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Should I Give Up On Him? (27 Rational Things)

It’s normal to picture a perfect relationship, and a blissful life with the person you love; but sometimes, this doesn’t always go as planned. There are points in time when things aren’t just enough, and the association doesn’t seem to be working. You get that feeling in your gut that it’s time to give up on him because it will be a determining factor for your happiness. 

Nevertheless, before you make a move and take that brave step to give up on him, you need to consider some things that would either validate or counter your actions. If you’re seeking clarification for the question, “Should I give up on him?” then keep on reading. 

27 Things To Consider Before Giving Up On Him

1. You don’t see eye to eye

Being on the same page with your partner at all points of the association is an important aspect of dating. The two of you should get smart and be able to agree on what works best, and how to scale through challenges. When you find out that the two of you don’t want the same things, it could indicate that it’s best to call it quits. 

2. You’re starting to like someone else

You’re Starting To Like Someone Else

If you start to develop emotions for another person, it shows that there’s something void in your relationship. Giving up on love is something big, however, it might be a prudent decision, so you don’t end up lying to your partner about it.  Yes, it’s going to be tough but like all tough jobs, you have to get it out of the way.

3. There’s resentment

It’s normal for couples to fight, but when relationships are falling apart, either one or two of the parties start feeling resentment for each other. This is major because they desire more out of the association, and feel if their partner had acted better, everything would be different. When things get this sour, it’s time to give up and find someone new. 

4. You can picture a life without him

If you really love someone, it’s impossible to imagine a life without them. They’re all you want and think about, even at night. So, the mere thought of losing them hurts you to the core. On the contrary, when the relationship has reached a point that you find it easy to imagine a happy future without him, then it indicates that it’s time to move on.  

5. You can’t fit your life with his

There are many occurrences that can obstruct two people from living a happy life together. Some can be work, cultural background, distance, or something else. When all these come into play, and it’s seemingly impossible for the two of you to get your lives together, then it’s time to make that important decision. 

This might indicate that the relationship isn’t meant to be even though you both have other things in common. Though most people can make it work, in other cases, it doesn’t always work out. 

6. There’s no physical attraction anymore

Physical attraction is an important aspect of any romantic relationship. It keeps the fire burning, it’s what will make two people still see the possibility of staying together. There’s something wrong when even one party doesn’t feel like the other person is attractive anymore. It would definitely make the other party feel unloved or not special.

7. There’s no respect

When toxicity reaches a certain level, it becomes hard for the two parties to respect each other. There are constant fights, lack of empathy, and inconsiderate actions towards each other. When the relationship gets to this extent, it’s best to give up because things might only get worse with time. 

8. You’re not happy

There are two scenarios that can occur when you’re not truly happy with your partner. It could be because deep down, you’re certain you deserve more; or it could be because your partner isn’t treating you right. Whatever the case may be, you deserve happiness, and to be with someone who will provide this for you. 

9. He has stopped caring

Sometimes it’s not just one party that gets the feeling that the relationship has gone beyond repair. You can sense this in the empathy your partner displays, if he has simply stopped caring about the little events in your life, and acts like he’s single, then it shows that it’s really time to move on. You don’t deserve to be neglected, which is why you should focus on what’s good for you.  

10. You’re afraid of being alone

The fear of loneliness can drive people into being in wrong relationships, it can also push anyone into making the wrong decisions. You have to be willing to move on, so you can meet someone else that will give you happiness. 

11. You still haven’t met his family

You might feel the love you have with your partner is strong enough to stand the test of time, but you should consider if he feels the same way as well. If a lot of time has passed and he hasn’t still introduced you to his family, despite all you’ve been through together, then it’s a bad sign. If he loves you, that should make him want to introduce you to his family, regardless of the backlash.

12. You have nothing in common

Being different from someone can actually cause attraction, but in the early stages of dating, getting to know one another is mandatory. This is because all relationships blossom with similarities. If after a while, you and your partner still have nothing in common, then it’s a sign that the two of you are not growing together. 

13. The relationship goes in a bad cycle

The Relationship Goes In A Bad Cycle

There should always be progress when you’re dating someone. As the relationship progresses, there should be new phases that accompany it, where the two of you learn and grow. However, when the dating process seems to be going in a toxic cycle, and you encounter the same problems all over again, then it’s a sign that it’s time to move on.

14. You’re desperately convincing yourself he’s right for you

It’s common to have that gut feeling where some situations aren’t worth fighting for. More so, that the person you’re fighting for isn’t really the one. Despite all these intuitions, you might still try to convince yourself otherwise. This is a bad sign and easily indicates that giving up in a relationship is the best option. 

15. You’ve been waiting for him to change

Life is all about second-chances because we really can’t predict the future. Being in love with someone demands patience, especially with their bad traits. However, when this becomes a determining factor for the success of the relationship, then it might be time to move on because there’s still a chance that he might never change.

