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Gemini Man In Bed (9+ Best Kept Secret Tips)

May 30, 2024

At the start of a relationship, we can often wonder what our prospective boyfriend or girlfriend may be like in bed and whether they have the ability to meet our sexual needs or desires. If sex is very important to you for your relationship to be successful, it can make us anxious as to whether our date will meet our expectations. 

However, it is possible to know in advance what our prospective lovers will be like between the sheets if we know their zodiac signs. By knowing a person’s zodiac sign, we can know what their most common characteristics are which will then inform what they are like at sex.

Here, in this article, we look at what you can expect from a Gemini man in bed if you are thinking of taking your relationship to the next level. If you are really keen on a Gemini, we also look at how to attract a Gemini man in bed to make sure you maintain his lust for you once the initial stages of your dating are over. 

What Do Gemini Men Want In Bed

Here are some common things that a Gemini man will seek in a partner for their sex life together. He won’t need all of them, but a Gemini guy will undoubtedly want one or two to make your relationship a success. 

1. Adventure

While a Gemini man won’t feel the need to try something new in between the sheets each and every time he has sex with his boyfriend or girlfriend, he will want to keep things fresh and new on the whole. This means that he likes a partner to be adventurous between the sheets and open to trying out new things to ensure their sex life doesn’t get staid or stale. This won’t necessarily mean huge group sex acts or the need to buy sex toys every week, but he will be keen to push the boundaries with you. 

2. Emotional connection

In comparison to keeping things fresh between the sheets, amongst the traits of a Gemini male in bed is a sensitive nature. As a result, he will want sex to be a means for him and his partner to strengthen their emotional connection. Making love is one of the key ways he sees as a means to make his relationship as strong as it can be, and he will love how having sex with the one that he is with as a way to make them happy. 

3. Sensuality


A Gemini man’s sensitive ways lend themselves to being sensual in between the sheets as he tries to slowly get to know every inch of his partner’s body. He will like to see this in a partner too and will want his sensual ways to be matched by his lover. Make sure therefore that you take your time to find out where he likes to be touched and why. If you are unsure as to what exactly makes him happy, ask him to tell you. Communication and the brain are so often overlooked as a way to make sex between two people better. Talking about your likes and dislikes is a direct way of improving the sex you have. 

4. Vulnerability

It can sound a bit strange at first, but a Gemini man will like his lover to be happy to be vulnerable in front of him. He sees sex as a way of strengthening the attraction and love between the two of you and one way he believes that to be the case is if you are happy to take a leap of faith with each other between the sheets. If you are willing to try new things that may have made you nervous at first, he will take great pleasure in the fact that you were willing to try those new things with him. This is down to the trust you have in him and how you know that he is safe to be vulnerable around. 

5. Confidence

Something that a Gemini man likes to see as standard from his girlfriend or boyfriend is a high confidence level. He will like it when his partner takes the lead therefore and is happy to show him what they like and where they like to be touched. Again, tell him directly to up your communication if things aren’t working out quite as you’d like. He will be attracted to the confidence you have in your sexual desires and won’t see it as a criticism at all. 

6. Generosity

A Gemini man, and particularly a Gemini man when in love, will be a very generous lover. As a result, he will like his partner to be generous too and this can be one way to materially improve your sexual connection. If you try to please him as much as he pleases you, you will undoubtedly find a good balance and make each other happy in the long term. 

How To Attract A Gemini Man In Bed

It’s one thing to know what to do with a Gemini man once you are in bed with him, but how do you get to that stage in the first place. Here we look at what it takes to attract a Gemini guy to the point where you sleep with each other. While all men are slightly different, a Gemini male will want similar things on the whole. 

1. Instigate sex

Without a doubt, one of the biggest turn-ons for a Gemini man is when his potential lover instigates sex with him. He will really get off on the fact that his lover wants him physically and will find being caught slightly off guard a big turn on too. Having a partner instigate sex is also really important for a Gemini man as it helps him with his confidence. It also helps him get over any negative thoughts in his head that are leading him to believe that the person he is dating is not that into him. 

2. Flirt with him

It is often forgotten that a lot of the build-up to sex happens far before intercourse. Couples who meet on an intellectual level and also who banter or flirt with each other will often find that they have great sex. If you are dating a Gemini man and you want to attract him into bed with you, be sure to remember that one of the key ways to do that is to flirt with your Gemini as much as possible. It will dramatically increase how much satisfaction you both finally get when you do end up sleeping together. 

3. Take time for foreplay

Take time for foreplay

The next stage of sex that can help attract your Gemini man, is to ensure that you have as much foreplay as possible. The point of foreplay is to warm both your bodies up and the more you prolong the moments before sex, the better the final intercourse will be. Plus, with a Gemini man, that prolonging of foreplay will be a big turn on again for him and so by ensuring that you have as much of it as possible, you’ll both enjoy making love all the more.

4. Message him 

There is another way that you can flirt with a Gemini man and help build up the anticipation of having sex with each other even more. Be sure to text him or email him with messages that will whet your Gemini man’s appetite as much as possible. You can be as romantic or crude as possible - as long as you make contact with him so that he knows you're thinking of him when he isn’t around. 

This is great for his ego and also a way to increase his desire for you as well. While there is a fine line between messaging him enough so that you pique his interest versus messaging him too much that he thinks you are close to stalking him, flirting with him via modern day communication can be a fantastic method to use to attract a Gemini man into bed. 

Gemini Man In Bed - The Bottom Line

Sleeping with a man for the first time can be quite an intimidating prospect. Firstly, you are unsure as to what that man wants and whether you will live up to his expectations. And secondly, you won’t be sure as to whether that man will meet your needs either - when he doesn’t it can be so disappointing, particularly if your dates have been going really well. 

However, if you know his star sign and you know more specifically that he is a Gemini, you can use our above pointers as an option to foresee any issues you may have, but also what fantastic plus points you have to look forward to as well. A Gemini man can be a wonderful lover, especially if he is with a woman who meets his wants and desires too. This is because a Gemini man will always want to reciprocate the pleasure he gets from sex too. By knowing this before you sleep with your Gemini, you can modify your behavior accordingly to the most satisfying results.

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