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11 Possible Signs Your Ex Is In A Rebound Relationship

Do you suspect your ex is in the wrong relationship and wonder what signs your ex is in a rebound relationship? If so, how can you be sure your ex’s rebound relationship is real?

While we will look at the signs that your ex’s new relationship is one on the rebound, that won’t tell you how to tell if his romantic relationship is a rebound one.

One sign that you can look for is what your mutual friends tell you. If they indicate your ex’s new girlfriend or boyfriend is just a rebound and you want him or her back, you’ve got nothing to worry about. They will break up before you know it. Talk to your ex’s friends about how to win your ex back, as they will know if you were “meant” to break up or not.

Another way to tell if this new individual is a rebound is by talking to your ex’s best friend. This person has a close connection to your ex and will know if the new person is a keeper or not.

Let me ask you this profound question: Is your past relationship one that you want back, though? Hmm...That’s something to think about! Let’s explore more!

Top 11 Signs Your Ex Is In A Rebound Relationship

1. You two broke up less than a month ago

If you and your ex just broke up, that’s a good sign he or she is not in a lasting relationship. They have not had time to mourn the loss of YOU yet! They are still trying to get over what the two of you had, so you should have no fear about what’s going on between him or her and their new flame. 

They are probably just in a stage of a rebound relationship. In other words, it’s probably nothing serious!

2. You were together for over a year

you were together for over a year

You typically need at least a week to get over every year that you were with someone. Don’t think that what the two of you had was not special; he or she is just rushing things with someone else because they don’t want to cope with the loss of the relationship with you! Wipe those tears away because what he or she has is not serious!

In fact, they probably actually just had their heart broken when your bond ended. Your ex might still be suffering quite a bit, so don’t let this news ruin your day or anything like that. Your ex might feel the same way you do - that things ended between the two of you too soon and perhaps wishes that you could get back together.

3. Your ex cannot stop talking about you to their new partner

This tell-all sign shows that your ex is not over you. You are still the central thought in their head, so he or she cannot think or talk about anything but you. It’s very common with sudden or recent breakups. I wouldn’t worry too much about his or her new romantic entanglement; it’s not going to last! He or she really misses you!

4. Your ex is rushing things with their new girl or guy

This is nearly the definition of a rebound relationship - rushing things with someone new. You might discover they decide to live together or say, “I love you” after only a few weeks under their belts. That’s just moving way too fast for true love! A true romance takes time to grow; like a plant or flower, you must nurture it over time and watch it spring to life!

5. Your ex does the exact opposite and never talks about you

As mentioned, your ex might talk about you non-stop, OR he or she might not mention you at all. This is an especially telling sign if they are asked questions about you and refuse to talk about you for fear of hurt feelings being brought to light. That’s just a childish way of behaving. If he or she was really over you, you’d be fair game.

6. Your ex either lies or withholds information about you from their new partner

This typically happens when there is resentment in a breakup situation. And when there’s resentment rather than forgiveness, someone hasn’t gotten over their last relationship. Don’t be hurt if your ex gossips about you or spreads complete fiction on your account because it could just mean he or she is not over you!

7. Your ex has started ignoring you

your ex has started ignoring you

Ignoring your ex is just a sign of immaturity. He or she is still hurt over the breakup, and if that’s the case, how will he or she ever be ready for a new relationship? Instead, your ex is still pining away and wishes the two of you hadn’t ended things the way you had to. If you want your ex to be with you again, just be patient, and give it time. This won’t last.

8. Your ex has already introduced his girl or guy to his family

This behavior falls in line with rushing things. Think back to what it was like when you were with him or her; when were you introduced to the folks? It probably took time, as most relationships do. Deciding to jump into this decision too quickly is just a sign that he or she was not ready to move on with their love life.

9. Your ex likes this new person for superficial reasons

While you may have to rely on friends to find out this information, if you do, you will know what the foundation of their relationship is really like. Maybe your ex only likes his new mate because of money, appearance, or reputation. Maybe this individual gets him or her into just the right clubs or events or just knows the right people. It’s not going to last!

10. Your ex exaggerates how great things are in his new relationship

your ex exaggerates how great things are in his new relationship

Oh, having that conversation after a breakup is rough; I know this is true. It’s awkward and just plain uncomfortable. Maybe you wish you were anywhere else than in that conversation, but nevertheless, you are there. What do you say to one another? If you are wondering if he or she is in a rebound relationship, just look at the topic!

Maybe he or she will talk about how wonderful their new partner is or how smooth things are between the two of you. Perhaps, he or she will discuss his or her new mate’s physical attributes or qualities he or she loves. That’s a pretty low thing to do, especially with your ex. After all, you don’t want to hear him or her bragging about their new flame.

One suggestion I have for you is to steer the conversation in another direction. Ask how his or her family is doing or what a mutual friend thinks about this or that. You don’t have to talk about his or her new mate. You could even steer the conversation down memory lane if you want him or her to have lingering thoughts about you afterward.

11. Your ex pretends he or she has a serious relationship

Often, our exes pretend to be in a relationship that is serious when in reality, it is just a crush. It might even just be a flirtation and nothing more. So, before you cry yourself to sleep over this, make sure there actually is a relationship between him or her and this new individual. There might not be ANYTHING going on! Don’t sweat it too much.


How long does a rebound relationship usually last?

A rebound relationship happens when you have started dating someone too soon after your ex. With that new partner, you have a rebound relationship because you have rushed things with a new person. It’s usually very unhealthy to do this because you aren’t over your previous relationship.

How do you know if it's a rebound relationship?

Generally speaking, if you start your next relationship too soon after your last breakup, you are likely in a rebound relationship. You have rushed things with a new guy or gal, and chances are it will not last with your new boyfriend or girlfriend because you are not over your ex-partner.

What are the odds of a rebound relationship working?

According to, most relationships fail if they are on the rebound, but there is hope. Not all relationships are doomed. Some people believe that you can make a new relationship work if you take the right steps to make sure it lasts.

Can you fall in love with a rebound?

It is possible to fall in love with a rebound guy or gal because it’s possible to fall in love with anyone, especially if you have started talking about the big things in life and sharing experiences! Usually, a heartbroken individual is not over their ex, so the new relationship won’t last.

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Do rebounds delay healing?

Definitely! Rebound relationships make it hard to get over a breakup. It’s much smarter to take things slow after a relationship ends. Wait until your heart has had time to heal so that your new relationship will work or so that you can find the right person for you.

To Sum It All Up

Do you think your ex’s relationship is in rebound territory? Did your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend start dating a new individual too soon? Are you looking to get your ex back, or is it an obvious sign you are not meant to be? We’d love to hear more! Please comment and share!

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