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Does Laverne Cox Have a Husband? A Look into Her Dating History

Laverne Cox was born as Roderick Laverne Cox, alongside her identical brother, named Reginald. They were both born in Mobile, Alabama, on March 29th, 1984. The siblings were raised by their single mother, Gloria, who worked three jobs. 

Young Laverne went through a lot of tough things, from school bullying and poverty to a suicide attempt. At the age of 11, young Laverne tried to end her life. She took a bottle of pills and went to sleep, hoping she wouldn’t wake up. Fortunately, she woke up from that sleep with terrible pain in her stomach. From there on, she would move forward and focus on her future. 

Now, Laverne is known as the most successful transgender actress. She always was, and still is, a great representation of the LGBTQ+ community, showing how to shine bright, regardless of gender stereotypes and sexual orientation. 

Even though Cox is always being vocal about her acting journey, the talented actress stays private when it comes to her love life. However, there are a few exciting topics and gossip that we should discuss. So, shall we?

Who Is Laverne Cox Dating Now, and What's Their Status?

It is an eye-opening phenomenon to see that even nowadays, the trans community has to deal with a lot of struggles. Luckily, we have some fantastic activists like Laverne herself. The actress always speaks about the issues that queer people go through from day one. 

She often shares her personal dating experience. During her interview with Angelica Ross, she said:

“It’s so exhausting. I can't believe in 2022, we're still dealing with stigma and that there are so many men, celebrity men, famous men who are terrified of people finding out that they're sleeping with trans women.”

It seems like Orange is the New Black’s star is single now and living her best free-spirit life. Laverne also speaks up about the issues that she faces on dating apps. During the same interview with her colleague, she said:

“They get upset that they've matched with us instead of just being like, Oh, I'm not interested, unmatched! They flag our profiles, and then so many men flag our profiles, and our accounts are deleted, and they're like you're doing something crazy, and it's just no, I'm just being trans in a dating app.”

Laverne Cox's Dating History: Separating Facts from Fiction

You know how they say, do not underrate the power of the internet? While Ms. Cox tries her best to hide her personal life, internet users are discussing her past relationships from A to Z. 

Here is the complete list of men that Laverne Cox has ever dated in public eyes or simply been rumored to have dated.

The rumors about Laverne Cox's love life

Once again, we all know how the internet works; there are always plenty of rumors and gossip surrounding celebrities. Let’s take a look and see who never had an actual chance to be in a relationship with Queen L. 

Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs was co-starring with Laverne in the first season of “Orange Is The New Black.” Not long after the show’s premiere, fans started speculating about the possible romance between the actors. 

Even though neither Laverne nor Jason has ever denied or confirmed the circulated rumor around them, it is clear that there’s no romantic relationship between the two, and nothing but a friendship can connect them. 

Kenny Ortega

kenny ortega

While some people enjoy Laverne’s acting techniques, others simply make out romantic stories about the talented actress. Her imaginary relationship with American filmmaker and producer Kenny Ortega is no exception. 

Back in 2016, when they both had a chance to work on “The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Let's Do The Time Warp Again” musical, many internet users were keen to believe that there was an actual thing between the two. 

Clearly, Kenny and Laverne have never been together. Moreover, it is known that Kenny was married to her long-term wife during that time. 

Laverne Cox's official dating history

Jono Freedrix

The Emmy-awarded artist’s first publicly confirmed high-profile relationship was with Jono Freedrix, who is well-known among filmography fans as a Brooklyn-based writer, film producer, and the president of a Vancouver-based film and theater company. 

Even though the couple seemed to have no problems, they broke up after a few months. Sadly the reason for their breakup is still unknown. However, some fans are speculating that the reason is the total differences between their graphics, which hints that there’s no bad blood between the ex-lovers.

Kyle Draper

Up next is Kyle Draper. The two dated each other from 2017 to 2019. According to insiders, Kyle and Laverne had a perfect and healthy relationship, and many even speculated that the two were in an open relationship

Sadly, the couple broke up in June 2019. Laverne made an Instagram post saying, “@thekyledraper and I have broken up. After much soul searching and tears from both of us, we have decided it's time for us to go our separate ways.” 

She explained that the need to post about it publicly was because their relationship became public “in ways neither of us anticipated.”

At least one thing is clear: there's no bad blood between the ex couple. Laverne also added, “We have both grown in innumerable ways as a result. Now it's just time to move on separately.” 

Hidden Lover

In 2021, when everyone's hot topic was the terrible virus, Laverne Cox changed the headlines from “COVID-19” to “Laverne Cox’s New Hidden Lover.” 

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The four-time Emmy-awarded star revealed her new relationships during “The Ellen Show.” She stated how happy she was with her new partner and how blessed they were to have each other. Laverne said about herself: 

“Laverne is in love again. It feels amazing. Love is an incredible thing. It's literally this chemical thing that's awesome.” 

The actress also added, “He's a really great guy, and I didn't expect it. I thought he was just going to be this hot dude I was going to be hanging out with, and then it just happened.” 

However, according to some sources, the couple broke up after a few months due to some unknown circumstances. 

Laverne Cox’s Struggles as a Transgender Child

laverne cox’s struggles as a transgender child

As a kid, young Laverne always wanted a Barbie doll; sadly, her mother would never allow her to have one. Now, as a grown, strong woman of color, the actress always tries her best to be open about all the struggles and issues that she had while growing up as a misunderstood transgender kid

She truly believes that her being transparent about her harsh past would help many young people identify and understand themselves. Ms. Cox also shared the dark episodes of her childhood when she attempted suicide. 

On August 13th, 2018, Laverne Cox took to Instagram and revealed a past mistake that, happily, was a failure.

Apparently, Laverne left a note before attempting suicide. She wrote down all her disappointment regarding the society that kept misgendering her by calling her by her old male name. In her Instagram post, she also shares the difficulties that the trans community faces on a daily basis. Laverne highlighted the problems with the government, and especially the issues with the police.

“I have been saying for years that misgendering a trans person is an act of violence. When I say that, I am referring to cultural and structural violence. The police misgendering and deadnaming trans murder victims as a matter of policy feels like a really good example of that cultural and structural violence.”


Does Laverne Cox Have a Husband?

No. Even though Laverne had a few high-profile relationships and was clearly happy with all of her ex-partners, she has never been married to any of them. 
However, fans are not giving up and are waiting to see what the future actually holds for their favorite actress. 

Who was Laverne's longest relationship?

Laverne Cox’s longest relationship was with the CEO of the record label “Mateo Sound,” Kyle Draper. The two have been together from 2017 to 2019. The couple was known to be the longest relationship in Laverne’s love life. 

Does Laverne have kids? 

No. Laverne Cox has no kids yet. However, the star of “Orange Is The New Black” has always been vocal about her genuine love for children and how badly she wants to adopt kids in the upcoming future. 


Despite being an amazingly talented actress who has already earned the public's love for her roles like Sophia Burset in “Orange Is The New Black” and Gail in “ Promising Young Woman,” Ms. Cox often is vocal about some important topics. She speaks up about all the issues that the LGBTQ+ community faces on a daily basis. 

While the star always shares the experience she’s having off camera during her back-to-stage videos, it seems like her love life is a “taboo” topic even for the people close to her. Laverne tries her best to cover and hide her romances. However, her fans are more than hungry to find out all the little details regarding her love life.

Do you have an update regarding our lovely Laverne’s love life? Share what you’ve got with us.

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