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When A Guy Says Your Perfect (15 Things He Could Mean)

It used to be that when a guy says you are perfect, you end up together, or at the very least share something profound. In the present dating scene, when a guy says you are perfect, you take it with a pinch of salt. Does it mean he loves you? Is he a bit obsessed? Is he no longer satisfied with being just friends? 

The questions that one statement spurs are never-ending. So, if you are one of the many women wondering ‘what does it mean when a guy says you’re perfect?’ you have come to the right place. At the end of this all, no one will be asking ‘what does it mean when a guy says you’re perfect?’

15 Possible Meanings When A Guy Says Your Perfect

1. He is trying to test the waters

Let’s say this fellow is not your boyfriend yet and he does not want to ruin your friendship. With that in mind, he may not want to tell you that he loves you in plain words. Rather than jumping right into the pool, he may be looking for signs that you like him too. Think about it, you probably have a good relationship, if you do not feel the same way it could all blow up.

So, let’s say this guy suddenly tells you that you are perfect. You could either brush it off as him being your amazing friend. Or, you could finally see that the man for you was right under your nose the whole time.

2. It could be a line he uses on all the girls

Guys are complex until they are not. In some cases, he may just be trying to have fun at your expense. Maybe he noticed that you are his type and suddenly wants to have sex with you. For some people, a sure way into their pants is to shower them with compliments. There is something deep and profound about a man telling you that you’re perfect.

Especially if this guy does not know you yet, his definition of perfection is pretty superficial. He is probably talking about your face or your body. Face it, that is pretty much all he knows about you. So, before you invite him into a party in your pants, ensure he is not there for a ‘hit and run’ (unless that’s what you want).

3. He is stalling

There are a million things it could mean when a guy says you’re perfect. This is by far the most annoying of them. If all your man can offer you is sweet words and affirmation, that is one of the many signs that he is not ready to settle down. Let’s say you have been in a relationship for four years. Whenever you bring up the topic of settling down, things go ablaze.

Even more, when it's time to makeup, he simply serenades you with loving words and suggestive body language. This points to the fact that he is simply using this breathtaking statement to stall. He has no intentions of making an honest woman out of you.

4. He wants to cheer you up

Admit it, we all have those days where our faces are too puffy or our hair just won’t sit right. It can start to feel like you are falling into a hole of your own sadness. In times like that, hearing that you are perfect is one thing that can pull you out of it. Among the numerous things it could mean when a guy says you are perfect, this is one of my favorites.

It does not have to come from someone you have a romantic relationship with. It could be a close friend or acquaintance. Sure, hearing that may not completely lift the stormy cloud from over your head. But, it may very well set you on the path to a sunny day.

5. He thinks you are attractive

Sometimes, it is what it is. You do not have to go far to decipher what it could mean when a guy says you are perfect. He may simply reckon that you are physically attractive. It could be your smile, your hair, your bosom, or even the whole package. Watch his body language, does he seem quite infatuated with you?

Is the lust practically seeping through his pores? Then you have your answer. He is physically attracted to you and thinks your features are perfect.

6. He thinks you are a perfect friend

he thinks you are a perfect friend

This one sucks, especially if you like this guy romantically. In this case, you may be so far deep in the friend zone that he cannot see you in another light. Nevertheless, he could regard you as one of the best things that have happened to him. If he is a good friend, he will make it clear what he means. 

For instance, he will say something like, ‘ you really are a perfect friend.’ Also, he will not give off any suggestive body language. There will be no leaning in suggestively or hands in incriminating areas. He will try his very best to keep it innocent.

7. He is finally admitting it to himself

We see this kind of thing in the movies every day, but once in a while, it happens in real life. You’ve been pining after this man forever, then one day he finally sees you. He is ready to admit that the person for him has been right before him all along. This realization may make him blurt out that you are perfect. 

In this case, you may need to read between the lines. Is his body language revealing anything to you? Does it seem like the relationship is transcending to a whole new level? If something feels right, then this may just be the break you were waiting for all along.

8. He thinks you are too good for him

Let me start by saying that I believe every new relationship is a new slate. You should come in with the intent to be the best partner you can be. Nevertheless, it does not work that way for everyone. Some people feel unworthy due to a number of reasons. It could be low self-esteem, it could be a result of past transgressions, and the list is endless. 

Whether it is for one of the above reasons, or something else, he may simply not feel good enough. How you deal with it from this point is up to the both of you. Is he ready to embrace your humanity as well as his? If not, then it may not work out.

9. He has put you on a pedestal

Regardless of who he is to you, this is not a good reason. This one is a borderline obsession and you need to nip it in the bud or run. Watch his body language, does he seem a bit too eager? Does he drop one too many compliments? Does he give you too much credit for the smallest things?

