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"Signs Your Marriage Is Over" Quiz (Find Out)

Seeing signs your marriage is over can be scary. After all, nobody gets married believing it won’t be their happily ever after. Indeed, most spouses hope that their marriage will last forever right until the bitter end.

The idea of getting divorced can be terrifying, even if your marriage isn’t satisfying you in this moment.

When you wed, you both promised to work out any problems that were preventing you from being happy together. In that moment, you meant it because you were so deliriously joyous in each other’s company.

Perhaps you are still willing to do whatever it takes to get back to this happy place.

But the truth is: you’ll need the cooperation of your husband to keep your ship afloat.

If he isn’t willing to do anything to save the marriage, this limits what you can do to save it.
Is my marriage over?

You shouldn’t accept your marriage is over until it’s over. To give up before then is to do a disservice to the vows you made before your husband and all your loved ones.

Even if your husband doesn’t care about this, it may be still possible to talk him around. Many couples invest in a marriage counsellor to assist with this process.

The question is: how willing is your husband to be talked around? If he’s already given up the marriage, there’s little you can do to save it.

How our quiz can help you

Our quiz will help you gain some clarity towards the signs your marriage is over. You’ll discover how intense these problems are likely to be in the grand scheme of things, and how close your marriage is to dropping off the cliff.

After you answer these 10 questions, we’ll give our verdict on your marriage and some advice on what actions need to be taken to steer it back to steady waters.


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