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How To Make A Leo Man Miss You (8 Clever Ways)

July 5, 2024

Are you wondering how to make a Leo man miss you? 

Leos are known for being one of the most friendly and outgoing signs, but that doesn't mean it's impossible for them to miss one person. 

There are specific things you can do which keep your face in the mind of a Leo man, and I'm going to reveal them for you in this guide. 

Make sure you're concentrating, because this is important. 

The best thing you can do to ensure a Leo misses you is to make an IMPACT when you’re around him.  And I'm going to tell you how to do that right now. 

Your goal should be to trigger the part of his brain associated with love and affection. 

When you do this, you can activate a primal urge within him. This is commonly known as 'The Hero's Instinct'.

When this instinct is activated, it releases intense feelings of pride, power, purpose and joy inside him. These are all the emotions men long for in a romantic relationship. 

By becoming the woman who can release these powerful feelings inside him, you can turn into his ADDICTION. 

At this point, you better believe he's missing you when you're gone. 

The process for activating a man's 'Hero's Instinct' is relatively simple, yet so few people seem to know about it. Click to read my article about how I learned this skill.

This tip takes a bit more dedication than the other quick-fire tips below, but it's worth the effort. 

My relationships with men have become so much more meaningful and fulfilling ever since I learned this skill.

How To Make A Leo Man Fall For You

Let’s not beat around the bush - as women, we all know how hard it is to keep a man's attention after that honeymoon stage. However, when it comes to a Leo man, you’ll certainly have your work cut out for you. Are you completely knocked off your feet by a Leo man?

If so, are you planning to take the relationship to the next level? If yes, how will you make this Leo man miss you to ensure you have a constant place in his mind and heart? 

If you are completely lost on which way next to go, fret not, as I’ve got you covered. To first clarify, in case you are not familiar with zodiac signs, anyone born between July 23rd and August 22nd falls into the Leo fire sign. No doubt, as much as they all share similar Leo male traits, each Leo man still has individual personalities. 

With that being said, I will show you a few ways to not only make a Leo man miss you, but also make him fall in love with you fully and whole-heartedly. 

How Do You Make a Leo Man Miss You?

1. Be all smiles

Be all smiles

One of the stand-out Leo man traits is the positive vibes that gleam around them - as a result of their cheerful and generous nature. Consider this for a moment. There are always a number of women who will be trying to grab his attention. Unfortunately for such women, such desperate attention-seeking only generates negative energy as far as a Leo man is concerned.

Therefore, to stand out, you have to emanate positive energy whenever he is around. How do you do that? Simple - focus on yourself, and remain happy. One of the things that a Leo man finds very attractive is a woman that emanates joy from within - a woman whose life is not dependent on a man making her happy; simply put - a woman that radiates positive energy. 

2. Let that confidence shine through

If you want to make a Leo man miss you, don’t fall for him - at least, don’t make it obvious that you are falling for him, even when every fiber of your being is reaching out to him. In fact, to make it less difficult, actually practice how to be happy by yourself without faking it. This way, you will begin to exude natural confidence, whether you’re around him or not. 

This natural confidence will resonate with any Leo guy in the form of positive energy. And, right there, you will catch his attention for as long as you want. He will immediately realize that you’re unlike the other women practically lying prostrate and clamoring for his attention.

Pro tip: To add a sort of killer touch to your positivity, try not to act impressed by anything he does. Don’t have him feeling that you need his company. Rather, when talking, analyze your words. Be sure that you’re not trying to impress or manipulate him to spend time with you. Also, try not to flirt with him and, be very careful not to be overly critical of him; as this could easily happen.

To put it simply, play this first game well, and your Leo man will start missing your presence when you are not around. But we’re not done yet.

3. Mark your scent

Mark your scent

If you’ve played your cards well when following my first and second tips, then the chances are that you’ve gotten more than his attention. And while the other ladies are clinging to him, he’s chasing after you. But what if you have already gone beyond the first step with a Leo man? And by this, I mean, what if you have already become intimate with him? How do you make him miss you - for example, after several sexual encounters? 

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The first thing to do in this case is very simple - leave your fragrance on him. You read that right. Consider yourself the male dog, spraying to mark his territory. When you are about to leave the bed of your Leo man, carefully dab his pillows or bedsheets with some fragrance, which will work like magic. Your fragrance will waft through the air and caress his nostrils when he goes back to bed. 

What’s more, the memories of your recent encounters will sit loud and alive in his mind. He will recall each touch, each kiss, each smile. Yup, the thoughts of you will linger on even when you’re away from him. 

4. Play naughty games

Play naughty games

Another trick you can try is to play naughty games by leaving a bra or scarf behind. Again, make sure that it contains just enough of your perfume. If the moment he shared with you was beautiful (and do your best to make it so), then chances are, he will hesitate to return that item. 

