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How To Stop Liking Someone

Last updated on August 31, 2022 by Sonya Schwartz

It can be devastating at times having a crush on a person or liking someone romantically, only for your feelings not to be reciprocated. However, it is possible to move on without having your advances totally rejected by a guy or girl you’d like to be in a romantic relationship with. 

Here, in this guide to how to stop liking someone, we look at how to move on and cope with unrequited emotions in a number of ways. It can be helpful to use one or all of our suggestions at once, in the hope that they will get you back to being your best more quickly. 

In reality, overcoming the pain of not having your feelings reciprocated is a longer process than many of us would like. However, have confidence that you will soon feel like the old you by tackling this problem head-on. 

How To Stop Liking Someone You Are Head Over Heels For

Remember, it’s not imperative to use all of the below ideas as ways to help you get over your crush and move on from a failed relationship or lack thereof. Simply use the ways that will help you the best and work for you. 

1. Unfollow them on social media

Unfollow them on social media

One of the reasons it can be so hard to move on from a guy or girl in this day and age is that our social media feeds often remind us of what they are doing and what they are up to. For that reason, it can be highly beneficial to take your updates list on any number of your social media accounts. 

Remember, your crush is most likely posting images and updates from their best life, which will have the impact of making you lust after them even more. You won’t be seeing their bad bits at all. 

2. Don’t talk to their friends

When we are in lust, love, or crushing after a person, we often like to take any opportunity to talk about them. If you have some mutual friends, it may be a good idea to give them some space too. 

For, even if you do not bring up your crush in conversation, they may do and therefore remind you of them - when that is the last thing you want at that moment in time. By talking about a person or being reminded of them at any point, you are not giving yourself enough time to get over them. 

3. Don’t talk about him or her 

As well as not talking to your crush’s friends, one of the best things you can do to move on from your unrequited feelings is to stop talking about him or her at all. By simply bringing up your crush at any given opportunity, you are not giving yourself the chance to stop thinking about them. Distracting your brain is one of the better ways you can stop your crush in its tracks. 

Therefore if you are talking about your crush you are not giving yourself the added benefit of distraction.

4. Start dating

Perhaps the most advantageous way of distracting yourself is by dating other people. Doing so will remind you that there are plenty more fish in the sea and for that reason, it will be much easier for you to move on from your unrequited love. Ask a friend to set you up with someone for a blind date or say yes to a person that you have turned down in the past. 

Dating also reminds you that you are an attractive person which acts as a big boost to your confidence.

5. Join a dating app

Joining a dating app can help you to move on from a crush is it up the chances of you dating lots of different people. While some people may not relish the idea of finding love through a computer all their smartphone, they do materially improve the number of dates you can go on. 

Give it a go and, if anything, you will be distracting yourself from how you would otherwise be feeling.

6. Start a new hobby

If you’re really not keen to go on multiple dates one of the best things you can do to help yourself get over your crush is to start new hobbies. All the energy and concentration that you dedicate to your new hobbies may have otherwise been used to focus on your crush

By directing your focus elsewhere you are again distracting your brain and your emotions. As a result, you will be thinking about your crush less and your attraction to them should consequently reduce.

7. Take time out for self-care

Take time out for self-care

When we have a crush on a person and our advances are not reciprocated, it can be very difficult to keep our confidence levels up. For that reason, it can be a good idea to take some time out to focus on yourself with some much-needed self-care. Doing so will remind you that your feelings are valid and give you the space to get over any rejection you are reeling from. 

Self-care takes different forms for different people. To some, it will be having a massage. To others, it will be going on a yoga retreat, whilst others may simply want to go for a long run or partake in some form of physical exercise. Whatever it is find something that works for you and that you will regularly do.

8. Focus on their bad points

When we have a crush on someone that we like we tend to idolize them and put them up on a pedestal. Doing so can make it very difficult to move on from that feeling of attraction. 

Therefore it can be highly beneficial to focus on any bad points that you are aware of in their personality or character, by reminding yourself as often as possible that they are not perfect. It can make it far easier to stop feeling quite so into them. If you find it difficult to identify their bad points, ask a friend of theirs instead.

9. Meet new people

Another way to move on and then to stop liking a person is to start making new friends. This does not necessarily have to be with the intention of dating, but more to give yourself even more distraction. Plus making new friends can be really good for your confidence. 

If they do not know about the person you are crushing on or how you are attracted to them, they won’t know to ask about them and how you are doing in the aftermath of your crush. It, therefore, makes it far easier to move on.

10. Have respect for yourself

Having respect for yourself is perhaps something that we should all do at all times. However, when we have been rejected by a person that we have a strong attraction to, it can be very easy to be down on ourselves. We start feeling like we are incompetent and incapable of doing anything. 

Work on ensuring that your confidence stays high through the aforementioned self-care, but that you are worthy of love and you are a highly respected individual. If you don’t respect yourself, you either won’t be attractive to anyone else or you will attract the wrong sort of person.

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11. Go on holiday

The ultimate thing to do when moving on from a crush is to get away from your day-to-day life. This provides the best distraction as well as giving you some much-needed perspective on your emotions and attraction to the person that you like. It doesn’t have to be far more expensive but simply getting a break from your routine and some distance between you and the situation can be highly beneficial. 

It sometimes can even be better to go on holiday by yourself to really give yourself time to think. However, it can also be great to get away with friends who provide much-needed companionship and distraction for you when you are at your lowest.


How do I stop liking my crush?

Stopping having a crush is so hard to do, especially if they do not feel the same way. It takes time and a lot of concerted effort, but after a while, it is possible to stop liking a guy or girl. Try to focus on new things and people to distract yourself until your feelings subside. 

How do you stop yourself from liking someone too much?

To stop liking someone too much can be very beneficial to concentrate on their bad points. When you like a person, your feelings can cloud your judgment to make you think they’re perfect. Look closely though and you’ll see negative traits. 

How can a girl lose feelings?

Learning how to stop liking someone can be done to help you lose feelings if you take your mind off your crush. Spend time with good friends and find the support you need to help you move on in a good way that is constructive and helpful.

How do you tell if my crush is thinking about me?

If your crush is thinking of you, you will most likely know as they will find ways to contact you more and more. However, the more time you spend wondering whether your crush is into you, the more difficult it will be for you to move on. 

How do I know if I lost feelings for someone?

It can take time to accept that you’ve lost feelings for someone. Either someone you are in a serious relationship with or a friend you have had a crush on. Just be honest with yourself and truly question whether your feelings are platonic or not.

How To Stop Liking Someone - Summary

Make no mistake learning how to stop liking someone can be incredibly difficult to do. Trying to convince the heart to feel something that you felt very strongly about, is an uphill battle. 

However, by following some of the above suggestions, if not all, you are putting yourself in the best position to move on. Moving on is key to your long-term happiness. If your crush has made it abundantly clear that they are not interested in you for a long-term relationship, you are only prolonging your agony.

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