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What To Do When A Woman Cries In Front Of A Man? (11 Creative Things)

When a woman cries in front of a man, it can be quite distressing, especially if you don’t know what’s wrong. One thought that comes to mind is that she is upset because of something you did. If you are in the wrong, by all means, apologize for your behavior. Remember that you don’t always have to solve every problem; sometimes, she just wants you to be there for her.

If you’ve brought a woman to tears because of a problem in your relationship, make sure you make up for your rotten behavior and give her consolation. Try to get her to stop crying by making her laugh by being funny in some way or putting in a hilarious television show or movie. You do want her to be happy, right? If you want to stop the tears, you’ll need to take action.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the things you can do to make your woman stop crying! Plus, we’ll cover the most frequently asked questions on the subject with insightful answers. You should learn a lot from this post, so be sure you read it all the way through! Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this!

What You Should Do If A Woman Cries

1. Give her flowers

Most women love getting flowers when they feel sad or are on the brink of crying for whatever reason. It brightens the atmosphere, which makes her feel more full of joy. Make sure you learn what her favorite flowers are, so you can get the right kind, and don’t forget to check to see if she is allergic to certain flowers. 

You’d hate to make her feel even worse when she gets flowers. If you don’t know if she is allergic to flowers or not, you can buy her a stuffed teddy bear or send her a sweet card, letting her know how much you care about her needs and problems. Many women find gestures like this to be very sweet and romantic. It cheers them up right away!

2. Kiss away those tears

Showing affection to wipe away the teardrops running down her face is very sweet. She won’t be able to help but admire you and how in touch you are with her emotions. Learn more about emotional intelligence to become a master of this topic. Emotionally intelligent people are able to control their emotions and assess those of others.

Once you learn to control how you feel and recognize each feeling you have, you can begin to notice these things in other people, but this takes time and practice, so don’t expect to be a ninja overnight in this area. However, if your special gal is crying, you can start to practice emotional intelligence by being empathetic and caring.

3. Hold her closer

Sometimes, women just need a little physical affection. This may not make her stop crying, but it will show her that you care about what she’s going through. Actually, when I get hugged, I often cry even more, but it’s good to let that stuff out. The sooner I do, the better I feel - and it seems to go a lot faster when I just let it all out.

4. Apologize for any wrongdoing on your part

apologize for any wrongdoing on your part

If you’ve been fighting with your girlfriend, you may need to say you are sorry for your part in the disagreement. If you are still upset over something that she did, take the time to talk things out. Maybe bring a counselor or third party into the mix to shake things up and give you an outside point of view. If she’s crying, it might be smart to find out why.

5. Cry with her

This is an option for those who are sensitive and can do this without trying too hard. It’s typically not easy for men to cry on command, so if you can’t do this, it’s okay. Just being there for her is what matters the most. Don’t give up on her just because she’s emotional right now.

6. Console her

Sometimes, just being there for her helps. However, there are cases when you should ask what is wrong and determine if there is anything you can do to help her. She’ll value you as a person if you take an active interest in what is going on inside her head. Show her you care and want to be there for her - no matter what.

7. Listen to her

Listening is an art that many people don’t take the time to learn. It involves being silent when the other person is talking and not allowing distractions to occur while you are actively listening. If you are a skilled listener, you probably already know all this, but the majority of people just don’t know how to listen with any skill at all.

First, as mentioned, do away with interruptions and distractions. Turn your cell phone off and devote this time to your gal and her needs. It’s time to really pay attention. Step two is giving her your full attention. This also means that you need to show open body language - uncross your arms and legs, lean in, and make eye contact.

When she is done talking, you can take the final step, which requires you to have truly listened well when she was speaking. This is asking follow-up questions. Think about what was said, and give a short recap of what you understood. If there was anything that was unclear, ask for clarification and apologize for misunderstanding it.

8. Make her happy

make her happy

Do your best to turn her mood around. What does she love the most in the whole wide world? What is she the most passionate about? Talk about those things and try to get her involved in a fun activity to get her mind off her problems.

9. Try to solve the problem

If you are a problem-solver, you may want to fix whatever is wrong. If she’s upset over another guy, you might want to kick his ass. Make sure if you do have a solution to her concern that you check with her to make sure that’s how she wants things handled. It’d be awful if you went to all the trouble to fix something that doesn’t need to be fixed.

10. Give her what she needs to heal

She may need time; she may need space; she may just need you to be there for her. Figure out what works best with your gal and use that method to turn her frown upside down. She may need you to stroke her back, give her a pat on the shoulder, or kiss her forehead. Showing affection can often show a woman that she is cared for.

11. Watch your reaction

It’s often upsetting to see someone cry, but you shouldn’t get frustrated with her for doing that. She probably cannot control the way she expresses her feelings. Try to control your reactions as much as possible so that you are proactive, not reactive when things happen. This will make things better in your love life and in life in general.


Do guys feel bad when they make a girl sad?

When men see a woman cry, many thoughts probably come to mind; they may be wondering why women cry in the first place and how they should act when they see a woman crying in front of them. If a woman cries in front of a man, she’s expressing feelings!

What does it mean when you cry while making love?

You are overwhelmed with your emotions and feelings and feel that this is one of those relationships that may last a lifetime because you feel so close to your partner. If the waterworks start in your relationship, try to understand the emotions being expressed.

Do guys find it attractive when a girl cries?

Most men think there is a problem when a woman is crying in front of them. They may feel anger if they do not know what is causing the woman to cry in front of them. However, if they take the time to understand the issue, they may feel even closer to the woman.

What does it mean if a guy cries over you?

When a man decides to cry, he is showing vulnerability and courage because he’s allowing himself to demonstrate his feelings in front of a girl. He may feel such emotion that he doesn’t know what to say to express the emotion he is feeling, so he cries in response.

How do you make him cry for you?

You can threaten to break up with him if you want him to cry, but it could not work and cause the end of your relationship. If you want real tears, you will have to show vulnerability in front of him. Show that you have the courage to say the right words to express yourself.

In Summary

What do you do when a girl decides to cry in your presence? Do you admire her vulnerability, or does it cause an argument? Do you panic when you see a girl with tears? What reason do you think a girl cries in the presence of a guy? Please comment!

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