Then this may be the reason he called you perfect. Especially if you are his girlfriend, letting this go on may be to your detriment. Once you do something that is not ‘perfect’, then he may be legitimately shocked. Once again, let him know you are human, it will soften the blow on your less ‘perfect’ days.

10. He’s trying to get something from you

If this is the reason why then the signs will be pretty clear. Everything from his body language to his next actions will let you in on the fact that he wants something. Before telling you that you are perfect, he may lead by asking you for a favor. Or, he may go the subtle way and try to soften the blow by leading with the complement. 

Altogether, he may not really mean it. The words may be a means to an end. He reckons that just asking you for the favor upfront may land him with a big ‘no.’ So, what better way to ensure you say yes than to pay you an amazing compliment? Some of these men have freakishly smooth moves, right?

11. It's part of his day-to-day vocabulary

Everyone has certain mannerisms and go-to grammar. Think about it, there are certain words you immediately go to once you open your mouth. Some people call people they care about ‘baby’, and some guys call each other ‘dude.’ In the same vein, it could be that he simply tells every woman he’s close to that they are perfect.

Is that sleazy? Well, it depends on the motives behind it. If he is simply saying it because it is part of him, no harm, no foul. But, if he is using it to manipulate most of the ladies in his life, that’s horrid. For some clues, pay keen attention to his body language and mannerisms.

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12. He's trying to make you insecure

hes trying to make you insecure

That does not sound right, does it? Well, sometimes consistently hearing that you are perfect mounts a whole lot of pressure. You feel like you are not allowed to breathe around the other person. There's no room for mistakes or any sort of humanity. These are the conditions that stifle out budding relationships. 

For one, perfection is fleeting, it lasts for a moment and then it is gone.

At some point, you are going to slip up, and coming off the pressure of being ‘perfect,’ it hurts a bit more. Saying you are perfect over and over again may start weighing on you. The parts of your life that are not perfect may become larger than life. Once you notice that this statement is starting to rub you the wrong way, address it. Do not let it break you down.

13. He is trying to be cute

Sometimes, a compliment is nothing more than that. It is a compliment from someone who cares about you. Your man may just be trying his best to show you how amazing you are. If this is the case, then there is nothing to be worried about. He is just trying to let his lady love know that he sees her. 

Admit it, there are times when you just want to feel attractive. You know that you are an amazing soul, with a decent character. But, you want to be wanted. Well, in this one statement, your man is probably trying to let you know how ‘hot’ you are.

14. He wants to let you know you are perfect for him

No is perfect. So, when someone you care about drops the ‘p’ word, it can sting a bit. Why would he say that? Is he trying to idealize you? Couldn’t he have used other words? Well, here is the thing. In some cases, your man knows it. He knows that you are not a barbie or superhuman. 

He simply wants you to know that you are the perfect woman for him. In this case, he does not expect you to be anything but yourself. That’s because everything he considers perfect is already in one woman. You.

15. It means nothing

So, here is the one that seems senseless. In some cases, a man just blurts out some words and it means nothing. The words are an afterthought and he did not expect them to resonate with you. If you try to read in between the lines on this one, the results will come in the blank. He may just blurt it out and go back to whatever it was he was doing. There is no mystery there.


What does it mean when a guy says that you're perfect?

Right off the boat, it could mean that he likes you a whole lot. But this is not always the case, as such, you need to look for other signs that he is interested. It could equally be a simple compliment he’s using to get a favor from you. The key is to watch how he acts after saying it.

How do you respond when someone calls you perfect?

It depends on the circumstances, but if we are going to be generic, start with a smile. Let them know you appreciate the compliment. If it's someone you’ve liked for a while, tell them that it means a lot coming from them. If not, try not to give any mixed signals while being appreciative. 

How do you know if a guy thinks about you a lot?

When guys remember little things you told them nonchalantly, it is obvious that he thinks about you. Besides that, his body language will let you know if you are a permanent fixture in his mind. Altogether, when guys go out of their way to make you happy, that is a major tell.

How does a man decide that you're the one?

Some guys claim that they know right from the beginning that they have met the one. So, there is no amount of hassling or nagging that will make a man decide you are the one. He simply has a type and once he finds her everyone else seems wrong for him.

How do you know if a guy thinks you’re beautiful?

First and foremost, he cannot seem to keep his eyes off you. Once you come into a room, his eyes light up and they follow you once he is home. Then, of course, there is his body language. He may look for little ways to touch you or stay close to you.


These days it is hard to decipher what the other sex means even when they use plain language. Some guys want to be just friends but still say sweet things. It is easy to get things twisted these days. 

With that in mind, I hope you have gotten some clarity as far as this topic is concerned. Is there something I missed out? Please share it in the comment box below. While we are on the topic, do share this with everyone and anyone who’ll need it. 

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