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How To Get Him To Admit He Cheated (11 Ways To Handle The Situation)

In the world today cheating has been normalized, fidelity is something many people have disregarded. The sad thing is, with this trend increasing, some have devised such tactical ways to cover their tracks.

Most men will never come plain unless they are confronted and even then, it’s still hard to do the honorable thing. If you ended up with a ‘good guy,’ keeping such details from you would be really hard. However, some men don't feel remorseful while cheating. 

They act like the boss and think they can never get caught. In fact, they are not afraid of what will happen when they get caught. 

Here’s the thing, nothing can be hidden for too long, and at some point, you’ll start seeing clues or hearing about his treacherous acts. So, if you want to know how to get him to admit he cheated, here are 11 ways to go about it.

11 Ways To Handle The Situation

1. Observe His Body Language

Although the best way to get the truth is to have an honest conversation with him, that is not always realistically possible. Your significant other may not want to lose the relationship, so he won’t mind resorting to lying. 

So you’ll have to depend on his body language. Watch out for certain giveaways like the way he looks, moves, and behaves. Also, watch his words also. A cheating boyfriend won’t be consistent with his lies. Also, not being able to maintain eye contact could give him away. 

2. Download A Spy App

download a spy app

It’s not right to intrude on his private space but using a spy app is the best way to get proof if he is cheating. You may feel guilty spying on him but you have to do. Make sure you don’t tell him about this because it may affect the relationship in a negative way. 

So just download any spying application which allows you to access his social media accounts, calls, messages, and even his location. Some spying apps have GPS that can also let you access his location. They may charge a small fee but it’s worth it if you discover something that could force him to admit his infidelity.

3. Be Ready

Prepare yourself for the action you will take if he admits he’s been unfaithful. Try not to be so violent, you are human so it’s easy to lose control of yourself or your actions after getting the truth you seek. Try to compose yourself and be ready. 

Are you ready for the truth? Can you survive the answer? If he admits he was unfaithful, what’s next? Think about it over and over again because your mental health is important and you don’t want to lose your sanity in this. So make sure you are ready for the truth and try to stay calm and in control when it comes out. 

4. Avoid Being Aggressive

You will never really know if he is telling the truth or lying and things will become worse when he sees you as an opponent. So don’t apply too much pressure on him, don’t be insulting to him, or use swear words when talking to him. Don’t even be hostile towards him. 

You may think demonstrating those attitudes will make him come out with the truth but in reality, he will just want to hide it the more. 

5. Be Understanding

be understanding

Show that you understand him. Let him feel that you are there for him and you care about him. Ask him questions that show you are willing to cooperate with him. “How was work?” “What Happened today?” “Are you okay?” “You can tell me if anything is bothering you.” 

Also, nod in encouragement as he speaks, let him feel at ease, and allow him to provide more clues about his activities. Let him feel reassured that your relationship won't end. This will help him open up to you and he'll be less likely to cheat on you again.

6. Be Friendly

Don’t only be a partner to him, be a friend. Make sure you are constantly extending that hand and liberty of friendship. Be on his side, he may feel free telling you the truth when he knows you are not against him. Allow a safe friend zone space, if he’s going to admit anything, he needs to feel comfortable and not judged.

7. Get Closer To Him

One way you can get him to be truthful about what he did is by getting in his space. Become as close as possible to him. Continue to show that you understand him and you are willing to understand even more. 

When you are together, forget about everything around, let him be your focus. Stay close as you speak to him and look into his eyes. Be slow to speak and swift to hear, the sheer guilt may not let him hide the truth any longer.

8. Tell Him You Know The Truth

tell him you know the truth

Another way you can get him to admit he cheated is to claim that you already know he is cheating. Talk like you are so sure about it and you even have proof, you can also threaten to end the relationship if he doesn't say the truth. 

Drop hints on the little information you have gathered and if he doesn’t look for a fast excuse, he may just confess that he is guilty. Remember to try to stay as calm as possible. That would help you have better control over the situation.

9. Get Evidence

Ask him about it, but don’t do that when you don’t have a solid base to back up your accusation. Gather logical proof—he can hardly lie in the face of obvious facts. When there is proof, it’s easier to confess. 

You want to get something that he won’t be able to deny, pictures, knowledge of his whereabouts, and the likes. If you don’t have something solid that can prove he’s cheating, it may look like you are just getting paranoid and jealous for no reason.

10. Don’t Push Him Away

If you constantly push him away, it will get to the time that he will replace you with someone else. And you don’t want that right? You don’t want to be the reason he looks for another. If you constantly push him away, he will feel dissatisfied with no vibe to continue with you. 

Don’t turn a simple conversation into a heated argument because you are trying to prove he is cheating, you may be wrong. You are just suspicious of him, you are not sure that’s why you need him to be truthful. If you push him away, you will never find the truth that you seek. 

11. Ask Him When He Is Vulnerable

ask him when he is vulnerable

He is your man, so you know when he is in his feelings. So when he is weak, it is an effective time to get the truth from him. A cheating partner tends to tell the truth when they are weak, emotional, or in a vulnerable state. 

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How do you get someone to admit they cheated? 

This isn’t as easy as it sounds, you’ll have to ask the right questions, be patient, get closer to him, and possibly spy on him

Can you really love someone if you cheated on them?

Yes, it’s very possible to love someone and cheat on them but this depends on the circumstances around the situation. If it is a one-time thing then it could be a mistake. There are also people with psychological problems that make fidelity an issue for them. However, cheating is a choice and should only be excused at your discretion. 

Will my husband ever admit to cheating? 

From research, it has shown that about 93 percent of men who cheat never admit it. In some cases, it’s because they might not want to hurt your feelings, or they just don’t want to be caught. 

How do cheaters react when confronted? 

They are very defensive and protective. Some would even try to blame you while others will never accept they are wrong, instead, they’ll tell you you’re just being jealous, angry, or overprotective.

Do cheaters cheat again? 

Studies have shown that 90 percent of men who cheat, always cheat again. There is a high possibility he is going to cheat on you again, most especially if he wasn't remorseful the first time he did it, then he definitely will cheat again.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. Know that admitting the truth won't just affect him but may also affect your self-esteem. But if he admits to cheating on you, it is solely your decision to stay or end the relationship. If you both still love each other and he promises not to cheat again then you can forgive him and give him one more chance. Let me know what you think and please don't forget to share this article with others

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Whether you're married or just started dating someone, infidelity rates have risen by over 40% in the past 20 years, so your concerns are justified.

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