfriend. Signs like this are often subconscious things guys do - things that they don’t realize they are doing. Look for the signs that a guy is protective in your relationship to decide if certain signals bother you or if the guy likes you!

Usually, if a guy is crazy over a girl, he will want to spend time with her - as much time as possible. He’ll do whatever it takes to make her his girlfriend and protect her from being hurt! It’s actually pretty sweet!

Top Reasons Why Guys Are Protective Over Their Crush

1. They don’t like to see their crush upset

Many men don’t know how to act when girls get upset over things, so they try to avoid this at all costs!

2. They always want their crush to be happy

Many guys want their girls to feel happy all of the time. If something upsets their girls, they want to be there to protect them from hurt feelings. If the girl needs a shoulder to cry on, her crush will want to make sure that he is there for her! He’ll also want her to know that he is always available for situations like this in the future.

3. They want to be polite

For some guys, being protective is the polite way to be. They want to show that they have manners in case the relationship progresses into something more in the future.

4. They see the girl as fragile

Many men actually see women as the weaker sex. It really depends on the woman, though. I would say that emotionally, I am stronger than most women, but when it comes to bugs and the outdoors, I am the weaker sex. I’d much rather have my man kill a big spider than me to have to deal with it! Those critters freak me out!

5. They care about her feelings

It’s actually really sweet when a guy is protective because he cares about the girl’s feelings. He may want to make sure that she is happy and enjoys life! He’ll do whatever it takes to keep her happy. What is the saying - a happy wife leads to a happy life?? Some guys truly believe the woman needs to be happy all the time.

6. They like to feel the real desire for manliness

A guy may act protective because he thinks it makes him more manly. Feeling that way is how some guys show their masculinity to women. Some men believe that they are called to protect the women in their lives. This includes more than their crush, too! These men are protective of their mothers, sisters, friends, and coworkers!

7. They have the natural instinct to keep her safe

they have the natural instinct to keep her safe

For some guys, being protective is just part of their nature. They want to protect any woman around because they think that is their job as a guy! If a guy grew up in a household full of women, he probably has it in his nature to protect women at all costs! He wants to make sure he is doing a good job at it, too! It’s a sweet way to be!

8. They don’t want her to turn to another guy for attention

Let’s say that a girl is scared of a bug, for example. If her crush is unavailable to kill the bug for her to make her feel protected, she may find the next available man to do the job for her! This could pose a serious threat to the relationship the first guy is trying to build!

9. They like to be in control of the relationship

Some guys see protectiveness as a control thing. If you are with a control freak, you might want to make sure he isn’t TOO controlling. If he tells you what to do, what to wear, and who to talk to, he is being too controlling, and you need to set some serious boundaries. Don’t let any guy boss you around when it comes to those things!

10. They believe they know best how to protect her

There are many men out there who believe they know what is best, even if they don’t actually know that. For example, a guy might say that his gal is wearing clothes that are too skimpy for the office as a way of protecting her against men hitting on her at work. That is a tad controlling if the girl thinks her outfit is acceptable for the office!

11. They think that is how they are supposed to behave

Some men were raised as protectors. If your man has a lot of younger sisters, for example, he is likely to be protective of you because he is used to being that way. He might warn you when you are about to eat something that will burn your mouth or tell you to drive safely before he says goodbye when you two leave each other!

12. They don’t want to see their crush hurt

Many men truly don’t want to see their crushes hurt in any way - emotionally, mentally, or physically. They might listen closely when the girl talks about a bad day at the office and give her advice on what to do in the future should that case happen again. If she is being harassed, for example, he may really get irate over the situation!

13. They want to show her what kind of boyfriend/husband they would be

Men like to show their crushes that they would make good boyfriend/husband material, and being overprotective can show this. They want their crush to know that they will be there when she needs him and will always listen to her with care and concern. Also, the girl will know that this guy will make a great partner in a serious relationship.

14. They want her friends to see what great guys they are

they want her friends to see what great guys they are

A guy who is cute because of his overprotectiveness is often very attractive to both his crush and her friends, who probably are the ones giving her advice on what to do with this gentleman. He wants to put his best foot forward to show that he is a winner! Plus, if he gets a good word from her friends, he’s likely to win his crush’s heart in the end.

15. They have her best interest in mind

Many men really do believe they have the girl’s best interest in mind. They want only the best for their crush. This could even mean that he has to step aside and let her be with someone else. If being with another man is what makes her happy, a guy in love will often not say anything when she starts a new relationship.

16. They worry about her future

Many men worry about everything when it comes to the girl they are crazy about! This could include her career choices or what she plans to take in school. He may be a tad controlling if he thinks he knows what’s best, but it is sort of cute that he is acting this way, right?