On the flip side, if he is leaving your home, wait until he’s washing off in the bathroom and apply that naughty game, by leaving your panties in his jacket pocket with a little bit of that magic scent sprayed on. And believe me, he will be calling much sooner than you think. 

Furthermore, if you’re feeling confident (which you should be), put on his favorite t-shirt when you’re at his place. However, be sure to make him catch as much of your curves as you throw at him. Trust me; that shirt will not touch the washing machine for weeks to come.

5. Play your cards right

A Leo man usually has a good number of friends. They also have enough energy to maintain a great relationship with as many people as they want. So, if you are lucky enough to find yourself in a relationship with a Leo man, do not quickly lose his attention to the others clamoring for it. Remember, you have to play your cards right when you’re away and ensure that you’re not the one doing the chasing. 

That’s right, make him miss you and chase you. What’s the best way to do this you might ask? Answer - Take a good advantage of the time you spend with him. This means spending less time talking about yourself and more time making him feel special. Don’t get me wrong; a Leo man will love to know more about his woman. But if you chatter too much about yourself, you might appear as too self-centered. Remember, personality traits perceive attractiveness.

No doubt, a Leo man wants a woman that is thoughtful to his needs and kind to his wants. If you’re mostly self-centered, you will be out of thoughts very quickly when you’re away. So, you will need to exercise patience and thoughtfulness - if you want a Leo man to miss you when you’re away. 

Also, be aware that Leo man wants different things at different times. This can make them moody at times or even a bit unbearable. You can’t blame them too much as it is part of their nature. This is when your maturity skills come to play. If you begin to throw tantrums and complain often, the chances are you will lose him while you’re away. 

6. Have him chasing you

So, how do you make him chase you more than you chase him? Show more interest in him when you’re together. He will be curious as to what you’re up to and will begin asking more about you since you wouldn't have said much about yourself. Get it? The more you keep about yourself, the more he wants to find out, and the more he has you in mind. This is how to make a Leo man chase you in a relationship.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to send him text messages to find out how he’s doing. Tell him how much you miss him and what sexual surprise you have in store for him when you next meet up. But be careful not to overload his phone with too many messages, so as not to look desperate.

7. Be attentive to his needs while you’re together

Be attentive to his needs while you’re together

The next time you’re together, be sure to give him that surprise you promised; make no mistake, he has been fantasizing about it since you’ve been gone. More so, if you notice any positive change about him and compliment him about it. Believe me, a Leo man loves to have his ego stroked. So, your compliments will play in his mind when you’re not with him, which will have him smiling while you’re gone. 

This is also one of the many ways of growing your relationship and even sexual life with a Leo man. Just like most men, one of the most effective things to make a Leo man miss you and keep the relationship going is good and frequent sex. No doubt, every man, including Leo men, love good sex. But that’s not all, shower him with adoration for his sexual prowess (even when the latter is non-existent). He will feel good about himself and will be thinking about you when you’re not around.

Pro tip: Have something unique about you that he can attribute only to you. It could be your smile, the way you laugh, a funny dance move, a poem, a favorite song of yours, etc. There are several things to use. The big idea here is to have something that he can associate with only you.

Such things can trigger his emotions when you’re not around and have your Leo man miss you. This works similarly to the perfume trick I talked about earlier. And, remember this, a Leo man often misses the company of the one who gives him the most attention, unlike an Aquarius man or a man from a different zodiac sign.

8. Build an emotional connection

In the life of a Leo man, flirting and fun comes easy. So, if you want to make a Leo man miss you when you’re not around, one of the best ways is to build a relationship that comes with a strong emotional bond or connection. This will also help to satisfy any emotional cravings he may have. Therefore, you will help to complete his life and make it much meaningful. 

A strong connection is one of the things that gives a lot of meaning to a Leo man when it comes to a romantic relationship. This will easily make him miss you even in the presence of his friends. And the best part is, he will have that connection with you only. How do you achieve that? Remember everything I said earlier about getting to know him, understanding him, and being very patient with him? All these play a huge role. 

When you spend time with him, take time to figure him out. Find out what his dreams are, his fears, what makes him tick, what frustrates him. Encourage him and make him know that you believe him. With time, you will become that one person in his life that he can confide in - that one person he wants to build a meaningful relationship with and keep at the center of his life. This, dear ladies, is how to make a Leo man miss you, and also go crazy about you.

To Conclude

So, is your Leo man in love with you? Or, maybe you want to make a deeper connection with your Leo partner. Well now, you have tools you need to keep his thoughts revolving around you.  After reading this article, I hope you have now learned everything you need to know about how to make a Leo man miss you. I also hope that it was an enjoyable read. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section. I’d love to hear what you think. And if you found this article informative, please share!

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