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How To Tell Your Dad You Have A Boyfriend (13 Best Ways)

Telling your parents about a new boyfriend depends more on the type of relationship you have with them. If you’re close to them, then it’s easier to spill the beans. It’s also possible you’re closer to one parent than the other, but at the end of the day, both parents should know when you’re dating someone

I don't know how open your parents are to dating at your age, but if they've been hinting at you to get a partner, telling them about this should be delightful. 

The bother, however, is if you're introducing the right person or whether your boyfriend would bond well with the family. It becomes meaningless if you introduce every Tom, Dick, or Harry to your dad as soon as you feel a certain type of way. Ensure you're sure about what you have with him (your boyfriend) before setting a date to tell your parents about him. 

If this is your first time introducing a boyfriend to your dad, you want to make sure you do it right, with respect. I wrote out a few tips for you below. 

13 Ways Of Telling Your Parents About Your Boyfriend

1. Wait For A Good Time

wait for a good time

It’s probably not a good time to tell your parents about your love life when he’s upset with you or something. As an adult, it’s expected that you would be dating someone. So it’s not a bizarre topic to bring up with your father. Wait for a good time, especially if your parents are strict with their dating principles. 

During a good family dinner, an outing, or drive, those are great moments to slip your love life into the conversation that’s already going well. You never know, he may have already suspected it. Choosing the right time to let your parents know is vital to how they’ll take it. 

2. Prepare For Questions

Walk into this conversation prepared, with your guard up. No matter how old you are, there are going to be questioned; some fewer than others, but he will ask. Don’t allow yourself to be caught off guard, or else you would spill what you shouldn’t have, leading to further questioning. 

You know your father better than I do. Writing out a list of possible questions will keep you on your toes. Don’t rush your replies even though you prepared them; let the conversation run smoothly.  

3. Talk About His Strengths

If you want to tell one parent about your new boyfriend, it’s better to focus on your partner's strengths. It’ll be difficult to shake off any negative impressions you create in his mind. 

Don’t talk about him like he could do no wrong, but make it look like he’s a good match and the type of man you want. Every good parent supports what makes their child happy; if he makes you happy, it’ll be difficult for your father to object to it. 

4. Go Over The Conversation In Your Head

go over the conversation in your head

There’s never enough time to prepare or enough preparation done for this kind of conversation with your parents. This day is bound to come, and he knows it. To be safe, go over the conversation in your head and be sure you’ve covered every loophole that may lead to him questioning your choices or worse. 

5. Don't Be Argumentative

This type of conversation with your dad should be pleasant, with a little bit of humor (depending on the bond you have with him). Walking in there with your knives out, ready to counter whatever he says, isn’t such a good idea—especially if you're not old enough to be in a relationship. In his opinion, arguing with him would only make the situation worse. Approach the subject with caution and watch for his body language while you discuss it. 

6. Keep Your Expectations Real

Don’t expect a truckload of excitement when you drop the news about your relationship, although that may happen. Remember that your parents may not get along with your boyfriend as soon as they meet him. But it’s okay to expect them to create a bond between themselves eventually. 

You’d be surprised if your parents already knew that you are in a relationship, or they probably heave a sigh of relief that you’ve found a man. You can never tell what their reactions would sometimes be. 

7. Why Do You Have A Boyfriend?

why do you have a boyfriend

This question will come up if you’re a teenager. It is suggested you dig deep, think hard, and do your research on why you need a boyfriend currently. This is vital if you want to convince your parents to take your decision seriously. It’s always more challenging to convince your father, who is likely, not ready to let go of you just yet.

8. Listen To Him

Parents always have good advice to give, especially on subjects like this. Your father will tell you many things at this moment that may help you in your relationship. 

There’s so much to learn even from the questions he may ask about your partner. Keep your mind and ears open. There may be something he sees that you don’t see now, don’t be quick to counter his opinion or points. 

9. Introduce Them To Each Other

Introducing your boyfriend to your father should come after you’ve spoken to your dad about him. You don’t want any surprises, trust me. Although it’s a lot simpler to say, “Hey dad, this is my boyfriend,” it’s not easy. 

Plus, what if your boyfriend isn’t ready to meet him at the time? However, introducing him helps your parents keep their minds at ease. They know what he looks like and can probably reach him if possible. You’ve probably created a perfect image in their head that they would like to see for themselves. 

10. Communicate With Your Dad

Keep the conversation about your boyfriend simple, tell him you hope that they meet sometime soon and perhaps set a date afterward. Listen to what he has to say and make changes if necessary. Remember, it’s supposed to be a friendly conversation between father and daughter. 

11. Know Your Boundaries

Keeping a simple conversation means sticking to your boundaries. You don’t want to reveal more than you should, trust me. Some information is best left to the imagination of your parents. You don’t want your father or mother to be an active third party in the relationship either. So even though you want to tell them everything about your boyfriend, remember, too much information won’t do you good. 

12. Have Someone Else Do It

have someone else do it

If you are closer to your mom, telling her first may just work out in your favor. Rather than talking to your father directly, asking your mom to inform him may save you the tension of having that initial discussion. 

13. Pay Attention To The Mood

Read the room before you talk about your love to your parents or anyone, especially if this is your first time dating someone. If you have a good relationship with your mom or dad, it’s still important to let them know when they’re in a good mood. That way, it cushions the effect of the news.


How long should you wait to tell your parents you have a boyfriend?

Telling your parents about a guy you're not yet in a serious relationship with isn't advisable. If it doesn't work out like you assumed it would; you may fall into the vicious cycle of introducing a lot of meaningless infatuations to your parents, and that doesn't put you in a great spot trust me. I suggest you wait as long as the relationship is beyond just going on dates. If you have to introduce him sooner, don't call him a boyfriend just yet.

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How do you tell your parents you have your first boyfriend? 

This is tough, especially if you're still a teenager or less. However, you still have to tell your parents whom you're seeing/going out with for accountability and advice. As a teenager, it's safer to invite him over often and have your parents assume that's who piques your interest. As an older woman, you have nothing to be afraid of. 

You're allowed to make your own mistakes. Tell them over dinner or insert the word in a conversation if you want to be subtle. 

How old should you be to have a boyfriend? 

As I said, I don't think having a boyfriend below the age of seventeen is ideal. In my opinion, you have other priorities, and dating isn't one of them. You have to wait until you're psychologically ready to handle the emotional stress that comes with being in a relationship. 

This doesn't mean you're not going to have a crush or any of those things, they are normal, the difference is you're not going to do anything about how you feel (until you're mature enough). Stick to having friends. 

Is it okay to hide a relationship with your parents?

You only hide a relationship from your parents when you feel like you're doing something wrong. If the relationship you have with your boyfriend is the one you have to hide, is it worth it? I don't think it's smart to hide something that intimates from your parents. They deserve to be aware of who you're spending most of your time with. 

This way, they can hold both parties accountable and give you advice when necessary. 

Should I marry against my parent’s will? 

If you want to disrespect them that way, sure! Although there are some cases where your parents may disagree with your choice of partner and you have to go ahead with what your heart wants because you're old enough to think for yourself. 

Other than that, they should be aware of any type of union you get into for your safety, their blessings, assistance, and proper guidance.

In Summary

I hope you enjoyed reading this article; telling parents about your relationship status is different for everyone. However, the tips above are the best ways to communicate it to your dad or mom. I would like to read your thoughts in the comments section, please write them below and share this article with your friends.

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