16. There’s no quality time with each other

Once you realize that you and your partner aren’t having quality time together, it could indicate that everything isn’t the same anymore. If there are certain problems in the relationship, and the two of you aren’t spending enough time to fix these problems, then it may be harder to handle these issues in the future.  

17. You’re stuck with the same problems

Facing problems in relationships is normal, and when you resolve them, the bond between you and your partner increases. Nevertheless, one way to determine when it’s time to give up is if you’re still facing the same problems even after some time. This is toxic and shouldn’t be what you should be going through. 

18. You’re a different person around him

If you constantly find yourself putting on a different persona whenever you’re around someone you claim to love, it shows that they haven’t really accepted you for who you are. Love is more or less about accepting each other’s perks and flaws. You have to consider whether you want to live in pretense for the rest of your life. 

19. You’re the only one fighting to stay

In the early stages of dating, everyone is comfortable with one person doing most of the work, because, at that time, the feelings aren’t yet mutual. As time goes on, the two parties tend to feel equal love for each other and would fight to make their partners stay. If you’re the only person still fighting, then it indicates that the association isn’t worth it.

20. You’re sacrificing more than you should

It’s easy to confuse sacrifice with compromise, compromise is adjusting to new methods, habits, and behaviors, for the benefit of the relationship while sacrifice is giving up something dear and meaningful to you. If you’re constantly sacrificing, you might feel tied to this person because of all you’ve lost, but this is a sign that you should start to put yourself first. 

21. You’re only holding on because of how long it’s been

It’s only normal to want certain things to work, especially the ones we’ve invested our time and effort into. This is common in relationships as well, but when this becomes the only reason why you’re holding on after so long, then it shows that the association has nothing left to rescue. It might be time to give up and move on. 

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22. None of your needs are met

None Of Your Needs Are Met

Everyone has needs, especially the ones they expect their partners to fulfill. It could range from emotional to physical needs. However, when you get the feeling that your partner isn’t fulfilling any of your needs, and isn’t even trying to, it’s a sign that he’s not fully invested in the relationship. 

23. You’re not growing as an individual

Your relationship should be adding value to your life, and not taking from it. If you notice you can’t fulfill your dreams because you’re with someone, then it indicates that you have to pick either one or the other. However, bear in mind that if you don’t accomplish what you’ve always dreamt of, there’s a probability that you would forever hold your partner in contempt. 

24. He’s not always there for you

Supporting your partner comes naturally in relationships, you want to see the growth of your beloved, and to ensure they’re never alone through difficult times. Whenever you feel like your partner isn’t supporting you, or doesn’t have your back as he should, then it indicates that maybe you should give up on the relationship.

25. He forces you to change

Spending your life with someone should come with its ups and downs, which the two parties are ready to embrace. However, in a case where your partner forces you to change, simply to suit his preferences, then this is a sign that things are going to be tough. You should move on to do what you like and find someone who would appreciate you for you.

26. All the good times are in the past

You’re bound to experience good moments with your partner which makes you love them even more, this will occur over the course of the relationship. A way to identify that things aren’t the same anymore is if these memories are way back in the past, and there are no good memories in the present. 

This only shows that things have gone past rescuing, and you should move on. You are certainly not going to like the future direction.

27. There’s no trust

Trust is essential for the survival of any relationship, without this, it’s only bound to fail. If it gets to a point where you feel you can’t trust your partner’s statements, promises, or actions, then it shows the relationship has become toxic, where everyone is living under the pretense of love. If the lack of trust has gone beyond repair, then you should definitely give up on him. 


How do you know when to give up on him?

You will identify the right time to give up on somebody by the obvious signs in the association. If everything isn’t the way a normal relationship should go, then there might be nothing left to fight for.

Should I leave him alone or keep trying?

You need to consider some subjects before deciding to give up or keep on trying. First, consider if there’s any hope left, and if you’re unsure, then you should move on. 

Will he change if I leave him?

The decision to change is still dependent on him and has nothing to do with you. More so, the decision to leave is dependent on you, and should not be determined by his willingness or unwillingness to change, you should always do what’s best for you.

Should I give up on someone I love?

If you’re wondering, “Should I give up on him?” understand that this decision can bring you the happiness that you desire, but before you make it, try to consider some certain subjects about the association first. This will help you know whether it’s the best cal to make.

How do you recognize your soul mate?

You will recognize your soul mate when you find someone you have a common ground with, who’s willing to build a profitable future with you, and is not willing to lose you to anything.  He will also try his absolute best to make things with your work.

In Conclusion

Were you enlightened by this article? If you make the decision to leave, and your partner tries to convince you to stay, you have to stick with the decision you know will be good for your life. Kindly leave a comment below, and get this article out to a friend who will like it.

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