17. They want her to know that she can trust them

Trust is huge in relationships, and if the guy is hoping to have one with her, he wants her to know he is trustworthy and will always seek out her best interests.

18. They know what other guys think

Since men understand other men, they know what is going through their heads. For example, if the girl is wearing something skimpy, the man knows that other men will think about having sex with her when they see her in that outfit. If they don’t want that, they will probably say something to her about what she is wearing.

19. They feel feelings of true love

Falling in love can be a tough thing to do, especially if you are unsure about the future of your relationship or the feelings of the other person. Men who are in love will often show their feelings by being protective of their crushes.

20. They feel better about themselves when they are overprotective

Some men just want to do their part and then walk away from the situation. It makes them feel as if they have done their part, and that makes them feel better about themselves. For example, if a girl drops her wallet, a guy might rush to her side to retrieve it for her, which makes him feel happy that he was able to help.

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21. They think she is going to hurt herself

they think she is going to hurt herself

If it looks like a disaster is about to happen, many men will step up to the plate to defend or protect their crushes. Maybe she is crossing the street without looking both ways; he is likely to let her know when a car is coming because he doesn’t want her to be injured.

22. They believe it’s a natural thing for a guy to be protective

Many men are just natural protectors of women. They like that feeling of control and dominance. That doesn’t mean that they are doing anything wrong. They may be truly seeking out the woman’s best interests! They just show it in unusual ways!

23. They only want the best for the girl

As just mentioned, many men just want the best for the gal in their life. Also, this could mean that they don’t get the girl in the long run because that is not what’s best for her. Don’t you remember how many romantic comedies go? One guy doesn’t get the girl because he had to “let her go” to make her happy! It happens in real life as well.

What To Do If You Don’t Like Him Being Protective

If you are with a guy and don’t appreciate the way he treats you, you should have a heart-to-heart conversation about it. Let him know that you feel like he is too protective of you and that you need your space. If his overprotectiveness is out of control, you may need to talk to the authorities to get the matter resolved. Distance yourself from the guy!

You might need to change your phone number to make sure he can’t get a hold of you. Also, make sure he understands boundaries. Explain that him coming over unannounced or uninvited is NOT okay with you. If he respects you and wants to protect your best interests, he will respect your wishes and leave you alone. If not, as mentioned, involve the proper authorities.

Another thing you can do is to turn to your support system. Talk to your friends and family about your difficulties. They are there to help you out along the way and should be there to listen to what you have to say about your concerns. Ask for their advice and explain how the guy has been acting; see if they think his protective nature is normal or not.

What To Do If You Do Like Him Being Protective

If you are crazy about your guy, you should talk to him about it. Let him know that his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and show him that you are also a girl in love by your actions. If he does something to protect you, show appreciation for that action. Smile at him and tell him you think he’s a sweetheart and can’t wait to see what other tricks he has up his sleeve!

If he understands that you like his protective nature, he is more likely going to continue acting that way in the future. My man is very protective of me, and I love it! He often will hold my hand when we cross the street and he’ll look both ways to protect me against a crazy driver. I think it’s very sweet and I appreciate the little stuff he does to make me happy and safe!

Another way that men protect their women is when they monitor their health. They may ask them how they are feeling, if everything is okay, and if they need medical attention if a health concern arises. When men try to protect the women that they are with, they often are crazy for them! They only seek the best for their girls and want to make sure they’re happy! How sweet!


What does it mean when a guy is protective of you?

Usually, if a guy is protective over a girl, he really likes her and wants the best for her. Some guys are control freaks, though. They just love to be in control of what their girl is doing; that is often not a very healthy way to act in a relationship.

How do you tell if a guy is protective of you?

You can easily be aware that a guy is protective of you by the way he acts. He may tell you to drive safely and ask you to call him as soon as you get to your location. That way, he knows you are safe, and nothing happened to you on your drive.

How do guys act when they have a crush?

If a guy is falling in love with a girl, there’s a good chance that he’ll be protective of her and protective of the relationship. He may act cool and calm around the girl, but really, he feels worried about her safety and well-being.

Why are guys possessive of their crush?

Often, guys are possessive because they lack security. Insecure guys will often show signs of possessiveness because they feel like their relationship could be in jeopardy or may not work out the way they had hoped it would. Insecurity is normal in relationships; just make sure he’s not TOO insecure for you!

How do you tell if a guy is fighting his feelings for you?

If you watch the guy’s unspoken language and the way he acts in front of you, you can tell if he truly likes you or not. Many guys just don’t know how to express their feelings. They think that they need to do certain things that are difficult for them to do given their insecurities.

In Conclusion

So, there are both good and bad things about a guy who is protective of you. In one sense, it’s a sweet way to act, but in another sense, you might feel more aware of his neediness. What do you think? We’d love to hear about your relationship! Leave a comment below!

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