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Top 9 Signs You Are In A Parasitic Relationship (What You Need to Know)

If you are in a parasitic relationship, you should seek a better balance. Parasites are dangerous as they only care about their needs. 

Are you not sure if you are in a parasitic relationship? What are the signs of a partnership like this? 

After all, you don’t want to be around people who are parasites, right? You want to have a boyfriend or girlfriend who cares about your needs also, right? 

That is much better than having things be one-sided. Let’s look at some of the signs you are in a poor relationship so that you can find some positive solutions and the right remedies! 

Are you ready to dive in?

Top 9 Signs of a Parasitic Relationship

1. You have zero energy after being around your partner

Are you constantly giving and never taking? Do you feel like there may be an uneven exchange going on between you and your partner? You may need to make significant changes in your life to have the right partner, which is not the one you are with. You need to be with someone who will respect you and care about what is best for you.

2. You spend all your time meeting his or her needs

you spend all your time meeting his or her needs

You may feel like a nurse-maid if you are constantly waiting on your partner - hand and foot. Do you spend all of your time trying to meet his or her needs rather than your own? Do you think that things are unbalanced? If you are contemplating this, you are likely not in the best situation, and it is time to rethink your relationship. 

3. You must solve problems that they have created

Drama, drama, drama! Who loves that? Most people enjoy a little bit of excitement from time to time, but cleaning up messes is probably not what you signed up for. Consider talking to your partner about what is going on. It might even be time to move on. 

You are not required to put out fires unless you are a fireman! You can have a good partner! It is never fun to feel trapped by someone else. If you feel this way about your partner, there is a good chance that your relationship is unbalanced. You should not spend all of your free time cleaning up your partner’s messes!

4. You see that their wants trump your wants

When was the last time things went your way instead of your partner’s? You might wish that the two of you were more balanced when it comes to what you want out of life. It’s never a good idea to have a relationship that is one-sided. Consider what is best for you, which is not a parasitic relationship. You can do better!

5. You are expected to make them happy

Does their happiness depend on you? To be honest, that is not healthy. It’s normal to feel ups and downs with a partner, but you should not base your happiness on your partner. If they expect you to make them happy, you are not in the best-case scenario! Think about a better partnership with someone who is not so self-involved.

6. You notice there are unrealistic expectations

you notice there are unrealistic expectations

Maybe your partner expects you to spend every waking hour with them, or perhaps when they get off work or out of school, they expect you to cater to their every need. This is not a healthy situation to be in. You should set up healthy boundaries in your relationship - something we will go over in detail in the next section!

7. You spend all your time taking care of them

Maybe your partner is frequently sick or does not always have the best track record when it comes to other people, so there is constant drama. Maybe they experience a lot of fights in the friendships in their life. If you are always putting out fires, there is little time for the two of you to have a healthy relationship.

8. You see that there are no healthy boundaries

As mentioned, healthy boundaries are critical for a healthy partnership. If you want to keep things going smoothly or make things better, it’s best to establish good boundaries. You should not be given ultimatums or anything like that from your partner. If you are seeing lots of “if only” statements, you might need to reconsider your partnership.

9. You realize they are never satisfied

Do you feel like nothing makes them happy? Do you think there is nothing you can do to make them satisfied? If they find something wrong with everything that you say or do, there is obviously a problem in your relationship. You should consider ending things or seeking some solutions rather than allowing things to continue as they are.

What to Do If You See The Signs of a Parasitic Relationship

what to do if you see the signs of a parasitic relationship

Consider having a chat with your partner about how you feel. It’s always smart to discuss problems that are going on with your lover. There’s no reason to keep things bottled up inside! If you do keep things inside, you are likely to feel a great deal of resentment. More than likely, bitterness doesn’t suit you well. Wouldn’t you rather be happy?

If you are ready to establish healthy boundaries in your relationship, Psych Central has some great advice on the subject. First, you need to have a conversation with your partner. Second, you must use the right kind of statements to get your point across. Finally, make sure you explain you need space and time to do your own thing from time to time.

If you have tried talking to your partner with no luck, it might be time to consider ending the relationship. It’s never fun to do this, as we all worry we will hurt the feelings of our partner. As you break up with your partner, remember that you are doing what is best for you. You need to be with someone who is not a parasite - someone who will care about your needs, too.


What is an example of parasitism with humans?

Human parasites are much like the parasite lives of insects or animals. Parasitic relationships happen in predator/prey relationships, where there is a definitive host or even more than one host. A good example can be seen with sexual parasitism, where one takes, and the other gives.

What is a parasitic person?

A parasite seeks a host - someone they can use as prey. This may be at the expense or harm of the other person, but the predator does not care. Parasites are never good in relationships. In social parasitism, we see the interaction between people, where there is a host and a parasite.

What is a parasitic friendship?

The parasite finds this relationship to be beneficial because they have an advantage over the person they are consuming. In a mutualistic relationship, you see no parasites or hosts. Instead, you see a partnership where both people mutually benefit. Parasites feed off others, so you shouldn’t be in a friendship with someone like that.

What is a parasitic emotion?

When a parasite has emotion, it is selfish. A parasite seeks to benefit from a host, someone they can feed off. Parasites are often completely dependent on the hosts to make them happy or fulfill their needs. Don’t host the emotions of someone else, as this is often unhealthy.

How do you know if you have a parasitic relationship?

Parasites search for hosts - those that can host their problems. If you feel like your relationship is one-sided, there is a good chance you are with a parasite who views you as a host. You should never host the problems of a parasite, so seek a healthy balance going forward.

To Sum It All Up

What do you think of parasites? Are you the host of a parasite right now? Do you have past experiences with people who are parasites? What do you think you should do about it? What can someone else do about parasites? We’d love to hear your take! Please comment!

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